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Full text of "Ontarian families [microform] : genealogies of United-Empire-Loyalist and other pioneer families of Upper Canada"

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^   "^ 


















WEBSTER,  N.Y.  14580 

(716)  87'2-4503 

























Collection  de 

Canadian  Institute  for  Historical  Microreproductions  Institut  Canadian  de  microreproductions  historiques 


TecKmical  and  Bibliographic  Notes/Notes  techniques  et  bibliographiques 


The  Institute  has  attempted  to  obtain  the  best 
original  copy  available  for  filming.  Features  of  this 
copy  which  mav   )e  bibliographically  unique, 
which  may  alter  any  of  the  images  in  the 
reproduction,  or  which  may  significantly  change 
the  usual  method  of  filming,  are  checked  below. 

L'Institut  a  microfilm^  le  meilleur  exemplaire 
qu'il  lui  a  6t6  possible  de  se  procurer.  Les  details 
de  cet  exemplaire  qui  sont  peut-dtre  uniques  du 
point  de  vue  bibliographique,  qui  peuvent  modifier 
une  image  reproduite,  ou  qui  peuvent  exiger  une 
modification  dans  la  mdthode  normala  de  filmage 
sont  indiqu6s  ci-dessous. 






Coloured  covers/ 
Couverture  de  couleiar 

Covers  damaged/ 
Couverture  endommagde 

Covers  restored  and/or  laminated/ 

I I    Couverture  restaurde  et/ou  pellicutde 

□    Cover  title  missing/ 
Le  titre  de  couverture  manque 

□    Coloured  pages/ 
Pages  de  couleur 

□    Pages  damaged/ 
Perges  endommagdes 

□    Pages  restored  and/or  laminated/ 
Pages  restaur6es  et/ou  peliiculdes 


Pages  discoloured,  stained  or  foxed/ 
P«iges  ddcolordes,  tachet6es  ou  piqu6es 




I      I    Coloured  maps/ 

Cartes  g^ographiques  en  couleur 

□    Coloured  ink  (i.e.  othar  than  blue  or  black)/ 
Encre  de  couleur  (i.e.  autre  que  bleue  ou  noire) 

I — 1    Coloured  plates  and/or  illustrations/ 
I V  I    Planches  et/ou  illustrations  en  couleur 



Bound  with  other  material/ 
Relid  avec  d'autres  documents 

Tigh;  binding  may  cause  shadows  or  distortion 
alo'.ig  interior  margin/ 

La  reliure  serr^e  peut  causer  de  I'ombre  ou  de  la 
distortion  le  long  de  la  marge  intdrieure 

Blank  leaves  added  during  restoration  may 
appear  within  the  text.  Whenever  possible,  these 
have  been  omitted  from  filming/ 
II  se  peut  que  certaines  pages  blanches  ajoutdes 
lors  d'une  restauration  appataissent  dans  le  texte, 
mais,  lorsque  cela  6tait  possible,  ces  pages  n'ont 
pas  6t6  filmdes. 

□    Pages  detsched/ 
Pages  d6tach6es 

□    Showthrough/ 

□    Quality  of  print  varies/ 
Quality  in6gale  de  I'impression 



Includes  supplementary  material/ 
Comprend  du  materiel  supplementaire 

□    Only  edition  available/ 
Seule  Edition  disponible 

Pages  wholly  or  partially  obscured  by  errata 
slips,  tissues,  etc.,  have  been  refilmed  to 
ensure  the  best  possible  image/ 
Les  pages  totalement  ou  partiellement 
obscurcies  par  un  feuillet  d'errata,  une  pelure, 
etc.,  ont  6t6  filmdes  d  nouveau  de  faqon  d 
obtenir  la  meilleure  image  possible. 








Additional  comments:/ 
Commentaires  suppldmentaires; 


This  item  is  filmed  at  the  reduction  ratio  checked  below/ 

Ce  document  est  filmd  au  taux  de  reduction  indiqud  ci-dessous. 














The  copy  filmed  here  has  been  reproduced  thanks 
to  the  generosity  of: 

Nationai  Library  of  Canada 

L'exemplaire  film6  fut  reproduit  grSce  d  la 
g6n6rosit6  de: 

Bibliothdque  nationale  du  Canada 

The  images  appearing  here  are  the  best  quality 
possible  considering  the  condition  and  legibility 
of  the  original  copy  and  in  keeping  with  the 
filming  contract  specifications. 

Les  images  suivantes  ont  6t6  reproduites  avec  le 
plus  grand  soin,  compte  tenu  de  la  condition  et 
de  la  nettete  de  l'exemplaire  film6,  et  en 
conformity  avec  les  conditions  du  contrat  de 

Original  copies  in  printed  paper  covers  are  filmed 
beginning  with  the  front  cover  and  ending  on 
the  last  page  with  a  printed  or  illustrated  impres- 
sion, or  the  back  cover  when  appropriate.  All 
other  original  copies  are  filmed  beginning  on  the 
first  page  with  a  printed  or  illustrated  impres- 
sion, and  ending  on  the  last  page  with  a  printnd 
or  illustrated  improssion. 

Les  exemplaires  originaux  dont  la  couverture  en 
papier  est  imprimde  sont  filmds  en  commenpant 
par  le  premier  plat  et  en  terminant  soit  par  la 
dernidre  page  qui  comporte  une  empreinte 
d'impression  ou  d'illustration,  soit  par  le  second 
plat,  selon  (e  cas.  Tous  les  autres  enemplaires 
originaux  sont  film6s  en  commen9ant  par  la 
premidre  page  qui  comporta  une  empreinte 
d'impression  ou  d'illustration  et  en  terminant  par 
la  dernidre  pago  qui  comporte  une  telle 

The  last  recorded  frame  on  each  microfiche 
shall  contain  the  symbol  —»- (meaning  "CON- 
TINUED "),  or  the  symbol  V  (meaning  'END  "), 
whichever  applies. 

Un  des  symboles  suivants  apparaitra  sur  la 
dernidre  image  de  cheque  microfiche,  selon  ie 
cas:  le  symbole  •— »>  signifie  "A  SUIVRE",  le 
symbole  V  signifie  "FIN". 

IVIaps,  plates,  charts,  etc.,  may  be  filmed  at 
different  reduction  ratios.  Those  too  large  to  be 
entirely  included  in  one  exposure  are  filmed 
beginning  in  the  upper  left  hand  corner,  left  to 
rignt  and  top  to  bottom,  as  many  frames  as 
required.  The  following  diagrams  illustrate  the 

Les  cartes,  planches,  tableaux,  etc.,  peuvent  §tre 
film6s  A  des  taux  de  reduction  diffdrents. 
Lorsque  le  document  est  trop  grand  pour  §tre 
reproduit  ::n  un  seul  cliche,  il  est  filmd  d  partir 
de  Tangle  !Kup6rieur  gauche,  de  gauche  d  droite, 
et  de  haut  en  bas,  en  prenant  le  nombre 
d'images  ndcbssaire.  Les  diagrammes  suivants 
illustrent  la  mdthode. 










Ontarian  Families. 



{Jnited-gmpire-Loyaiist  and  other  Pioneer  Pamilies 





ROLPH,  SMITH  &  CO.,  PublLsheis, 


Entered  acconlint;  to  Act  of  the  I'arliaiiiem  of  Canada,  in  ilie  year 

one  tliousand  eight  liiinilreii  and  ninety-four,  by 


At  the   Dtpartnient  of  Agriculture. 


Historical  Events,  etc.,  Specially  Referred  to. 

Baldoon  settlement        

Battleford,  relief  of 

Beaver  Dams,  action  at       

Canadian     Troops,    colours     and 
facings  of     

Caroline,  the  cutting  out  of  the  ... 

Chateauguay,  battle  of     

Cut  Knife,  action  at       

"Davidson"  Highlanders 

Denison's  Horse    

Detroit,  capture  of    

Facings,  &c.,  of  Canadian  Troops 

Glengarry,  services  of       

"  settlement    

Gore,  Men  of      

Governor-General's  Body  Guard... 

"  ser- 
vice in  the  N.W 

Head,  Sir  F.  B.,  journey  through 
U.  S.  A 














Kent,  Duke  of,  visit  to  Toronto 

Mackinac,  defence  of    45, 

Mohawks,  settlement  of    

Ogdensburg,  capture  of        

Quebec,  Indians  at  capture  of... 

Queen's  Light  Dragoons      

"       Own  Rifles    loi, 

"        Rangers,   march  from  N. 

Queenston,  battle  of      

Rebellion  of  1837       

Selkirk,  settlement  of  Lord 

Six  Nations,  settlement  of 

"  Clans  and  Totems  ... 

Speedy,  loss  of  the    ... 
Tehkarihoken  Chiefs     ... 
Toronto  Field  Battery 
Wyoming,  "  Massane  of 
York  Light  Dragoons 





1 1 

























Dixon,  Homewood     ..     ■• 







Hamilton,  Hawkesbury    .. 

Hamilton,  Queenston,  &c 




Johnston,  S.  S,  Marie  ... 

Jones,  Brockville,  etc. 






1 60 

,     87 


•  63 

•  51 

•  I  "3 

.    112 


■•     74 

■     154 

•  35 

..   143 


.     184 


•  45 

...   150 


. . .   1 40 





[          ...           .  •  •           ■  ■  '           •  • 

...   120 


Aberchalder   ... 




...       12 






...       9 



.  .         10 








.  .     21 





MacNab's  I      .. 

.      ...     23 




.     ...   149 




.     ...   191 


...       187 

Murray     • 

.     ...   181 

Otter    ... 


Powell      . 






Shaw      .. 


Smith,  Etol.icoke 


Van  Kong! 




.       ...    158 


Names  Mentioned. 



87,  113,  i6y,    194 




..     32. 

..27,  28, 

...    61, 

14.  1^5. 





Albemarle,  Earl  of 






Ap  Thomas     

Aquado,  Viscount      

Armstrong  74. '"^3. ^5. 107.  I4'.i44. 



Arran,  Earl  of 


Arundel,  Lord 









Baldwin    ... 


Barnum    ... 
Barron  .. 
Bartlett    ... 

29.  35.  77.  94.  97.  167. 
170,  172, 




















Beatty      ...     . 
Beaumont   ... 









Belper,  Lord 







Biggar      ...     . 


Blackstock  ... 









Borden  ... 





«7.  159 




'•   G5.  66,  199 









56,  105 

49.  50,  177,  194,  196 





55.  77.  «4.  199 












'■  ■•        115 


42.43.  53.' 5^.  65.  76.  174 




J.^(Miclier  , 



1  Lowell ... 



]?oyd  75,82,  106,  117,  118,  ij(),  1^)6,  UH) 

Boyer       .  . 
Boyles  ... 
Bramley  ... 
Brickdale  .. 
l.rien    ... 

Unaas     ... 

Brooke     .. 
Broom  liekl 
B  rough... 




j3ruse  or  Braose.. 











Bury,  Viscount 



Caldwell      ... 

Caledon,  Earl  of 







3^'.     42 







154.  '5«.  i''5 



20,  129,  133 




157.  179 

12,  26,  27,  89,  147,  169,   176 

Ill,  14"-  153 

150,  181 
















...      105,   146 



...  17,  156,  201 

.14,  38,  161,  176 



Carter  ... 





Cawtbra    . 

Cayley ... 











.      -         43 


23,  14^) 

•  •■    54.     57 
24,  80,  137 







30,  37,  68,  103,  115,  135, 

146,   183,   198 


17,  32,  68,  75, 


Clark,  Duncan 







Closeburn,  ISarons  of 



Cochran       ...       ..     . 
















Coursol,  Coursolles 





.  ...    87 


60,  188 






35.  41 
1 69 







29.  17I'  175 





...  170.  173 

....  ...  84 



Coxwell    ... 







Creighton    .. 





Crowdy    ... 


Cullerton ... 




Cusack     ... 






Darliiig     ... 






Dawson    . . . 





De  Grassi    ... 
De  la  Haye 
Delahooke   ... 
Denison    ... 
Dennistoun ... 
D'Evdyn     ... 






3».4o.  50 



70.  ^^ 



10,  172 


...    98,  128 



55.  57 




'2.       37 





40.  5'"'.     95 


20,  40,   129 




20,   178 

65,  .Si,  87,  181,    igg 





137.  156 


••    70.  71.    143.   198 


loi,  104 



116,  120,   151 


..     ...     ...      ..     61 





I  )irkinson 



Dillon    ■   ... 




Dobell      ... 


Donnillt  ... 


Donovan  ... 


Dongall     ,.      . 




Drean       ...     . 

Druminond.  . 





Dunbar    ... 



Duncanson  .  . 




Durand     ... 


D  wight     ... 















.  ...I7H 

.  203 


•  •••  57 

,  200 


...  U)I 

,  104 











...   131 



39.  131 
















loy.  III, 


•■  143. 











...  25, 






...  49, 





Everitt     ... 
Fairfield       .. 


Fanner    ... 


Fenwick  ... 
Ferguson     . 

Finch    ...     . 










Forsyth    ... 




Fraser      ...     . 




'  Frobisher 
Frodsham    ... 
Fuller       ... 
Gardner  ... 


Geddes     ... 


German    ... 






Gilder       ... 
Gilkison  ... 

B5.  91.97.  '74.  202 





34.  '.5 

I2fi,  1(15 


.  ...  67,  129,  if)') 


15.  f^3.  77.  >o5.  '51 







41,  i4«,   "'« 


17'-   '75 





19,  58,  121,  166,  201 

.     ...       24,  145,   i''3 

yo,  113 




32.     4« 

..     56,57.  7«.  «'.   "6 


121,   175 




.  ...  145 

36.   154 

.  13'.  '36 

.  ...  152 
...    82,  121 

..29,  68,  198 





...    30,  127 


158,  166,  179 


...      175 

Gi''  ;spy       















Grafton,  Duke  of 
Grand  . 


G  reen 

Green,  Hilton     .. 









Griffith         ...      . 






Hagerman  ... 


Halifax,  Earl  of 





Hamilton,23,28, 43,47,  93'  '  23. '  24, 
132,  141,  142,  143,  '49.  '5-1'  '74' 



Harcourt- Vernon 









30,38,61,95,  121,  149,  201 

72.   1!^' 

...  24,,   158 

139,   142 

...     92 

2;j,     155 
...     177 

75.   199 
...   123 

83,   199 

27,   '73 

...    121 


...     98 















Ilaniian    ... 




Harvey    ... 


Hawkins  ... 







Hullnnitl)     .. 

I  lenijistede 

Henderson  .. 


Henry  ... 

Hepburn   .. 

Herchmtr    .. 



Herring    ... 


Hespeler  ... 


Heward  ... 


Hilton  Green 




Hodtier    ,.. 
Hoddinot     ... 
Holcroft  ... 


Holmes    ... 




Hopkins   ... 










Horrocks  .. 


.  190 



Houston  ... 





Howard   .. 

..      .        82  171 


1  louden 







Hubble     ... 






Hughes    ... 


Hull      ...     . 


I  lugonin  ... 



Hume  ... 




i  lumi)hries  . 

■••   39-  74.  '"^'J- 

10 1 

Hunter     ... 







HuHon    ..     . 


Hutton     ... 



Hyde    ...     . 








Irving    ..      . 



...    58,  176, 





21,69,  71-  72, 


Jacqueiy  or 







Jarvis    ...   31 











Johnson    ... 




Joly  de  Lotbi 


Jones  ...  8,  c 




Jones,  Bedfor 


Jones,  McNa 




76,     I()() 


...     14,, 



1 67 




1 1 




39,  40 


72,  145,  179,  19H 



98,  i«i,  i,S5 



44.  176 

193,  '94 





74,  "8,    IJ7 
27,    113 


114,     Un) 



32, 44,  y8,  120,  138, 

144,  14(1 




...69,72,  73 

...      63,67,  69 



65,  66,  70,  81,  93, 

151,  182,  187, 190,  199 



65,  66,   199 


.       ...  HI 













Kerr     42,67,72,73,130, 




King     ...     18,  24,  78,  83, 





Kirkmichael,  Baron 



















Lee        18.  141 








Lewis        70,  71,  73,  132 


57,  200 

7^.  194 
...     13 





90,  91, 





..  89,  156 

...    7^,   19'"^ 
144, 171,   198 




153.   173 

•••     33 


...    106 

...         85 

...   150 


















,  15s,  168,  202 
.     ••.49.     96 



...      ...         67 




13^^.  139.   155 





























Macaulay     ...58,61,64,75,7 

Mac  Bean... 

Mac  Beth      ... 











Macdonell   ... 

McEwen  .. 

iNlcCiregor  .. 


Macintosh  .. 









115,  116,  184 





106,  116, 




















104,  116,  151, 
.  62,  119,  134, 
...  16,  17,  18, 


62,  189 


165,  177 

200,  201 

170.  173 

...  115 


62,  141 

95.  166 

13'.  J32 

194.  195 


Mac  Kay      .. 
Mackenzie  .. 
McKiel      .. 
Macklem ... 
Mac  Lean     .. 
Maclear    ... 
Macleod  ... 
McMahon    .. 
McMurdo    ... 
Mc. Murray 
McNeil      .. 
Mac  Robert 





Malloch    ... 

Malthas  ... 




Mardon    ... 





Mason  ... 

Maule       ...     . 

Ma.wvell       ... 





Meade      ...     , 


«.  >32,     38 


18,  87,  144,  14S,  149,  201 



106,  log 


y,  'o,  13,  134,  143,  145 



50,  201 




46,  50 

...   12,  25,  28,  174,  200 

or  McNachtan       ...  66 

Jones 66 


37-  148,  152 

<),  98 








••■     182 





5«,     86 






71.  139 

30,  144,  170,  182 






130,  193 






















Morgan         ...      ... 


Morris        151,  16S, 













Murray         ...31,32 















89,  134 






i44>  193 

192,  193 













170,  176,  186,  196 


.     34,  99,  102,   172 





118,   176 






163,  176,  179,   185 









42,   129 

17.     88 








































Pemberton       ...     . 



Perigord,  Duke  de 







••    113 



















121,  123 









•  ■•  137'  138.  190 




.      43.   102 

104,   181 








Talleyrand  12 
55.  77 





73.   127 



Pigot    ... 

Pilgrim     ... 


Pinkey     ... 

Poison  ... 


Porter   ... 






Proud  foot 










Ratcliffe    ..      .. 
Raymond     ... 


Redmond     ... 






Richards      .  . 
Ridout       . .      . 


Roberts  ... 
Robertson  ... 
Robinson  .. 




Roebuck  . 
Romilly,  Lord 










37.  44.  102 

35,  39,40-97.  124-  133 
71.  72.  73 







123,  198,  199 

38.  39.  189 




37.  155 




"" 156 

94,  120 



61,  134 



, 169 




33.  44-  149.  189 



143.  144.  185 

15.  53-  57.  79.  124-  150 

22,  87 

49>  133.  140 

175.  176 









Rubidge  ... 







St.  Quentin  . 






Schoolcraft  . 


Schwaller    .  . 












ShefiTield       ... 
Shepherd  . 
Sheppnrd     ... 












'95.   197 
12,  56,  137,  157,   176 




















13,  79,  142,  200 


















60,  loi,  128, 

ii,  fi2 



3'.  49. 

10,  132,  142, 

Simpson   , 
Sims     ... 
Sinclair    . 
Sisson    .. 
Skynner  . 
Slater    ... 
Slingshy   . 
Small    ... 
Smelt    ... 




106,   179 



39,  112,  127,  131,  136,  200 




...159,  168,  180 


Smith    13,14,16,21,27,31,40,49, 


Somerset,  Duke  of 

Somerville,  Lord    . 




Spiers  or  Spears 


Spragge    . 
Spratt  ... 
Stacev  ... 
Stafford    . 
Starr     ... 
Stegnian  . 

Stinson     ., 
Stone    ... 
St  owe 
Stratford  .. 
Street    ... 
Stringer   .. 
Strong  ... 
Strut  t 
Stuart  ... 
Sullivan    ., 
Surle     ... 
Swabcy    ... 
Swan     ... 





85,  no 







•■•      126,  169 


...    19.  26,  81,  loi,  107, 

120,  128,  150,   166 

26,     32 


92,  128 

113.   167 




32.   172 






19,20,30,33,  144,  173,   174 










Talleyrand,  Perigord 




Taylor 103, 






Thompson   ...      •  • 










Trimleston,  Lord 



Tunjuand        •••     • 







VanKoughnet  .. 
Vernon- llarcourt 



Wads  worth 












,  Duke  ...  12 



104,  105, 106,  132 




62,     72 

...  107,  137.  139 
...   29.84,98,   137 

"5     . 


105.   169 



28,33,   129 






60, 65,   175 








71,   19'^ 

56,  188 



90.     91 





40'  15^'.   1^2 



52,  82,     9fi 

...    14,  201 









Weir  Anderson  ... 















Wilson     ...  1 1 1 ,  I 






Wordsaythe    ... 








Wyndhani   ... 




Ziegler      ... 


3^^'  99 


30,  143,  167,  17^' 
8,  201 

15'J-   I'^S 


29,   179 




41,  i^'5 

75  ^ 



23,  113 

77.  i^'7'  i«o 




12,   200 


17,  32,97.  I ^^8.  170 


24,  125.  144,  15'',  177 



••         53 

107.  138,   193 






154,  1 6u,    163 


36,  100,  107.  143'   H4 

27,  134 





II,  40,  107,  200 


16,  64,  73,  88,  143,    176 





VAIN  ])ride  of  ancestry  is  silly,  and  the  snobbishness  that  estimates  a  man's  worth  only  accord- 
ing to  the  social  status  of  his  grandfather  is  contemptible  ;  neverthuless  every  man  should 
endeavor  to  know  all  he  can  of  his  family  history  ;  the  indifference  that  some  profess  as  to 
such  things  is  either  insincere,  or  it  is  a  mark  of  littleness  of  mind  or  of  selfishness.  It  is,  or  should 
be,  a  matter  of  interest  to  every  one  to  know  something  of  those  who  have  borne  his  name  before 
him — no  matt  r  whether  they  have  been  earls  or  blacksmiths  ;  and  more  especially  so  if  they 
(whether  earls  or  blacksmiths)  have  served  their  country  well  and  faithfully,  either  in  peace  or  in 
war,  in  great  things  or  in  small. 

No  people  can  look  back  to  a  more  honourable  commencement  from  which  to  date  their  family 
histories  than  those  whose  ancestors  were  United  Empire  Loyalists,  or  the  later  immigrants  who 
came  to  Upper  Canada  as  pioneers  to  take  their  part  in  constructing  a  prosperous  country  out  of  a 
wilderness — a  task  which  called  for  courage,  energy  and  patience,  as  the  necessary  conditions  of 
success  ;  a  people  who  showed  that  they  possessed  these  virtues  when  in  1812  they  resolutely  rose  to 
defend  their  infant  country  against  an  aggressive  power  who  threatened— and  endeavored — to  over- 
whelm them  with  an  army  exceeding  in  number  the  whole  population  of  the  country  attacked. 

A  century  has  now  passed  since  the  United  Empire  Loyalist  settlement  of  Upper  Canada  took 
place,  and  three-quarters  of  a  century  since  the  conclusion  of  the  War  of  1812.  In  those  two  events 
and  in  the  intervening  period  there  were  many  who  had  a  prominent  part  in  public  affairs,  and 
whose  names  appear  in  history,  who  have  left  descendants.  It  is  very  rarely  that  a  man,  gent'.e  or 
simple,  can  name  his  great  grandfather,  except  in  cases  where  some  care  has  been  taken  to  preserve 
family  recortls.  Each  new  generation  that  arises  means  one  more  past  generation  forgotten.  There 
are  already  numerous  descendants  of  early  settlers  in  this  Province  who  cannot  show  their  descent, 
and  in  another  quarter  of  a  century  there  will  be  comparatively  few  who  can  do  so,  unless  some  effort 
is  made  to  preserve  family  histories.  At  the  request  of  a  number  of  persons  interested,  1  have 
undertaken  the  task  of  doing  what  I  may  be  able  to  do  towards  this  work. 

It  has  not  been  my  intention  to  include  in  this  work  families  only  of  superior  social  st.inding. 
The  list  of  those  who  appear  in  it  might  seem  to  indicate  some  such  selection,  but  that  is  simply 
because  the  history  of  some  families  has  been  less  difficult  to  obtain  than  that  of  others  And 
though  the  purpose  of  the  work  has  reference  to  the  earlier  settlers,  I  have  not  thought  it  inconsistent 
to  include  immigrants  of  more  recent  arrival. 

Most  genealogical  works  follow  the  plan  of  selecting  an  individual  and  tracing  his  ancestry  ;  this 
work  is  just  the  reverse,  as  it  is  the  naming  of  an  ancestor  and  tracing,  as  far  as  practicable,  all  his 
descendants.  I  hav'e  therefore  omitted  none  whose  names  I  could  learn,  except  in  the  case  of  children 
of  persons  who  have  left  Ontario  and  gone  to  live  elsewhere.  I  have  even  been  p.irticular  to  include 
those  whose  career  is  summed  up  in  the  curt  but  pathetic  <l.  inf.  Some  of  those  to  whom  I  am 
indebted  for  assistance  in  obtaining  particulars  of  their  families  have  not  ipiite  uiulerstnod  what 
was  desired  in  this  respect. 

I  am  fully  conscious  that  the  work  is  likely  to  contain  imperfections  I  can  only  say  that  I  have 
taken  great  pains  to  secure  accuracy,  and  if  any  errors  should  be  discovered,  I  will  take  it  as  a  great 
fp.voar  if  they  are  brought  to  my  notice  so  that  corrections  may  be  made. 

The  genealof'ies  ha%'e  been  constructed  from  data  supplied  by  family  records,  registered  wills 
and  deeds,  histories  and  various  other  sources  of  information,  and  in  every  case  I  have  sought  the 
assistance  of  one  or  more  members  of  the  family  concerned,  which  I  may  say  here,  has  in  nearly 
every  case  been  readily  and  courteously  rendered. 


Hrmorial  JJearinos. 

A  LITTLE  explanation  may  be  desirable  as  to  the  nietliods  adopted  in  showing 
r\  armorial  bearinf,'s  in  this  work,  in  cases  in  which  the  evidence  of  the 
correctness  of  those  nsed  is  such  as  to  leave  no  room  for  doubt,  the  arms  are 
described  in  ordinary  type.  Where  such  positive  evidence  is  not  at  hand,  inasmuch 
as  it  often  happens  from  various  causes  that  families  bear  arms  different  from  those 
to  which  they  arc  entitled,  it  has  been  thought  better  for  the  descriptions  to  be 
printed  in  italics ;  it  must  l)c  quite  understood,  however,  that  where  this  occurs  it 
does  not  suggest  any  doubt  of  the  right  of  the  family  concerned  to  bear  arms,  but 
simply  indicates  the  absence  of  positive  and  authentic  information  as  (o  the  correct- 
ness of  those  actually  used.  Nor  does  the  omission  of  arms  in  any  case  imply  the 
ab..ence  of  a  right  to  bear  them,  but  only  shows  that  the  author  has  not  succeeded 
in  obtaining  the  necessary  particulars. 





maci)()Ni:ll  oi'  (;ij:N(;Akin.  ii. je. i. 

SOMK  time  after  the  breaking  up  of  the  Scottish  Clans,  winch 
followed  the  defeat  of  the    Stuarts    in     1745,    a    considerable 
number     of    tlu;     Macdonells    of    (ilenj^arry    eniif^'raad    to 
America    under    the    leadersliip    of    Macdonells   of    Scotu?,    Leek, 
Aberchalder  and   Collachi(>,   Cadets  of   Clengarry,    and   s^-ttled  on 
the  Mohawk    River   in    the    central    part    of   the  then   Province    of 
New  York.     On  the  breaking  out  of  the  Revolutionary  War  all  the 
men  of  the  Clan  in  America  took  up  arms  in  defence  of  the  Crown, 
in  such  numbers  as  to  form,  in  great  part,  the   ist  Battalion  of  the 
King's  Royal  Regiment  of  New  York,  of  which  Sir  John  Johnson  was 
Colonel,  while  others  entered  the  Royal   Highland  ]"!migrant  Regi- 
ment (afterwards  known  as  the  84th),  and  Hutler's  l^ang(>rs.      The 
Macdonells   thus   rendered  valuable    services  throughout   the  war, 
during  which  they    sufifered   great   cruelties    and  indignities  at  the 
hands  of  the  Revolutionary  Party,  from  which  no  rank,  sex  or  age 
was  exempt,  and  also  lost  all  their  properties.*      On  the  conclusion 
of  the  war  they  settled  in  what   is    now  the  extreme  eastern  part 
of  Ontario,  and    part  of  which    bears    their    name,  the  County  of 
Glengarry,  then  an  unl)roken  wilderness  of  forest.     Here  they  were 
subseciuently  joined  by  the  Macdonells  of  (ireenfield  and  many  of 
their  fellow  clansmen  and  other  Highlanders,  notably  (in  1804)  the 
disbanded  soldiers  of  the  (ilengarry  Fencible  Regiment,  which  served 
(under  Col.  Alexander-Ranaldson  Mac.'onell.  Chief  of  Glengarry)  in 
the  Irish   Rebellion  of  1798,   who   were   brought  to  Canada  by  the 
celebrated    priest,    soldier    and    statesman,     the     Rev.     Alexander 
Macdonell,  Chaplain  (Roman  Catholic)  to  the  Regiment. f 

*Colonel  Matthews,  Military  Secretary  to  Sir  Guy  Carletcm,  Lord  Porchesfer,  Captain  C.enrral 
and  Commander-in-chief  of  tlie  forces  in  Canada  during  the  Revolutionary  War,  hore  llie  follovviiiH 
testimony  to  the  services  of  the  ^jentlcmen  referred  to  and  their  adherents  in  a  letter,  addressed  to 
tho  Under  Secretary  of  State  for  the  (,'alonies,  dated  Chelsea  College,  23rd  June,  1804.  *  •  • 
■'  When  ihe  Kehellion  broke  out  they  were  the  first  to  fly  to  arms  on  the  part  of  Government,  in 
"  which  they  and  their  adherents  took  a  most  active  aiul  decided  lead,  leaving  their  families  and 
"  property  at  the  mercy  of  the  rebels.  1  was  at  the  time  ipiartered  at  Niagara,  and  an  eye  witness 
"  of  the  gallant  and  successftd  exertions  of  the  Macdonells  and  their  dependents,  by  which,  in  a 
"great  measure,  the  upper  country  of  Canada  was  preserved." 

t(Hon.  anil  Kt.  Kev.)  Alexander  Macdonell,  who  was  also  chaplain  to  the  Cllengarrj-  I-ight 
Infantry  Regiment  ^on  the  regular  establishment  of  the  army),  which  served  with  great  distinction 
in  the  war  of  1812,  was  r.aised  to  the  Rpiscopate  (R.C.)  in  1S20,  and  was  Bishop  of  Regiopolis  or 
Kingston,  1826  to  1840.  H.;  was  a  member  of  the  Legislative  (Council  of  Upper  Canada,  iHji  to 
1840,  in  which  year  he  died,  aged  So.  The  town  of  Alexandria,  in  the  county  of  Glengarry,  was 
named  in  his  honour. 

of  the  Clan  ill  Canada,  tlieri-  arc,  or  have  been,  the  followinj^ 
principal  families  : 



(Col.)  John  Mac  don  km,,  of  Scotus  (also  called  Scotas,  Scottos 
and  Scotlumse),  canio  with  other  clansmen  before  referred  to,  in  1773, 
and  settled  at  Cauf^Minawaga,  in  Schoharie  County,  at  the  invitation 
of  Sir  William  Johnson,  who  held  a  larjjje  tract  of  land  there.  lie 
was  I),  in  17JS,  d.  15th  April,  iSio.  He  had  issue  (besides  a  dau. 
Penelop(>,  m.  to  John  Heikie,  Clerk  Executive  Council,  and  d.  .sp., 
and  a  dau.  Mary,  d.  unm.),  viz. : 

I.  (Ca|)t.)  Miles,  at  one  time  (iovr.  of  the  Hudson  Bay  Com- 
pany, and  prominent  in  connection  with  Lord  Selkirk,  and 
the    Ked    River  Settlement,  and  in    the  contests  with  the 

Nordi-West  Co'y.     M.    istly, Macdonell  ;   2ndly,  

I'robisher,  and  jrdly,  Catherine,  d.  of  Capt.  Allan  M.icdonc^ll 

(Collachie),  and  had  issue,  of  either   1st  or  2nd  marriage: 

irt!.  — Donald /Kneas,    some    time;    member    of    I'arliament 

for   the    b^astcrn    District,   and    Sheriff  of  same,    and 

afterwards    W'ardcMi    of    Kingston    i'enitenliar)'.       M. 

—and  had    issue. 

irt.- Amelia,    m.   istl\',    to  Wm.    Jones,    son    of    Mjihraim 
Jones  (see  Jones  of  Hrockville),  and  2ndly,  as  2nd  wife 
to   James   Macdonell  (Capt.),  of   Matilda,  who  was  b. 
1795.  tl-  3i«t  Aug.,  1847.* 
2a. — Isabella 
2  — John,  lived  many  years  in   the  North-West,  and  was  after- 
wards of  Point   Fortune,   Ilawkesbury,  Oucbec.       Was  m. 
and  had  issue  (besides  others),  (iodfrey  whose  dau.  Hortense 
was  m.  to  Andrew  Cullen  of  Templeton,  on  the  Ottawa. 
3. — William-Johnson,  b.    17th   March,  1775,  d     1848,  m.   Lucy 
Waters,  of  Boston,  b.  Jan.,  1790,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : — 
irt.  — William- John,    Chevalier    (of    France),    many    years 
I'rench  Consul  in  Toronto.     D    March    1893,  unm. 

'He  had  of  his  (irst  marriage  issue,  viz.  .^in.      Alexander-Roderic,  who  entered   the  American 

Service  in  the  war  of  ifSOo-Ti^,  and  was  last  lieard  from  in  1864      2ci.     Allan-James,  m.   McOuill. 

3(1  JohnScott  III  Margaret,  m.  to  Duncan  McKay,  an.  Marcclla  30.  Henrietta,  a  nun,  known 
in  relig.  as  Mother  Antoinette,  was  several  years  Superioress  of  St.  Joseph's  Convent  in  Toronto, 
and  afterwards  of  ('(invent  in  St.  tlatharincs.  .\a  Helen  ;  d.  5(1  Magdalen-Mary  ;  m.  to  Cleve- 
land Stafford,  (/. 


i<i.— Lucy-Catheriiic,  m.  Jan..  1S27,  to  Henry  Jones.     (See 

Jones  of  lirockvillc.) 
2a.— Mary-Mii^rdiilen,  m.  istly,  to  William   Mcgueen,  and 

andly,  to  Charles-Theodore  Palsgrave,  of  Montreal. 


Alexanokr  Macdonkm.,  of  (;reenhel(l,  Sco.,  came  to  Canada 
in  1792.  Was  Lieut. -Col.  commanding,'  2nd  Halt,  of  (dengarry 
M.l.t.a  in  <H,2.  I).  ,8„j.  M.  Janet,  dau.  of  Alexander  Macdonell, 
ol  Aberchalder,  ;ind  had  issue,  viz.  ; 

1.— Hu^di,  d.  at  Vill.ulolid,  in  Spain,  unm. 

2.— An-us,  a  partner  in  the  North- West  Company,  was  murdered 
in  the  conflicts  between    that   Company   and    the    Hudson 
Bay  Company  ;  unm. 
3.— Duncan,  of  (ireenfield,  Co.  Cden-arry,  of  whom  below. 
4— J'^li".  !>•  HJ  April,  1785,  Member  of  Leg.  Ass'y  for  (dengarry, 
ami  Attorney-C;eneral   of    Upper  Canada.       Was  Col.  of 
Mditia  in  1812,  and  was  present  at  the  capture  of  Detroit 
the  terms    of   capitulation    of    which    he    negotiated    (>uM 
medal),   and   was   A.D.C.   to   Major    (General    Hrock,    with 
whom  he  fell  at  the  battle  of  Oueenston,  12  Oct.,  18,.   and 
with   whom    he    is    buried    under    the    Monument    on 
Oueenston  Heights.      Unm. 
5.-Donal(l-Greenheld,   M.L.A.  for  Glengarry.       Was  Lieut  - 
Col.  m  the   Militia,  and  Deputy  Adjt.-Genl.  in  1853        M 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of   Ranald    Macdonell,   Lieut.    K.R.R.    of 
N.Y.,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
i^.—Alexander,    Barri.ster-at-Law,  of    Morrisburg,   ^.,    M. 

Doran  and  had  issue,  four  sons  and  a  dau 
2«.-/Eneas,   M.D.,   of  Almonte  and  Cornwall,  afterwards 
of  Ottawa,  d.  i8gi,  unm. 

3«.— Reginald,  Capt.   Royal  Canadian   RiHes,  d.  cir.  iSsi 
unm.  ' 

4«.— John,    Harrister-at-Law,  of    Cornwall,  d.    1868        M 
Isabella,  dau.  of  Col.  A.   Maclean,  of  Cornwall,  and 
had  issue,  two  sons  and  three  daus 

5a. -Robinson,   Barrister-at-Law,   Dy.  Clerk  of  Crown  at 
Corn '.vail,  d.  cir.  1862.     Unm. 

10!. — Janet,  unm. 

2a. — Catherine-Anne,  unm. 


6. — Alexander-Gieenfield,  of  the  North-West  Company,  after- 
wards M.L.A.  for  (jlengarry,  and  for  Prescott  and  Russell; 
was  Sheriff  of  the  Ottawa  District,     D.  1841,  s.p. 
I. — Mary,  in.  to  John  Cummin}^,  of  Kinj^ston. 
2.—  Anne,    m.    to    Miles    Macdonell  ;    she    died    before    1812, 
leaving   a    dau.,    Ann,    m.    to    Alexander    Macdonell 
3. — Marjerie  or  Marcella,  m.  to  Col.  Alexander  McMillan. 
4. — Mar<j[aret,  unm. 

Duncan   Macdonei.l,  of  Greenfield,  above  named,  commanded 
a  company  at  the  takinjj;  of  Ogdensburg,  in  1813.       Succeeded  his 
father  in  the  command  of  the  2nd  Hn.  Cilengarry  Militia,  from  which 
he  retired  in  1857,  receiving  the  thanks  of  the  Gov.-(ienl.  in  general 
orders  "  for  his  long  and  valuable  services  in  the  Militia,  dating  from 
the  last  war."    Was  l^egistrar  of  Deeds,  Co.  Glengarry.     M.  Harriet, 
dau.  of  Col.  Archibald  Macdonell  (Leek),  and  had  issue,  an  only  son, 
la — Archimalo-John,  b    1822,  d    17   March,  1864.     Harrister- 
at-Law,  Recorder  of  Kingston,  and  a  Bencher  of  the  Law 
Society,  and  was  for  many  years  partner  of  the  Hon.  (after- 
wards Sir)  John-Alexander   Macdonald  ;     was   Lieut. -Col. 
commanding  2nd  I^att.  Glengarry  Militia,  1857  to  1864.    M. 
Mary,  dau.  of  Robert   Long  Innes,  Lieut.  37th  Regt.,  and 
had  issue,  viz  : 

id. — John-Alkxandek,  b.  26  June,  185 1,  of  Alexandria. 
Harrister-at-Lavv  1875,  Q.C.  i8go.  Capt.  59th  Stor- 
mont  and  Glengarry  Bn.  Act.  Mil.  M.  Isabel,  dau.  of 
Hon  John-Willoughby  Crawford,  Lt. -Gov.  of  Ontario, 
and  his  wife  Helen,  dau.  of  Hon.  Livius-Peters  Sher- 
wood, a  Justice  of  the  Court  of  Queen's  Bench  for 
Upper  Canada, 
i/;.— Mary-Llizabetli,  unm. 


John  Macdonell,  of  Leek,  was  on  the  Staff  of  Prince  Charles 
at  Culloden,  in  1745.  Was  Lieut,  in  Leaser's  Highlanders,  1757, 
and  was  at  the  taking  of  Cjuebec,  1759.  Subsequently  commanded 
a  Veteran  Corps  in  Newfoundland.  1).  1818.  He  had  (besides  a 
dau.,  Isabella,  m.  to  Hon.  Neil  Maclean),  6  sons,  all  officers  in  the 
Army.     Of  these: 

George  Macdonell,  C.B.,  2nd  son,   b.    1779  or    1780,  d.    1870, 


was  commissioned  to  raise  the  Glengarry  Light  Infantry  Regt.  in 
1812.  Commanded  the  expedition  by  which  Ogdensburg  was  cap- 
tured, 23rd  Feb.,  1813,  for  which  he  received  the  thanks  of  the 
House  of  Assembly.  Was  at  Chateauguay  (gold  medal),  which  he 
reached  with  his  Regt.  by  a  skilful  and  rapid  march  through  forests, 
just  m  time  to  render  aid  which  was  of  the  utmost  importance  in 
securmg  that  brilliant  victory.*  Afterwards  Lieut.-Col.  79th  High- 
landers. M  1820,  Hon.  Laura,  dau.  of  Lord  Arundel  of  Wardour  • 
shed.  1854;  and  had  issue:  a  son,  John-Ignatius,  Lieut.-Col.  71st 
Highlanders,  now  Majur-General. 

It  is  said  that  there  are  descendants  of  Leek  living  at  or  near 
St.  Andrews,  Co.  Glengarry. 

MACDONELL    OF    ABERCHALDER  Macdonell,  Capt.  King's  Royal  Regt.  of  New  York 
came   to   Canada   under  the    circumstances  above  mentioned    and 
settled  on  the  River  St.   Lawrence  in  Charlottenburg,  his  residence 
being  known  as  (llengarry  House  (burnt   in    1S13,  and  not  rebuilt  ) 
He  had  issue,  viz. : — 

r.— John,  Capt.  in   Butler's  Rangers,  elected  with  his  brother 
first    member   of    the   Legislative  A.s.sembly  for  (ilengarry 
1792;   Speaker  of  the  first  House  of  Assembly  of    Upper 
Canada;     was    Lieut.-Col.    comdg.    2nd    Hn.    Royal    Can 
Volunteer  Regt.  of  Foot  (regular  establishment  of  the  Army)' 
raised  m   1796,    and  disbanded   in    1802    at  the    Peace   of 

Amiens:  Lieut,  of  Co.  Glengarry  in  1803.    He  m. Yates 

of  Schenectady,  N.Y.,  and  had  issue,  Alexander,  who\vas 
Major  in  the   Lancaster  Regt.  of   (Glengarry   Highlanders 
and  served  in  the  rebellion   of  1837-8,  and  who  had  issue', 
two  daus.,  of  whom  one  survives,  unm. 
2.-Hugh,   Lieut.    K.R.R.    of    N.Y.,    elected  with  his  brother 
hrst  M.L.A.  for  (;iengarry,   1792.      Capt.  R.C.V.,   Re.^t   • 

^;7/;"^''''"/''''"^''''""^'  ^'"'^''''  ^^''^^■'  ^-'^-3;  I'i'-^t  Adjt.  Gen! 
of  Mihtia  for  Upper  Canada,  1811  to  1820.  Subsequently 
wns  Consul-Gen.  at  Algiers.      M.  istly, Jhighes,  and 

able'.iistinction,  borne  l.y  all   rLa    an  t     cZ       ow.r.V^ r^^^^^^    7'"  ^""^  ""-'  <  •''"■■^'"■'^"^  "•«  '-onour- 
verify  this  faci.  *^         KeKime.its.     I  he  writer  has,  however,  l.een  unable  to 


2ndly,  a  dau.  of  Admiral  Ulrich,  Danish  Consul-General 
at  Algiers  (who  survived  him,  and  was  married,  2ndly,  to 
the  Duke  de  Talleyrand  Perigord,  and  d.  1870.)  He  had 
issue,  besides  8  daus.,  2  sons,  viz.  :  — 

la —rSir)  Alexander,  K.C.I3,  Col.  commandmg  2nd  Batt. 
Prince    Consort's   Own     Rifle    Brigade.       Served    in 
Crimea,   India  Mutiny,    North-west    Frontier  (India), 
&c.     D.  30  April,  1 89 1. 
2a.-(Sir)    Hugh-Ciuion,    K.C.M.G.,  C.B.        Entered    the 
Army   in  t\  C.  O.  Rifle  Brigade,  but  being  obliged  to 
retire 'on  account  of  ill  health,  entered  the  Diplomatic 
service.       Was    H.M.    Minister-Plenipotentiary    and 
Envoy-Extraordinary  to  the  K.  of  Denmark,  and  sub- 
sequently to  the  K.  of  Portugal. 
I  icut  -Col    Hugh  Macdonell's  daus.   (besides  on(3#  a  nun^ 
were  m.  as  follows  : -To  — Holstein,  Danish  Consul 
Gen.  at  Algiers;    to  (ien.  Sir  Robert  Wynyard,  some 
time  Military  Governor  of  the  Cape  of  Good  Hope  ;  to 
(ien.  Sir  George  Brown,  who  commanded  the  Light 

Division  in  the  Crimea;    to Buck,  Capt.  R.N.  ; 

to  Viscount  Aquado ;  to Cumberland,  Capt.  42nd 

Royal  Highlanders  (the  Black  Watch);  to  Don  Augusto 
Conte,  Spanish  Ambassador  at  Vienna. 
.-Chichester,  Lieut.  Butler's  Rangers,  afterwards  Lieut-Col. 
82nd  and  34th   Regts.       Was  at  Corunna  (Gold  Medal}. 

D.  in  India. 
Alexander  Macdonell  (Aberchalder)  had  also  three  daus.  m.  as 
follows :-To   Gen.  Ross;  to  Gen.  Wilkinson  ;  to  Alexander  Mac- 
donell of  Greenfield. 


Allan  Macdonell,  of  Collachie,  came  to  America  in  1773,  and 
to  Canada,  firstly  after  the  outbreak  of  the  American  Revolution,  and 
finally  in  1784.     In  1745  lie  was  present  with  his  clan,  adherents  of 
Prince  Charles  Stuart,  at  Culloden.      Was  Capt.  in  the  84th  Roya 
Highland  Emigrant  Regt.     D.  i79'-2-    M.  Helen  (d.  1797).  d^uighter  of 
The  Macnab,  and  had  issue,  viz  : 

I  _An.nis,  Barrister-at-law,  First  Clerk  of  Leg.  Ass  yof  Upper 
Ca'iada,  1792  ;  M.L.A.  for  Durham,  Simcoe  and  the  luist 
Riding  of  York;   was  Treasurer  of  the  Law  Society,  iSoi  to 


i8o4.     Was  drowned  in  the  Speedy,  a  schooner  wrecked  on 
Lake  Ontario,  7th  Oct.,  1804,  wlien  conveying  a  Judge  on 
c.rcu.t,  With  the  Sheriff,  Attorney-General  and  others,  all 
of  whom  were  lost.     Unm. 
2.— Alexander,  of  whom  below. 

3.-James,  Capt.  43rd  Regt.,  d.  in  West  Indies,  unm 
I. -Henrietta,  married  to  Dr.  MacLean,  Surgeon  in  the  Army, 
and  had  issue  : 

la.— Allan,  Colonel,  m.  Ann  Stowe  and  had  issue  : 
2a. — Donald,  d.s.p. 

i^.-Eleanor,  m.  to  John  Helliwell,  Barrister-at-law,  of 
1  oronto,  and  had  issue  :-i^.-Stuart,  living  in  New 
York.  2^.-Clarkson,  d.s.p.  i^.-Jessie,  m.  to  John 
Kane,  d.,  and  has  had  issue,  one  son  and  one  dau 
2.^.--Caroline,  m.  to  Collingwood  Schreiber,  C.E.,  of 
Ottawa,  and  has  i.ssue. 

2.-Catherine,    m.    to    Capt.    Miles    Macdonell   (Scotus)  •    she 
d.s.p.  '  ' 

(H„„.)  Maoonell,  aho^e  namod,  „f  Collachie,  and   o,    l„,„„t„,    „as    I,,    at    Fort   Augu.sttts    in    Gicn.^rrv 

SCO     ,70.,  .1.   KSth  March,  ,842.     \Va.s  Licnt.  in  Butler's' 

M.   the   Aniencan    Revolutionary    War;     M.L.A.    for    Glengarr^    in 

several  Parl,a,.ent_s,  and  Speaker  in  ,804;    Sheriff  of  tl,;  Home 

1       '  '79-""  ■S-'S  i   Agent  for  the   Karl   of  Selkirk    in  the  effort 

"      ha    nobletnan  to  establish  a  settlement  of  Highland   hnmigrants 

.       Jahloon  ,n  the  Western  district.  ,805  to  ,8t.;    Col.  of  Militia 

and  Depuy  Paym.aster   General    in  ,8,a;   Superintendent  of  Perth 

be  t  ement,  estaid,s^,ed  lor  setthng  disbanded  soldiers  after  the  War 

of  ,8u;  Assistant  Secretary  Indian  Dept.  I8,0;  sub,se<|uently  Mem- 

i^ocr.,  185^;  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.-Allan,    Barristcr-at-law,    some  time    Sheriff  of  the   Core 

District,  b.  5th  Nov.,  1808,  d.  9th  Sept.,  1888,  unm. 
2a.— James,  of  whom  below. 

3«.--Angus-Duncan,    m.    Pauline-Rosalie,    dau.    of    [ohh-Pet- 
itpont  De  La  Ilaye,  and  has  issue  : 

i^.-John-De  La  Haye.  2^.-Angus-Clr.ude,  Barrister-at- 
law.  3^.-Archibald-Hayes,  Lt.  Royal  Can.  Regt.  of 
Inf.     4'5.~Allan-Stuart,  of  Lindsay,  Co.  Victoria,  Bar- 


ristcr-at-law.  \b. — Henrietta-Aylmer,  m.  to  VVilliam- 
Manley  German  of  Welland,  Harrister-at-lavv.  2b. — 
Ilelen-Eugenie,  a  nun  in  Loretto  Convent,  Toronto. 
3(J. — Margaret-Maude,  m.  8th  Sepi.  1892,  to  Louis- 
Martin  Hayes,  of  Peterboro,  Barrister-at-law.  ^b. — 
4a. — Alexander,  Barrister-at-law,  b.  igth  Sept.,  1820,  unm. 
5a. — Samuel-Smith,  b.  23rd  Feb.,  1823,  of  Windsor,  Co.  Essex, 

Barrister-at-law,  Q.C.,  D.C.L.,  m.  Ellen-Gillis,  dau.  of  Col. 

Daniel   Brodhead  of  Brookline,   Boston,   U.S.A.,   and  his 

wife  Almira  Cutler,  and  has  had  issue  ; 

lb. — Daniel-Brodhead,  d.  inf.  2b. — Archibald-Cameron,  In- 
spector N.  W.  M.  Police,  m.  Maude,  dau.  of  Col.  Camp- 
bell, of  Kingston,  lb. — Henrietta-Aylmer,  m.  to  John 
Morley.  2b. — Cornelia-Brodhead,  m.  to  Adam  Weir- 
Anderson.  j,b. — Ellen-Gertrude,  m.  to  John  Wallace. 
la. — Helen-Ann,  b.  June,  1812,  d.  August,  1813. 
2a. — Henrietta,    m.    to    George-Edward    Aylmer,    Capt.   93rd 

Highlanders  (subsecjuently  Major),  and  d.  3rd  March,  1844, 

having  had   issue,   viz. : — ib. — Charlcs-William-Brabazon, 

Capt.   in   the    Army,    m.   Marian,   dau.   of  Gen.    Warner. 

2b. — Henry-George-Robert-Angus,  d.  8th  Sept.,  1865,  unm. 

James  Macdonell  (or  McDonell,  as  he  invariably  wrote  the 
name),  above  named.  Collector  of  Inland  Revenue,  b.  July,  1810,  d. 
6th  Feby.,  1865;  m.  19th  Dec,  1835,  Margaret-Leah  (d.  22nd  Nov., 
1892),  dau.  of  Hon.  Samuel  Smith  (see  Smith  of  Etobicoke),  and 
had  issue : 

lb. — Alexander,  d.  unm. 
2b. — Samuel-Smith,  of  whom  below. 
3<5. — John-Greenheld,  d.  unm. 

4<J. — James-George,  m.  Anne-Jane    Walsh,  and  has  had  issue, 
viz.: — ic. — Alexander  Allan.        2c. — John-(jeorge.    3^. — D. 
inf.      ic. — Margaret.     2c. — Jessie,     y. — Olive. 
5^. — Ronald-Duncan,  d.  inf. 
lb. — Helen,  d.  inf. 

2b. — Emily-Isabella,  m.  1st  Aug.,  1872,  to  William-George 
McWilliams,  Barrister-at-law,  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : — 
ic. — Ronald,  b.  23rd  April,  1875,  d.  Sept.,  1888.  2c. — 
William-John,  b.  23rd  April,  1875,  d.  inf.  y. — James- 
Douglas.  4^. — William-McDorieii.  ic. — Emily  MTaaret- 
Louisa.     2c. — Jessie-Leah- Isabella. 





3<5.— M:irj;arct,  m.  ^rd  Sept.,  1873,  to  John-Beverley  Rol)inson 
(see  Kohinson)  ;  shed.  13th  Feb.,  1875,  leaving  issue,  one 
daughter,  Margaret-Mary. 

4^.— Jessie-Louisa,  m.  to  Arthur-Bagshaw  Harrison,  (see  next 

Samuel-Smith  McDonell,  above  named,  was  b  15th  March, 
1838,  m.  19th  Nov.,  1872,  Mary-Jane,  dau.  of  Alexander  Fisher  (see 
Fisher),  and  has  had  issue: 

!<:.— James-Arthur-Edward,  b.  13th  May,  1886. 
ic. — Florence-Mary. 
2c. — Leila-Isabella. 

Arms.  Subject  to  due  differencex  to  be  assigned  to  each  house:  * 
Or.,  an  eagle  displayed  gu.  surmounted  by  a  lymphad  sa.  sails 
furled  and  rigged  ppr.,  in  the  dexter  chief  a  dexter  hand  couped  of 
the  second,  and  in  the  sinister  a  cross-crosslet  fitched  of  the  third 
Crest :  A  raven  ppr.,  perched  on  a  rock  az.  Mottoes  :  above— Cra<r- 
gan  an  fhithich  (the  rock  of  the  raven);  beneat/i—Per  mare  per 
terras.     Badge,  a  sprig  of  heath. 



Arthur-Bagshaw  Harrison,  named  in  the 
preceding  page,  of  Toronto,  b.  5th  January,  1850; 
Major  late  loth  Royal  Grenadiers;  son  of  William- 
Bagshaw  Harrison,  in  Holy  Orders,  for  47  years 
Rector  of  Gayton-le-Marsh,  Co.  Lincoln,  Eng., 
who  m.  Charlotte  Anne,  dau.  of  William-Teale 
Welfitt,  of  Manby  Hall,  Co.  Lincoln,  and  who 
was  son  of  William-Bagshaw  Harrison,  in  Holy 
Orders,  of  Gouldhurst,  Co.  Kent.  He  m.  istly, 
Jessie-Louisa  McDonell,  as  mentioned  on  the  pre- 
ceding page,  and  2ndly,  I2th  Oct.,  1892,  Frances- 
Anastasia,  dau.  of  Hon.  Sir  Frank  Smith,  Kt.,  Senator,  of  Toronto, 
and  has  issue,   Frank-Arthur,  b.  12th  January,  1894. 

Julia- Henstley,  a  sister  of  the  above  named  Major  Harrison,  is 
m.  to  Rt.  Rev.  Richard  Young,  Bishop  of  Athabasca. 

Arms:  Sa.  3  lozenges  conjoined  in  fesse  erm.  Crest:  a  demi 
lion  rainp't  ppr.,  holding  in  his  paws  a  lozenge  erm.  Moito : 
Miseris  succur-ere  disco. 



HON.  SAMUEL  SMITH,  Col.  Queen's  Rangers,' .son  of  Jcimcs 
Smith,  came  to  Canada  after  the  American  Revolution  and 
obtained  a   grant   of   lands  in  the  Township  of  Etobicoke. 
He  was  a  member  of  the  Executive  Council  of  Upper  Canada,  and 
was  twice  Administrator  of  the  Government.     D.  ioth  Oct.  1826.* 
M.  22nd  Oct.   1799,  Jane-Isabella,  dau.  of   Joseph   Clarke,   M.D.  ; 
she  was  b.  8th  Feb.  1779,  and  d.  20th  Sept.  1826;  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
I. — James-Alexander,  lived  in  the  Southern    States,    m.  April 
1844,  Nancy  Williams,  and  had  issue,  viz. :      la. — Samuel- 
Henry,  who  left  home  and  has  not  been  heard  of  for  several 
years,      la. — Isabella-Ellen,  d.  unm.     2a. — Emma,d.  unm. 

3a. — Sonora,  m.  to  R Lochiel  Cameron,  and  lived  in 

F"lorida  ;  she  was  accidentally  burnt  to  death,  s.p. 
2.— Samuel-Hoies,  d.  July  1882,  unm.       He  bequeathed  a  large 
sum  of  money  for  the  benefit  of  the  Church  of  the  Ascen- 
sion, Toronto. 
I. — Ann,    b.  20th    July    1801.,   m.   nth    Feb.   1829,  to    Henry 

W Nelles,  of  Grimsby,  son  of  Hon.  Abraham   Nelles, 

and  had  issue  : 

la. — Samuel-Abraham,  m.  Julia  Hudson  and  has  had  i.ssue  : 
Ida-Ann-Hawlcsberry,    Julia-Lilian-Henrietta-Hudson. 

2a. — Beverley-Robinson,  m.  Louisa,  dau.  of Buckwell 

of   Port  Dover  and  has  had  issue :       Beverley-R.,  d, 
young;  Ethel,  cl.  young;  Douglas;  Lawrence. 

la. — Catherine-Isabella,  m.  to  Janies-W G Nelles 

and  had  issue  :     William-Boies  ;  Mabel-Isabel. 
2«.— Henrietta-Ann,  rt'.,  m.  to  lulward  Nelles  anel  had  issue: 

I  lenrietta-Ann-b'anning. 
3a.— Emma-Maria,  m.  to  Henry  Hyde,  (/.,  and  had  issue  one 

2.— Emma,  d.  unm.     3.— Isabella,  d.  unm.       4.— Catharine,  d. 

•  Col.  Smiths  sister,  Anne,  was  m.  to  Hon.  Alexander  Macdo.iell      (See  Macdonell  of  Collachie.) 


5.-Margarct-Leah,  m.  to  James  McDc.nell   (see  Macdoncll  of 

6.-Harriet-Louisa,  d.  Nov.  1893.  "i-  i«42  to  Wi  ham -Henry 
Lee  b  1799,  ^M  who  was  in  tlie  Civil  Service  of  Canada  lor 
51  years,  bein-  latterly  Clerk  of  the  Privy  Council,  and  on 
his  retirement  in  1872,  was  presented  by  the  Government 
with  a  piece  of  plate  in  recognition  of  his  "  faithful  and  dis- 
tin.'uished  services,"  *  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
ia1_William-Horace,b.  12th  Feb.  1844,  of  the  Civil  Service 

at  Ottawa,  Major  late  Gov.-Genl's  Foot  Guards;  m. 

Alice-Jane,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Slater,  of  Chippawa,  Co. 

Wellan.l,  and  has  issue,  one  dau.,  Jessie-Eileen-Wini- 

2a.— Edgar,  d.  inf. 

3a.— Charles-Smith,  b.  i6th  Nov.  1853,  living  in  Chicago. 
ia._Rosamund.     2a.— Jane.     3a.— Alice. 

7. — Augusta,  d.  unm. 

8 —Mary-Eleanor   (or  Helen  or  Ellen),  d.  7th  June   1890;  m. 
July  1847,  to  Frederick-Augustus  Ball,  (Arms:  £rm.  a  /wn 
rampant  sa.   behveen  three  fireballs  of  the  same,  the  one  tn 
base  fired ppr.     Crest :    out  of  a  coronet,  an  arm  emboived  m 
armour  ppr.,  holding  a  fireball  sa.  fired  ppr.    Motto:  Paratus 
atque  lidelis),  who  d.  7th  Fel).  1885,  and  had  issue  : 
i^._Clarence-Widmer,  d.  21st  Sep.  1893,  aged  45,  B.D.,  a 
Barrister-at-Law,  and  afterwards  in  Holy  Orders,  In- 
cumbent successively  of  Beaverton,  Thorndale,  Glan- 
worth  and  Port  Burwell ;  m.  Frances,  dau.  of  Frederick 
Shore  of  Glanworth,   Co.   Middlesex,  and  had   issue, 
a  son. 

2a.— Frederick-Winniette,  m.  Nellie,  dau.  of  Simon-S 

Mackenzie  of  Belleville,  and  has  issue,  one  dau.  Amy- 
yi^ — Reginald-^  indsay. 
j^._Augusta-Louisa.     2a.  — Florence-Serring. 

erased  gii.     Motto:   Fide  et  Constantia. 






THE  M<'icn;il)s  having  suffcrt'd  severely  in  the  troublous  times  ol 
the  i8tli  rentui}-,  a  numl)er  of  them  came  to  Canada  in  tlie 
early  part  of  the  present  century,  and  in  1823  Archibald 
Macnal),  r3th  Chief  of  Macnab,  came  to  Canada  and  settled  in  the 
'I'ovvnship  of  Macnab  on  the  Ottawa  River,  where  he  reside<l  nearly 
forty  years,  when  he  returned  to  Scotland,  and  died  in  France  12th 
Au<^'.  18C0,  a<];ed  83.  His  only  survivinj;  child  was  Sarah-Anne, 
known  as  "  Miss  Macnab  of  Macnab,"  who  resided  at  Florence  in 
Italy,  and  d.  igth  Jan.  1894,  unm.  It  appears  to  be  not  certainly 
known  who  is  successor  to  the  chieftainship,  but  it  is  probable  that 
James  Macnabb,  many  years  Commissioner  at  Delhi  (brother  of  Sir 
Donald-Campbell  Macnabb,   K.C.I.E.,  C.S.I.),  has  the  best  claim. 

Among  the  families  of  this  chin  wlio  settled  in  Ontario  are  the 

MACNAB  OF   DUNDURN   (CANADA),  "Ul.  B.  %.  Macnab,  b.  176S,  d.  6th  June  1830,  Ensign  71st  Regt. 
and  afterwards  Et.  igth  Hussars;  was  on  Gen.  Simcoe's  staff  in  the 
American  Revolutionary  War,  after  which  he  came  to  Canada.  Was 
Sergeant- at- Arms  in  the  House  of  Assembly.  M.  Ann(!,  dau.  of  Peter- 
William  Napier,  Capt.  R  N.,  Commissioner  of  the  Port  and  Har- 
bor of  Quebec,  and  had  issue: 
I. —  Robert,  d.  aged  18. 
2. — Allan-Napier,  of  whom  i)elow. 

3. — David-Archibald,  who  succeeded  his  father  as  Sergeant-at- 
Arms,  d.  1840;  m.  Soi)hia  (d.  1892),  dau.  of  John  Stuart, 
Sheriff  of  the  Johnstown  District  (see  Jones  of  Brockviile), 
and  had  issue,  one  ciiild,  who  d.  inf, 
I. — Anne,  d.  unm. 
2. — Hannah-Mary,  of  Hamilton. 

3.— Anna-Maria,  d.  1883;  m.  to  Alexander   Stewart   of  Hamil- 
ton, late  Capt.  94th  Reg., and  had  issue,  one  son,  who  d.  unm. 
4.~-Eucy-Louisa,  d.  1888;  m.  to  John-Ogilvy    Hatt,   Barrister- 
at-law,  of   Hamilton,  and   had   issue:    Annette,  «'.,    m.   to 
Eraser,  and  had  issue,  Marian,  who  d.  unm. 


(Col.  tlic  lion.  Sir)  Ai.lan-Nai'Ikk  Macnah,  Hiironot,  A.D.C.  to 
the  yueen,  oi  Diiiulurn,  Hamilton,  Co.  Wciitworth,  wa.s  b.  lytli  I'th. 
1796,  (1.  Htli  Aug.  1862.  He  took  up  arms  in  1812  *  and  alter 
havinfj;  seen  a  good  deal  of  service  for  one  so  young,  was  promoted 
to  an  ensigncy  in  the  4gth  Keg.  On  the  reduction  ol  the  Army  after 
the  war  he  entered  upon  the  study  of  the  law,  and  was  called  to  tlu; 
bar  in  1S25.  Was  tlu;  first  Queen's  Counsel  appointed  in  Canada. 
Was  elected  M.  L.  A.  in  1829,  and  sat  for  Co.  Wentworth,  and  for 
Hamilton,  in  nine  successive  Parliaments,  bring  Speaker  in  tlu;  last 
P;  r'iament  of  Upper  Canada.  In  1837,  on  the  breaking  out  of  the 
Rebellion,  he,  with  great  energy  and  promptitude,  raised  the  "  Men 
of  (iore,"  antl  marched  to  tin;  relief  of  Toronto,  then  seriously  threat- 
ened; and  was  in  command  of  the  I>oyalists,  by  whom  the  Kcibellion 
was  crusheil  in  the  neighbourhood  of  Toronto  and  in  the  West,  and 
then  on  the  Niagara  I'Vontier,  where  the  most  conspicuous  incident 
was  the  cutting  out  of  the  Caroline,  b'or  these  services  Col,  Macnab 
received  the  iionour  of  Knighthood  anil  was  accorded  the  thanks  of 
the  Provincial  Parliaments. f  On  the  Province  of  Canada  being 
constituted.  Sir  Allan  Macnab  was  again  returned  for  his  former  con- 
stituency, and  was  elected  Speaker.  He  became  Prime  Minis^ter  in 
1854,  and  on  retirement  in  1856  was  created  a  Baronet.  In  i860  he 
became  a  Member  of  the  Legislative  Council.  Hem.  istiy,  Oih 
May  1821,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Daniel  Brooke,  Lt.  41st  and  49th 
Kegts  ,  afterwards  of  Toronto;  she  d,  1825;  and  2ndly,  30th  Sept. 
1831,  Mary,  dau  of  John  Stuart,  Sheriff  (above  named);  shed.  184b; 
and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

Of  the  first  marriage  : 

I. — Robert,  d.  1834. 

I. — Anne-Jane,  m.   in  1849    to    Salsbury   Davenport,    Assistant 
Cornmissary  (General. 

And  of  the  second  marriage: 

2, — Sojihia,   m.   Nov.    1855,    to    Hon.    William-Coutts  Keppel, 
Viscount  Bury,  now  Earl  (;f  Albemarle  \ 

3. — Mary-Stuart,  m.  Sept.  1861,  to  John,  son  of  Hon.  Sir  Domi- 
nick  Daly,  Governor  of  South  Australia. 

•This  is  one  of  several  instances  mentioned  in  this  book  where  mere  boys  took  an  active  part  in 
the  defence  of  their  country  in  1812,  and  sometimes,  as  was  the  case  with  young  Macnalj,  with 

tThe  Duke  of  Wellington  in  the  House  of  Lords  stated  that  Sir  Allan  Macnab,  by  his  staunch 
loyaltv  and  prompt  action,  was  the  means  of  preserving  the  Canadas  to  the  British  Crown. 

JThe  Townships  of  Keppel  and  Albemarle  were  named  in  honor  of  this  nobleman 




.C.  to 

1  Fel). 
y  iifter 
to  the 
iml  for 
he  last 
;  of  llu' 
"  Men 
:st,  antl 
lanks  of 

ner  con- 
lihter  in 
i860  he 
stly,  61  h 
nd  49th 
th  Sept. 
d. 184b; 


,  Kepi^el, 
Bir  Donii- 

active  part  in 
Macnab,  with 

ly  his  staunch 

MACNAB   OF    BELLEVILLE,   "CI    £    X- 

Jamks  Macnah,  a  military  sur^^'eon  in  the  Anu-ricaii  Revolu- 
tionary War,  settled  in  Canada,  and  d.  at  Machiche,  yucbcc,  in 
1780,  leaving  four  st)ns,  viz. : 

I.  — Colin.  Collector  of  Customs  at  Niajijara,  d.  1810,  having  had 

a  dau.   Maria,  m.   to  George   Phillpotts,   Capt.    R.E.  and 

Lieut. -Col.,   A.D.C.  to   Sir   John    Colhorne,  son   of   John 

Phillpotts  of   Ciloucestcr,   Hng.,  and  a  brother  of  the  well 

known  Bishop  of  ICxeter  (Arms:    Ciu.  a  cross  arg.  betw.  4 

swords  erect  of  the  last,   pomels  and   hilts  or.       Crest:  a 

dexter  arm  embowered  in  armour,   holding  in  the  hand  a 

sword  all  |)pr.     Motto:  Semper  Paratus),  and  had  issue,  vi/. : 

\a. — George-Alexander,  d.  29  Nov.  1859,  of  Toronto,  Bar- 

rister-at-law,  Q.C.     M.  Mary,  dau.  of  Robert  Davidson, 

formerly  of  Armagh,  Ire.,  and  had  issue  :   Amy-Sybella, 

d.  inf.     Maria  Ilcl'  n-Caroline;  Mary-Sybella-( Gertrude. 

2a. — Henry,   R.E.  d. 

3a. — Charles,  d. 

4(j!. — John,  of  Cornwall,  v.  o.  Stormont,  d. 
^a. — Arthur,   d.    iS8f),   in   Holy   Orders,    I'iector  of    South 
Shields,  Co.  Durham,  Eng 

6a.— W C ,  Col.  R  E.  (retired) 

la. — Sybella,  m.  to  Sir  VV'^illiam   liill    K.S.I.,  of    London, 

2(1.     VAi'/zd,  d. 

3a. — Maria-Caroline,  d.  1886. 
4rt.  -  Ilelen-Decima. 
2. — James,  of  Belleville,  served  in  the  Commissariat  Depart- 
ment, 1812.  Was  M.L. A.  for  Co.  Hastings.  D.  1820,  leav- 
ing one  son,  |ames,  a  Captain  of  Mililia,  who  was  accident- 
ally killed  while  on  duty  in  1837,  and  who  had  issue,  viz.  : 
1.  — James,  d.  2. — Alexander,  civil  engineer,  who  held 
important  positions  in  the  Maritime  Provinces,  and  was 
afterwards  employed  on  the  Manchester  Ship  Canal,  and 
d.  4th  Jan.  1891.  M.  lilizabeth-Gilpin,  dan.  of  Benjamin 
Smith,  banker  in  St.  John,  N.B.,  and  had  issue:  la. — 
Allan-James,  in  the  Indian  Medical  Service,  and  of  the 
Queen's  Own  Corps  of  Guides.  2a. — Arthur-Alexander, 
Solicitor,  Sup.  Ct.,  Eng.  3a. — Colin-Lawrence,  Lieut,  ist. 
Batt.  Border  Reg.  (late  34th).     m.^Mary- Winifred. 

3- — Alexander,  Clerk  to  the  F.xecutive  Council  of  Upper  Canada 
in  1797.  I'^ntered  in  the  (jueen's  Rangers  in  1800  and  was 
transferred  to  26th  Rcgt.  1803  ;  gazetted  Lieut.  30th  Kegt. 
in  1804  and  Captain  i8og.  Served  with  distinction  in  the 
Peninsular  Campaign,  and  was  A.D.C.  to  (General  Picton 
at  Waterloo,  i8th  June  1815,  where  he  was  killed.  A 
medal  granted  for  his  services  was,  many  years  afterwards, 
delivered  to  Rev.  Dr.  Macnab  (named  below)  as  his  heir. 
A  monument  was  erected  to  his  memory  in  St.  Paul's 
Cathedral,  London,  in  1876,  being  the  first  honour  of  this 
kind  accorded  to  a  Colonist. 

4. — Simon-Fraser,  Collector  of  Customs,  Registrar,  and  Com- 
missioner of  the  Court  of  Requests  at  Belleville.  Served 
in  181 2  as  Captain  in  the  Hastings  Incorporatetl  Militia, 
and  subsecjuently  attained  the  rank  of  Lieut. -Col.  1).  1821, 
leaving  issue  an  only  son,  Alexander,  b.  1810,  d.  i8gi,  in 
nolyOrdc..-.,D.D., Canon  of  St.  Alban't-Cathedral, Toronto; 
for  40  years 'Rector  of  Darlington  (I^owmanville).  In  early 
life  he  was  President  of  Victoria  College,  Cobourg,  and  was 
sometime  Chief  Superintendent  of  Education  for  Canada 
West.  In  1868  he  was  one  of  the  founders  of  the  Royal 
Colonial  Institute,  England,  of  which  he  was  a  b'ellow. 
lie  m.  Eliza-Ann,  dau.  of  |amcs  Dougall,  of  Picton,  Co. 
Prince  Edward,  who  survives  him,  and  had  issue,  v  z.  : 
la. — AUan-Napier,  in  Holy  Orders,  of  Christ  Church 
Cathedral,  Hamilton,  was  accidentally  drowned  at 
Montreal  in  1872,  unm. 

2a. — Alexander-Wellesley,  in  Holy  Orders,  was  employed 
from  1876  to  1879  as  a  preacher  and  lecturer  in  Eng- 
land, Switzerland  and  Italy^  on  behalf  of  the  Society 
for  the  Pn)pagation  of  the  Ciospel,  and  was  sometime 
Assistant  to  the  British  Chaplain  at  Rome.  Was 
Rector  of  S.  Barnabas',  St.  Catharines,  from  1879  to 
1891,  and  is  at  jiresent  Rector  of  St.  Matthias,  Onialia, 
Nebraska.  M..  1877,  Mary-Ciwladys,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Griffith,  in  Holy  Orders,  D.C.L.,  sometime  Chaplain 
to  the  British  I'\irces  on  the  Oambia. 

la. — Mary,  m.  to  Frederick  Roche,  sometime  of  the 
Crown  Land  Department  (Canada),  afterwards  of 
Rockhampton,  yueensland,    Australia;    d.    1870;  and 


had  issue,  viz.  :  id. — Henry.  26. — Alfred,  ^d. — Allan- 
Stuart.  46. — George,  id. — Eugenia-Mary-Kobinson. 
26. — Olivia-Caroline. 

2a. — Matilda,  m.  to  John  Carter,  of  Toronto,  who  has 
been  many  years  a  member  of  the  Diocesan  Synod, 
and  is  a  member  of  the  Chapter  of  St.  Alban's 
Cathedral,  and  has  had  issue,  viz.:  id. — Henry-John, 
d.  inf.  26. — George-Alexander,  d.  inf.  ;^d. — John,  b. 
1861,  in  Holy  Orders,  M.  A.  Oxon.  and  Trin.  Coll. 
Tor.,  of  the  Pusey  House,  Oxford,  Eng.,  and  Chaplain 
of  Exeter  College.  46. — William,  b.  1867,  in  Holy- 
Orders,  M.A  ,  Trin.  Coll.  Tor  ^6. — Henry,  d.  young. 
66. — Charles,  b.  1870,  M.D.,  of  Toronto.  yd. — 
Arthur,  d.  inf.  8<5.  -  Harold,  b.  1878.  id. — Georgina, 
m.  to  Joseph-Francis  White,  in  Holy  Orders,  some- 
time Incunibent  of  Shanty  Bay,  Co.  Simcoe,  and 
now  Archdeacon  and  Rector  of  the  Cathedral,  St. 
Vincent,  West  Indies,  son  of  Ephraim  White,  of 
Whitby  Co.,  Ontario,  and  PVances-I).,  his  wife  (who 

survived    him    and   was   m.   2ndly   to    Hamilton), 

and  has  issue,  John-Francis,  Frances  Emily,  Bertha, 
I^dith-Georgina.  2d. — Anne,  d.  young.  3<5. — -Hilda. 
4d. — Bertha,      ^d. — Ethel,  d.  inf.     6(5.  — Alice. 



Pktkh  Macnab,  a  near  relation  of  the  Chief  (b.  1735,  d.  3  Nov. 
1799),  wa^  in  the  K.N.  and  served  at  the  capture  of  Louisbourg, 
Nova  Scotia  He  settled  about  1758  in  Halifax,  and  in  1783  pur- 
chased Macnab's  Island,  in  Halifax  harbour.  He  m.,  25th  Nov. 
1763,  Susannah  Khun,  b.  1742,  d.  7th  May  1822,  of  a  Swiss  family, 
and  had  issue,  besides  others, 

(Hon.)  Peter,  b.  cir.  1767,  <1.  1  June  1847.  Member  of  the  old 
Council  of  XH.  for  N.S,  and  aflds,  of  I^eg.  Council.  M.8  1*\'b.,  1879, 
Joanna  Cullerton,  b.  1766,  d.  20th  May  1827,  and  had  issue,  besides 
others,  (Lt.-Col.  Hon.)  James,  b.  3()th  Nov.  1792,  (i^.  Lieut  -Col. 
of  Militia;  was  Receive;  General   of    Nova   Scotia,  and  held  other 

•AltbdUKli  this  family  helonfjs  to  .ir.other  I'rovincf,  it  has  lieen  thi>ii(j;ht  well  to  insert  this  short 
reference  to  il,  on  account  of  the  conticction  with  well  known  Ontarian  families. 


important  public  offices.  M.  glli  l^cc.  1815,  Harriet,  b.  12th  April 
1792,  dau  of  Henry  King  (lIi.B.%.)  and  Esther  Waldron  his  wife, 
and  had  issue,  viz.  ■ 

i._Peter,  b.  29  Dec    1817  ;  d.  young. 

2._John-Hcnry,  b    15  Nov.  1818.       Provincial  A  D.C  to  Lt.- 
Gcvernor        Drowned  in   a  yachting  accident  in   Halifax 
harbour,  28  June  1859  ;  unm. 
3  —James,  b.  13  June  1827.      M.  Sophia-Collins,  dau.  of  Snow- 
Parker  Freeman. 
4.— Peter,   b.    ii   March  1835;    d.      M.  26  June  1862,    Eliza- 
Annie    (d.    1864),   dau.    of    Rev.    Anson    Green,    D.D.,  of 
Toronto  (see  next  page),  and  had  issue,  an  only  son,  John- 
Anson-Stuart,  Counsellor-at-law,  at  present  of  Rochester, 
New  York,  who  is  now  the  only  male  representative  of  this 

5.— Lewis-Gibbens,  b.  24  Feb.  1837,  d.  24  Aug.  1845. 
I.— Joanna,\Vestcote-Whitchurch-Lewis  Lyttleton,  Lieut., 

aftds.  Capt.  64th  Regt. 
2.— Mary-Gibbens,  ni.  to  Robert  Cassels  (see  Cassels). 
3. — Anne- Hunter,  d.  aged  14. 
4. — Louisa,  d.  aged  14. 

5.— Harriet,  m.  to  Roderick  Hugonin,  Lieut.  38th  Regt. 
6.— Sophia-Minns,  d.  young. 

Arms:  sudjea  to  due  differences  to  be  assigned;  Sa.  on  a  chevron 
arg.  three  crescents  vert,  in  base  an  open  boat,  oars  in  action,  in  a  sea 
ppr.  Crest:  a  savage's  head  erased  ppr.  Motto:  Timor  omnis 

Macnab  of  Dundurn  (Canada).  Arms:  the  same,  within  a  bor- 
dure  engr.  or.  ;  Crest :  as  above  ;  Motto  :  as  above,  and,  Gun  b:agal. 



Rev.  Anson  Green,  D.D.,  of  Toronto,  b.  27th 
Sept.,  1801,  d.  19th  Feb.  ibyg.  Came  to  Canada 
about  1822  from  Middleburgh,  N.Y.,  part  of  the 
family,  on  emigrating  from  Warwickshire,  Eng., 
having  settled  in  Rhode  Island,  where  he  joined 
them  on  first  coming  to  America.  He  married 
Rachel,  daughter  of  Caleb  Hopkins  (TO-E-X.),  many  years  M.P.  for 
Halton,  and  had  issue,  besides  one  daughter  married  to  Peter  Mc- 
Nab,  as  mentioned  in  the  preceding  page,  an  only  son, 

Columbus-Hopkins  Greene,  of  Toronto,  b.  12th  May  1830,  Bar- 
rister-at-Law,  Member  of  the  Chapter  of  St.  Alban's  Cathedral ;  m. 
Annette-Graves,  dau.  of  William  LaPenotiere,  a  Barrister-at-Law  in 
England  (son  of  John  LaPenotiere,  Capt.  R.  N.,  who  commanded  a 
ship  at  Trafalgar  and  was  presented  with  a  sword  in  recognition  of 
special  services  then  rendered),  and  has  had  issue,  viz.: 

1.— Henry- Vincent,  Barrister-at-Law,  Captain  retired  from 
Queen's  Own  Rifles,  m.  26th  Nov.,  1886,  Mabel-Anne- 
Buchanan,  dau.  of  William  Elliot,  of  London,  Can.,  County 
Judge,  and  has  had  issue,  viz.: 

la. — Gerald-Elliot-Denbigh. 

2a. — Elliot-Anson. 

3a. — Henry-Vincent-Graves. 
2.— Eardley-Herbert,   M.D.,    M.B.    Trin.    Col.,   served    in    the 

Queen's    Own    Rifles    in    the     North-west,     1885     (Medal); 

m.  Elise,  dau.  of  William  Lincoln,  of  Baltimore,  Maryland. 
3.— Percival-Talbot,    m.    M.irguerita,    dau.    of  Hugh   Ryan,    of 

Rosedale,  Toronto,  formerly  of  Perth,  Co.  Lanark.     1).  19th 

Oct.  1892,  s.j). 

4. — George- Arthur- LaPenotiere. 

5.— Sydney-Anson-Clifford,  Barrister-at-Law,  Lieut.  Queen's 
()wn  Rifles;  m.  30th  June  1894,  Margaret-(;eorgina, "dau.  of 
George-Allan  Arthurs,^/.,  merchant  in  Toronto,  and  his  wife. 
Annie,  dau.  of  James  Austin  (jf  Spadina,  banker  in  Toronto. 

I.— Edith-Alberta. 



JAMI<:S  CASSILLIS  or  Cassills,  b.  1624,  d.  1699, »  a  Cadet  of 
MacUlrich  or  Kennedy,  ship  owner  in  Borrowstoness  or 
Bo'ness,  Co.  Linlithj^ow,  Scot.,  formerly  a  place  of  considerable 
importance,  who  is  believed  to  have  descended  from  the  family  of 
Kennedy,  Earls  of  Cassillis  (and  substxjuently  Maniuises  of  Ailsa), 
m.  Eupham  or  Euphemia  Cassillis,  b.  1623,  ^-  ^702  ;  and  had  issue, 
seven  sons,  of  whom  the  youngest  was: 

Andrew  Cassillis,  b.  25th  May  1668,  ship  owner  and  merchant 
in  Bo'ness,  and  Chief  Maj^istrate  thereof,  m.  4th  Feb.  1696,  Hannah, 
b.  5th  March  1673,  dau.  of  John  Gib  and  Anna  Stewart  his  wife, 
and  had  issue,  viz. :  besides  a  younger  son  and  one  dau.  : 

James  Cassels,  b.  17th  Oct.  1696,  d.  13th  March  1760  merchant 
and  ship  owner  in  Bo'ness,  and  afterwards  of  Flask,  Co.  I^inlithgow; 
m.  istly,  6th  March  172 1,  Hannah,  b.  6th  Dec.  1697,  d.  5th  Nov. 
1733,  dau.  of  Robert  Si>iers  or  Spears  and  Margaret  Stewart,  his  wife, 
and  had  issue,  three  sons  and  three  daus. ;  and  2ndly,  Jean  Stevenson, 
b.  loth  March  1699,  d.  Nov  1756,  and  had  issue,  one  son  and  three 
daus.  :  the  eldest  son  d.  inf.  and  the  second  d.  unm.,  the  third  was: 

Andrew,  b.  12th  Aug.  1731,  d.  27th  May  1814,  also  a  ship 
owner  and  merchant ;  he  removed  to  Leith,  Co.  Edinburgh,  of  which 
he  was  Chief  Magistrate  in  1800;  m.  istly,  9th  Felj.  1761,  Margaret, 
1).  27th  July  1742,  d.  23rd  Aug.  1764,  dau.  of  John  Ritchie  of  Bo'ness, 
and  had  issue,  two  sons  and  one  dau.  ;  and  2ndly,  28th  Jan.  1767, 
Anne,  b.  iith  May  1741,  d.  8th  June  181 1,  dau.  and  heiress  of 
Walter  Gibson  of  Greenknowe,  Co.  Stirling,  and  Jean  Ikown  his 
wife,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — Walter,  b.  1767,  d.  inf. 

2. — Andrew,  b.  1770,  d.  i8og,  s.p.,  was  Judge  of  the  Admiralty 
Court  at  the  Cape  of  Good  Hope. 

3. — Waller-Gibson,  of  whom  below. 

4 — William,  b.  1779,  d.  1796,  unm. 

•It  may  be  interesting  to  observe  that  James  Cassillis  was  appointed  in  1679  by  the  Privy 
Council,  chairman  of  a  jury  for  the  trial  of  witches. 




5— Robert,  b.  1781,  d.  1877,  British  Consul  at  Honfleur  in 
France  ;  in.  Jean,  clau  of  John  Scougall,  merchant  in  Leith, 
and  had  issue  : 

6.— Alexander,  Capt.  (Naval)  H.E.I.C.S  ,  b.  1783,  d.  1818;  m. 
Jessie  Grierson ;  d.s.p. 

I. — Jane,  m,  to  Thomas  Gillespy,  and  had  issue. 

2  — Hannah,  m.  to  David  Brown,  and  had  issue. 

3. — Anne,  d.  inf. 

4- — Anne,  m.  to  Alexander  Howden,  and  had  issue. 

5.  — Henrietta,  m.  to  Thomas  Kay,  merchant  in  Antwerp,  Hol- 
land, and  had  issue. 

Walter-Gibson,  above  named,  b.  3rd  Nov.  1877,  d.  1868  ;  banker. 
Chief  Magistrate  of  Leith,  1813  ;  m.  27th  Aug.  1802,  Janet,  b.  5th 
Sept.  1782,  d   25th   May  1855,  dau.  of  John  Scougall  above  named, 

and  h 






:id  issue,  viz. : 

— Andrew,  m.  Ellen  Jackson,  d.  1840,  s.p. 

— John-Scougall,  d.  1848,  unm. 

— Walter-Gibson,  of  whom  below  (A.) 

. — Robert,  of  whom  below  (B.) 

— Kichard-Scougall,  of  whom  below  (C.) 

-  Jane-Todd,  m.  to  John  Allan,  M.D.,  H.E.I.C.S. 

— Anne,  b.  17th  July  1805. 

— Janet-Henrietta,  d.  young. 

—Margaret,  m.  to  Robert-Stodart  Wyld,  and  had  issue. 

—Jessie,  b.  7th  Aug.  1827,  d.  30th  Sept.  1850. 

Walter-Gibson  Cassels,  above  named,  b  30th  March  181 1, 
d.  July  1890,  banker  in  Eng.,  and  afterwards  in  Toronto  and  in 
Hamilton,  Ontario;  m.  17th  June  1852,  Adelaide- Victoria  (d.  May, 
1887),  dau.  of  Commissary-General  Larratt  Smith,  of  SouthamiUon, 
Eng.*  [Arms  :  vert  a  cup  luith  flames  issuing  therefrom  bctw.  tivo  chess 
rooks,  or.  Crest :  a  dolphin  hauriant  vert .  Motto:  Nlediis  tranquillus 
in  undis],  and  had  issue,  viz  : 

I.— Walter-Allan,  b.  2gth  Dec.  1854,  d.  1886,  unm. 

2.— Larratt-Godfrey,   of  the  Dominion    Bank  at  Oshawa,  Co. 

3.— George-Cyril,  of  the  Bank  of  Montreal  in  New  York. 
4- — Duncan-Sherman,  of  the  Bank  of  Hamilton  in  Toronto. 
I.— Adelaide,  b.  2nd  June  1853,  d.  2nd  Dec.  1855. 

*  Sister  of  Larratt  William  Smith,  Barrister-at-Law,  Q.C.,  of  Toronto. 


2.— Adelaide-Isabel,  d.  5th  Dec.  1892,  m.  to  Walter  Darling 
(d.  I'^eb.  1892),  son  of  William-Stiwart  Darlin<f,  in  Ilol)' 
Orders,  Rector  of  the  Cliurch  of  tiie  Holy  Trinity,  Toronto, 
and  had  issue,  viz,  : 

la  — Walter-Stewart.   2a. — Godfrey.  3a.  -  Harry-Strachan, 
d.  inf.     la.  — Grace-Cassels      2a. — Olive- Adelaide. 

3. — Mary-Violet,  d.  2iid  Dec.  1893,  unm.  4.— Janet-Scougall. 
5. — Edith.     6. — Harriet. 


Robert  Cassels,  above  named,  h.  21st  Feb  18 15,  d.  i8th  Feb. 
1882  ;  banker  in  Eng.  and  afterwards  successively  in  Halifax,  N.S., 
Quebec,  Montreal  and  Toronto  ;  was  Lieut,  of  Militia  in  Halifax, 
1838,  Capt  at  Quebec,  1843,  Major  in  Montreal,  1857  ;  in  7th  Aug. 
1838,  Mary-Gibbens,  b.  29th  Oct.  1820,  dau.  of  Hon.  James  Macnab, 
of  Macnab's  Island,  Halifax  (see  Macnab),  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

I. — Janies-Macnab,  b.  2nd  Aug.  1839,  M.D.,  m  29th  Oct  i860, 
Mary,  dau.  of  John  Strang,  of  Quebec,  and  has  had  issue: 
i«.— Charles-Edmund,  b.  4th  June  1862,  d.  1887.  2a. — 
Robert,     la. — Mary-Adelaide-Annie.    2a.— Alice-Margaret. 

2. — Walter-Gibson,  b   21st  April  1841,  d.  loth  Sept.  1843. 

3.— Robert,  b.  27th  April  1843,  Barrister-at-Law,  Q.C.,  Regis- 
trar of  the  Sup.  Ct  ,  Ottawa  ;  m  istly,  Mary,  dau,  of  John 
Mulock,  in  Holy  Orders,  Canon,  of  Kingston,  Ontario,  and 
2ndly,  Emma- Lasher  Torrance,  and  has  had  issue,  of  the 
first  marriage  :  Mary-Macnab  and  three  d.  inf.,  and  of  the 
second  marriage,  Westcote-Lewis-Lyttleton,  b.  April  1888. 

4 — Walter-Gibson-Pringle,  b.  14th  Aug.  1845,  of  Toronto, 
Barrister-at-Law,  Q.C.  ;  m.  Susan,  dau.  of  Robert  Hamil- 
ton, of  Hamwood,  Quebec,  (see  Hamilton  of  Hawkesbury) 
and  has  had  issue:  la. — Robert-Cecil-Hamilton,  b  2nd 
Aug.  1876.  2a. — George-Hamilton,  b.  17th  July  1882, 
3a. — Walter-Craigie-Hamilton,  b.  3rd  Sejit.  1887,  d.  2gth 
Feb.  1892.  la. — Isabellc- Hamilton,  d.  loth  Jan.  1886 
2a. — Mary  -  Kathleen  -  Hamilton.  3a. — Harriet  -  Frances  - 
Hatnilton.      4a. — Susie-Hamilton       5a. — Jessie-Hamilton 

5. — Allan,  b.  9th  March   1847,  of  Toronto,  Barrister-at-La 


m.  29th   Dec.   1885,   Maude,  dau.  of  Hon.  George-William 
Allan  (see  Gamble)  and  has  had  issue  :     Emmie-aCourt- 



6. — John-Thompson,  b.  24th  April  1849,  of  Ilo-ilo  in  the  Philip- 
pines, sugar  planter. 






Hamilton,  b.  2nd  April  .1854,  of  Toronto,  Barrister-at-Law  ; 
m.  i8th  Sept.  1879,  Mary-Ynrwood,  dau.  of  William-Will- 
cocks  Baldwin  (see  Baldwin)  and  has  had  issue  :  Roi)ert- 
Baldwin,  b.  4th  1^'eb.  1890  ;  Agatha  ;  Ruth  b.  9th  Aug. 
1882,  d.  9th  Jan.  1886;  Grace,  b.  i6th  Aug.  1884,  d.  15th 
July  1885;  Margaret;   Mary- Stuart. 

Richard-Scougall,  b.  5th  Oct.  1859,  of  Toronto,  Barrister- 
at-Law  ;  served  in  Queen's  Own  Rifles,  1879  to  1886,  includ- 
ing N.  W.  1885,  and  was  present  at  the  action  at  Cut-knife 
(medal  with  clasp),  Cap.  48th  Highlanders,  1892  to  1894  ; 
m.  Cecil,  dau.  of  Walter  Gillespie,  of  Toronto,  and  has  had 
issue:     i. — Laura-May.     2. — Helen-Grace. 

9. — Lyttleton,  b.  30th  Aug.  1865,  d.  1866. 

i. — Jessie,  m.  to  William  Cook,  Q.C.,  of  Quebec,  and  has  had 
issue  :  John-Wilson,  Wiiliam-Airth,  Robert-Anthony,  d. 
inf.,  Jeffrey-Hay,  Mary-Cassels,  Marjorie-G.rant,  Dorothy- 

2. — Harriet,  unm. 

3.— Margaret-Black-Stuart,  m.  to  Archibald  Cook,  of  Quebec, 
Advocate,  and  has  had  issue :  Archibald-Stuart,  Jean- 
Airth,  Amy-Grant. 

4.     Mary,  m.  to  Samuel  Greenshields  of  Montreal,  d.  1888,  s.p. 

5. — Amy-Gait,  unm. 

RicHARD-ScouGALL  Cassels,  above  named,  b.  25th  Sept.  1822, 
came  to  Canada  in  1842;  of  Ottawa,  and  sometime  of  Quebec;  m. 
3rd  Nov.  1851,  Jessie,  dau  of  John  Thompson,  of  Quebec,  and  had 
issue,  viz.  : 

I. — Walter-Gibson,  b.  28th  Sept.  1852,  m.  29th  April  1891, 
Esther-Eugenie  Lownsborough,  and  has  had  itsue  :  Esther- 
Isabel.  2. — John  -  Thomson,  b,  20th  July  1857.  3. — 
Richard-Scougall,  b.  20th  Sept.  1863.  4. — Robert,  b.  2nd 
Sept.  1865.  5.— Andrew-Henry,  b.  Oct.  1868.  i.  -  Isabella, 
m.  to  Bertram  Webber  iind  has  had  issue  :  Richard- 
Scougall,  Jessie.     2. — Jessie,  b.  2nd  May  1862,  d.  inf. 

Arms  :  confirmed  in  1864  with  difference  from  the  ancient  arms 
of  Kennedy  or  Cassillis,  as  previously  borne ;  arg.  a  chev.  gu.  betw, 
two  cross-crosslets  fitched  in  chief,  and  a  key  fessways  wards  down- 
wards in  base,  sa.      Crest :  A  dolphin  naiant  or.      Motto  :  Avise  la  fin. 



JOHN   POWELL,  of   Boston,   Massacliusctts,  a  member  of  the 
family  of  Powell,  or  Ap  Ilowell,  of  Co.  Saloj),  h.u^.,  i).  lOiSj,  d. 
1742.  m.  1714,  Anne,  dau.  and  eventual    heiress  of  Jerem\'   (or 
Jeremiah)   Dummer, *  of  the  family  of  Dummer  of  Swathlinj^,  Co. 
Southampton  ;  she  was  b.  1684  ;  d.  1764;  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — John,  of  whom  below. 

2. — Jeremy,  Chief  Justice  and  President  of  Council  of  Massa- 
chusetts, m.  Sarah  Hroomfield,  d.s.p. 

3. — William,  m.  Mar)-  Jiroomfield,  and  had  issue,  one  dau. 
Susannah,  m.  to  Jonathan  Mason  and  had  issue. 

I. — Anne,  b.  1722,  m.  (as  2nd  wife)  to  Rev.  li^benezer  Pem- 
berton.  ' 

2. — Susannah,  b.  1727,  m.  to  Rev.  Dr.  William  Symmes  of 
Andover  and  of  Yarmouth,  Maine. 

John  Powell  al)ove  named,  b.  cir.  1715,  d.  1799,  m.  Jane,  dau. 
and  heiress  of  Sweton  (irant  of  Newport,  Rhode  Island,  (son  of  Don- 
ald Cirant  of  Hellvadoan,  Co.  Inverness,  Scot.,  of  tin;  family  of  Grant 
of  Gartenbej:;,  who  m.  Marjorie  Stuart  of  Kinnu^achly,  Parish  of 
Duthie,  Co.  Banff,  Scot.,)  and  his  wife  Temperance  Tallmage  ;  and 
had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — John,  who  was  with  Gen.  Burgoyne's  Army  at  Cambridge 
after  the  Battle  of  Saratoga,    1777,  but  nothing  further  is 

known  o 






ummcr,  o 





I. — -Jane,  m.  to  T.  Warren,  in  Holy  Orders,  Vicar  of  Tolfriddle, 

Co.  Dorset,  T^ng. 
2. — Anne,  d     1792,   m.  to  J.  W.   Clark,  Commissaiy  General. 

She  wrote  an  account  of  a  journey  from  Detroit  to  Montreal 

in  1789. 
-Mariraret,  m.  to 

Prodjrers,  banker  in  Tolfriildle. 

(Hon.)  William-Dummer  I'owell,  above  named,   b.  1755,  d.  6th 

*  Jeremy  I>iimmer,  of  Hoston,  had,  Viesides  one  dan.  Anne,  aliove  named,  two  sons,  viz.  : 
William,  h.  if'ji),  il  ly'n,  who  was  Lieut  (Jo\ernor of  Massachusetts  in  lyid,  and  filled  various  high 
offices  in  that  I'rovince  ;  and  Jeremiah,  b.  lOSo,  d    1729,  who  was  Colonial  A^ent  in  Kngland. 

of  the 

683,  a. 

my  (or 
1-,  Co. 

11c  dau. 
r  Pem- 
imes  of 

ic,  dau. 
of  Don- 
)f  Giant 
'iirish  ol 
ere  ;  and 

jrtlier  is 




35,  d.  Cth 


,vo  sons,  VIZ.  : 
I  various  hiHli 



Sept.  1834;  Chief  Justice  of  Upper  Canada;  was  called  to  the  IJar 

at   thi;    Inner    Temple,    London.     Served    for    a  short  time  in  the 

K()>\dist  cause,  durin}^  thr  American  Revolutionary  W^ar,  after  which 

Ik;  cann-  to  Canada,  and  aftc^r  residing  at  Montreal,  and  at   Newark 

(Niagara),  finally  settled  in  York  (Toronto).     Was  Speaker  of  the 

i  Legislative  Council  in  i<Si6.     lie  m.,   177J,  Anne,  h.    175S,  d.  f)th 

March    1849,  dau.  of  Dr.  J-^    '      Murray  of  Norwich     I'Jig.,  of  tlu; 

vf  family  of  Murray  of  IMiiliphaugh,  and   Mary    Hoyles  his  wife  ;  ;md 

::|  had  issue,  viz.  : 

;,  I. — John,  of  whom  below. 

2.     William,  of  whom  below. 

3, — Grant,  of  whom  below. 

4. — Jeremiah,  drowned  at  sea,  unm. 

5. — Thomas,  drowned  while  biithing  at  Kingston,  unm. 

I. — Anne,  drowned  in  the   packet   ship  Albion,  lost  off  Kinsale, 

on  the  coast  of  Ireland,  1822,  unm. 
2. — Elizabeth,  unm. 

3. — Mary-Hoyles,  m.  to  Hamuel-Petcrs  Jarvis  (see  Jarvis). 
I.     John  Powell,  above   named,  b.  1776,  d.    1827,  '"•  '^^''   ^»k'- 
iiS()8,   Isabella,  dau.  of  Cienctal  /l£neas  Shaw  (.see  Shaw),  and  had 
issue,  viz.  : 

la. — John,  Registrar  of  Deeds,  Co.  Lincoln,  1).   1809,  d.    1881, 
m.  Aug.,   1830,  Eleanor  Drean,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
id. — John,  b.  Aug.,  1831,  d.  1868,  unm. 

2d. — Charles-Henry,  b    1833,  d.  1865;  m. Phelps,  and 

had  issue:  \c. — Henry.  2c. — Binle}-.  ic. — Louisa.  2c.~ 
Maude.     y. — Jessie. 
3<5. — Murray,  b.  1835,  d.  1858,  unm. 

4<5. — William,  b.  1837,  d.  1875,  m. Smith,  d.s.p. 

5/^. — Grant,  b.  1843,  d    1849,  unm. 

id. — Ellen-Grasctt,   b.    1840,  d.    1892;   m.  to  John  Ogiivy, 
merchant  in  Montreal,  and  had  issue  :     ir. — Lawrence- 
Murray  ;  2C. — John  ;  xc. — Maude  ;  2c. — Florence. 
26. — blmily,  b.    1845,  d.    1873;   m.  to  David  Duncombe  of 

Simcoe,  and  had  issue:  Herbert. 
T,d. — Florence,  b.  1849,  m.  to  W.  A.  Aveling,  and  had  issue, 
la. — Mary-Sophia,  b.    1815,  m.  as  2nd  wife  to  William-Henry 
Coxwell,  of  Toronto  (see  Ridout),  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
id. — Edward-P'owell,  b.   1848,  m.   Margaret   Rousseau,  and 
has  issue,  Louisa-Anna- Mar)'. 

-lb. — Cliarlcs-William-Hilton,  b.  1H51,  m.  Bri(l«^et-IIclen 
n.'iliassy,  and  lias  issue  :  Ilylton,  Aimie-Mary,  Vera, 

i<5.^1  lester-Isahella-Catherine,  m.  istly  to  Hu<^h  Alexander, 
who  d.s.p.,  and  indly,  to  Walter- R — —  Nurse\-,  of  W'in- 
nipc'fj;,  and  has  had  issue,  one  dau.   l"'aith,  d. 

2/). —  Henrietta-Auj^usta,  ni.  to  L.  J.  P.  Clarkson,  Capt. 
30th  Ke}^t.,and  has  had  issue:  lirnest-Valancy- Palmer, 
Mina,  Dora-Louisa-Mary. 

2/'. — Louisa    m.  to  \'alancy-Erif:;land   P^dler  (see  P'uller). 

IL — William  Powell,  above  named,  d.  July  1804.  M.  Sarah 
Stevenson,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

la. — Mary-Boyles,  b.  July  1803,  d.  1852,  m.  to  William-P)ots- 
ford  Jarvis  (see  Jarvis). 

2a. — Anne-Murray,  b.  Jan.  1805,  d.  Sth  May  1883.  M.  to 
William-Charh's  (iwynne,  M.l).  (see  (iwynne),  and  had 
issue:  William,  b.  1840,  d.  inf.;  bLli/.a-Ainie. 

IIL — (irant  Powell,  above  named,  M.D.,  J.P.,  b.  4th  May  1779, 
d.  June  1838.       M.  Lli/.abeth-Staats,  dau.  of  John  Hleeker  of  Albany, 
U.S.A.,  antl  had  issue,  \iz.: 
la. — John,  d.  inf. 
2a. — William,  d.  inf. 

3a. — William-Dummer,  of  Guelph,  County  Judge  of  Wellinj^jton, 
b.  25th  Jan.  1818,  d.  Au«>[.  1854.       M.  Clara- Pifi;ott,  dau.  of 
Henr_,'  Strange  (she  survived  him  and  was  m.  2ndly  to  Wil- 
liam Clarke,  M.D.,  see  Secord),  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
lb. — Clarence-Murray,  of  El  Paso,  Texas,  b.  24th  Aug.,  1842. 
2b. — john-Bleecker,  of  Guelph,  Collector  of  Inland  Revenue, 
b.    5th    Aug.    1848.     M,    IIclen-l'Lsther,  dau.   of  John- 
George   Williams,  of  Otterville,   Co.    Oxford,    and   has 
issu*^:     William-Hleecker,  b  .3(Jtli  April   1882;  (irant- 
Harkin,    I).    i8th    I'eb.    1884;     Helen-Clarissa;  Clara- 
Muriel;  W  inifred;  Joan-Ridout. 
4tf. — Grant,   b.    2nd   vSep.    1819.       M.    Llizabeth-Mary,  dau.   of 
Major  Samuel- Proudfoot  Murd,  and  had  issue,  \iz.: 
lb. — William-Dummer,  of  the  Ontario  Hank,  b.  22nd  May 
1847,     d.     Dec.     1884.       AL     Alice,    dau.    of    William 
Murray,  merchant  in  Toronto,  and  had  issue:     William- 
Dummer,  1).  1st  Sept.  187C;  lilizabeth;  Catherine. 


2^.— P:d\vard-Grant-Glad\vyn,  h.  25th  Oct.   1848,   of    Lon- 
don, E\v^.  ;  unm. 

3^.— Arthur-Wellesley,  h.  27th  Oct.  1852,  of  Denver,  Colo- 
rado ,  m.  Lillie-Hell   Sovvle,  of  Denver. 
4<5.--Kobert-Henry-Winyard,  h.   i6th  Feb.    1856,  M.D.,  of 
Ottawa;   m.    Eliza  Torrance,   and    has  issue:      Mon- 
tajru-Grant,  b.  12th  July  1884;  Alan-Torrance,  b.  nth 
Aujr.    1886;    Grant,  b    5th    Sept.    1889;   Robert-Wyn- 
yard,  b.  nth  Oct.  1891;  Gladys-Wynyard. 
i^.— Margaret-Elizabeth,    m.    to    Joseph-James    Gormullv, 
Barrister-at-Law,  Q.C.,  of  Ottawa,  and  has  had  issue: 
Philip,  Robert,  Ethel,  Winifred. 
i«.— Anne-Jane,  b.   24th  Aug.  i8o5;  m.  to  Capt.   Charles  Sey- 
mour, and  had  issue,  viz.: 

i<5.— Charles,  some  time  of  British  Columbia,   and  now  of 
Kimberly,  South  Africa,  b.  nth  June  1834;  unm. 

2(5.— Grant-Tyers-Senior,  b.  27th  April  1841,  d.    27th  Sept. 
1892,  unm. 

i^- — Anne-Jane- Bleecker. 
2a. — Charlotte,  d.  inf. 
3«.— Charlotte-Bleecker,  •    b.    15th    March    1814;    m.    to    John 

Ridout,  of  Toronto,  Registrar  of  Deeds  (see  Ridout). 
4a.— Elizabeth-VanRensellaer,    b.  i-,th    Feb.    1816,  d.  5th  April 

1867;   m.    to   John  Stuart,    Barrister-at-Law,    of  London, 

Can.,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

1(5  —Albert-Henry,  b,  17th  Feb.  1840,  of  Dallas,  Texas  ;  unm. 

id. — Mary-Sophia,  d.  1852,  unm 

2(5.— Caroline-Elizabeth,  m  to  Alfred  Wyndham,  of  West 
Lodge,  Co.  Dorset,  Eng.,  afterwards  of  Keswick,  Co. 
York,  Ont.,  nowof  Gleichen,  .\lberta;  Lieut  -Col.  late  1 2th 
York  Rangers;  served  in  North-west,  1885,  as  second  in 
command  of  "Midland"  Provisional  Battalion  (medal 
with  clasp);  and  has  had  issue:  Alexander,  b.  ist  June 
i860;  Trevelyan,  b.  April  1864;  Ernest;  Spencer; 
Charles;  John;  Agnes;  Ethel;  Beatrice;  lulia;  "" 


3(5. — Agnes-Grant,    m.  to  Fitz-IIardinge    Kingseote,  Capt 

Bleecker  Street,  Toronto,  bears  her  name 

Prince  Consort's  Own  RiHe  BriKacle,  and  has  had  issue: 
]Z^^^^r^^^^  Thomas,  John,  Isabella,, 

^'^'■y-  ,  ,u     \nril    i8m     d.    nth    May 

5.r.-Mar^aret-Blcecker,    b.     lytb     Apnl     i«-i, 

'^■^"'  T'\      ■         n.     istlv    to    Lawrence-William    Mercer, 
,.--T.,l,zabetl,-Bleeckcr,  ,^^^     ,^,,,,i,„i,,-Muir. 


Hamilton,  and  he 

,^.....  «.//^/«  a  bordurc  engrailed  or.Jor  Grant. 
Crest :      The  sun  or,  above  clouds  ppr. 
Motto :     Aude. 

issue : 



Id  Mc- 


.  1H94; 

1.  istly, 
one  son 
ky,  and 



ion  rani- 
f  the  last 
J  ancient 






ILLIAM   GWYNNE    (d.    1864),    in    Holy    Orders,    D.I)., 
of  Castle  Knock,  Co.   Dublin,   Ire.,  had  issue,  of  who^^^ 
the  following  settled  in  Canada  : 

-William-Charles,  M.D.,  of  Toronto,  d.  ist  Sept.  1875;   m. 
Ann-Murray  I'owell    (see   Powell),  who  d.   8th    May   1883, 
and  had  issue  :     William,  h.  1840,  d.  inf.  ;   Eliza-Anne. 
-Hugh-Nelson,  d.  Dec.  1872,   Barrister-at-Law,  Librarian  of 

the  Law  Society,  of  Osgoode  Hall  ;  d.  unm. 
-(Hon.)    John-Wellington,     formerly    of    Toronto,     now    of 
Ottawa,  Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court;   m.  14th  July  1852, 
Julia,  dau.  of  William  Durie,  d.,  M.D.,  Knight  of  ILanover, 
and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.— William-Durie,  b.   15th  June   1857,  of  Toronto,   Har- 
rister-at-Law  ;   m.  Frances-Maye,  dau.  of  Hon.  James 
Cockburn,  d  ,  of  Cobourg,  Pnarrister-at-huv,   Member  of 
the  Legislative  Council,  and  has  issue,  viz  : 
i<J.— John-Norman,  b.  i  Jan.  i8go. 
ib. — Nora-Durie.  - 

2b. — Sophie-Maye. 
la.— Elise,  m.  to  Ernestus  Crombie  (d.  5th  Aug.  1883),  Bar- 
rister-at-Law, of  Toronto,  son  of  Marcus  Crombie,  and 
has  had  issue,  one  dau.,  Julia-Marguerite. 
2a.— Helena-Lee,   m.   to   Henry-Gra.sett   Baldwin,   in    Hol^ 

Orders  (see  Baldwin). 
3a. — Sophia,  d.  24th  Nov.  1883. 
J[a. — Julia-Maude. 

James- Wallace,  of  Hamilton,  Barrister-at-Law,  <1.  unm. 
Ellen,  m.  to  Thomas- Webb  (ireen,  in  Holy  Orders,  whom 
she  survives,  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  :  irt.--Roger-Ilenr\-- 
Carlton,  Barrister-at-Law,  formerl)  of  Toronto,  now  of  San 
Barnardino  Co.,  California,  IKS.A.,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of 
Hon.  Stephen  Richards,  of  Toronto,  and  has  had  issue. 
2a.— William,  of  Toronto,  Barrister-at-Law,  d.  unm.  la.^ 
Elizabeth,     ja.— Jane.     3a.— I"  lleii-Erances. 




T^HIS  i.  a  brunch  of  »  family  long  seated  in  Cos  U'-^-;^'"'' 
I  Somerset  Fn.^,  ot  whom  Christopher  Kulout,  of  Sherborne  Co^ 
1        U°  rs^  ;p"d.  ;4tl.  N"V.  .Mm.  son  of  Christopher  Kulout  and  itwife.  n'.   Miy   Glover,  and  had   issue   (besules  a  d,.u. 

Elizabeth)  two  sons,  viz.  : 

I -lohn,  said  to  have  gone  to  America,  d.s.p. 

;     George   b.  1702,  d.  23rd  Dec.   I779,  -•  ^^tly,  Mar>s  dau^  of 

...:i:;^:H:uett,^of' Mmboume  Y\s^t;"^^^'^ 

Mary   Gibbs,  who  was  b.    1715  and  d.   28th  July  i777, 

issue,  viz. :  •,  ,        1       \ 

Of  the  first  marriage  (besides  possibly  others)  : 

: -^rb.'73':d.  .797.  settled  in  A-riea  .75.  -  S-reta^- 
to  Governor  Horatio  Sharpe  ;  m.  Anne  dau  of  Govr^O(,l«=. 
and  had  issue,  whose  descendants  restde.n  *■=  "-S-*- 

3.„Nicodemus,  of  Bristol,  who  had,  bes.des  others,  a  son 
George,  of  whom  below  (A). 

4.— Samuel. 

1  -Mary,  m.  to  T.  Iloddinot  of  Sherborne. 

>— Edith,  m.  to  Finch  of  London. 

3.-EUzabeth,  m.  to  George  Ward  of  Bruton. 

And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

c  -Thomas,  of  whom  below  (B  . 

5_john-Gibbs,  M.l).,  <'f  London. 

(iHOKOE  K.nour.  son  of   Nicodemus,    abcwe    na,m-d,    came 
America      He  m.  Mary- Ann  Wright,  and  had  issue,  mz.  . 

xI-George-Percival,   Merchant  in  Toronto,   b.   Aug.   1807,  d. 

lune  1873,  unm. 
.,       losenh-Davis,  Merchant  in  Toronto,  b.  June  iScH,  d.  June 

Co    York,  Eng.,  widow  ot  George  Gould,  of  Bath,  Lng., 

fl  'I 

:t  and 
ut  and 
a  dau. 

dau.  oi 


nd  bad 

vr.  Ogle, 


5,    a    son 

cuine    to 
1807,  d. 


S,  d.  June 
raniley,  of 
iath,  Kng., 




aftds.  of  Port  Hope,  Co.    Durham    (Can.)  ;    she  d.    1852  ; 

2ndly,  Caroline,  dau.    of   Thomas   Cumberhind  ;    and  had 

issue,  of  the  second  marriage  only,  viz.  : 

\b. — Percival- Frederic,  b.  15  June  1856,  m.  12  April   1887, 

Christina,  dau.  of  Hon.  Sir  David-Lewis  Macpherson, 

(see  Macpherson),  and  has  issue  :   Leonie-Macpherson. 

2/J.— Walter-Lionel,  b.  Jan.  1858,  d.  Jan.  1890.      M.  Alice, 

dau.    of    Robert-Charge    Boyer,    in    Holy    Orders,    of 

Colborne,    and    had    issue,    viz  :      Frederick-Walter- 

Boyer,  b.  March  1882;  Robert-Joseph,  b.  April   1884; 

Lionel-Cumberland,  b.  June  1886. 

3a.— Edmund-Jacques,  b.  Aug.  1810;    left  Canada  and  died  in 

the  U.S.A.,  Aug.  1844. 
4a. — Lionel-Augustus,   Merchant   in    London,    Can.  ;    b.    Aug. 
1817  ;     d.    Nov.     1859;     m.     Louisa,    dau.    of    Lawrence 
Lawrason,  of  London,  and  had  issue,  viz  : 
lb. — George,  b.  Nov.  1849,  m.  Martha,  widow  of  Ramsay. 

lb. — Jane,  m.  to Wills,  whom  she  survives,  s.  p. 

2b. — Phoebe,  m.  to Pennington  and  has  issue. 

5a. — Septimus-Adolphus,  b.  Jan.  i8ig. 

ba. — Thomas-Wright  of  London,  Can.,  b.  June   1822,  d.   Feb. 
1873,  m.  to  Mary  Clark,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
lb. — Lionel,  b.  Oct.  1858  ;  m.  Emily-Ada  Frodsham,  and 

has  issue  ;   Louisa-Mary,  Lilian,  \'era. 
lb. — Jessie,  m.  19  Sept.  1882,  to  William  Kersteman,  d.  6th 
June  1892,  of  Toronto  (son  of  William  Kersteman,  who 
came  to  Canada   from   Bristol,   Eng.,)   and  has   issue, 
William-Stewart  ;    Edward-Lionel,  d.    inf.  ;    Morence- 
Mary,  d.  inf.  ;    llclen-Jcssie,  d.  inf.  ;  Mary- Louise. 
2b. — Louisa,  m.  to  Edward   Porter,  and  has  issue  :   Edith. 
\a. — Laura-Sophia,  b.  I'Y-b.  181 1,  d.  l'\"l).  1821. 
20!. — Lucy-Eliza,  b.  Dec.  1815,  d.  March  1888,  unm. 
3a — Laura-Addison,  b.  Nov.  1824,  d.  Sejit.  1827. 

(Hon.)  Thomas  Ridoiit,  son  of  Cieorgc  Ridout,  of  Sherborne,  b 
17  March    1754,   d.  8   l'Y>b.   1829.     Went  to  Maryland  in  1774,  and 
after  many  vicissitudes  and  adventures  (including  a  captivity  of  four 
months,  in   1787,  among  the  Shawanese  Indians,  on  the  Ohio  River, 
when  most   of  his   companions   were   slain,   and   he   was  himself  in 


constiint  (lanj^cr  of  his  life,  and  was  cruelly  treated,  but  nian- 
aj^ed  to  escape),  reached  Canada  and  made  his  way  to  Montreal.  In 
1792  he  settled  at  Niagara  (or  Newark),  then  the  Capital  of  Upper'ada,  ha\in<j;  received  appointments  in  the  Commissariat  and  in 
the  Surveyor-General's  office,  and  removed  to  York  (now  Toronto) 
on  its  becoming  the  seat  of  (Government.  In  17C34,  he  was  Sergeant- 
at-Armstothe  Legislative  Assembly  ;  in  1796,  Registrar  for  the  Home 
District;  was  appointed  Captain  of  Militia  in  1799;  Clerk  of  the 
Peace  for  the  Home  District  in  1800;  and  Clerk  of  the  District 
Court;  was  three  times  Joint  Acting  Surveyor-General,  and  became 
Surveyor-General  in  1810.  Was  Member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly 
for  West  York  in  1812,  and  was  called  to  the  Legislative  Council  in 
1S24.  He  held  various  other  public  positions  of  less  note,  fie  m.  istly, 
about  1776,  Isabella  (?),  a  sister-in-law  of  John  Donovan,  Post- 
master of  Hancock,  Virginia;  and  2ndly,  26th  l\Iay  1789,  Mary,  dau. 
of  Alexander  Campbell  (HI.  E.  X-),  of  Fort  Edward,  on  the  Hay  of 
Quinte ;  she  was  b.  nth  Ma}-  1771,  and  d.  22nd  Oct.  1840;  and 
had  issue,  viz.  : 

Of  the  first  marriage  : 
I. — Samuel-Smith,  of  whom  below  {Wn). 
And  of  the  second  marriage  : 
2. — George,  of  whom  below  (BS). 
3. — Thomas-Ciibbs,  of  whom  below  (Hr). 
4. — John,  b.  1799,  d.  1817  (killed  in  a  duel),  unm. 
5 — William,  b.  1802,  d.  1802. 
0. — Horatio,  b,  1804,  d.  1826,  unm. 
7. — Charles,  b.  1806,  d.  1831,  unm. 
8. — Francis,  b.  1808,  d.  abt.  1833-4,  unm. 

I. — Anne,  b.  1794,  d.  1832,  m.  to  John-K.  Sjiooner,  of  Montreal. 
2. — Mary,  b.  1796,  d.  1872,    m.   to  John  Kadenhurst,  Lieut.  8th 
King's  Kegt.,  aftds.  of  Toronto,  and  had  issue,  viz  : 
la. — William,  living  in  Rochester,  N.Y. 
2a. — John-Charles,    was    for    some    years    at    sea,    now    of 

la. — Annie,  d.,  m.  to  Alexander  Grnnt,  Registrar,  formerly 
of  the  Court  of  Chancery,  now  of  the  Court  of  Appeal 
(son  of  Charles  Grant,  of  Caithness  and  Edinburgh, 
Sco.,  and  his  wife,  Catherine,  dau.  of  Alexander  Camp- 
bell above  named  ;  Cri:st  :  ^/le  trunk  of  a  tree  sprout- 
ing out  some  leaves.,  with  the  sun  shining  thereon,  ppr  ; 



motto:  Te  faventc  vircbo)  ;  and  had  issue:  i6. — 
Charles-Shuter.  2d. — Arthur-Dudley-Cam  pi  )fll.  ^,6. — 
Alexander- l*>ancis,  el.  \b. — Mary-lulith  zd.-  Amelia 
("  Amy  ").  3<5. — Annie-Catherine,  m.  to  James-McKay 
Henderson,  of  Montreal.  4<5.— Bertha-l'Vances,  f/ 
2a. — Catherine-Ellen,  fl^.,  m  to  \Villiam-(}eorge  Draper,  rt'., 
Barristcr-at-Law,  County  Judj^^e  Co.  h^ontenac,  son  of 
Hon.  William-Henry  Draper,  C.H.,  Chief  Justice  of  the 
Common  Pleas  (Arms  :  Erm.,  on  a  chief  ^u.  three  lions 
ramp/,  arg.  Crest  :  y^  demilion  rampt.  Motto  :  Pace 
sive  in  hello),  and  had  issue  :  \b. — William-Henry,  of 
the  Molsons  Bank,  m.  nth  Sept.  1879,  Emily-Mary, 
(Jau.  of  Henry  Skynncr  (see  Jarvis),  and  has  issue  : 
William-Henry,  b.  5th  July  1889  ;  (ieorjj;e-Collier,  b. 
22nd  Dec.  1891  ;  Madolin-Augustii ;  Edilh-Kathleen  ; 
Mary-Hamilton.  \b — Catharine-Ellen,  m  to  Cliarles- 
Kirkpatrick  Sayers.     2b. — Ii)mma-Au<j;usta. 

-h'rances-r^lizabeth,  b.  1797,  d.  1844,  m.  to  James-Iulward 
Small,  some  time  Co.  Judj^je   Co.  Middlesex. 

-Sarah,  b.  1801,  d.  18 17. 

-Edith,  b.  181 1,  d.  1878,  m.  to  Thomas-Mabon  l^adenhurst, 
of  Perth,  Co.  Lanark,  Barrister-at-Lavv,  Cj.C,  and  had 
issue  (see  Morris). 



Samuel-Smith  Kidout,  eldest  son  of  lion.  Thomas  Kidoul, 
was  Sheriff  Co  York,  and  afterwards  Registrar  of  Deeds  Co.  "S'ork. 
B.  7th  Sejit.  1778,  d.  Gth  June  1855.  M.  istly,  Eliza  Parsons, 
niece  of  John  Small,  of  Toronto;    she  d.   Feby.    183S;    and  2ndly, 

Oct.    1838,    Mary-Hardwick,    dau.    of  IJnwin    and    widow   of 

b'rancis  Humphreys  ;  and  had  issue,  of  the  hrst  marriage  onl\ ,  \  iz.  : 

\a. — John,   b.    8th    May    1806,     Registrar  of   Deeds    Co.    York 

from  1855  to  1894;  m.  19th  Sept.  1839,  Charlotte-Bleecker, 

dau.    of  Grant  Powell  (see  Powell),  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

\b. — John-(jrant,  of  the   Deput)'  Receiver-General's  ()fhc(% 

Toronto,  b.  20th  April  1845. 
\b.  —  Elizabeth-Harriet,   b.    4th    Oct.    1840,    d.    15th    vSept. 
1878.      M.  7th  July    1874,  as  2nd  wife,  to  John-Wood- 
burn  Langmuir  (see  Langmuir). 


2a. — Thomas,  h.  I'cb.  iSio,  d.  Sejit.  1819. 
3a. — Joseph,  b.  8th  l''eb.  1818,  d.  March  1837,  unin. 
4a.— Samuel-Cieorfi;e,   Deputy    Rej^istrar   of    Deeds     Co.   York, 
aftds.  City  Assessor,  'I'oronto,  1).  June  i8ig,  d.  Dec.  1876  ; 
M.  Kel)ecca  Ciilpin,  ami  had  issue,  viz.  : 
lb. — Samuel,  b.    ist  July   1845,  d.    1892  ;  m.   Mary-Camp- 
bell  Smith,  and   had    issue  :     Samuel-Geor}.(e,  b.  15th 
Jan.   1874;    William-S,  b.   15th  Aug.  1875;    Andrew- 
Campbell,  b.  2nd  April   1878;    Ilenry-Arthur,  b.  17th 
Sept,  1880;  John-Alexander,  b  nth  Dec    1882;  Cath- 
2b. — Henry  Joseph,  d.  unm. 
3^. — Charles,  went  to  Winnipeg. 
4<5. — 'Albert,  d.  unm. 

5^. — William,  d.  unm. 
tb. — John,  d. 
lb. — Henrietta,  m.  to  - 
2b. — Rebecca,  d.   unm. 

Yates,  merchant  in  Toronto. 

la. — Susan,  b.  Novr.  1807,  d.  March  1823. 
2a. — Eliza,  b.  Jany.  181 2,  d.  June  1842,  m.  to 

-Daly,  M.D.,  of 
Montreal,  went  to  the  West  Indies,  and  aftds.  to  Natchez, 

3a. — Mary,  b.  March  1816,  d.  March  1841,  m  to  William-Henry 
Coxwell,  and  hadissue:  Elizabeth,  m.toThomas Dallas, mer- 
chant in  Orillia,  Co.  Simcoe.  (William-Henry  Coxwell  m. 
2ndly  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Powell,  see  Powell). 

4<j. — Harriet,  b.  Novr.  18 17,  d.  Aug.  1837,  unm. 

5a!. — Caroline-Amelia,  b.  July  1824,  m.  to  James-Dodsley  Hum- 
phrey*?, son  of  Francis  Humphreys  above  named,  and  had 
issue  :  James-Dodsley,  now  of  Montreal,  and  other  sons, 
and  an  only  dau.,  Mary-Hardwick,  d.  1893.  m.  to  Francis 
Walker,  of  Barrie  (whom  she  survived),  and  had  issue,  one 
son,  lulward. 


George  Ridout,  second  son  of  Hon.  Thomas  Ridout,  Barrister- 
at-law.  of  Dorset  House,*  Wellington  Street,  afterwards  of  Maria  (now 
Soho)  Street,  Toronto,  and  aftds.  of  Clinton  ;    was  b.  1791,  d.  1871  ; 

'From  which  Dorset  Street  is  named. 


istly,  Dorothy,  dau.  of 


—  McCuaif^',  of  Boston,  and  widow  of 
Capt.  Cockhurn,  and  jndly,  Hcllc  Nelson,  and  had  issue,  viz.  ; 

Of  the  first  ni.irria^'c  : 

la. — Ck'orgina-Dora,  b.  June  1H25,  ni.  13th  Oct.  1H45,  to  Arthur 
Wells,  of  Guelph,  son  of  Hon.  Lieut. -Col.  Jc>«eph  Wells, 
of  Davenport,  near  Toronto,  and  had  issue:  William,  d. 
young;  Richard- Harter ;  Robert- Frederick,  //.  ;  William- 
Charles;  Joseph;  John;  Clarence;  Theojihilus-Craig  ; 
Ralph-Evens;   Harriett-Mary;  Caroline-Georgina. 

And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

la. — Charles,  b.  June  1831,  of  Clinton. 

2a. — Henry,  b.  March  1833,  d.  April  1851. 

3a.— William,  b.  Dec.  1839,  d.  July  1865. 

4a. — John,  Barrister-at-la\v,  of  Clinton,  b.  Oct.  1R41. 

2a. — Isabella,  m.,  igtli  Sept.  1865,  to  Henry  Cole,  only  son  of  Dr. 
Cole  (Trin.  Coll.,  Dublin),  and  has  had  issue:  William-Cole, 
b.  1868  ;   HenryRidout,  b.  3()tli  Aug.  1872  ;   Louisa-Mary. 

3a. — Jane. 

4a. — Sarah-Edith,  b.  Feby.  1837,  d.  8th  July  1864  ;  m.  23r(l 
Jany.  1862,  to  William-Wisc  Cobb,  Barrister-at-law,  of 
Bridge  House,  Sittingbourne,  Co.  Kent,  Eng.,  who  d.  1873, 
and  had  issue  one  dau.,  Edith,  who  d   6th  Jul}'  1864. 

5a. — Harriet,  m.  istl}-,  23rd  Sept.  1863,  to  Robert-James-Morney 
Foot,  of  X'icarsfield,  Co.  Kilkenny,  Ireland,  eldest  son  of 
Simon-Charles  Foot,  in  H.  O.,  Canon  and  Prebendar}- of  S. 
Canice's  Cath.,  Kilkenny,  and  Rector  of  Knocktopher;  he  d. 
23rd  Nov.,  1868  ;  and  had  issue  :  Anna-Morney  ;  Harriet- 
Ridout,  d.  22nd  Jul)  1886;  Isabel;  and  2ndly,  (jtli  March 
1875,  to  Joseph-Mark  Barber,  M.A.,  son  of  Joseph  Barber, 
of  (ieorgetown,  Co.  llalton  ;  he  d.  16th  Sept.  1884;  and 
had  issue:  Reginald-Arthur,  b.  i6th  May  1879;  Josej)h- 
Lawrance,  b.  6th  Jul\  1881;  Maria-Milicent,  d.  nth  Aug. 
1876;   Constance- l-lvel}n  ;  Charlotte-Vivica-Marguerite. 


TiiOMAS-GiiUis  RinouT,  of  Sherborne  House,'  Toronto,  b.  lotli 
Oct.  1792;  d.  29th  July  1861  ;  third  son  of  Hon.  Thomas  Ridout. 
r>eputy-Assistant  Comrn^'ssary  General  in  the  war  of  181 2  ;  was  for 
many  years  Cashier  of  the  Bank  of  Upper  Canada.      M.   istly,  5th 

•Sherbourne,  properly  Sherborne,  Street  derived  its  name  from  this  house. 


\j)ril  1H25,  Annc--M;iria-Louis;i,  (l;iii  of  Daniel  Sullivan  (sec  Sulli- 
van) ;  she;  was  h.  151I1  April  1H07,  d.  13th  Nov.  1832;  and  2n(lly, 
6th  Sept.  1H34,  Matilda-Ann,  dau.  of  I  loll in},'s worth  Hramley  (above 
named?,  she  d.  Nov.  18H1  ;  and  had  issue,  vi/.  : 

Of  the  first  inarria{j[e  : 

\a. — 'I'hotnas,  of  whom  below. 

2a.—  John-(iil)bs,  b.  Oth  Oct.  1830,  d.  13th  April  1832. 

la.  -  Mary-Louisa,  b.  5th  May  1827,(1.  2nd  May  1832. 

And  of  the  second  marriaf^e  : 

3rt. — Charles,  b.  22nd  June  1836. 

4^.  — Joscph-Ikaniley,  1).  loth  Auj;.  1838;  Lieut. -Col.  late  (joth 
Scottish  Killi's,  Cameronians  ;  m.  Wilmot-Heresford,  dau. 
of  John  Ilayter,  of  l\Linchester  S(|uare,  London,  b^nj^  ,  and 
has  issue  :  l)udley-l  loward^  b.  15th  )an.  1866,  Lieut.  K.E.  ; 
I'endarves-Bailey,  b  22nd  Sept.  18G7,  tea  planter  in  India; 
Alf^crnon-Charles-Francis,  1).  5th  June  1873;  Julian-^'ork- 
Ilayter,  b.  Oth  May  187S;  Wilniot-Beresford,  m.  to  Hubert 
Nc'ilson,  M.I).,  Surj^eon-Abajor  Royal  Can.  Arty. ;  Auj^nista- 
I  blen-Crawford. 

5a!  — John-Gibbs,  b.  22nd  Auj;.  1840,  formerly  Lieut,  in  looth 
Prince  of  Wales  Canadian  Kegt.  ;  now  a  Harrister- 

6a — Donald-Campbell,!).  i6<;h  Sept.  1848,  d.  2nd  Auff.  1893  ; 
Machinery  Lnj^ineer  and  Patent  Solicitor;  m.  Katharine, 
dau.  of  John  Kay,  merchant  in  Toronto,  and  had  issue  : 
Donald-Campbell,  Norman,  I)ou<^las,  Howard,  John,  bethel, 

ya. — George,    b.    2gth    Jul\ 



oronto  ;    m. 


Elizabelh-Kerr.  'In     .>f  John  b'isken,  merchant  in  Toronto, 
and  I'bza-D  on  (Kerr)  his  wife,  and  has  issue:  George- 

La\'  >7 ;     I'lvelyn-Matilda  ;     Dora-Isabel; 


iy.i.  ,  -at-law,   b    3rd  July  185O  ;  d.  cjth  Oct. 

I       ,,  unm. 
2a. — Juliana-AViry,  m.  to  Cfeorj^'e-D'Arcy  Houlton  (see  Houlton). 
3, — Matilda,  authoress  of  "  Ten   ^'ears  of  Upper  Canada,  1805 


to  1815."  m, 

to  J 





il-dt,  o 

f  T 


to,  B; 



iw,    representative   o 


Scot.  {Arms  :    Sa    a  lion 
and  a  writing  pen  in  base 

;ar  of  Keithock,   Co.   b^)rfar, 

ipant  between  a  garl)  in  chief 

Cresi :  a  dagger  and  a  cjuill 




in  saltirc.   ppr.     Motto:  Potius  ini^enio  (|u;iin  vi),  :uul  has 
had  issue  : 

l^.  ~James-l'>odcric,  h   fith  July  iSOf). 

2/5.  Hamc-IIainilton,!..  171)1  Nov.  icSf,;,  d.  14th  Nov.  1H71. 
Oscar-rclliain,  I..  17th  March  1H71,  m.  -oth  Dec  iSc^^ 
llelcn-Maddii-x;,  dau.  of  (Icor^rc.l  )'Arcy  H,,uli,;n 
(see   Houlton) 

-Wiliiain-Wilkic,  I).  Oct.  1874 
-David-Keithock,  h.  2(jth  Nov.  iH7(;. 
6^.— rierhert-Wcddeilif,  1).  joth  )un<'  1SS3 
1/5.     Maud-CaroUne, 
2(5.  — Katharino-Hca  trice. 
^l). — Marjorie-O^ilvy. 

\a.  -Louisa-SulHvan,  b.  28th  Dec.  1846,  d  ^nl  )any.  1882; 
m.  to  Andrew  Green,  and  had  issue. 

5«. — Augusta-Hayter. 

Oa.— Laura,  m  to  Vernon-Bailey  Wadsworth,  Surveyor,  son  of 
Wilham-Rien  Wadsworth,  and  has  issue:  William-Ridout, 
I).  I7tii  Dec.  1875;  Helen- Vernon  ;  Marion-Violet;  Eliza- 
beth Morence  ;  Victoria- Adeline. 

Thomas  Rii)()(iT,eldestsonofTh(.mas-(;il,l.sRi(h,utal.ovenamed 
Civ.l  Engineer,  b.  17th  Oct.  .828,  m.  Jessie,  dau.  of  James  Hamilton,' 
M.D.,  of  West  I<lamboro',  Co.  Wentworth,  and   has  had  issue,  viz.: 
1(5.— James-Hamilton,  b.  30th  June   1853,  d.  12th  Nov.  1854. 
2/5.— Thomas-Sullivan,  b.  29th  Sept.  1854,  d.  2()th  Oct.  1839. 
3(^.— Horace-Rc-ginald,  b.  28th  July   1856,   m.  Margaret,  dau.  of 

VV.  H.  Higgins,  of  Whitby,  Co.  Ontario. 
4^.— Arthur-Hamilton,  b.  cjlh  June   1859,  m.  Je.ssie  Rae,  dau.  of 

James-Rae  Patterson,  M.D.,  of  Port  b:igin,  Co.  Bruce. 
5/5.— Andrew-William,  b.  8th  Aug.  1864. 
1/5.— Jessie-Forrest,  m.  to  Frederick-Chase  Capreol,  of  Ottawa, 

son  of  Frederick-Chase  Capreol,  d.,  of  Toronto. 
2/5.—,  m.  to  William-bVederick  Gurnett. 
3<5.— Edith. 

4(5.— Matilda-Mary. 

Arms  :  (Subject  to  due  dijference  to  be  assigned)  :  Per/yak  ar^.  and 
gu.,  a  griffin  seoreant  comtterc hanged  Crest:  A  nags  head  conped 
ppr.    Motto:  Aquila  non  capit  muscas.* 



JoHN-Wooniu'KN  Langmuik,  ofToronto,  son 
of  Alexander-Ralston  Langmuir,  of  Warwickmains, 
Co.  Ayr,  Scot.,  m.  istly,  ist  June  1858,  Emma- 
Lucretia,  dau.  of  Dr.  Fairfield,  of  Co.  of  Prince 
Edward;  anaiy,  7th  July  1874,  Elizabeth-Harriet 
Ridout  (see  Ridout)  ;  and  ardly,  19th  Aug.  1882, 
Catherine  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Blood<,'ood,  of  New 
York  (who  was'previously  m.  to  PIzra  Ludlow,  who 
came  to  Canada  from  New  York,  and  d.s.p.)  and 
has  had  issue,  viz. : 

Of  the  first  marriage  : 

i._|ohn-Alexander,  b.  21  Sept.  1859  ;  m.  i6th 
July  1890,  Nora   Butler,    of   Cmcinnati, 
Ohio,  and  has  issue:  John  Butler  ;  Helen- 
2  -Archibald-David,!).  27th  Jan.  1864;  m.  r5th  Oct.  1889,  Mar- 
craret,  dau.  of  William  Ii.  ^,  merchant  m  Toronto  (see  Jones) 
and  has  issue  :  Archibald-  vVoodburn  ;  John-William  ;  Gavm- 
Ince  ;  Helen-Dorothea. 
.  —Woodburn,  b.  26th  April  1865. 
4._Murray,  b.  5th  May  1869,  m.  2nd  March  .891,  Mary  Shep- 

pard,  of  Springfield,  Missouri, 
i;.  -Frederic,  b.  21st  Feb.  1871. 

I  — Helen- Woodburn,  m.  to  George-Hamilton  Jarvis  (see  Jarvis). 
2.-Margaret-Maude,   m.   2nd  June    1894,  to  Alexander-Jeffrey 

Porter,  of  Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 
And  of  the  2nd  marriage  : 

Arms  :  Sa.  a  clicv.  or.  and  a  canton  erm. 
gu.  ttirncdup  erm.  a  greyhound  statant  ppr. 

Crest :  On  achapeau 


JOHNSTON,  OF  Sault  Ste.  Makjf. 

WILLIAM  JOHNSTON,  Commissioner  of  Customs  at  Bel- 
fast, Ire.,  and  Sherififof  the  County  of  Antrim,  ni.  Jane,dau. 
of   William    Mussenden,  and  had  issue,  ten  children  (one 
of  whom,  Jane,  was  m.   to  the   Rev.  James  Saurin,    of  Belfast),  of 
whom  the  youngest  son, 

William,  was  an  officer  in  the  Royal  Navy,  and  served  at  the 
capture  of  Louisbourg  in  1758  ;  afterwards  of  Port  Rush.  M.  a  dau. 
of  John  McNeil,  and  had  issue,  viz: 

John,  b.  1762,  d.  1828,  who  came  to  Canada  in  1790, 
and  resided  for  a  short  time  at  Longe  Pointe,  and  afterwards  at  Sault 
Ste.  Marie,  of  which  he  was  the  chief  founder.  Assisted  with  a  party 
which  he  raised,  at  the  taking  of  Mackinac,  under  Col.  MacDonell, 
in  1812,  and  in  recognition  of  his  services,  was  presented  by  Col. 
MacDonell  with  the  sword  of  the  American  (ieneral  Holmes,  who 
was  killed  in  the  action.  While  Mr.  Johnston,  with  his  party,  was 
proceeding  from  Sault  Ste.  Marie  to  jom  Col.  MacDonell,  a  party  of 
Americans  passing  by  another  channel  went  to  Sault  Ste  Marie, 
where  they  plundereil  Mr.  Johnston's  stores  and  dwelling  house,  tak- 
ing a  large  cjuantity  of  goods,  plate  and  other  valuable  jiroperty,  for 
which  subsecpiently  Mr.  Johnston  claimed  from  the  (iovernment  an 
indemnity  of  forty  thousand  dollars,  which,  h(nvever,  he  never  re- 
ceived. While  the  Americans  were  plundering  Sault  Ste.  Marie, 
Mrs.  Jt)hnston,  with  some  of  her  children,  fled  and  took  refuge  in  the 
woods,  where  they  subsisted  for  some  time  on  berries  and  edible 
roots.  Was  a  Justice  of  the  Peace.  In  i8ig  or  1820,  he  was  one  of 
the  Commissioners  appointed  to  settle  the  differences  and  terminate 
the  conflict  between  the  Hudson  Bay  Company  and  the  North-West 
Company  at  Fort  Garry,  now  Winnipeg.  He  m.  Oshahgushkoda- 
wecjua  (;\nglice,  the  Woman  of  the  (ireen  Meadow)  dau.  of  Waubo- 
jeeg  {i.e.  The  White  Fisher),  an  Ojebwa  Chief  of  the  Ahtik  (Rein- 
deer) Totein  or  Family,  son  of  Waishky,  and  a  member  of  a  family 
distinguished  as  Chiefs  and  Warriors  ;  he  was  a  Chief  of  great  power 
and  influence,  and   bid  jurisdiction   over  a   wide  extent  of  country. 


from  Sault  Ste.  Marie  to  the  Falls  of  St.  Anthony  on  the  Mississippi; 

he  and  some  of  his  braves  were   present  at  the  taking  of  guebec, 

having  gone  down  that  immense  distance  in  their  own  bark  canoes, 

and  he  was  with  General  Wolfe  when  he  fell  ;   and  had  issue,  viz.: 

I.— Louis-Saurin,  served  as  a  midshipman  on  board  the  Queen 

Charlotte,   and    was   wounded   in    action    on  Lake  Erie,  in 

1812  or '13;  for  his   services  he  was  api)ointed    an  officer 

in  the  Indian  Department,  and  was  stationed  at  Amherstburg, 

where  he  died. 

2. George,  was  present  with  his  father  at  the  taking  of  Macki- 
nac ;  he  held  the  office  of  Indian  Interpreter  at  Sault  Ste. 

3.— William,  Indian  Interpreter  at  Mackinac. 

I.— Jane,  m.  to  Henry-Rowe  Schoolcraft,  Indian  Agent  for  the 
United  States  Government.  He  was  a  man  distinguished 
in  science  and  literature,  the  author  of  a  large  and  costly 
work  of  six  quarto  volumes  prepared,  after  many  years  of 
great  labour  and  research,  for  the  United  States  Govern- 
ment ;  of  which  copies  were  presented  to  all  the  crowned 
heads' of  Europe,  and  copies  were  obtained  by  Rev.  William 
McMurray  for  Trinity  College,  Toronto,  and  the  Toronto 
University,  and  another  for  Quebec.  Mr.  Schoolcraft 
visited  England  and  the  Continent,  and  was  elected  an  Hon- 
orary Member  of  the  Royal  Geographical  Society  of  London, 
after  which  more  than  twenty  similar  honours  were  con- 
ferred upon  him  by  the  leading  Societies  of  Europe. 

2. — Eliza,  d.  unin. 

3  —Charlotte,  m.  to  Rev.  William  McMurray,  named  in  the  fol- 
lowing page. 

^._Anna-Maria,  m.  to  James-Lawrence  Schoolcraft,  brother  of 
the  al)ove  named  Henry-Rowe  Schoolcraft. 



William  McMukkav,  in  Holy  Orders,  D.I)., 
D.C.L.,  \v;is  1).  near  Port.ulown,  Ire  ,  ujtli  Sept. 
iSicj,  i\.  Kjtli  May  1894,  son  of  Bnitlshaw  Mc- 
Murru}',  ami  Mary  his  wile,  wlio  came  to  Canada 
in  181 1,  and  settled  at  York  (Toronto).  Was 
onlained  iitli  Au^.  1833;  was  sent  as  a 
Missionary  to  the  Indians  at  Sault  Ste.  Marie 
in  1832  ;  Rector  of  Ancaster  and  Dumlas, 
1840;  Rector  of  Niagara,  1857;  Archdeacon 
of  Niagara,  1867.  In  1853  lie  was  deputed 
to  raise  funds  in  the  United  States  for  Trinity 
College,  in  which  he  was  successful  ;  his 
services  in  that  work  are  commemorated  by  a 
stained  glass  window  presented  to  him  and 
placed  in  the  Church  at  Dundas.  In  1854  he  was  sent  1)}  Bitiiop 
Strachan  to  watch  the  passage  of  the  Clergy  Reserve  Bill 
through  the  Legislature,  and  rendered  valuable  services  to  the  Church 
with  regard  to  tl^.at  measure,  for  which  he  was  rewarded  with  a  gift 
of  valuable  plate,  and  the  honorary  degree  of  D.C.L.  was  conferred 
upon  him  by  Trinity  College,  and  he  was  also  appointed  a  member 
of  the  Council  of  that  University.  In  1864  he  was  again  com- 
missioned to  raLse  funds  for  Trinity  College  in  I'ngland,  which  work 
he  accomplished  with  much  success.  When  in  England  on  this 
occasion  he  was  selected  by  the  Bishop  of  London  as  a  special 
preacher  in  St.  Paul's  Cathedral,  being  the  first  instance  of  this 
honour  being  conferred  on  a  Colonist.  lie  m.  istly,  2Gtli  Sept. 
1833,  Charlotte  (or  ()genei)ugakwa,  i.e.,  "Wild  Rose")  Johnston, 
named  in  the  preceding  page  ;  she  d.  17th  Jan.  1S78,  aged  71  ;  and 
2ndly,  Amelia,  tlau.  of  James  Baxter,  Capt.  Ro)  al  Canatiian  RiHes  ; 
and  had  issue,  of  the  first  marriage  onl\-,  viz.  : 

I. — William-Strachan,  b.  26th  Sept.   1835  ;    d.  4th  Nov.  1864  ; 

m.  Ilarriet-Emma,  tlau.  of  Chetwood   Hamilton,  Barrister- 

at-Law,  of  St.  Catharines,  and  had  issue  one  dau.  juanita, 

who  d.  young. 

2.-  John-I  Ienr\',    b.    4lh   JaiL    1838;    d.    22Ui\   Sept.    1885;     m. 


Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Francis  Wluttaktr,  of  St.  Louis,  U.S.A., 
and   had   issue,   viz.,    Max,    Frances-Whittaker,    Kathleen, 


-James-Sauiin,  of  Toronto,   Barrisler-at-Law,  b.  28th    May 
1840;  m.  5th  Oct.  i8()4,  Elizabeth-Street,  dau.  of  Thomas- 
Brock  Fuller,  in  Holy  Orders,  Archdeacon  of  Niagara,  and 
afterwards  Bishop  of  Niagara  (see  Fuller),  and  has  issue,  viz. : 
la.— Leonard-Leathes,  b.  ist   Feb.  18G7 
2^.— Louis-Saurin,  b.  24th  Oct.  1869. 
3a. — James-Saurin,  b.  21st  May  1876. 
4a.— Arthur-William-Johnston,  b.  27th  Aug.  1868. 
5a._Douglas,  b.  4th  Jan.  1880. 
la. — Elizabeth-Street. 

-Charlotte-Elizabeth-Jane,  b.  12th  July  1843  ;  m,  to  Hamil- 
ton-Hartley Killaly,  C.E.  (who  d  loth  Sept.  1892).  son  of 
Hon.  Hamilton  Killaly,  of  Toronto,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
Hamilton-McMurray,  Hartley,  Lawrence,  Max,  Charlotte- 

Arms  :  Arj^.,  a  lion  rampant  az.  armed  and  langiied gu.,  on  a 
chief  of  the  second  three  mullets  pierced  of  the  first.  Crest :  A  stag's 
head  erased  ppr.     Motto:    Time  Deuni. 




TIIF.  first  Hishop  of  Nia«;ara  derived  descent  from  an  Irisli 
family,  long  established  in  Counties  Cclv  and  Kerr\ ,  Ireland, 
of  whom 

William  r\iller  m.  ILlinor,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Thomas  llodder 
of  Hallea  Castle,  High  Sheriff  of  Co,  Cork,  1697,  and  had  issue 
(besides  others)  viz.  : 

Thomas,  of  Fuller  Park,  Co.  Cork,  d.  1741  ;  m.  Lydia,  dau.  of 
\\'illiam  Green,  Sheriff  of  Cork  i6go,  and  had  issue  : 

William,  m.  Frances  Grey,  of  Cork,  and  had  issue,  viz,  : 
Richard,  who  m.  Jane  Roe,  of  Cork,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
Thomas-Richard,  Major  41st  Regt.,  who  d.  in  Adoljihuslown, 
Canada,  1H14  ;  he  m,  istly,  Ann,  dau.  of  William  b'uller  (son  of 
William  I'^iller,  of  West  Kerries,  and  grandson  of  William  l'\iller 
lirst  above  named),  and  his  wife,  lUinor,  dau.  of  Robert  llilliard, 
and  had  issue  one  son,  Richard  ;  and  2ndly,  Mary,  dau.  of  Poole- 
Hickman  England,*  Capt.  47th  Regt.,  son  of  Richard  h^ngland,  of 
Lifford,  Co,  Clare,  and  had  issue,  viz,  : 

(Rt.     Rev.)    Thomas-Brock    F'ullkr,    D.D., 
]).C.L.,  b.    r6th   July   1810,    d.  i8th  Deer.    1S84; 
in  Holy  Orders,  ordained  Deacon  1833,  appointed 
incumbent  of   Chatham   1836,   Rector  of  Thorold 
1840,  aftds.  Rector  of  St.  George's,  Toronto,  Arch- 
deacon of  Niagara  1867,  first   ]3ishop  of  Niagara 
1875  ;       m.    14th    May    1835,    Cynthia,    dau.    of 
Samuel  Street  of  Chipiiewa,  Co.  Welland  ;   she  was 
b.  1818,  and  d.   14th  January  1892;   and  had  is^ne, 
viz. : 
I. — Thomas-Richard,  Merchant  in  Toronto,  b.  20lh  Aug.  1838; 
ni.  6th  Oct.  1868,   limma-Louisa,  dau.  of  Thomas  lienson 
of    Peterborough    and    Port     Hope,    and    has    issue,    viz.: 
Thomas-Richard,   b.    13th  June    1876;    Leopold-Hrock,  b. 
nth      Deer.     1878;     Alice-Maud;     Mary-l",(lith  ;      Helen- 
Cynthia  ;   Amy-Louisa. 
2. — Samuel-Street,  Manufacturer,   Postmaster  of  Stratfortl,  Co. 
Perth,  b,  26th  Aug.  1838;  m.,  18th  Nov.  1863,  Mary-Anne 
(Minna),  dau.  of  Thomas  Smith   (see  Smith  of  Stratford), 

*  A  dau  (if  Capt  England  came  to  Canada  and  was  m.,  istly,  as  and  wife  to  Majot-Cieneral 
/Eneas  Shaw  (see  Shaw),  and  illUly,  to  Wilhum  Leeniing,  in  Holy  Orders,  Hector  of  Cliippewa,  Co. 


and  has  issue,  viz.:  Samuel-George,  b.  I3tli  Sept.  1864; 
Thomas-Henry,  b.  i8th  Oct.  1865  ;  Arthur-Street,  b.  24th 
Feb.  1870;  Norman-Brock,  b.  28th  May  1879;  Carohne- 
Isabella,  d.  15th  Sept.  1867;  Georgie-Ethel-Laura. 

3. — WilHam,  of  the  Canadian  liank  of  Commerce,  Toronto;  b. 
1845,  d.  15th  Feb.  1886,  unm. 

4. — Valancy-England,  Barrister-at-Law,  of  Toronto,  aftds.  of 
Hamilton,  and  now  living  in  Virginia,  U.^.A.,  m.  Louisa, 
dau.  of  William-Henry  Coxwell  and  Mary-Sophia  his  wife 
(see  Powell),  and  has  had  issue:  Murray- Valancy  ;  May, 
cl.  ;   Kuth-Hamilton. 

5. — Shelton-Brock,  of  Woodstock,  b.  nth  Oct.  1852,  m.  19th 
Sept.  1876,  Martha-Louisa,  dau.  of  Robert  Spratt,  Merchant 
in  Toronto,  and  has  issue:  Robert  Shelton,  b.  nth  Jan. 
1879;  William-Brock,  b.  28th  Oct.  1884;  Douglas-England, 
b.  28th  July  1887;  Katharine-Cynthia;  Violet-Isab(  lie,  b. 
nth  April  1881,  d.  1882  ;  Gladys. 

6. — Henry-Hobart,  b.  27th  July  1856,  d.  nth  Jan.  1890;  m.  3rd 
Jan.  1883,  Katharine-Townley,  dau.  of  Robert  Spratt  above 
named,  and  had  issue,  Hobart-Stinson,  b.  22nd  Oct.  1883  ; 
Hamilton-Brock,  b.  19th  Feb.  1885  ;  Harold-Howard,  b. 
Nov.  1887  ;   Hilda-Katharine. 

I. — Mary-Margaret,  m.  to  Donald-John-Forbes  Macleod,  M.A., 
in  Holy  Orders,  some  time  Rector  of  Chippewa,  and  now  of 
Hope  Rectory,  Shrewsbury,  Eng.  (see  Macleod). 

2. — Laura-Abigail,  m.  25th  June  1874,  as  second  wife,  to  Thomas- 
Moore  Benson  of  Port  Hope,  now  County  Judge  of  North- 
umberland and  Durham,  son  of  Thomas  Benson  above 
named  (who  previously  m.  Mary-Edith  McCaul;  see  Jones), 
(Arms  :  Quarterly,  erni.  and  or,  tivo  bends  the  upper  one 
arg.  charged  with  three  trefoils  sa.  the  lower  engr.  gu.  Crest: 
A  bear's  head  erased,  muzzled  and  collared  ppr.  Motto  •. 
Inconcussa  virtu.s),  and  has  issue  :  Thomas-Bingley-FuUer, 
b.  28th  Oct.  1876;  Clara-Cynthia;  Jessie-Laura-Louise; 
Gladys-Alicia,  d. 

3. — Elizabeth-Street,  m.  to  James-Saurin  McMurray  (see 

Arms  :    Arg.,  three  bars  gu.    on  a  sinister  canton  of  the  last  a 
tower  or.     Crest :  A  martlet  ppr.     Motto :  Fidelitas  in  adversis. 








SBORNE  DE  CAILLY,  Lord  of  Cailly  in  Normandy, 
mentioned  in  the  roll  of  distinguished  Normans  who 
accompanied  William  I.  on  his  expedition  '  d  England,  and 
celebrated  for  his  fidelity  to  his  chief  in  Robert  Wace's  "  Roman  de 
Rou,"  had  issue,  four  sons,  of  whom  the  second  was 

Humphrey  de  Cailly,   Lord   of  Massingham   (temp.  Henry  L), 
who  had  issue, 

Simon  de  Cailly,  m,  Alice and  had  issue, 

Roger  de  Cailly  (temp.  Henry  H.),  one  of  the  most  wealthy  and 
influential  barons  of  the  time  ;  had  issue, 
John  de  Cailly,  who  had  issue, 
John  de  Cailly,   Lord  of  Cranwich,   Massingham,  &c.,  in  1202  ; 

m.  Margery and  had  issue, 

Adam    de    Cailly,    Lord   of    these    manors,    1215  ;    m.    Mabel 

and  had  issue, 

Osbert  de  Cailly,  or  de  Cayly  ;  m.  Emma,  dau.  of  Robert,  Lord 
Tatshall  of  Bokenham,  and  had  issue,  besides  others, 

(Sir)  Hugo  de  Cayly,  Lord  of  the  Manor  of  Owby,  Co.  Norfolk, 
d.  1286  ;  m.  Agnes,  dau.  of  Hamo  de  Hempstede,  and  had  issue, 
(Sir)  William  Cayley,  of  Owby,  living  in  131 7,  who  had  issue, 
John,  of  Owby,  Sheriff  of  Norfolk  and  Suffolk  in  1335  and  1336, 
who  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — (Sir)  William,  of  Owby,  m.   Alice,   dau.  of  Sir  John  Druse 

or  Braose,  and  had  issue,  two  daus.,  co-heirs. 
2. — John,  of  Normanton,  Co.  York,  who  had  issue,  viz.  : 
I. — Hugh,  d.s.p. 
2. — William,  of  Normanton,  whose  dau.  and  sole  heir  was 

m.  to  John  Lake. 
3. — John,  who  had  issue,  viz.  : 
William,  who  had  issue,  viz.  : 
I. — John,  d.s.p. 
2. — Edward,  or  Edmund,  of   Thormanby,  Co.  York,  who  had 

issue,  of  whom  the  eldest  son, 
William,  had  issue,  viz.  : 


John,  of  Million,  Co.  ^'orl\■,  who  had  issue,  three  sons;   the  eldest, 

l'",d\vard,  of  Malton,  had  issut%  two  sons,  of  whom  the  ehU-r 

William,  of  Thormanhy,  whod.  15H3,  m.  join,  dan.  of  kichard 
Gouldthorp,  Alderman  and  Mayor  of  ^'orl\,  and  had  issue,  two  sons, 
of  whom  tlu'  elder 

I'',(imund,  of  Hrompton,  in  I'ickerinj;,  Co.  ^'ork•,  d.  ()lh  Dec. 
1642  ;  m.  1604,  .Anne.  dan.  of  William  Walters  of  Ciindall, 
Co.  York,  who  d.  „'i  ()(t.  i()4();  and  had  issue,  three  sons  and  fdiir 
(laus.  ;   the  eldest  son 

(Sir)  William,  of  Bromjiton,  h  1610,  Kni,i,dited  2nd  March  1O41, 
created  a  Baronet  20th  .\pril  1661  (which  honour  is  stdl  held  by  the 
descendants  of  his  second  son),  d.  2nd  May  1681  ;  m.  ibj,j„  Dorothy, 
dau.  of  Sir  William  St.  (juentin,  of  Ilarpham,  Bart.  {Atnis:  Or,  a 
chey.  f^ai.,  a  chief  \air),  who  d.  Nov  16S4,  and  had  issue,  five  suns  and 
two  daus.,  of  whom  the  fourth  son 

Cornelius,  of  York,  Barristcr-at-Law,  h.  loth  Au<^^  ifM4  ;  vvill 
proved  15th  March  1734;  m.  iilh  .Auj;.  iGSi,  Anne,  dau.  of  Cecil 
Tyrwhit  of  Camerinj^ham,  Co.  Lmcoln  {Arms:  (iu.  three  tyrwhitts 
or),  and  had   issue,   ^\\v  sons  and  two  daus.,  of  whom  the  Hfth  son, 

Cornelius,  of  Kingston  upon  I  lull  (whereof  he  was  Kecordi'r), 
Barrister-at-law,  b.  i6th  .April  i(kj2,  d.  17th  Nov.  1779,  m.  iSth 
Nov.  1723,  HIizaheth,  dau.  of  Leonard  Smelt,  of  Kirkhy  Meetham, 
Co.  A'ork  {Arms :  Az.,  a  chev.  lietween  thri'C  smelts  naiant  arg.),  she 
Avas  1).  1694,  and  d.  I'eb.  1750;  and  had  issue  seven  sons  and  one 
dau.,  of  whom  the  hfth  son, 

John,  of  St.  Petersburf^,  Russia,  Merchant  and  British  Consul, 
b.  7th  Oct.  1730,  d.  9th  July  1795  ;  m.  19th  Deer,  (old  st)'le)  1756, 
Sarah,  dau.  of  Richard  Cozens,  of  St.  Petersburg  (^rw.y ;  Az.,  a 
lion  rampant  or),  who  was  b.  25th  March  1732,  and  d.  12th  Nov. 
i^old  style)  1803,  and  had  issue,  five  sons  and  four  daus.,  of  whom 
the  eldest  son, 

John,  of  St.  Peter.'sburg,  afterwards  of  Beddington,  Co.  Surrey, 
b.  nth  April  (O.S.)  1761,  d.  30th  March  1831  ;  m.  istly,  8th  Feb. 
1792,  Anna,  dau.  of  Matthew  Halliday,  of  St.  Petersburg,  M.D., 
who  was  b.  7th  Aug.  1769,  ami  d.  8th  Sejit.  1793,  and  had  issue, 
one  son  Leonard,  who  d.  30th  July  1809,  aged  16;  and  2ndly, 
20th  Oct.  (O.S.)  1799,  Harriet,  dau.  of  Timothy  Raikes,  of  St. 
Petersburg  {Arms  :  a  chev.  pean  between  three  griffins'  heads  erased 
or),  who  was  b.  23rd  Sept.  1779,  and  d.  20th  Feb.  1870  (?)  and  had 


I.— Edwiinl,  of  St.  Pctorshur^s  b.  iitli  July  iHos,  d.  i8tli  I'eh. 
1S71,  iinin. 

2. — (lion.)  William,  of  Toronto,  of  whom  hclovv. 

3. —  l'"iancis-Mclvil,  of  Dniinsiial),  Toronto,  1).  Stli  I'd).  i8i)y, 
d.  1874,  unni. 

4. — Charles,  b.  5th  June  181 1,  d.  12th  Au},'.  (O.S.)  181 1. 

5. — John,  \k  22m\  June  1812,  d.  21st  Sept.  (O.S.)  1813. 

6. — John,  of  Toronto,  aftds.  livin}^  in  T2njj;'and,  b.  iith  I'eb. 
181C) ;  m.  istly,  4th  Au^'  1841,  Catherine-Mary  Maine,  of 
St.  I'ctersburf^s  who  d.  Sept.  1845,  af;ed  ji,  and  had  is.suc, 
Harriet-Catherine,  b.  12th  July  1842,  d.  if)lh  b'eb.  1844; 
and  2n(lly,  5th  Oct.  1847,  Clar.i- Louisa,  dau.  of  lion. 
llenr\-John  Houlton,  of  'Toronto  'see  Houlton),  and  has 
had  issue  :  la. — Claud-Thornton,  of  Hiekley,  C^).  Kent, 
Hng,,  b.  (jth  June  1854,  ni.  Hsther-Mary,  dau.  of  Wilhani 
Bayley  of  Croydon,  l'-n<,'.,  and  has  issue  :  2a. —  T'rancis- 
Osmund,  of  Toronto,  1).  30th  Sept.  1856,  in.  7th  July  1882, 
Marion-Louisa,  dau.  of  Sir  )anies-Lukin  Rol)inson,  Hart., 
(see  Robinson)  and  lias  issue,  Clara-(  ivvendolin,  J  ulia-  Isabel, 
I  lilda-Marion.  u/.  -Adela-Sidney,  m.  Sth  May  1873,  to 
Christopher  Wolston,  M  I).,  of  Croyilon,  Co.  Surny,  T>n<.;. 
2a. — Louisa-Clara. 

i.^ — Harriet,  b.  2()th  Oct.  1800,  m.  to  Charles  Kobinson,  of 
London,  b^nj.;..  Hanker. 

2. —  l.ucy,  b.  i6th  June  1802,  d.  22nd  May  (O.S.)  1803. 

3. — Lucy,  b.  22n(l  Sept.  1803,  ni.  to  Charles-l'Idward  Hutchinson, 
in    Holy   Orders,    Canon    Residentiary   of  Chichester,   and 
Vicar  of  Firle  cum  Heddinj.,diam,  Co.  Sussex,  d.  1870 
4. — Maria,  b.  20th  March    18 14,   ni.  to   Charles-Chevall  Tooke, 
Barrister-at-Law     and     ]  V.,  of    Hurston    Clays    in    T2ast 
Grinstead,  Co.  Sussex. 
(Hon.)  William   C.\vli:v,  b.  26th  May  1807,  d.  23rd  I-'eb.  i8go; 
Barrister-at-la\v  ;  was  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly  of  the 
Prov.    of    Can.  ;     was     Inspector-Oeneral     in    the     MacNab-Morin 
Ministry,  1854,  and  in  the   Macdonald-Cartier   Ministry,    1857,  and 
held     various    pul)lic    positions.       M.     12th    April     1836,     Emma- 
Robinson,  dau.   of    D'Arcy   Boulton   of  The  Orange,  Toronto  (see 
Houlton)  ;  she  d.  15th  March  1890;  and  had  issue  : 

la. — John-D'Arcy,  b.  15th  March  1837,  in  Holy  Orders  ;  some 
time  of  Cowfold,  Chichester,   Eng.,  afterwards  Incumbent 


of  Whitby,  Co,  Ontario,  and  now  Rector  of  St.  George's, 
Toronto,  Canon  and  Precentor  of  St.  Alban  s  Cathedral ; 
m.  8th  June  1861,  Mary-Magdalene,  dau.  of  John-Solomon 
Cartwright  (see  Cartwright),  and  has  issue  :  \b. — Edward- 
Cartvvright,  b.  13th  Feb.  1864,  M.A.,  in  Holy  Orders,  Pro- 
fessor of  Theology  in  Trinity  University,  Toronto;  ib  — 
Arthur-Macaulay,  b.  15th  Jan.  1867,  Lieut.  Royal  Artillery ; 
lb. — Mary  -  Augusta  ;  2b. — Cecil  -  Maud  ;  3(J. — Emma- 

2a. — Edward,  b.  29th  June  1840,  d.  23rd  Jan.  1868,  unm. 

3a. — Francis,  b.  7th  Feb.  1845,  m.  i5tii  Oct.  1874,  Jane- Isabel, 
dau.  of  Henry  Easton,  of  Belleville,  and  has  issue : 
\b. — William-Henry,  b.  30th  Dec.  1881  ;  \b. — Emma- 
Robinson  ;  2b. — Adelaide-Mary;  ib. — Muriel-Isabel. 

4a. — William,  b.  14th  }an.  1852,  d.  26th  May  1872,  unm. 

fa. — Beverly-Boulton,  b.  20th  Sept.  1853,  d.  i8th  Jan.  1885,  unm. 

6a:. — George-Arthur,  b.  ist  Feb.  1855,  d.  28th  Nov.  1858,  unm. 

7a. — Hugh-St.  Quentin,  Barrister-at-law,  of  Calgary,  y\lberta ; 
b.  igth  Nov.  1857  ;  Member  of  the  Legislature  of  tht 
North-West  Territories,  and  Prime  Minister  in  1892. 

8a. — Arthur,  b.  20th  Sept.  1850,  d.  3rd  Feb.  1880,  unm. 

\a. — Harriette-Anne,  L.  i6th  July  1838,  d.  23rd  Dec.  T889; 
m.  7th  June  i865,  to  James-Strachan  Cartwright  (see 

2a. — Mary,  b.  30th  Aug.  1842,  d.  1890;  m.  23rd  Aug.  i86f,  to 
William  (jlascott,  Capt.  late  3Gth  Regt.,  now  living  in 
Ireland,  and  had  issue:  William,  b  29th  June  1869; 
Francis-James  ;    Ethel ;  Amy  ;  Eva. 

3a. — Sophia-Emma. 

Arms  :  [Subject  to  due  difference  to  be  assigned)  :  Quarterly,  arg. 
and  sa.,  on  a  bend  gu.  three  mullets  of  the  first.  Crest :  A  demi 
lion  rampant  or,  charged  with,  a  bend,  thereon  three  mullets  arg.,  and 
holding  in  his  paws  a  battle  axe  az.  handle  gu.  tasselled  or.  Motto  : 
Vouloir  c'est  pouvoir. 



JAMES  MACAULAY,  b.  in  Scotland,  1759,  d.  ist  Jan.  1822, 
M  D.,  some  time  of  the  33rd  Rej^t.,  and  afterwards  of  the 
Queen's  Rangers  when  stationed  at  Niagara,  came  to  Canada 
about — or  soon  after — 1792,  and  settled  in  Toronto  ;  m.  istly,  20th 
Nov.  1790,  Elizabeth-Tuck  Hayter,  who  d.  29th  March  'S09;  2ndly, 
loth  Nov.  1817,  Rachael  Crookshank,  wh(^  d.  2nd  Feb.  1840;  and 
had  issue  of  the  first  marriage  only,  viz.  : 

i.~  (Hon.)  JoHN-SiMCOE,  b.  13th  Oct.  1791,  d.  20th  Dec.  1855  ; 
Col.  Royal  Engineers,  aftds.  of  Toronto;  member  of  the  Legis- 
lative Council;  subsequently  of  Rede  Court,  near  Rochester,  Co. 
Kent,  England  ;  m.  2nd  July  1825,  Ann-Gee,  dau.  of  Hon.  John  Elms- 
ley,  Chief  Justice  of  Lov,"^r  Canada,  and  Mary  his  wife  ;  she  died 
27th    Dec.    1861,  and  had  issue: 

la. — John-Jermy,  b.  15th  Aug.  1826,  d.s.p.  gth  Dec.  1859; 
m.  Oct.  1857,  Mary-Helena,  dau.  of  William  Perrin,  Mer- 
chant in  Toronto,  who  survived  him.  and  was  subsequently 
m..  to  Thomas-Shivers  Birchall,  son  of  Thomas-William 
Birchall  and  Magdalen  his  wife  (see  Gamble). 
2a. — George- Hayter,  b.  6th  Dec.  1830  ;  d.  -7th  Jan.  1859,  unm. 
3a. — James-Elmsley,    b.    I5lh    Nov.    1840;    of    Pilgrim's  Rest, 

Sydenburg  Gold,  Transvaal,  vS.  Africa. 
4a. — Benjamin-Alexander,   b.  25th   Oct.   1845,   of  Urenui,  New 

Plymouth,  New  Zealand. 
la. — Mary-Elizabeth,  b.  18th  May  1829;  d.  21st  Feb.  1836. 
2a. — Anne-Jessy,  of  Torquay,  Co.  Devon,  Eng. 
3a. — Sarah-Sophia-Bingham,  of  Torquay. 
4a. — Henrietta-Emma,  of  Torcjuay. 
5a. — Elizabeth-Mary,  of  Torquay. 

2. — (Sir)  James-Buch.vnan,  Kniglit,  C.B.,  b.  3rd  Dec.  1793,  d. 
26th  Nov.  1859.  Entered  tlie  army  as  Ens.  in  the  98th  Regt.,  and  when 
the  war  of  1812  broke  out  became  a  Lieut,  in  the  Glengarry  Fen- 
cibles,  in  which  Regt.  he  served  during,  the  war  with  distinction.  On 
the  conclusion  of  the  war  his  Regt.  was  disbanded  and  he  took  up 
the  profession  of  the  law,  being  called  to  the  Bar  in  1822.      He  was 


a  member  of  the  Executive  Council.  In  1829  he  was  raised  to 
the  ]^)ench,  becoming  Chief  justice  of  the  Court  of  Common  Ph'as 
in  1849,  retiring  in  1856  ;  was  sul)sequently  the  Chairman  of  a 
Commission  for  consoHdation  of  the  Statutes;  and  afterwards  was 
appointed  a  Judge  of  the  Court  of  F.rror  and  Appeal.  Was  for  some 
time  Treasurer  of  the  Law  Society,  to  which  office  he  was  re-elected 
on  the  day  of  his  death.  He  was  made  Companion  of  the  Bath,  and 
received  the  honour  of  Knighthood  in  1859.  lie  m.  ist  Dec.  1821, 
Rachel-Crookshank,  dau.  of  John  Gamble  (see  (jamble),  and  had 
issue  : 

la.— James,  d.  inf.,  13th  Feb.  1831.  » 

la. — ElizcUK>th-Is;ibella,  m.  8th  June  1850,  to  Richard  Mitchele, 
in    Holy    Orders,  who  was  some    time    Rector   of    Trinity 
Church,  Toronto,  and  aftds.  resided  in  England,  and  had 
2a. — Catherine-McGill,  b   March   1826,  d.  21st  Dec.  1865,  s.p.  ; 
m.  8th  April  1858,  as  first  wife,  to  13enjamin-Homer  Dixon 
(see  Di.xon  of  Homewood). 
3a. — ^Iilmily,  1).  Aug.  1828  ;  d.  28th  I-'eb.  1830. 
4a. — Louisa-Birchall,    b.  Se]-)t.    1834,    m.    jbth    Nov.    1857,   to 
Henry-Edward  Bennett,  Barrisier-at-law.  of  Sparkford  Hall, 
Co.  Devon,  England,  and  had  issue 
3. — Geouoe,  b.  iitli  No\-.  1796,  d.  7th  -Aug.  1828;   Barrister-at- 
law  ;  m.  26th  Oct.  1822,  Jane,  dau.  of  Nicholas  Hagerman  (TH.lE.X.), 
Barrister-at-Law.    of    Adolphustown    (who    survived    him    anil    was 
m.  2ndly,  30th  May   18-30,  to  George  Baker,  and  d.  25th  Oct.  1830); 
and  had  issue  : 

la. — Maria-Sarah,  1).  8th  Nov.  1824,  d.  23rd  July  1860;  m.  4th 
June  1846,  to  Thomas  Ross,  of  Montreal,  and  had  a  dau., 
Anne-Jane,  b.  8th  June  1847. 
2a. — Elizabeth-IIagerman,  b.  2nd  Nov.  1826;  m.  gth  Nov.  1850, 

to  Matthew-  Robert  Vankoughnet  (see  Vankoughnet). 
4. — .\li..\n,  in  Hol\-  Orders,  b.  4th  )an.     S04,  d.  1830,  unm. 
I. — b^lizabeth,  b.  27th  Feb.  1799,  d.  July   1832,  m.  28lh  March 
1817,    to   Hon.    Christopher-Alexander    Hagerman,    Justice   of    the 
Queen's  Bench,*  and  had  issue  : 

*  Hon.  Ctirist(iplier-.\lex;iiiiler  Hagerman,  b  2X\h  March  171)2,  il  i.|fli  May  ''f|7.  was  the  son 
of  Nicholas  lla:;i'nnan  above  named  ;  served  as  Lieut,  in  the  war  of  1812  ;  called  to  the  Bar  in  1H15, 
and  became  <_)  (■  in  the  same  year  ;  wa^;  a  Hencher  in  1.S20  ;  appointed  to  a  judj^esliip  in  i.SjS,  but 
did  not  lonti  continue  to  hold  that  appninlment :  Solicitor-t-eneral  182');  .Xttorney-lienerai  1837; 
was  appointed  a  judge  of  the  Court  of  Oueen's  Hench,  iH^o  He  ni.  2ndly,  in  1834,  ICniily  Merry, 
who  <1.  1S42,  and  had  issue,  one  dau..  Hmily-F^iizabeth,  b  i  (th  May  iSjH;  an<l  jrdly,  in  1846, 
Caroline  Tysen.     (Akms  ;  Quarterly,  or.  and  fru) 


i«.-James-Talbot,  b.  20th   Dec.   1826,  who  left  Upper  Canada 
in  1849  and  has  never  since  been  heard  of. 

!«.— Ehzabeth-Anne,  b.  i^th  Feb.  1820,  d.  14th  June  18^8,  m 
19th  July  1837,  to  John  Joseph,  who  was  a  clerk  in  the 
Colonial  Secretary's  olhce,  London,  and  came  to  Canada 
with  Sir  Francis-Bond  Head  in  1836,  and  was  Clerk  to  the 
Legislative  Assembly;  and  had  issue,  one  son,  Frank-John 
1).  5th  June  1838.  (Akms:  Perr/uz'ron  a.z.  and  vert,  Jive 
Xarh  three  audiwo,  the  laiter  chcvromvays,  or;  quartering 
Hajrerman.  Crest:  A  garb  or.  Motto:  Vincit  c.ui  se 

2«.-Mary  Jane,  b.  7th  June  1823,  m.  July  ,847,  to  Hon,  John- 

Beverley  Kobmson  (see  Robinson). 
3a. — Maria-Sarah,  d.  1828. 

,,.,,.'-;^,'^'">;'^-    ^5th    Feb,    1801,  d.  Feb.  1833,  m.  1822,  to  John- 
Wilham  Gamble  of  Woodbridge  (see  Gamble). 

3— Anne,    b.  3rd  May  1806,  d.s.p   5th  Oct.  1877,  m.   15th  Oct 
1829,  to  Peter  Diehl,  Surgeon,   who  was  b.  May   178G,    and    d    Vch 
March  1868.  -^ 

4--Sarah-Hayter,  b.  3rd   March    1809    d.    24th  Aug.  1866   m 
istly,  II  til  Jan.  1830,  to  John-Solomon  Cartwright,  who  d.  15th  Vm' 
1845,  and  2ndly,  20th  Sept.  1852,  to  John-Colville  Crookshank,  who 
d.  6th   Nov.  1861,  ag.d  41,  and  had  issue  of  the   Hrst   marria-^e  (see 
Carlwiight).  ^     ^" 




DIXON,  OF  The  Homewood,  Toronto, 

Thomas  Dickson  or  Dixon,  b.  1739,  d. 
1824,  son  of  Henry  Dickson,  of  Dunl^lane,  Co. 
Perth,  Scot.,  settled  in  Westminster,  Eng.,  and 
in  1788  removed  to  the  Netherlands  ;  he  m. 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Alexander  Mann,  of  Renny, 
Co.  Ross,  and  his  wife  Katharine,  dau.  of  John 
Eraser,  second  son  of  Thomas  Eraser,  Lord 
Lovat,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

Thomas,  b.  1781,  d.  1849,  Kniglit  of  the 
Order  of  the  Netherlands  Lion,  and  of  the 
Order  of  the  Lily  (Erance),  of  Amsterdam, 
Holland,  and  afterwards  of  Boston,  U.S.A. ;  n\ 
Mary-Bethia,  dau.  of  Benjamin-Parrott  Homer, 
of  Boston,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
I. — Benjamin- Homer,  of  whom  below. 
2.' — Thomas-Henry,  d.  1853,  unm. 

3. — EitzEugene,  of  Philadelphia,  U.S.A.,  m.  Catherine  Chew, 
dau.  of  Hon.  George-Mifflin  Dallas,  Vice-President  of  the 
U.S.A.  1845  to  1849. 
I. — Harriette-Elizal)eth,    m.    istly,  to  Wiliiam-Henry  Boulton 
(see  Boulton),  and  2ndly,  to  Professor  Goldwin  Smith. 

Beniamin-Homsr  Dixon,  above  named,  b.  loth  Mar.  1819,  of 
Boston,  U.S.A.,  aftds.  of  ''"oronto,  Knight  of  the  Order  of  the 
Netherlands  Lion,  Consul-General  for  the  Netherlands;  m.  istly, 
8th  April  1858,  Catherine-McGill  Macaulay  (see  Macaulay),  who  d. 
2ist  Dec.  1865;  2ndly,  26th  Nov.  j866,  Frances-Caroline,  b.  1838, 
d.  27th  Sept  1889,  dau.  of  William-Beverley  Heward,  son  of  Lieut.- 
Colonel  Stephen  Heward,  who  commanded  the  Queen's  Rangers 
during  the  war  of  1812;  and  3raly,  8th  Sept.  1891,  Emilie-Henrietta- 
Maud,  dau.  of  George  Caston,  Banker,  of  Basingstoke,  Eng.  (Arms: 
Az.  a  fess  wavy  ermines  between  three  crosses  formee  Jitcliee  or. 
Crest:  A  lions  paw  erased  sa.  holding  2ip  a  cross  pattee  fitc/iee  in  pale 
arg.),  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 



Of  the  second  marriage  : 
I- — Thomas-Fraser-Homer,  b.  1871. 
2.— William-Mayne-Homer,  b.  1872. 
3.-Henry-Eugene-Hoiner,  b.  1874. 
I. — Mary-Frances-Homer. 
2.— Harriett-Kate-Macaulay-Homer. 
3.     Ida-Louisa-Homer. 
And  of  the  third  marriage: 
4. — Homera-Emihe-Homer. 

Arms  :  Ar^.,  three  mullets  gu.,  on  a  chief  or  as  many  pallets  of  the 
second.      Crest:    A    hand  holding  a   sword  m   bend  (sinister)  ppr 
Motto  :  Fortes  fortuna  juvat. 

I !'  ^ 


VAN  K()U(;nNirr,  xh.e.x. 

This  family  came  to  A'merica  in  the  early 
part  of  the  iSth  centur\-  from  Alsace,  whence  tiii' 
family  miffratetl  on  that  I'rovince  heinj;  taki'U  hy 
h>ance  from  (iermany.  The  first  to  sc>ttle  in 
Canada  was  Michael  \'anK()U}j;hnet,  a  IJ.  E. 
Loyalist,  who  came  here  in  17S2  or  17S3,  and 
settled  in  Cornwall  ;  he  was  h.  1751,  d.  October 
1S32  ;  111.  Eve  Empe\-,  and  had  issue  (besides  a 
dau.  Christiana,  111.  to  William  ("line;  see 
Morris),  \iz.  : 

(lion.   Col.)    lMiili|i,   I).    211(1   .\|)ril  1790,    d. 
7th     May     1873;      Member    of    the    Legislative 
AssembI}-    and    Lefj;islative    Council    for    L'pjier 
Canada.      Serwd  in  the   wars  of   iSiiand   1S37, 
HI  the  latter  as   Lt.-Col.  of  the  5th   Batt.  Incor- 
porated Militia,  which  was  kept  up  on  a  full  war 
footinfj;  for  some  years  under  his  command.      1  It- 
was  Chairman  of  the   lioard   of  Dominion  .\rbi- 
trators  for  some  years  ])re\iously   to  and   at  tlu' 
date  of  his  death.       He  m.  1st   April    iSkj,    1  larriel-Sophia,   dau.  of 
Matthew  Scott,   of  Carrick-on-Suir,   Ireland   (b.    i5tli   .April    i7()5,  d. 
2Jnd  July  1^54),  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

1. — (lion.)  Philip-Michael-Matthew-Scott,  b.  21st  Jan.  1822,  d. 
7th  Nov.  1869.  Served  as  an  oihcer  of  Militia,  in  1837,  in  his  father's 
re}j[iment.  Called  to  the  Har  in  1843,  and  appointed  O.C.  in  1849. 
He  took  office  in  1856  as  President  of  the  Council  and  Minister  (.f 
Agriculture,  and  was  elected  a  Member  of  the  Lej^islative  Council.  I  le 
v/as  subsequently  Commissioner  of  Crown  Lands.  Became  Chancellor 
of  Upper  Canada  in  1862.  IVL  J4th  Nov.  1845,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of 
Col.  Barker  Turner  (who  served  at  Waterloo,  and  in  1845  settled 
in   Canada,  d.  1853)  and  had  issue  : 

III. — Philip-Turner,  b.  vSe])t.  1847  ;   went  to  !i\e  in  Inland. 
2a. — lulmund-B.irker  ;  b.  July  1840.     Commander  R.N  ;  ser\ed 
in  Soudan  (I'^gypt)    war    1885,    and   was   in  the  small   force 



wiiicli  ;i(l\  ;iiu'c(l  up  llir  Nile  lo  near  Ivharloimi,  in  which 
expedition  hi-  was  wounded.  M.  Lady  Jane-Charlotte- 
Hlizabeth    Alexander,    dau.    of   the    3rd    ILarl   of  Caledon. 

2. — Matthew- Robert,  of  wliom  l)eh)w. 

3. — l^olton-John,  1).  21st  April  1826,  d.  25th  Oct.  1848. 

4. — William-John,  1).  i8th  Ajiril  1832,  d.  2n(l  June  1832. 

5. — Salter-Jehosaphat,  of  whom  below. 

6. — lulmund,  b.  lOth  .\\m\  1834,  d.  2ylh  Jan.  1847. 

7. — John-Colborne,  b.  4th  Sept.  1835,  d.  22iid  Nov.  1872. 
Insjiector  in  Molsons  IJank.  M.  19th  Oct.  1863,  Martha-. \nn,  dau. 
of  Arthur  Norman,  in  Holy  Orders,  of  the  Island  c-f  (iuernsey, 
and  had  issue  : 

la. — .Arthur  Purcell,  b.  22nd  March  1866,  of  Rej^ina,  N.W.T., 
m.  24th  Dee.  i8()2,  Mar\'  l^encke,  and  has  issue,  .\rthur- 
Cierald,  b.  April   181)4. 

2a. — Claude-l'lthelbert,   b.    I3lh   Jan.    iSji.d.    2()th    Apiil    iScjo. 

la. — AL'ir\-l'"Jeonora,  ni.  to  John  1  )erbisliire,  of  Hloomlield,  Co. 
I'rinee  b'.dward,  and   has   issue',  l\o\',  i).  3r(l  Nov.  i8()i. 

2a. —  I'Morenee-Ada,  ni.  i  si  Oct.  1892,  to  Janies-1  Jruce  iveid, 
and  has  issue,  Mary-b'rederica. 

8. — Lawrence,  b.  7th  Oct.  1836.  in  the  Civil  Service  of  Canada 
for  about  33  \ears,  beinj;'  l)e]nitv-Supt.-Cieneral  of  Indian  affairs  for 
o\-er  Kj  \ears.  M.  5th  Jul\  1870,  Lucy,  dau.  of  James  (irant, 
L.R. C.S.I'..,  fornu'rh'  of  Corrimoiu',  Co.  In\erness,  Scotland,  and 
sister  of  Sir   James  (irant,  M.I).,  of  ( )ttawa. 

I. — .\nnie-I'Ae-I'hilipine,  b.  4th  Marcli  1820,  d.  16th  fan.  1894, 
m.  to  Pearson- Philij-)  Harris,  an  officer  in  the  Army.  Went  to  live 
in  the  U.S..\.  Had  issue  (besides  others  who  d.  inf.)  two  sons  and 
three  daus. 

2. — Harriet-Louisa,  b.  27th  Jan.  1828,  d.  Aj)ril  1889.  M.  27th 
.April  1848,  to  Dr.  .Mien,  and  had  issue,  three  sons  and  three  daus. 

3. — ,\nn-Catharine,  an  accom|)lished  musician,  and  composer  of 
several  pieces;    b.  24th  Jan.   1830,  d.   ist  Nov.   1889. 

4. — MarfTtaret-l-Hizabeth,  b.   14th   March    i83i,d.  ist  .\]iril  1837. 

5. — Anna,  b.  9th  March  1840,  d.  22nd  i'^'b.  1841. 

Matthew-Robert  (named  abo\'e),  of  Toronto,  Barrister-at-la\v, 
and  a  Hencher  of  the  Law  Society,  was  b.  16th  Sept.  1824,  d.  28th 
Nov.  1874.  M.  9th  Nov.  1830,  l"21izabeth-Ha<;erman,  dau.  of  George 
Macaulay  (see  Macaulax),  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la. — Matthew-Scott,  b.  28th  Aug.  1835. 


2a. — George-Macaulay-Diehl,  b.  30th  July  1868. 

la. — Eva-Macaulay. 

2a. — Mary-Elizabeth,  m.  30th  July  1884,  to  Frank-Wolf  May, 
Merchant  in  Montreal,  and  has  issue :  Lilian-Gretchen  ; 
Beatrice-Gladys  ;    Elsa-Majorie. 

3a. — Anne-Madeline,  m.  21st  June  1888,  to  Francis-Wolferstan- 
Gooaliue  Thomas,  of  London,  Ontario,  and  has  issue:  Guy- 
Wolferstan  ;    Amorel-Macaulay ;    Schearem-VanKoup[hnet. 

4a. — Harriet-Ethel-Purcell,  m.  13th  Oct.  1885,  to  William 
Macculloch,  of  Toronto,  and  has  issue:  Ferdinand-George; 

Salter-Jehosaphat,  of  Toronto  (named  above),  Barrister-at-law, 
Q.C.,  Reporter  to  the  Courts ;  b.  20th  April  1833,  d.  20th  June  1888; 
m.  October  1857,  Agnes,  dau.  of  Hon,  Benjamin  Seymour  of  Port 
Hope,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

la. — Arthur-Herbert-Seymour,  of  Toronto,  b.  30th  Oct.  1805, 
m.  Gertrude,  dau.  of  Stephen-E.  Smith,  of  Sherbrooke, 
Quebec,  son  of  Hon.  Hollis  Smith. 

2a. — Ernest-Reginald,  of  Toronto,  b.  19th  April  1869. 

la. — Edith-May,  m.  to  Albert  Nordheimer,  Merchant  and 
Manufacturer  in  Toronto,  of  a  German  family,  originally 
Jewish,  of  considerable  professional  and  mercantile  promin- 
ence, and  has  had  issue  :    Victor-Albert ;    Gladys  ;   Yvonne. 

2a. — Gertrude-Agnes,  m.  as  2nd  wife,  to  Hugh-John  Macdonald, 
of  Winnipeg,  Barrister-at-law,  Q.C.,  some  time  M.P.  for 
Winnipeg  (see  Macdonald  of  Earnscliffe). 

3a. — Maude,  m.  to  George  McKinnon,  who  d.s.p.  June  1894. 

4a. — Beatrice,  m.  to  Robert  Machray,  nephew  of  the  Archbishop 
of  Rupert's  Land,  and  has  had  issue,  Marjorie-Elaine. 


:  ^rg.  (or  grm.J,  two  demi-lions  rampant  erased  vert,  sup- 
porting a  sword  point  upzuards  ppr.  piercing  three  denii  fieurs-de-lis  (?) 
in  pale  or.     Crest :   Out  of  a  coronet  a  demi-lion  rampant  gu.  holding  a 
sword  piercing  three  demi  fleurs  de  lis  (?)  as  in  the  arms.      Motto: 
Virtus  sola  nobilitat. 



CARTWRIGHT,   Til.  JE.  X. 


Richard  Cartwright,  b.  1720,  came  to 
America  and  settled  in  New  Y(jrk  about  1742, 
and  after  the  Revolutionary  War  removed  to 
Canada.  He  m.  1743,  Johanna  Beasley,  of 
Albany,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

(Hon.)  Richard,  b.  2nd  Feb.  1759,  d.  1815. 
Served  in  Butler's  Ranj^^ers,  1778-9.  Was  a 
Member  of  the  Legislative  Council  of  Upper 
Canada  from  1792.  Was  Justice  of  the  Common 
Pleas.  M.  Magdalen  Secord  (see  Secord),  and 
had  issue,  viz. : 

I.— James;  2.— Richard  ;  3.— Stephen  ;  all 
of  whom  d.s.p.,  v.p. 

4- — Thomas-Robinson,  m.  Anne  Fisher,  d. 
1829,  s.p, 
(Robert-David,  of  whom  below. 
(John-Solomon,  of  whom  below. 
I.— Mary-Magdalen,  m.  to  Alexander  Dobbs,  C.B.,  Cai)t.  R.N., 
upon   whom   the    honour   of  C.B.    was    conferred    for   dis- 
tinguished  service  near  Fort  Erie  in  1814. 
2. — Hannah,  d.  young. 

Robert-David,  above  named,  b.  1804  (twin),  d.  1843  in  Holy 
Orders,  Chaplain  to  the  Forces  at  Kingston,  m.  B:arriet,  dau.  of 
Conway-Edward  Dobbs,  of  Dublin,  Ireland,  a  member  of  the  family 
of  Dobbs  of  Castle  Dobbs,  Co.  Antrim.  (Arms.Pey  pale  arg.  and 
sa.  a  chev.  engr.  between  three  unicorns'  heads  erased,  all  counter- 
changed);  she  d.  1887,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
i«- — Conway-Richard,  d.  inf. 
2a. — Richard-John,  of  whom  below. 

3a.— Conway-Edward,  in  Holy  Orders,  Chaplain  Kingston 
Penitentiary;  m.  Marie-Letitia,  dau.  of  Edward  Johnson, 
of  Ballymacan,  Ire.,  and  has  had  issue:  i<5.— Conv/ay- 
Edward  ;  2(5.  — George-Strachan,  Royal  Engineers:  3^.— 
Cosmo-Theodore  ;  and  five  daus. 


4a. -     K()lK'lt-I)()l)l)S,-  (l.S.)). 

la. — Mar)'-J:inf,  111.  to  — 



Janiioson,  Siii"}^u'<)ii-M;ijor-(  Iciuial. 
(Hon.    Sir)     Richard-john,    above    named,    1).    41I1     Dec.    1S35, 

K.C.M.C..,    M.l'.,  I'.C,   Minister  of  l"inaiu:e  i«73  to  1S78; 

m.  iS3(),  l'>anees,  (lau.  of  Alexander  Lawe,  Col.  II  I'>.I.C\S., 

of  Cork,  Ire.,  and  has  had  issue,  \i/,  : 

liJ.  — l\ol)ert,  C"ai)t.  \\.C.  Iu',i;t.,  1).  4lh  Nov.  iS()o,  ni.  Oel. 
1SS5,  I\y-Maria,  dau  of  Benjaniin-Canninfi;  Davy,  and 
has  issue,  ic. — -Marion-Lawe  ;  2c. — Vida-Lois. 

2d. — Richard-Conway,  b.  25th  Sept.  1862,  late  Capt.  14th 
Princess  of  Wales'  Own  Rifles,  now  M.D.  of  Rochester, 
New  York;  m.  Sept.  1R90,  Kate-bethel,  dau.  of  b' ran- 
cis-Ilansard  Ilora,  of  Kinj^^ston,  late  l'a\-niaster  in  the 
Indian  Na\\'. 

}/?. — Alexander-Dobbs,  of  Toronto,  b.  20th  Sept.  1864,  I^ar- 
rister-at-law,  Lieut.  47th  P'rontenac  Hatt.  Act.  Mil. 

4(5. — Henry,  b.  loth  Jan.  1872. 

5<5. —  bVank  Lennox,  b.  27th  March  1874,  Lieut.  14th  Prin- 
cess of  Wales'  Own  RiHes. 

Gd. — Conway,  b.  3th  April  1876. 

y6. — Louis-Stewart,  b.  ist  March  1878. 

id. — Harriet-Elizabeth. 

2d. — Frances-Madeline. 

}d. — Mary-Josephine. 

JoHN-SoLOMON,  above  named  b.  1804  (twin),  d.  15th  Jan.  1845, 
Member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly;  m.  i  ith  Jan.  1830,  Sarah- 
Hayter  Macaulay  (see  Macaulay);  she  was  b.  3rd  March  1809,  and 
d.  24th  Aug.  1866;  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

la — Richard,  b.  i8th  Nov.  1831,  d.  igth  Aug.  1832. 
2a. — James-Strachan  of  Toronto,  b.  20th  Aug.  1840,  Barrister- 
at-law.  Registrar  of  the  Supreme  Court;  m.  istly,  7th 
June  1866,  Harriet-Anne,  dau.  of  Hon.  William  Cayley  (see 
Cayley),  and  2ndly,  Jane-Elizabeth,  dau.  of  George-Alex- 
ander Young  and  his  wife  Adaline-Harriet  Henniker;  and 
has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

Of  the  first  marriage : 

id. — James-Stewart,  b.  ist  Oct.  1874. 

2(5.— Robert-John,  b.  1888. 

id. — Emma-Mildred. 


And  ot  llu'  si'coiul  niani;i.Lj(r  : 
2h, — Ad;\Iine-M;iry. 
}^h   -  1  li'li  ii-Marjorie. 

3rt. — John-Kobison,  of  loioiito,  I).  -'(Stli   l'"cl).  iH4_',    Harris 
ter-at-law,    Deputy  Attorncy-Gi'iieral   for  Ontario;  in. 
.^otli    June   I.S68,   lunily,  dau.  of  l.icut.   COI.   D'Arcy- 
I'.dward  Houlton  (see  Boulton),  and  has  liad  issue: 

\l).     jolin-Macaulay-Boulton,    I)     _'Stli   Sept.    1S7J,  d 
i6th  Jan,  1H77. 

2<5 -— Ralph-Rin<,^hani,  h.  4th  Auj;.  1876. 

3^^.  —  l^dwin-Auhrey,  1).  J5th  Auj,'.  1879. 

I/;— Mabel. 
\a — Elizabeth  Rachel,  b.  ist  (^ct.  1833,  d.  Oct.  1834. 
2a. — Anne-Macaulay.  b.  Jist  June  1837,  ni.  (jth  Oct.  1857, 

to  Howen  Van  Straubenzie,  then  Capt.  yth  Ref^t.,  aftds. 

Lieut. -Col.  .\ct.  Mil.  of  Can.,  and  Depy.  .\djt.-Gen.;  • 

and  has  issue,  viz.  :     Arthur- 1  fojie,  b.  gth  Nov.  1861, 

Lieut.    R.I'L.;     Bowcn-WMlliam-Sutton,    b.    20th    Oct. 

1864,  Lieut.  S.  Wales  Borderers;   Casimir  Cartwrij^Oit, 

1).  Nov.  1867 ;  Charles-Tunu  r ;  Madeline-l*!lmil\-Louisa ; 

Edith  ;  Cordelia-Lihan. 

3rt!. — Mary-.Maj^dalen,  b.  2nd  .\u}^.  1835,  m.  28th  June  1861, 
to  fohn-l)'.\rcy  Cayley,  in  ilnly  Orders  (see  Cayley). 

4<e.  -Sarah-Stuart,  b.  12th  Dec.  1838,  m.  25th  .\pril  1866, 
as  2n(l  wile,  lo  Thomas  Bedford-Jones,  b.  i(jth  Jan. 
1830;  ill  Holy  Orders;  M.A.  and  LL.'D.  Trin.  Col., 
Dublin,  and  D.C.L.,  Trin  Col.,  Toronto  ;  .Archdeacon 
of  l\in,L,fst()n,  and  Precentor  of  St.  George's  Cathedral, 
Kintrston  ;  late   Rector  of  Nananee  and  now  Rector  ot 

'  of  a  family  m'osI  of  .vliose  members  have  been  in  the  .\rniy  or  Nav)  ,  and  which  derives 
descent  from  a  family  of  liif,'h  rank  in  the  N'etherlantis,  of  whom  I'hilip  \Villiam-('asimir  \'an  Strau- 
benzie, Capl  in  the  Dntch  (liiards,  settled  in  England,  temp.  Charles  II  Me  m  Jane,  dau.  of  Choi- 
meley  Turner,  and  had  two  sons,  of  whom  CharlesSpencer  ni  I'heophila  Davidson  and  had  is.-.ue 
(besides  others)  Thomas,  Major  K  .\.,  whom  Maria  Howen  and  had  issue  (besides  others)  Howen 
above  nameil,  who  was  b  12th  .\pril  iiS2(;;  entered  the  army  as  ICns  J2nd  Kegt  in  1846:  served  in 
the  Punjab,  iS.jij  (was  wounded),  on  the  North  West  I'rontier  of  Indi.?  1851  ;  in  the  Crimean  War 
on  the  statf  o)  his  brother  Sir  Charles-'l".  \'an  Slraid)en/ie  .  in  China,  185H  i>o,  as  Hrifjade  Major, 
being  present  in  every  engagement  ;  retired  from  the  .\rmy  (Major)  in  iNoS  and  settled  in  Canada, 
where  he  was  for  several  years  Deputy  Adji  (Jen.  3rd,  and  attds.  5th,  Military  1  )islritls  (Lieut.  Col); 
served  in  the  North-West  in  1883,  and  commanded  the  Infantry  Hrigade  at  Hatoche 

Arms  :  an  nstricli  liuhlint^  in  his  btok  u  hone  shoe.     Crest  ;  out  of  11  coronet,  two  eagle's  tvin^s. 
























WEBSTER,  N.Y.  14580 

(716)  872-4503 








Brockville  ;  *  md  has  issue,  viz. :  '  Allan-Cartwright- 
McNaughton,  b.  1867,  Barrister-at-law,  of  Toronto; 
Harold-Hudson,  b.  1869,  M.A.,  in  Holy  Orders,  Fel- 
low of  Trinit}'  College,  Toronto;  Gwyn-Macaulay,  b. 
1871,  of  the  Dominion  Bank,  Toronto;  Percival-Lang- 
ton,  b.  1878,  d.  1889. 

Arms:  Erm.,  a  fesse  betw.  three  fireballs  sa.  fired  ppr.  Crest:  A 
griffin's  head  erased  or,  pierced  through  the  neck  with  a  broken  spear 
arg.  (otherwise  described  as.  a  ivolfs  head  erased  or,  pierced  through 
the  neck  zvith  the  broken  blade  of  a  sword  arg).  Motto:  Defend  the 

»  Eldest  son  of  WilliamThomas  Jones,  M.D.,  of  Cork,  Ire.,  of  which  city  he  was  High 
Sheriflf  in  1826,  son  of  Thomas  Bedford-Jones,  shipowner,  of  a  family  who  came  from  Middleton 
near  Manchester,  cir.  1646,  ami  settled  in  London,  of  which  one  of  the  family.  Sir  Roger  Jones,  was 
Lord  Mayor.  The  family  was  formerly  connected  with  Co.  Bedford,  from  which  is  derived  the  use 
of  that  name  which  has  become  a  second  surname,  though  not  so  used  until  recently  by  all  mem- 
bers of  the  family.  Dr.  William-Thomas  Jones-m.  istly,  Nancy  Deane,  sister  of  Sir  Thomas  Deane, 
Knight,  of  Dundanion  Castle,  Co.  Cork,  ;md  2ndly,  Helen,  dau.  of  John  McNaughton  of  Co.  Clack- 
mannan, Sc"..  desci;ndant  of  the  Chief  of  Clan  MacNachten  wdo  was  an  adherent  of  the  Pretende.-  in 
1843  and  was  executed  ;  and  had  issue  of  tb»  second  marriage  only,  five  sons  and  three  daughters,  of 
whom  the  second  son.  William-Henry  Ma>  laughton-Jones.  settled  in  British  Columbia  in  1862,  and 
is  chief  Quarantine  Olli  er  at  Virtoria.  Archdeacon  Bedford-Jones,  who  also  came  to  Canada  in 
1802,  m.  istly.  i860,  Marv-Elizaboth.  d.  18O1,  dau.  of  John-George  Shaw,  sometime  Mayor  of  Bristol, 
Eng.,  and  had  issue,  William,  in  H  .ly  Order.i,  Rector  of  St.  Mark's,  Buffalo,  New  York. 

AuMS  :  Az  a  cross  b  -t^t'cn  four  f'h  uns  nr  :  Crest  :  on  a  chapcau  az.  turned  up  or,  a  dexter  arm 
embowed  vnmlirnced  ppr  the  a  iintht  ur  tasscUed  gii.  holding  a  broken  spear  of  the  last  armed  of 
the  sccunu      Motto:  Coplibus  mihi  vises. 


BRANT,  Til.  le.  %. 


IN  the  year  1710  five   Indian   Chiefs  or  Sachems  were   taken  to 
England,  where  they  attracted  much  attention,  and  were  pre- 
sented to  Queen  Anne.      Three  of  these  were  Mohawks,  one  of 
whom  was  chief  of  the  Canajoharie  clan  or  division  of  that  tribe,  to 
whic'-  the  famous  Brant  belonged. 

One  of  these  chiefs,  said  to  be  the  last  mentioned,  was  the 
father  of 

Nickus  Brant  or  Aroghyadagha,  also  known  by  the  name  of 
Tehowaghwengaraghkwin,  a  sachem  of  the  Wolf  (Okwaho)  family 
or  totem.  Two  of  the  children  of  this  chief  attained  considerable 
celebrity,  viz.  : 

Joseph,  of  whom  below. 

Mary,  or  Molly,  as  she  has  usually  been  called  ^d.  1805),  who 
became  the  second  wife  of   Sir  William  Johnson,  Baronet  (d.  1774), 
who  was  a  gentleman  of  large  estates  in  the  then  Province  of  New 
York  (which  were  confiscated  by  the  American  Government,  and  his 
son.  Sir  John  Johnson,   dispossessed,   in   the    Revolutionary  War) 
He  exercised  great  influence  among  the  Indians,  and  was  a  success- 
ful military  leader,  being  consequently  a  prominent  figure  in  the  con- 
test   for    supremacy    between    the    English    and    French    in    North 
America.     Molly  is  described  by  an  authoress  to  whom  she  was  well 
known,  as  possessing  "an  uncommonly  agreeable  person  and  good 
understanding."     Of  this  marriage  there  was  issue  (besides  probably 
others),   Wilh.-im,  d.  unm.,  and  daughters  married  as  follows :     to 
Capt.  Farle) ,  Goth  Regt.  ,  to  Lieut.   Lemoine,   24th  Regt. ;    to  John 
Ferguson  of  the  Indian  Department;    to  Capt.  Earle,  naval  officer- 
and  to  Robert  Kerr,  M.I).,  of  Niagara,  said  to  be  a  relative  of  the 
Duke  of  Roxburgh,  who  had  issue,  three  sons,  all  officers  in  the  war 
of  1812,  viz. : 

I.— William-Johnson  (Kerr)  b.  1787,  m.  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Joseph  Brant,  named  below.  He  was  Captain  in  the  war 
of  1812;  commanded  the  Indians  at  the  Beaver  Dams, 
when  a  small  force  under  Fitzgibbon  secured  the  surrender 



f  f 


of  a  considerable  body  of  Americans;*    was  subsequently 

Lieut. -Col. ;  orj^anized  a  body  of  Indians  to  serve  in  1837-8; 

and  was  sometime  a  member  of  the  Lefjislative  Assembly. 
2. — Walter  (Kerr),  was  wounded  and  taken  prisoner  in  1812,  but 

escaped,  and  subsecjuently  died  of  his  wounds. 
3. — Robert  (Kerr). 
And  two  daus.,  one  m.  to  Colonel  Clarke,  of  Niagara  Falls,  and 

the  other  to Gillespie,  of  Montreal. 

(Capt).  Joseph  Brant  or  Thayendinegea,  b.  1742,  d.  Nov.  1807, 
a  Chief  of  the  Six  Nations  and  a  Captain  in  the  army  ;    was  dis- 
tinguished as  a  brave  and  skilful  warrior  and  as  a  statesman  of  great 
natuT-al  ability.     At  thirteen  years  of  age  he  was  present  at  the  battle 
of    Lake  George,  when  the  English,  under   Sir  William   Johnson, 
defeated  the  French.      In  1764  he  was  engaged  in  a  war  against  the 
great  Chief  Pontiac,  who  had  raised  a  strong  confederacy  of  Indian 
tribes  to  endeavour  to  dispossess  the  English  of  territories  acquired 
by  them  from  the  French.     Soon  after  this  the  American  Revolution- 
ary War  broke  out,  in  which  Capt.  Brant  was  a  faithful  and  energetic 
adherent  of  tMe  Crown,  rendering,  time  and  again,  important  services, 
and  being  also  noted  for  his  constant  efforts  to  restrain  his  followers 
and  to  prevent  the  excesses  which  usually  occurred  in  Indian  warfare. 
It  is  true  that  this  latter  phase  of  his  character  has  been  denied  by 
some  writers,  apparently  on  the  authority  of  Campbell's  "Gertrude 
of  Wyoming,"  but  it  is  now  generally  admitted,  and  Campbell  him- 
self declared,  that  the   Brant  pictured   by  him  was  a    character  of 
fiction  to  whom  the  name  was  unjustly  applied.      Some  historians 
have   indeed   declared  the    story  of    the   so-called    "Massacre"   of 
Wyoming  to  be  almost  wholly  un^^rue,  or  at  least  grossly  misstated  ; 
and  at  the  most  what  did  take  place  was  a  reprisal,  according  to  the 
manner  of  warfare  of  the  place  and  time,   for  atrocities  committed 
upon  the  Royalists  by  the  Revolutionary  party.     After  the  American 
States  became  independent,   Capt.   Brant,  with  the  greater  part  of 
the  Mohawks,  and  a  number  of  the  other   five   tribes,   withdrew  to 
Canada,  where  grants  of  land  were  made  to  the  Six  Nations  on  the 
Bay  of  CJuinte,  and   subsequently   on   the  Grand  River,  on  both  of 
which  their  descendants  still   continue.      Capt.  Brant  himself  was 

*  Lieut.  Fitzgibbon  s  command  consibted  of  i6  horse,  and  46  foot,  with  the  Indians,  variously 
slated  at  from  .130  to  450,  the  former  figure  being  given  by   Kerr,  and  therefore  likely  to  be  correct 
'rhe  Americans,  after  having  lost  a  number  killed  and  wounded,  surrendered  544,  which  included  .So 
cavalry,  with  two  guns 


granted  an  estate  of  considerable  extent  at   Burlington,   where  he 
built  a  house  long  known  as  Brant   House,  and  lived  with  his  family 
in   the   European    manner,   devoting   the    remainder   of   his    life    to 
furthenng  the  welfare  of  his  people,  and  their  advance  in  civilization 
A  wooden  church,  erected  about    1785   through   his  efforts,   is  still 
standing  near  Brantford,  in  which   city*  a  handsome  bronze  statue 
has  been  erected  to  his  memory.      He  m.   istly,   Margaret,  dau   ot 
an  Oneida  Chief;    2ndly,  in   1772  or    xjy^,  Susanna,  a  half  sister  of 
his  hrst  wife,  who  d.s.p.  ;  and  3rdly,  Catharine,  b.  J759,  d.  24th  Nov 
1837,  of  the  f^imily  of   Tehkarihoken   or   Hereditary   Chief   of  the 
1  urtle  (Anovvara)  totem  or  clan  of  the  Mohawk  tribe;   and  had  issue, 
N'iz.  :  Of  the  first  marriage  : 

I.— Isaac,  d.  1795,  who  had  issue,  viz.:  la— Isaac,  fought 
bravely  in  the  war  of  1812,  d  s.p.  ;  i«.-Mary  or  Margaret;  2« — 
Ellen   or   Elenor,    m.   to   Joseph    Lottridge,   and  had  issue,   Isaac- 

Mary,  m.    istly  to Hess,   2ndly  to  Rev.  A.   Sickles;  Catharine;' 

Esther,  m.  to Claus. 

I. ^-Christina;  m  to  Henry  Aaron  Hill,  ;ind  had  issue  (besides 
two  other  .sons  and  another  dau.)  Solomon,  in.  Catherine,  and  had 
issue,  Joseph,  m  Elizabeth  Hill;  Mary,  d.  Dec.  1873,  m.  istly  to 
Joseph  Monture,  2ndly  to  John  Johnson  or  But.nell,t  and  3rdly  to 
Joseph  Sawyer,  a  Chief  of  the  Missisnugas,  and  had  issue,  viz  • 
i<^.~-Isaac  (r^Ionture)  ;  2^. -Peter  (Monture),  who  had  a  .son  Peter, 
who  had  two  sons,  John  and  Henry  ;  3^.-Jacob  (Monture) ;  id  — 
Catherine  (Monture)  ;  i^.— Christian^  (Bunnell),  b.  1844  \  26.— 
Elizabeth  (Bunnell),  who  was  m.  to  Elijah  Johnson,  and  had  issue 
Ansley.  William,  Catharine.  ' 

And  of  the  3rd  marriage : 

2.-Joseph,  b.  1783,  d.  1830;  m.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Captain  John, 
and  had  issue,  one  dau.,  Catharine  (still  living  in  1894),  ni.  to  John- 
VV.    Hill,  son  of  William  Hill,  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

\b. — William,   m.,   but  s.p. 

2.^  -Joseph,  m.  Nancy  Brant,  and  has  issue,  one  son,  William. 




•  Which  bears  his  name,  as  does  also  the  surrounding  County  of  Hrant.       His  Indian  name  is 
borne  by  the  Township  of  Tyendinaga,  on  the  Hay  of  yuinte. 

t  Known  by  both  surnames,  and  so  styled  in  the  register  of  this  marriage.  This  genealoev  con- 
Uins  several  examples  of  surnames  in  the  course  of  adoption.  Since  settling  in  Canada  the  Six 
Nations  have  generally  acquired  surnames,  having  previously  seldom  used  any  'rhe  name  Johnson 
;s  of  frequent  occurrence  and  has  perhaps  been  adopted  out  of  respect  for  Sir  William  Johnson 
1  he  most  common  method  of  acquiring  surnames  by  Indians  at  the  present  time  is  to  take  as  such  the 
name  (Indian)  of  the  hrst  one  who  becomes  prominent,  or  who  adopts  a  settled  mode  of  life 

„      i  3*"'"  H^T  fy'^'l."f"'!>   .«':?"'■«   i"  fhe  Registers  of   the  Mohawk  Church,  end  seems  to  be 
regarded  as  identical  with  Christina  and  Christiana 



i^.— Ann,  married  to  Alexander  Loft,  and  has  issue.  Simcoe, 

2^.~Elizabeth,   unni. 

3^.— Ellen,  m.  to  Oronhyatekha,  M.D  ,  of  Toronto,  a  Mohawk 
of  the  Wolf  (Okvvaho)  totem,  Supreme  Chief  Ranger  of  the 
Independent  Order  of  Foresters,  a  body  which  h?s  attained 
a  very  large  membership  and  influence  in  Onvario  and 
elsewhere,  and  has  had  issue  :.  ir.— Acland,  M.D.,  Lieut. 
34th  Ontario  Batt.  Act.  Mil.,  at  present  of  London,  Eng.  ; 
2c. — Shorihowaneh,  drowned  at  London,  Ont.,  by  the  sink- 
ing of  the  Victoria,  an  excursion  steamer,  24th  May  1881, 
when  many  lives  were  lost ;  3^.— Albert-Edward,  d.  inf. ; 
4^.~John-Alexander,  d.  inf.;  i^.— Catherine-Evangeline, 
Karakwineh  ;  2<:.— Kajijunhaweh,  d.  inf.  ;  this  family  use 
the  name  Oronhyatekha  as  a  surname. 

4<^. — Lydia,  unm. 

5<5.— Susan,  m.  to  John  Loft,  and  has  issue,  Clara,  Harriet, 

6<5.— Mary,  a.,  m.  to  Nelson  Maricle,  and  had  issue,  Mary, 
Ellinor,  Margaret. 

7<J.— Sarah,  m.  to  Isaac  Green,  and  has  issue,  one  dau.,  Gertrude. 

3. — Jacob,  d.  1846,  who  had  issue,  viz. : 

la.— Jacob,  m.  Mary  Jones,  and  had  a  dau.  m.  to  Herkimer. 

2a. -^John,  m.  istly,  a  Chippewa,  and  2ndly,  a  white  woman, 
had  issue,  viz. :  of  the  first  marriage,  John-R ;  Henry  ; 
Joseph;  Jacob;  and  of  the  second  marriage,  Robert,  m. 
Lydia  Lewis  (see  below) ;  Sidney;  Margaret,  m.  to  William 
Crane;    all  of  whom  have  issue. 

■\a. — Squire.     4^. — Peter. 

la. — Christina,  m.  to  John  Jones,*  and  had  issue  :  \b. — Henry, 
d.  leaving  issue  :  i<5.— Elizabeth,  m.  and  had  issue  ;  2b. — 
Anna,  m.  to  Isaac  Foster,  and  has  issue;    ^b. — Ella,  unm. 

2a. — Charlotte,  m.  to  Peter  Smith,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

\b. — Peter,  rn.  Charlotte  Loft,  and  has  had  issue,  several 
sons  and  daus.  ;  2b. — Alexander,  has  had  issue,  one 
son;    \b. — Elizabeth,  m.  to  Robert  Dee,  M.D.  (wh.), 

41,  t.  Son  of  Augustus  Jones  (white),  Surveyor,  who  came  to  Canada  in  Gov.  Simcoe's  time  from 
ju*i*  New  York,  and  who  m.  Tuhbenahneeguay,  dau.  of  Wahbanosay,  a  Missisauga  Chief 
and  had  issue,  viz.  ;  John  (above  named),  or  Tyenteneget  (apparentl>  so  named  after  Joseph  Brant, 
by  whom  the  name  is  said  to  have  been  conferred)  ;  Rev.  Peter,  or  Kahkewaquonaby,  a  Wesleyan 
Missionary  ;  and  three  other  sons  and  five  daughters 


and  has  had  issue,    two  daus.  viz.,    Kate,   m.  to  — 
Van  Boskirk  (wh.),   and  has  issue;  and  Fanny,  unm.; 
2(5.— Mary,  m.  to  Frank  Dee  (wh.),  and  has  had  issued 
Robert,  d.  young;  and  EHzabeth  ;  3<5.— Charlotte,  unm. 
4.— (Capt.)  John  Brant,  or  Ahyonwaeghs,  b.  27th  Sept.  1794, 
d.  1832,  unm.      Was  Tehkarihoken  or  Hereditary  Chief  of  the  Six 
Nations  by  descent  from    and    nomination   of   his  mother,   and  a 
Captain  in  the  army.      Of  him  it  is  recorded  that  he  was  "  amiable 
and  manly  in  his  feelings  and  character,  and  becoming  well  acquainted 
with  English  literature,  his  manners  were  early  developed  as  those 
of  an  accomplished  gentleman."     In  the  war  of  1812,  youthful  as  he 
was,  he  took  the  field  with  his  warriors  and  was  "engaged  in  many 
of  the  actions  on  the  Niagara   frontier,   in  all  of  which  his  bearing 
was  chivalrous  and  his  conduct  brave."      In   1827  he  was  appointed 
Superintendent  of  the  Six  Nations.     He  was  agent  for  the  Company 
for  Propagation  of  the  Gospel  in   New  England,  and  in  recognition 
of  his  services  received  a   handsome  testimonial,  a  cup  of  gold  and 
silver.     In  1832  he  was  returned  Member  of  the  Provincial  Parlia- 
ment for  Co.  Haldimand,  but  was  unseated  on  a  technicality,  and 
died  shortly  after. 

2. — Margaret,  m.  to  Powless  Powless*  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
liz.— Joseph,  m.  Mary  Hill,  and  had  issue,  George,  m.  Elizabeth 
Martin,  a  sister  of  Dr.  Oronhyatekha,  above   named,  and 
had  a  son,  George,  who  m.  Caroline  Martin,  and  had  issue 
thirteen  children,  of  whom  eight  d.  young. 
—George,  m.  Susannah  Davis. 
—Susannah,  m.  to  Isaac  Lewis,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
i<5.— Joseph  (Levv^is),  d.  1866,  Chief  1857  to  1866,  m.  and 

had  issue,  two  children. 
2b. — Jacob,  who  had  issue  :  Joseph,  who  had  issue  ;  Lydia, 
m.  to  Robert  Brant  (above  named)  ;   Christina,  m.  to 
Edward  Martin,  and  has  issue  :    Susanna,  m.  to  Law- 
rence Davis,  and  has  issue. 
3^.— David  (Lewis),  Chief  1875  to  1877,  m.  and  had  issue. 
^b. — Abram,  m.   Lydia  Hill,  and    had   issue:    Abram  and 

5(5.— Elias  (Lewis),  Chief  since  1877,  m.  Lydia  Hill,t  and 
has  issue:  Isaac;  Lawrence;  Alexander;  Susan. 



*  Tliis  name  is  also  written  Powles,  I'owlis,  Powlas  and  Paulus. 
t  Not  related  to  each  other. 

'  Ji'l 


lb. — Margaret,  d.  . 

2b. — Elizabeth-Ann,  ni.   istly,  to 

T3urnin<;  and  had  a 

son    EH ;     2ndly,    to    Powlcs    Hill,    and  has  two  sons, 
Nelson  and  Abram. 
2a. — Rachael.     3a. —  Ellen. 
•   ^.—Catharine,  d.   31st    Jan.    1867,    ni.    to   Peter   John,    son    of 
Captain  John,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.—WiLLiAM  (John),  Chief  1832  to  1857;    who  m.  Mary  I'ow- 
less,  and    had  issue,    William,  d. ;   Peter,  d, ;   Joseph,  d,; 
Elizabeth  ;  Catharine,  d.  (drowned). 
2a!. — Isaac.    3a.— Peter,  unm. 

4. — Maty,  m.  to  Seth  Hill,  and  had  issue,  viz.  :  Moses;  Seth  ; 
Elenor;  all  d.  young;  Sarah,  m.  21st  Oct.  1838,  to  Joseph  Lottridge, 
and  had  issue,  Elizabeth,  b.  1844,  m.  to  William  Thomas,  and  had 
issue  two  children,  who  d.  young. 

'^.—Elizabeth,  b.  1796,  d.  April  1845,  who  was  one  of  the 
distinguished  members  of  the  family.  She  was  a  woman  of  dignified 
presence,  combined  with  an  attractive  person  and  charming  manners. 
On  important  occasions  she  was  accustomed  to  weai  an  Indian 
costume  suitable  to  her  position,  and  appear  so  attired  at  Govern- 
ment House  balls  and  on  similar  occasions.  She  was  m.  in  1828  10 
Col.  William-Johnson  Kerr,  of  Brant  House  (above  named),  who  d. 
April,  1845,  she  herself  dying  on  the  day  after  his  death,  and  had 
issue,  viz. : 

\a. — Walter,  d.  July  i860,  aged  30,  s  p.,  m.  Mary  (iray  (wh.), 
who  survived  him,  and  was  m.  2ndly,  to  James  Weymss 
(wh.),  d.,  who  was  some  time  Police  Magistrate  of  Brantford. 

2a. — Joseph,  d.  unm. 

3a. — WiLLiAM-JoHN-SiMcoE  (Kekr)  ,  b-  1840,  d.  1875,  s.p..  Chief 
from   1866  to   1875,    Barrister-at-Law    1862,  m.  28th  July 

1870,    Catharine-M    ,  dau.  of  John-W.   Hunter  (wh.) 

M.D.,  of  Hamilton,  and  Olivia  his  wife. 

\a. — Catharine,  m.  to  John  Osborne  (wh.),  Merchant  in  Hamil- 
ton, afterwards  of  Winnipeg,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
\b. — William-John-Kerr,  of  Winnipeg. 
\b. — Jean-Earle-Millar,   in.   to  Don    Kerby,   of    Winnipeg, 
and  has  issue:   Edwin-Osborne  ;  \\'illiam-Forl)es;  John- 
Brant  ;  Kate,  d.  young. 


2<5.-  -Jessie-Murray,  m.  to  Joseph-Kdward  ^•(,unK  (wh  )  of 
Prince  Albert,  N.VV.T.,  son  of  Jamrs  Voun^  (d.  iH8«) 
and  his  wife  Hester,  dau.  of  Thomas  J'hillips,  in  floly 
Orders,  D.I).,  who  came  to  Canada  in  1S25,  and  was 
Master  in  Upper  Canaria  Collet,,  and  afterwards 
Kector  of  Weston  and  I^:tohicol<e. 

LINE  OF  TKIIKARHIOKIVN,  on   Herkp.tauv  Cm, 


This  line,  so  far  as  the  Brant  family  is 
concerned,  is  traced  from  Catharine,  third  wife 
(and  widow)  of  Capt.  Joseph  Brant,  who  her- 
self inherited  the  right  of  nomination,*  and  this 
she  exercised  in  favor  of  her  son, 

Capt.   John    Brant,    Ahyonwae^s.    who  d 
iHj2,  when  she  nominated  lier  grandson, 

William  John,  the  position  being  held  by 
Henry  Brant,  as  /oatm  tenens,  until  \\\yi\  Chief 
John  d.  1857. 

The  right  of  nomination  was  then  held  by 
Margaret  Powles,  who  named  her  grand.son, 
Joseph  Lewis,  who  d.  1H66. 
On   the  death    of  the    latter  the  eldest  woman  of  the  family 
was  Catharine  John,  who  named  her  sister's  son, 

William-John-Simcoe  Kerr,  who  was  Chief  until  1875,  when  the 
nominator  was  Sarah  Lottridge,  who  named 

David  Lewis,  brother  of  the  above  named  Joseph  Lewis  and 
on  his  death,  in  1877,  she  again  exercised  the  right,  and  named  his 

Elias  Lewis,  the  present  Chief. 

senior  woman  of  the  family  of  the  last  chief  has  thn  r.Jh    if^  ch.eftamship  becomins  vacant,  the 

by  preference  her  own  .on^.r  grandson   or  faifing  any  s S  ?henTh'p      ""  °^  "'*"  T^^^T'  "'''"""«  ' 
or  other  near  relative.  .inuson,  or  laiimg  an>  such,  then  the  son  or  giandson  of  her  sister 

ii    ii 


GAMBLE,  Xn.  E.  X. 

fi  !■£ 



HE  Gambles  of  Toronto  derive  descent  from  an   Irish  family. 
The  first  of  whom  there  is  any  record  was 
Josias  Gamble,  whose  eldest  son  was 
Solomon  Gamlile,  whose  eldest  son  was 
David  Gamble,  of  Graan,  b.  1682,  who  left  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — Baptist,  of  Graan,  who  m.  a  dau.  of Hopper,  of  Crew, 

Co.  Monaghan,  and  had  issue,  one  of  whom,  Samuel,  had 
issue   (besides   others)    a    «on,    Samuel,    b.    18 15,    a    Civil 
Engineer,  who  lived  in  Canada  for  some  time,  and  returned 
to  Ireland. 
2. — David,   of   Katonagh,    m.   and    had   issue,    one    of    whom, 

George,  b.  1772,  settled  in  America,  and  had  issue. 
3. — William,  of  Duross,  of  whom  below. 
4. — Andrew,  who  emigrated  to  America,  probably  Virginia. 
I. — Ann,  m.  to  Capt.  Cathcart. 

William  Gamble,  of  Duross,  near  Enniskillen,  m.  Leah  Tyrer, 
and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — John,  Surgeon  in  the  Queen's  Rangers,  of  whom  below. 
2. — David,  m,   Elizabeth  Frith,  and  had   issue.     3.— William, 
ra.,    istly,    his    cousin,    Sarah,    dau.    of    Baptist    Gamble, 

of  Graan,  2ndly, Frith,  and  had  issue.     4. — Samuel. 

5. — Tyrer.      i.— Ann,    m.    to    Michael    Humphries.      2. — 

Rachel,    m.    to    John    Irwin.      3. — Sarah,    m.     to   James 

Henderson.     4. — Magdalen,  m.  to  James  Rutledge.     5. — 

Jane,    m.    to    Christopher    Armstrong.      6. — Mary,    m.    to 

Edward  Brien.      7. — Leah. 

John  Gamble,  b.  1756,  d.  ist  Sept.  181 1,  emigrated  to  America 

(New  York)  in  1779.      He  served  as  a  Regimental  Surgeon  during 

the   Revolutionary  War,   after  which,   in    1783,  he  settled  in  New 

Brunswick,  and  resided  there  until    1793,    when  he  was  appointed 

Surgeon  to  the  Queen's  Rangers,  then  stationed  at  Niagara,  and  upon 

:!'at   Regt.    being   disbanded    at    Toronto    in    1802,  he  removed  to 

Kingston;    the    family  returned  to  Toronto  in  1820.      He   m.,    i8th 

May   1784,    Isabella-Elizabeth,  b.   24th   Oct.    1767,  d.  9th  March, 







1859.  dau.  of  Joseph  Clarke,  M.D.  ("01.  JE.  X.)  and  Isabella-Eliza- 
beth, his  wife,  dau.  of  Abel  Alleyne,  formerly  of  Barbadoes^  in  the 
West  Indies,  but  then  of  Salem,  Massachusetts,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
I. — John-William,  of  Woodl)rid}j;e,*  in  Vaughan,  b.  1798,  d. 
I2th  Dec.  1873,  m.  istly,  1822,  Mary  Macaulay  (see  Mac-aulay), 
who  d.  Feb.  1833,  2ndly,  12th  March  1834,  Matilda  Atkinson,  and 
3rdly,  Minerva-Ann,  d.  1885,  nee  Nilcs,  of  West  Hartford,  Connecti- 
cut, widow  of  Joseph   Wenhani  ;  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

Of  the  first  marriaj^'e  : 

\a. — John-William,  b.  Vv.h.  1833,  d.  March  1833. 

la. — Elizabeth,  b.  24th  May  1824,  d.  4th  May  1893,  m.  27th 
Aug.  1846,  to  William  Cireey, and  had  issue, viz.:  lb. — John- 
Gamble,  of  Toronto,  1).  13th  Jan.  1S51,  m.  Leila-Lucy,  dau. 
of  John  Caparn,  M.D.,  of  Hanbur)',  Co.  Oxford,  ling.,  and 
has  had  issue  :  J()hn-William-(iamble,  b.  23rd  July  1883; 
Eldaah,  b.  24th  July  1884,  d.  26th  July  1884;  Francis- 
Marriott,  b.  1st  Nov.  1885;  Allan,  b.  13th  Aug.  1888; 
Douglas-Caparn,  b.  nth  Jan.  1893;  Anne-Birchall-Gamble; 
lb. — Mary-Macaulay,  d.  young;  2/5. — Frances-Mary,  b.  19th 
Jan.  1849,  d.  1885;  ^b. — Annc-Isabella-Elizabeth,  m.  to 
Frederick  Hills,  son  of  John-IIyde  Hills,  of  Knightrider 
House,  Maidstone,  Co.  Kent,,  and  has  issue :  Arthur- 
John  ;   Helen-Mabel. 

2a.— Anne-Birchall,  b.  ist  Dec.  1826. 

3a. — ^Mary-Shivers,  b.  27th  Nov.  1828,  m.  ist  June  1852,  to 
George  Boyd,  of  Toronto,  and  had  issue,  Francis-Leith, 
b.  23rd  March  1853,  in  Holy  Orders  (living  in  England) ; 
George-Kynaston,  b.  15th  June  1858,  and  John- William- 

4a. — Magdalen,  b.  5th  Dec.  1831,  d. 

And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

5a. — Harriet,  b.  1835,  d.  inf. 

6a.--M£'tilda,  b.  8th  May  1842,  d.  young. 

ja. — Isabella-Caroline,  b.  29th  Dec.  1843,  m.  istly,  April  1867, 
to  John  D'Evelyn,  M.D.,  of  Woodbridge;  nnd  2ndly,  to 
Joseph  Flanders  ;  and  had  issue,  of  the  ist  marriage,  viz  : 

I  ! 

*  Which  place  bears  a  family  name  derived  from  the  Alleynes,  the  mother  of  Abe!  Alleyne 
above  named  having  been  the  daughter  of  Dudley  Woodbridge. 





id. — Dudley-\Vo(Hlbri(l}j;e-Alleyne-Gaml)k' ;    2d. — Rej^inald- 
Birchall-Gamble  ;  i<5.— Edith-Ann  Kuth 

2._\Villiani,  of  Etobicoke  and  of  Toronto,  d.  20th  March  1881, 
m.  EHzabeth  Brenchley,  niece  of  General  Sir  William  Rowan  ; 
she  d.  2ist  July  1881  ;  and  had  issue,  one  dau.,  Martha-Rowan, 
m.  to  John-Boulton  Houlton  (see  Boulton). 

3.  -Joseph,  d.  inf. 

4. — Joseph-Clarke,  of  Toronto,  Barrister-at-Law,  Q.C.,  b.  1808, 
m.  istly,  Mary-Sayre,  dau.  of  D'Arcy  Boulton  (see  Boulton)  ;  and 
2ndly,  22n(lMay  1843,  Harriet-Eliza,  dau.  of  lion.  Henr)-John  Boul- 
ton (see  Boulton),  she  d.  7th  Au^'.  1893,  aj^ed  74  ;  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

Of  the  hrst  marriage:  i<z.— John,  b.  Feb.  1833,  d.  inf.;  la. 
— Sarah. 

And  of  the  second  marriage : 

2a.— John-Henry,  Capt.  17th  Regt.,  b.  r2th  July  1844,  d.  14th 
July  1879,  in  Afghanistan. 

3a. — Francis-Clarke,  b.  23rd  Oct.  1848,  m.  Sarah-Eleanor,  dau. 
of  William  Clarke,  and  has  had' issue,  Clarke-William,  and 
a  chiu.  who  d.  inf. 

-Alleyne-Woodbridge,    of    the    Bank    of  Toronto,    b.    26th 
J3ec.  1850. 

-Raynald-D'Arcy,  of  the  Dominion  Bank,  b.  12th  May  1853, 
m.  Agnes,  dau.  of  Duncan  Morrison,  Journalist,  of  Toronto, 
and    his    wife   Charlotte,   dau.   of   Capt.  Nickmson. 
-Harry-Dudley.    Bar-'ister-at-Law,  b.  i2tli  April  1855. 

7a.— A.rthur-Gordon,  b.  i6th  May  185S,  m.  Adelaide-Mary,  dau. 
of  Horace  Horton,  of  Goderich,  Co.  Huron. 

2^.— Elizabeth-Sophia,  m.  t(<  Charles-Edward  Bowker,  of 
Wliittlesea,  Cambridge,  Eng.,  and  has  issue. 

3a.— Harriet-Emily,  m.  27th  April  1880,  to  Isidore-Frederick 
Hellmuth,  of  Eondon,  Can.,  Barrister  at-law,  son  of  the 
Rt.  Rev.  Isaac  Hellmuth,  Bishoji  of  Huron,  [Crest,  Ou^ 
of  a  mural  coronet  a  demi  lion  rampcint  bearing  in  his  left 
paw  in  bend  sinister  a  stajf  t hereon  a  forked  pennon.  Motto  : 
Antiquam  obtinens.]  and  has  issue:  Harold  -  Isidore,  b. 
28th   M.iy    1883;  Miriam-Isidore;    Bhyllis-Alleyne. 

1. — Isabella-Leah,  m.  to  Robert-Charles  Home,  Asst.  Surgeon 
Glengarry  Light  Inf.,  and  some  time  of  Toronto,  and  had 
issue:  i^.— Charles,  d.  young;  la. — John,  m.  Ellen  Sey- 
mour, went  to  live  in  the   U.S.A.;  3a.— James,  d.  unm. 


2  — Mary-Ann-Alleyne,  m.  to  John  Sinclair,  Col.  Royal  Artillery, 

and  had  issue  two  sons  and  one  dau.,  who  all  d  young. 

3  —Sarah-Hannah-Boies,  m.  to  James  Geddes  (see  Geddcs). 

4.  -Leah-Tyrer,    m.  to   Hon.   Williani    Allan,  of  '1  ,ronto  (see 

5- — Catharine,  d.  unm. 
6.~Jane-Smith.    m.   to   JSenjamin   Whitney,   of    Kinj^^ston,  and 

had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.— Frederick -Augustus,    of    Toronto,    m.     istly,     Mary 
Fisher,  and  jndiy,  Adelaide  Stikeman,  and  had  issue  ; 
of    the     first    marriage,      i/a— George-Thomas,    Capt. 
Queen's  Own  l>:iHes,  d.  unm.;   2<5.— Frederick,  d.  unm.; 
3^ -William  Herbert ;    and    of   the  second  marriage, 
4<^.— Alfred;  5<5.— Augustus;  i<^.— Amy;  2(J.-^Johanna; 
^d. — Adelaide. 
2a.— John^Villiam-Gamhle,     of    Toronto,     m.     Elizabeth 
Fisher,  and  had  issue:    i^.— Forbes;     2(^.— Clarence- 
Thomas,  b    27th  July  1857,   m.  loth  June  1880,  Eliza- 
Jane-MacQueen,   dau.    of    William-Willocks   Baldwin 
(see  Baldwin),  and  lias  had  issue  :   William-Clarence, 
b.     28th   Aug.    iS8r;    Clarence-Baldwin,   b.  27th  April 
1887;    Bertram- Macdougal,  b.  24th  Oct.  1888;   Mary- 
Frederika,  d.;  Lillian-Claris. 
\(i.   -Emma,  rt^.;  2a. -Louisa,  ^/.;3a.-   Catharine-Copeley,  d. 
7  — Rachel-Crookshank,  m.  to  Sir  James   Buchanan  Macaulay, 

Kt  (see  Macaulay). 
8.- Magdalen-Catharine,  d.  2nd  May  1855,.  m.  to  Thomas- Wil- 
liam Birchall,  b.  30th  July  1796,  d.  12th  July  1879,  [Arms: 
Arg.  ON  a  chevron  between  three  crosses  cross/el  filched  sa.  as 
many  fie  nrs  de  lis  of  the  fir  si ;  Crest:  a  lion  rampant  az.  sup- 
porting a  tree  vert.']  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
la.— Jermyn,  d. 

2rt.— -Thomas-Shivers,  b.  27th  Oct.  1833,  m.   Mary-Helena, 

dau.    of  William   Perrin  (who  was  previouslv  m.  to  John- 

Jermy  Macaulay,  see    Macaulay),  and  has  had  issue,  viz.: 

i^.— William-Dorsett,    b.  31st  Oct.    1862,    m.    lda-F^arriet 

Beebee,    and     has    issue,     Augusta  -  Alleyne  -  Louisa  ; 

2(5.— George-Shivers,    b.  14111  June   1866;   j^^.^Arthur- 

Standly,  b.  2nd  Oct.  1S69  ;  4'^-~-l'>ank- Bingham,  b.  5tli 

May  1877,  ''•      1 8th  Sept.  1890;    5<5.— Thomas -Perrin, 


b.  29th  Oct.  1879;  lb. — Alice-Maud-Mary,  m.  to  Elias- 

Arthur  Jukes,   and  had  issue,   Mabel- Maud,   Gladys- 

D'Aguilar;  2b. — Louisa-  Hayter;  3<J. — Mable-Gamble; 

Afb. — Beatrice-Maty. 
30!. — William-Clarke,  d. 

4a. — John-Dorsett,  b.  ist  March  1838,  d.  12th  March  1853. 
la. — Isabella-Elizabeth-Allan. 
2a. — Emma-Sophia-Binfrham,  b.  3rd  Nov.  1839,  d.  4th  Sept. 

1877,  m.  to  John-W.  Marling,  and  had  issue,  Thomas- 

William-Birchall,  b.  29th  Aug.  1877. 
3a. — Jane- Whitney. 

4a, — Mary-Louisa- Woolley,  m.  to  Frank  King,  and  has  issue, 
5a. — Anne -Payne,    m.    to    George -William    Henry    (see 

6a. — Alice-Harriet,  b.  25th  Oct.  1847,  d.  25th  Feb.  1853. 
ya. — Magdalen-Catharine,  b.  24th  Oct.  1850,  d.  3rd  Jan.  1853. 
-Mary-Ann-Sinclair,  d.  unm. 

Arms  :  Gu.  a  fleur  de  lis  or,  a  chief  erm.  Crest :  A  crane  ppr. 
bearing  in  his  bill  a  rose  stemmed  and  leaved  also  ppr.  Motto  :  Vix 
ea  nostra  voco. 


f*+s^       'V^'^'  "V 




Alexander  Allan,  of  the  Moss,  near  Huntley, 
Co.  Aberdeen,  Sco.,  where  the  family  had  lived  for 
many  generations,  m.  Margaret  Movvatt,  and  had 
issue,  two  sons,  one  of  whom  entered  the  H.E.I.C.S. 
and  was  lost  at  sea,  and  the  other 

(Hon.)  William  Allan,  b.  1770,  d.  1853,  came 
to  Canada  and  settled  at  Niagara,  but  removed  to 
York  (Toronto)  on  its  being  made  the  seat  of  Gov- 
ernment, and  was  the  first  Postmaster  and  first 
Collector  of  Customs  there.  He  served  in  181 2  as 
Lt.-Col.  of  Militia;  was  for  many  years  a  member 
of  the  Legislative  Council  of  Upper  Canada  and 
some  time  member  of  the  Executive  Council  ;  was  President  of 
the  Bank  of  Upper  Canada.  M.  Leah-Tyrer,  dau.  of  John  Gamble, 
M.D.  (see  Gamble),  and  had  issue,  besides  others  who  d.  inf.,  one  son, 
(Hon.)  George-William,  b.  gth  Jan.  1822,  Barrister-at-Law, 
1846;  P.C,  D.C.L.,  F.R.G.S.,  •  .Z.S.;  Lieut. -Col.  of  Reserve 
Militia;  was  Mayor  of  Toronto  1855;  Member  of  the  Legislative 
Council  of  Canada  from  1858  to  1867,  when  he  was  called  to  the 
Senate,  of  which  he  \\as  Speaker  1888  to  1891  ;  appointed  to  Privy 
Council  of  Canada  1891.  Is  Chancellor  of  Trinity  College,  and  a 
member  of  the  Chapter  of  St  Alban's  Cathedral;  is  President  of  the 
Ontario  Society  of  Artists,  and  of  the  Historical  Society  of  Ontario, 
and  of  the  U.  C.  Bible  Society.  Presented  to  the  public  five  acres, 
which  forms  part  of  the  Horticultural  Gardens  in  Toronto.  He  m., 
istly,  in  1846,  Louisa-Maud,  dr'n.  of  Sir  John-Beverley  Robinson, 
Bart,  (see  Robinson),  who  d.  s.p.  1852  ;  and  2ndly,  May  1857, 
Adelaide  -  Harriet,  dau.  of  Thomas  Schreiber,  in  Holy  Orders, 
formerly  of  Bradwell  Lodge,  Essex,  Eng. ;*  and  has  had  issue,  viz.: 

•  Rev.  Thomas  Schreiber,  who  m.  Sarah,  dau.  o'  Admiral  Bingham,  was  the  fourth  son  "f 
William  Schreiber  of  Henhurst,  Co.  Kent,  Eng.,  who  m.  1781  Mary,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  James 
Sewell  of  Alton  Hall,  Co.  Sussex,  and  who  was  son  of  John-Charles  Schreiber,  descended  of  an 
ancient  family  of  Durlach  in  Suabia,  who  settled  in  England  in  1721. 

Arms:  Erni.  three  griflins' heads  erased  vert.  Crest:  a  dexter  arm  embowed  in  armour  ppr. 
garnished  or,  holding  in  the  hand  a  dagger,  the  point  towards  the  dexter,  also  ppr.  the  pommel  and 
hilt  gold. 



'  i 


I. — (ieoijjje-Williani,  I).  13th  Auf^;.  i860,  Barrister-at-lavv,  ot 

2. — Charles-Selby,  b.  ist  P'eb.  1865,  drowned  in  Kempenfeldt 
Hay,  Lake  vSinicoe,  1883,  unm. 

3. — Arthur-Campbell,  b.  8th  Nov.  1866,  of  London,  En^. 

4. — Frederick-Binf^ham-Gamble,  b.  i8th  Nov.  1869,  of  Napanee, 
Co.  Lennox. 

I. — Maude,  m.  to  Allan  Cissels  (see  Cassels). 

2. — Mary  Adelaide,  m.  14th  Nov.  1885,  to  Herbert-Evelyn 
Harcourt-Verncn,  b  12th  Jan.  1863,  of  Toronto,  son  of 
Evelyn- Hardolph  Harcourt-Vernon,  d.,  in  Holy  Orders,  who 
was  grandson  of  Most  Rev.  Edward  Vernon,  Lord  Arch- 
bishop of  York,  who  assumed  the  additional  name  of 
Harcourt  [Arms:  Quarterly:  r  and  4  grandqrs,  quarterl)^;  i 
and  4,  -AT^.  a  fret  sa.;  2  and  ,  or,  on  a  fess  az.  three  garbs 
of  the  field  ;  for  Vernon:  2  and  3  gr.  qrs.,  gu.  two  bars  or,  for 
Harcourt.  Crest :  A  boar's  head  erased  sa,  ducally  gorged 
or.  Motto:  Ver  non  semper  viret.],  and  has  had  issue: 
Humphrey-Bingliam,  b.  24th  March  1889 ;  Marjorie- 
Catharine,  d.  inf. 

3. — Audrey-Elizabeth-Schreiber. 



James  Gfddes,  Asst.  Surjreon  Medical 
Staff,  m.  Sarah-Hannah-Boies,  dau.  of  John 
Gamble  (see  Gamble),  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
I.— Charles,  of  Montreal,  b.  2gth  Nov.  1807 

m.  24th    May,    1836,   Henrietta   Smith,' 

and  ':ad  issue,  viz.  : 

la. — Charles-Geor^rg. 

2a. — ^James-Clarke. 

3a.— William-Macaulay. 

4« —John  -  Gamble,  Capt.  5th  Royal 
Scots,  Act.  Mil.,  was  Private  Secre- 
tary (or  A.D.C.)  to  Lieut. -(;ov. 
Robinson;  m.  May,  dau  of  Hdward- 
Coursolles  Jones  (see  Jones  of  Hrock- 
ville),  and  has  issue. 

irt —Marj.,raret-Adela-(  iambic. 

2rt:.  — Kdith-Eleanor. 
2.— John-Ciamble,   b.    29th   March    iSii,  d.  i6th   Nov.    18S8    in 
Holy  Orders,  M.A.,  D.C  L  ,  Rector  of  Hamilton  and   Dean  of  Nia- 
gara;  m.,    23rd  Sept.    1841,    Susan -Davidson,    dau.  of  Hon.    fohn 
Stewart,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la. — J()hn-(iamble,  of  Hamilton. 

2a.-Geor<re-\Villiam-AIIan,   d.    nth    Dec.  1893,  m.  Clara  (air- 

nett,  of   ln<,'ers()ll,  and  had  issue,  one  son,  Allan. 
i«.--Hannah-Stewart,  m.  5th  Oct.  1865,  to  Constantine  Hrou-h, 
Hanker   in    Toronto,    son   of    Charles  -  Crosbie   BrouKh,''in 
H.O.,   Archdeacon  of  London,  Can.,  who  came  to  Canada 
■  n    1832,  [Arms:   Omir/cr/y  ,-  /   rnd  4,  az.,  three  fleurs  ac  l,s    ' 
ar^.  ivithin  a  bordtire  or;  2.  quarlerly,  /   and  4,   o'r,   a  lion 
ramp/,  gu.  .■  2  and  j,  arg.  hvo  chevrons  a,.,  on  a  canton  of 
th:  last  a  quatrefotl  0/  the  first ;  j,  per  pale  embattled  arg. 
and  sa..    three  hawks  counterchanged.      Crest:   A  dove  arg 
holding  in  his  bill  an  olive  branch  ppr.       Motto:   Deo  duce 
fortuna  comitante]  ;  and  has  had  issue,  viz.:    Charles-Cros- 




'    I' 

II  i 




l>ie,  d.    inf.;    Kichard-William-Humt',    b.    7th  April   1S72 ; 
(;aml)lf-(;ed(k>s,  h.  7th    April    iHyH;    Marv-Stewart  ;    Con- 
stance-l'hipps;     Willu-lmina-llelcii-Campbdl  ;     Katliarine- 
Hannah-Stewart ;  (Irace. 
5rt.— Susan-Stewart,  m.  to  Charles- lidnuind   I'hipps,  Major  in 

the  Army,  Equerry  to  the  Queen. 
3a.— Mary-Allan,  m.  to  John  VValters,  of  Reij^ate,  En^r. 
4<i;.— Eliza-Maria,  d.  inf. 

3.— James-Coffin,  of  Hamilton,  aftds.  of  Toronto,  b.  nth  Sept. 
1814,  d.   3rd  AuK.   1891  ;m.,    istly,   Marianne-Lee    Wyatt ;    2ndly 
Emma  Smith;  and   3rdly,   4th    Feb.    1864,    Isabella-Cirant,  dau.  of 
Archibald   Gilkison  (see  McCormick);  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
Of  the  1st  marriage : 
i«. — James-Stewart,  d. 

i^— Anne-Catharine-Roberta,  m.,  nth  Sept.  1884,  to  Gardiner 
Harvey,    of    Guelph    Township,    Co.   Wellington,   son    of 
(xeorge  Harvey,  b.  23rd  April  i8og,  d.  23rd  April,  1893,  who 
came  to    Canada    from    Londonderry,    Ire.,  and   his   wife 
Jane    Richardson,    b.    i8ji,    d.    31st    Oct.     1893    [Arms: 
Gu.  on  a  bend  arg.  three  tre/oiis  slipped  vert.     Crest  :  A  liov 
passattt   guardattt    holding  in    his  pazu  a   trefoil  as   in   the 
arms.       Motto:     N'Oublierai     jamais];     and    has    issue: 
J.-^mes-Cardiner,  b.  27th  June  1885;   Geor-e,   b.    19th   Nov. 
1886  ;  John-Richardson,  b.  25th  Aug.  1888  ;    Robert-Cieddes, 
b.  19th  Oct.  1890;   Marianne-Isabella- Roberta. 
And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

2a.— James  -  Leaycraft,  Barrister  -  at  -  law,  served  in  the  Queen's 
Own  RiHes  in  the  North-west,  1885  (medal). 
-Walter-Allan,  Barrister-at-law,  m.  Elizabeth-Catharine- 
Kynaston,  dau.  of  John  Hoyd,  County  Judge  Co.  York,  and 
has  had  issue:  Lewis-John  ;  Allan-Walter  ;  James-Francis, 
d.  ;   Henry-Kynaston,  d. 

-Isabella-Elizabeth-Henrietta,  m.  to  Septimus-Coxe  Thicke 
in   Holy  Orders,    of  Bisham.   Co.    Buckingham,  Eng.,  and 
.   has  issue. 

4.— William -Allan,  of  Hamilton,  b  26th  April  1818  d  Bar- 
rister-at-law  m  loth  July  ,843,  Jane-Anderson  Sadleir,' sister  of 
Charles-Anderson  Sadleir,  Barrister-at-law,  of  Hamilton,  who  came 
to  Canada  from   Co.  Tipperary,  Ire.,   and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.      Henry-Lefroy,  of  Chicago,  U.S.A. 




2a. — (ieorj^'e- Allan- Massy. 

ill. — FreckTick-Williani-Asliurst,   went  to   the    North-west. 

4^^' — Charles-(iainbk',  went  to  the  North-west. 

5<r — Alfred- Forbes- Leaycraft,  of  Ottawa. 

6a!.— Percy. 

irt.— Isabella -Allan,    m.,    May    1863,  to    William-Henry  Wil- 

kison,   b.   3rd    Nov.    1838,   of    Napanee,  County   Judge    of 

Lennox  and  Addington. 
2a.-  Rose-Hranchley,  m.  to  John  Armstrong,  of  Ottawa. (nephew 

of  Judge  Armstrong,  named  below),  and  has  issue,  one  son, 


3rt.— Hdith-Hannah-Armstrong,     m.     to    Samuel     Delmege,    of 

London,  Eng.,   ind  Ceylon. 
4'f- — Caroline- P2mma,  d.  Noung. 

5 —Forbes,   of  Niagar.i,  b.    24th  Dec.  1826,  m.  4th  June  1867, 

Elizabeth,    dau.    of    Alexis-Fidele    I-Jegue,  of  Dundas    (who    came 

to  Canada  from  France),  and  Elizabeth  his  wife,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

ifl.— Forbes-Hegue,  of    Hagersville,  Co.    Haldimand,  Solicitor, 

Lieut.  37th   Maidimand  Rifles,  unm. 
"i^-— Elizabeth-Cieorgina,  r/.,  unm. 
2a. — Caroline- Ro.samund,   unm. 
3rt. — ( iertrude- Viola- Niagara,  unm. 
4a.  -Elsie-Florence-Helena,  unm. 

I.  Eliza-Lilias,  b.  20th  Feb.  1805,  m.  March  1827,  to  John 
Grier,  in  Holy  Orders,  M.A.  (Trin.  Coll.  Dubhn),  l^ector  of  Belle- 
ville for  nearly  40  years,  tl  [Arms  :  Gtt.  a  saltier  ar^.  on  a  chief  of  the 
last  three  cushions  of  the  first.  Crest :  A  fetter-lock  az.  Motto  :  Hoc 
securior],  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.— James-Geddes,  b.  i8tli  July  1828,  d.  23rd  Oct.    1852. 
2a.— Robert-John,  b.  8th  July  1830.  m   29th  April  1873,  Rose-M. 
King,  and  has  issue:    John    Allan,    b.   22nd    April,    188^; 
Horace-Coome  ;    Dora-Lilias  ;   Rose- Margaret. 
3rt.--Charles-Ge(ldes,  b.  20th  Dec.  1835,  d.  loth  Nov.  i8rx). 
4a.  -Thomas- Walter,  b.  25th  Aug.  1839,  d.  2nd  May  1841. 
5a.— John-Allan,   b.   6th    May    1843,   d.    4th    April    1891  ;    m. 
Mary-Louisa   Hager,  and   had   i.ssue :     John-Allan;    Eliza- 
Lilias  ;    Mary-Hager,  d. 

6a.— Henry-Baldwin,  b.  7th  Oct.  1846,  m.  Ellen  Goodman,  and 
has  issue :  William-Alford  ;  Henry-Goodman  ;  Charle.s- 


■^  ■ 


%  ■ 

j  ™ 





-ja. — Williain-Macaulay,  1).   iotli    Vv\^.  i(S45,  m.  and  has  issue  : 

Cliarles-Cit'ddes  ;  [  Iclcn-Ida. 
la.  — R  )se-Jane-l<llizal)etli,     unm.,     Lad\ -rriiuipal    of     Bishop 

Straclian  School,  Toronto. 

2a. — Anne-Catharine- Macauhiy,  d. 

^a. — Sarah-Hannah-Roherta,  in.  23rd  Jul)'  1H59,  to  Charles- 
Horace  Coome,  \v1k)  d.  1878,  s.p.  ;  l^'oundress  and  first 
Superior  of  the  Sisterhood  of  S.  John  the  Divine,  Toronto. 

4a. — Eliza-Sophia-Ridley,  m  i8ih  Oct.  1871,  to  Charles-Flenry 
Mockridf^e,  b.  15th  Dec.  1844,  in  Hoi)-  Orders,  Vi.\^., 
formerly  Canon  of  the  Cathedral  at  Flaniilton,  and  now 
Canon  of  St.  Alhan's  Cathedral,  Toronto,  son  of  James 
Mockridse,  in  H.O.,  Rector  of  P>elleville,  ami  has  had 
issue,  viz.  :  John-Charles-I  lillier,  h.  8th  Sept.  1872,  in  Holy 
Orders;  Charles  James-Henry,  b.  25th  l'\'b.  1874;  Harold- 
Geddes,  b.  1st  Sept.  1875,  d.  23th  June  1876;  William- 
Horace-Monta<;ue,  b.  2nd  Jan.  1879  ;  Hamilton-Ridley, 
b.  25th  February  1884  ;  Rose-Helen ;  Sophie-Marion,  d. 
i6th  Dec.   1889. 

^a. — Eliza-Lilias,  m.  (as  2nd  wife)  to  Robert-Patterson  Jcllett 
(d.  2ist  Nov.  1889),  of  Picton,  County  Judge,  Co.  Prince 
Edward,  son  of  Morgan  Jellett,  formerly  of  Hallymena,  Ire., 
and  has  had  issue  :  John-Morgan  ;  Robert-Patterson  ;  Ruby- 
Stanhope  ;   Nora-(iri(r. 

6a. — Isabella-Leah,  unm. 

2. — Ann-Catharine,  b.  15th  Aug.  1806,  m.  to  William  Maraal.i}', 
in  H.O.,  Rector  of  Picton,  Co,  Prince  Edward,  d.s.j). 

3. — Leah-Allan,  b.  8th   Aug.    1809,  m.  to  Walter  Henry,  M.D. 

(d.  27th  June  i860),  served  as  an  Army  Surgeon  in  the  Peninsular  war 

and  in  Nepaul,  and  was  afterwards   Insj)fcior-(ieneral  of  Hospitals 

[Crkst  :  A  Jalcon.     Motto:  Fide  et  marte]  ;  and  has  had  issue,  viz.: 

\a.  —Walter-James,  d.  2nd  Sept.    1874,   aged  37,  m.  Elizabeth, 

dau.  of  John  Thompson,  of  Quebec. 
la.     John  Ski'\-,  unm. 

3a.  —Charles,  m.    istly,   Alice,  dau.  of  John-Rose   Holden,  Har- 
rister-at-law,  of  Hamilton,    and  2ndh-,  Jennie  Coutlee,  of 
Ottawa,  and  has  issue  of  the  second  marriage  onl)-,  Jennie- 
\a. — George- William,    m.    Anne-Payne  Birchall  (see  (iamble), 


and   has  issue:   Walter- !•' rank  ;    Ivthi'l-Alleync  ;   Magdalen- 
la. — Charlotte-Roberta,  d.  unm. 

2rt.— Annie-Isaln-lle,   m.    to  I'rederiek-L.   Hoojier,  son  of  G.  S. 
Hooper,    H.E.l.C.S.   [Chkst  :  ^4   200//  ra»//>aH/],  and   has 
issue,      viz.:     Stanley-Walter-Ciillani  ;      Hufj;h-l*'ortescue ; 
Charles  Henry  ,    .\rthur-\Villou<;hhy  ;   Maud  l^lphinstone. 
3rt.-   Mary-b^llen.  in.   to  John-1).  I'^vans,  son  of  John  I^vans,  of 
Toronto  [Crkst:     A  ^^rijffin  sej^rean/],  and  has  issue:  John- 
Walter  ;   Evan-Henry;   Alice-Annie;  Maud-Mary  ;  Annie- 
Louisa  ;  Violet. 
4. — Isabella,  b.  24th  Au<^.  1812,   in.  to  Stephen-Charles  Sewell, 
and  had  issue,  several  children,  all  of  whom  d.s  p. 

5. — Mary-Ann,  b.  26th  May  1816,  m.  25th  vSept.  1850,  to  Chris- 
topher Armstrong,  of  Ottawa,  County  Iudfj;e  Co.  Carleton,  b.  Aug. 
1801,  rt'.,  son  of  Robert  Armstrong,  of  Manor-hamilton,  Co. 
Leitrim,  Ire.,  b.  1774,  d.  June  1847,  and  Anne  his  wife,  who  died 
Oct.  1856;  he  settled  in  Co  Simcoe  in  iSig  [Arms:  Quarterly,  i 
and  4,  atg.  issuing  from  the  dexter  side  a  dexter  arm  habited  /;u. 
the  hand  (grasping  the  trunk  of  an  oak  tree  eradicated  and  broken  at 
the  top  ppr.  ;  2  and  4,  ars;,  three  pallets  rt^.],  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.-    William-Henry-Dudley,    C.E.,  of    Toronto,    b.    1852,    m. 
Sophia-Amelia,   dau    of  George-Benjamin  Spencer,  of  Co- 
bourg,    aftds.     of     Winnipeg,    d."     and     has    issue,    viz.: 
Gamble-Devereux-Spencer,     b.     1  ith    July    1880;      Ilnry- 
Westropp,     b.    13th    Dec.    1887;      l'\-»ustine-Myra-Geddes; 
2a. — Charles  Robert,  Banker  in  ()ttaw;i,  unm. 
3«. — Joiin-Gamble,  of  the  ("an.  Civil  Service  at  Ottawa,  unm. 
la. — Emily,  m.  to  Henry  Kinloch,  of  Ottawa. 
2a. — Caroline-(ieddes,  unm. 

•Cieorge-Benjamin  Spencer  (who  m  21st  Jan.  iHjj,  Margaret- Mcfiregor,  dau.  of  |ames- 
Kogers  Armstrong,  see  Armstrong),  was  son  of  John  Kelly  Spencer,  Jl.fl^.C.,  who  was  Sheriff  Co. 
Northumberland  in  iSoi  ;  he  w^s  son  of  Uenjamin  Spencer,  Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  Ver- 
mont, who  was  descended  from  John  Spencer  (jon  of  Sir  Kobert  Spencer),  who  came  to  America 
from  t"o,  Northampton,  Mng.,  about  iC)j8,  having  accjuirtd  estates  at  Newbury,  Mass.ichusetts, 
under  the  will  of  his  uncle,  John  Spencer,  who  came  out  in  the  I'uriian  ship  "  Mary  and  John," 
but  reiurned  to  England,  on  which  estates  a  mansion  built  by  him  is  still  standing.  Hazelton 
Spencer,  41,0^. C.,  eldest  son  of  Judge  Benjamin  Spencer,  was  Col.  (Commandant  of  the  Garrison  of 
Kingston  in  1794,  and  M  L^.A  |  /'<r  cUiV  nz  mid  arf^.  tlii,e  lioin  passl.  f^tinrdt  in  pale 
cuiiiitirchtnif^ed,  a  chief  of  Ihe  second  ;  (being  properly  the  arms  of  Catlin,  but  assumed  by  the  Spencers 
on  a  marriage  with  one  ol  that  family,  and  so  borne  for  many  generations).  Crest :  Out  of  a 
coronet,  a  griffin's  head  oz.  ltnifj;ued  gti.  eollnred  also  gti  {but  query,  or}),  between  two  wings  or 
Motto  :  God  defends  the  right. _ 


6. — Sarah-IIaiiiuili-Hoics,  b.  iKlh  |uly  1819,  now  of  Essonville, 
Co.  Petcrboiough,  in.  25th  July  1839,  to  William  Ilallowcll,  M.D., 
of  Toronto,  h.  gth  April  1814,  d.  20th  Oct.  1863,  and  has  had  issue, 
viz. : 

la.    -J.'iines-Sutherland. 

2a.  — Williani-Clark-(  iambic. 

3a — Geor^e-Herrick. 

4a.     Charles-Geddf.s. 

5a     John-Alexandfr-Strachan. 

la    -Hleanor-Mannah-Maria. 

2a. — Maria- Louisa. 

3^.      Isal)<'lla-Mar<;art't. 

4a.     Jant'(it'or}j;ina. 

5a     Caroline- Henrietta- Hovell. 

6a- — Rachel- Elizabeth. 

7.  —  Eleanor- Felicia-.\skin,  b.  26th  Nov.  1820,  m  June  1839,  to 
Charles- Kmilius  (iold,  Major-(ieneral  in  the  Army,  and  has  had  issue. 

8. — Jane-Whitney,  d.  inf. 

g.  — Georgina-Sinclair,  b.  6th  Aug.  1823,  m.  Feb.  1852  toJ.-W. 
Leaycraft,  of  Quebec,  and  has  had  issue. 

10 — Caroline-Hoyd,  1).  i8th  May  1825,  m.  6th  Sept.  1848,  to 
Kobert-Gother  Mann,  Lt.-Col.  R.  \\.  (aftds.  (ienl.),and  hashad  issue. 

11. — Caroline-Roberta,  d.  inf. 

Akms:  Gu.,  an  inescuUheon  between  three  gcd's,  or-  pike's,  heads 
eoHped,  and  in  eliief  a  mnlUt,  or.  Crest:  A  ^cd's  head  eouped  or. 
Motto  :  Capta  majora. 





J  1<i:nk    Biii.MKK,    a     French     lluyuenol, 

j^   ^  driven  from  I'Vance  on  the  revocation  of  the 
^%i^^  edict  of  Nantes,  settled  in  the  North   ,.f   Ire- 
land  ;  from  him  descended 

(ieorf,'e  Boomer,  of  Hill  Hall,  near  Lis- 
burn,  Co.  Down,  d.  3otli  Sept.  1844,  aj,'ed  63, 
m.  Mary  Knox  (of  the  family  of  John  Knox, 
the  Scottish  Reformer),  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

1.— Michael,   b.     ist    Julv     1810,  d.   4th 

March    1888,  D.D.  (T.C.D),  in  Holv  Orders, 

Rector  ofCialt,  Co.  Waterloo,  and  subsequently 

Dean  of  Huron,  and  Principal  of  Huron  Col- 

lef,^e;  m.    istly,   Helen^  nee   Adams,  widow  of 

Capt.   Blair;  and  2ndly,  Isabelia-Jemima,  nee 

Davidson,  widow  of  Absalom  Shade,  of  Gait  ; 

and  3rd,   Harriet-Ann,  nee  Mills,  widow  of  Alfred  Robert  Roche,  of 

Ferneaux,  Pelham,  Co.   Hertford,  ^:n^^,  who  survives  him  ;  he  had 

issue  of  the  first  marria<re  only,  viz. : 

la.— Geor^'e-Edward,  d.  Oct.  i88i,  unm. 

la. — FMward,  d.  Aug.  1S49,  unm. 

la.— Mary,  m.  to  Andrew  Cleghorn,  of  London,  Ont.,  whom  she 
survives,  and  has  issue  :  Edward  ;  Andrew  ;  Allan  ;  (ieorge  ; 
Mary-F^lorence-Moyer  (Pansy). 

2a.— Helen,  m.  to  (iaden-Crawford  Mackenzie,  in  Holy  Orders, 
Rector  of  Grace  Church.  Brantford,  and  has  issue,  viz.  : 
i<J.— Michael  Alexander,  born  28th  Feb.  1866;  Hugh-Blair, 
born  14th  Dec.  1867;  Alexander- Webster,  born  i8th  July 
1870;  I'Vancis-Trew,  born  28th  June  1873;  (ieorge 
Cleghorn,  born  26th  Julv  1877;  Norman-Seaforth,  born  6th 
May  1 88 1. 

2. — Anthony-Knox,  merchant  in  Toronto,  b.    r3th  April   181 1 
d.  13th  May  1875,  m.  Charlotte-Maria  Limbrick,  b.  12th  July  1821, 
d.  30th  April  1892,  and  had  issue,  viz   : 




\a.  (icorf^cAnthoiiy,  h.  <)tli  M;iv  \>^.\b,  C'lipt.  late  loth  Koyal 
Circnadicrs,  BaiiisttT-at-law. 

2a.  -  W'illiaiii-Mfrritt,    1).    i^itli   April    itS4iS,   m.   Miiinit-,  dau.  of 

Robert  Nellfs,  of  (irimshy. 
ja. — Joseph- H())lc,    1).    i  Jtli    Ni)\.    1S50,  m.  June   1S92,  I'^anny, 
(lau.  of  Nathan-I  k'nry   Pawliiijf,  of    Hickory  \'aU\   Louth, 
Co.  Lincohi,  and  had  issue,  oik;  sou,  who  d.  inf. 
-Henry-Limhrick,  I).  Oth  \)v(\  1.S38,  d.  Sth  )uni'  iSijJ,  uiim. 

C*harh)tte-l'Jiza,  in.  li>  )osi'ph-\Valker  Ik-atty  (see  Beatty). 
J. — Cieorge,     Harrister-at-la\v,    Pohce    Maj^istrate    of    Toronto 
1862-1H65,    d.   5th    Jan.    1866,    ni.  and  had   issue. 

4.  -Hugh,  d.  7th  March  1H56,  aged  j2,  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of 
Andrew  Heron,  of  Niagara,  she  d.  4th  Aug.  1870,  s.p. 

5. — Joseph-Patterson,  d.  9th  Dec.  1H73,  Harbour  Master  of  Port 
Dalhousie,  Co.  Lincoln;  in.  Helena,  dau.  of  Richard  Woodruff,  of 
St.  Davids,  Co.  Lincoln  (and  sister  of  Joseph  \Voo(huff,  Sheriff  Co. 
Lincoln,  and  Samuel  Woodruff,  .Superintendent  of  the  VVelland 
Canal),  and  had  issue:   William-Woodruff. 

I. — Eli/a,  111.  to  Richard  Niven,  of  Chrome  Hill.  Lisburn,  Ireland, 
and  had  issue,  viz  :  Richard  ;  Knox-Rowan,  Cieneral  in  the  Army,  rt'.  ; 
James-Simpson,  m.  istly,  Rebecca-Jane;  \'oung,  and  2ndly,  Mary- 
(iertrude  MacHeih;   Elizabeth,  d.  uuni  ;   f'lilen,  d.  young. 

2. — Mary-Ann,  m.  to  Charles  Walkem,  of    Saltash,  Cornwall, 

a  surveyor  on  the  staff  of  the  Royal    b^ngineers  iwho  was  one  of  the 

R.E.    staff  employed  in  fixing  the   boundary  between  Canada    and 

the   United  States  under  the  .\sliburton  Treaty),  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

\a. — (Hon.)  George- Anthony  b.    i5tli  Nov.    1834,   Barrister-at- 

law,  of  Toronto,  from  whence  he  went  to  Victoria,  British 

Columbia,  in    1S62  ;  was  a   member  of  the  Leg.    Council, 

Chief    Comr.   of    Lands    and    Works    1872,    and   became 

.\ttorney-General     1873;     Prime    Minister   1874    to   1876, 

and    again    in     1878  ;     is    now    Justice    of    the    Supreme 

Court  of  British  Columbia  ;   m.   29tli   Dec.     1879,   Sophie- 

lulith,  dau.    of    Hon.    Henry    Rhodes,   of  Victoria    and  of 

Hawaii,  and   has  issue  :   Mabel. 

2a.  — CharlesWymond,  b.  17th  Aug.  1836,  living   in    U.S.A.,  m. 

twice,    and    has  issue,    John-Walter,    of    Lancaster,    New 


3a. — John-W. ,  b.  20th  Sept    1838,  went  to  India. 


4«.  Kich;ir(l-Th„mas-MiMr,  h.  ^oth  S,.,,t.  iH^n,  H;uristcr-:it- 
law,  g.C,  I).C:.L.,  „f  Kingston,  m.  I^mily,  daii.  <,f  James- 
Alexander  Henderson.  (.)X\,  C'lmneellor  ,,f  tlw  Di.K-ese 
of  Ontario,  ,/.  and  has  had  issue,  Walter-Charles  Anthony, 
d.  J)ec.  iHqo;  ( W.'or^re-Alexander.  C"a()t.  14  Prs.  of  \\'.  ()[ 
Rifles;    llu^'h-Crawford  ;    KNrhard-Knox  ;   Marv-ICthel. 

5a. -Joseph- Boomer,  h.  J4th  Nov.  1X4  j,  Harrister-at-law,  of 
Kmjrston,  m.  Auj;usta,  dan.  of  Henry  Augustus  Hetts,  M.I)., 
and  has  issue,  one  son,  llenrv. 

6a.-VVilliam-\Vyn  ond,  M.|)..  h.' .5th  June  .«5<),  of  Nanaim<,, 
Hritish  Columhia,  m.  istly,  l':dith-(;ranville  Moyle  (?)  and 
indly, Brown,  and  has  issue. 

7a— HuKh-Blake-Aylwin,  CM-  ,  1,  31st  Julv  1H5H,  "f  Vancouver, 
British  Columhia 

la.— Mary-Emily-Wymond,  m  to  1-Vederick  Kennedv,  M  I)., 
of  Bath,  near  Kinj^'ston. 

2a--Hlean()r- Meredith,  m.  to  Walter  l-rederiek-Cope  Bartlett, 
Surgeon  R.N.,  now  living'  at  Dresden  in  Saxon\,  and  has 
issue,  2  children. 

3a.— I'hilippa-VVymond,  m.  to  Herhert-Wyllie,  in  Holy  Orders, 
living,'  at  Renmark  in  South  Australia. 

3.      Ellen,  m.  to  Rev.  Samuel  Meredith,  and  had  issue:   (ieorire 
Richard,  Mary,  Sophie,   Mattie. 



Arms:   Gu.,  bill'ettee,  a  lion  rampant,  or.  Crest:    A  bull  passant 
gii.  armed  and  unguled or.     Motto:  Audax  et  promptus. 


Formp:kly  oI'   Bali.inahinch   Castlk,  Co.    Chi.way,    Ikkland. 

f  fw 

Thk  family  of  Martin  of  (ialway,  An^do- 
Nornian,  but  one  of  the  oldest  of  the  fourteen 
Ancient  Families  known  as  the  Tribes  of  Gal- 
way,  is  said  to  have  been  established  in  Irelind, 
temp.  Henry  II.  by  Sir  Oliver  Martin,  a  Cru- 

From  him  descended 

^)S^  r<4^Jl  Richard  Martin,  nicknamed  "  Nimble  Dick," 

^ci^\       'I      /    i^      of  Birch    Hall   and   Dangan,  first    Lord   of  the 

Manor  of  Clare  or  Claremont,  son  of  Robert 
Martin  of  Ross,  High  Sheriff  of  Galway  in 
1644;  b.  cir.  J635-8  ;  d  1730-31.  Was  Captain 
in  King  James'  Irish  Army.  He  became  the 
possessor  of  vast  estates  in  Coies,  Galway,  Mayo, 
Roscommon,   Clare  and  Sligo.      M.  Katherine, 

dau.  of  Roebuck  French   of  Duras  Park,  Co.    Galway   [Arms  :    erm. 

a  chev.  sa.],  and  had  issue,  besides  6  daus., 

1. — Robert,   nicknamed  "the   Brave,"  b.  cir.  1682.  d.  s  p.    1705 

(was  murdered). 

2. — Anthony,  b.    1684,  d.    15th    May   1748,  m.   Bridget,   dau.  of 

Martin  Kirwan,  son  of  Martin  Kirwan  of  Cregg  Castle,  Co.  Galway 

[Arms  :  arg.  a  chev.  gu.  betw.  3  Cornish  choughs  sa.],  and  had  issue, 

beside^;  a  dau., 

I. — Richard,  d.  cir.  1768,  m.  Mabel,  dau.  of  Fdmoncl  Kelly,  of 

F"idane  Castle,  C   .  Galway,  but  d.  s.p. 

2. — Roiicrt,    b.    1 71 4,  d.    7th   Aug.    1794,   m.    istly,   6th    April 

1753,   Hon.    Bridget,  dau.  of  Johii,   nth   Lord   Trimleston,  who  d. 

2nd  Feb.  1762   [Arms:    erm.  a   bordure  engrailed  gu.],   and    2ndly, 

2 1st  Jan.    1769,     Elizabeth,     nee    Lynch,    relict  of  John  Vesey    in 

H  O.  ;    she  d.   30th    Sept.    1808   [Arms:    az.    a    chev.    betw.     three 

trefoils  slipped  or];  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

Of  the  first  marriage, 

I. — Richard,  of  whom  below  : 


I.— Mary.  m.  to  Patrick  D'Arcy ;  d.s.p. 

And  of  the  second  marria^'e, 

2.- Robert  h.  igth  March  1770,  d.  20th  May  1840,  Captain  of 
M.htia,  m.  5th  Oct.  1806,  Mary.  dau.  of  Sir  John  O'Fflahertie,  and 
had  issue,  extinct. 

2._Anthony.Crosby.  b.    ist  April    1771,  d.    .ist  Aug.    1846,  m. 
801,   Mar.e-hhzabeth-Alleyne,  dau.  of  His  Excellency  Jean-Pierre- 
htienne   de   L'Hspinasse,    (iovr.   .>f  Dutch   (iuiana.  and   had   issue, 
extinct  in  the  male  line. 

Richard,  named  above,  surnamed  "  Humanity,"  b  I<'eb  17^4 
d.  6th  Jan.  18.H;  M.P.  for  Galway,  High  Sheriff  ,782,  and  J  P.; 
Col  ot  Calway  Volunteers,  and  of  a  troop  of  Yeomanry  ;  m.  rstly  8th 
beb.  1777,  Klizabeth,  dau.  of  (ieorge  Vesey  of  Lucan.  Co.  Dublin 
(Arms:  or,  on  a  cross  sa.  a  patriarchal  of  the  field),  and  2ndlv 
3th  June  1796,  Harriet,  dau.  ..f  Hugh  b:vans,  Surgeon  5th  Dragoon 
Cuards,  and  wi(l(,\v  of  Robert  Heskith,  Capt.  R.N.  TArms  •  arg  i 
boar's  heads  couped,  sa.]  ;  and  had  issue,   viz.  : 

Of  the  first  marriage, 

I.— St.  (ieorge,  b.  1788,  d.  aged  14. 

Mu'r?"?''''  ^^''^'■"^^^'^"'  h- 4th  Oct.  1786,  d.  ,3rd  April  1847. 
M.l  .  for  (,alway  and  Depy.-Lieut.,  J.P.  ;  served  with  distinction 
in  the  Connaught  Rangers  in  the  Peninsular  War ;  m.  14th  Feb 
1814,  Juha,  dau.  of  Patrick  Kirvvan,  01  Dalgin  Park,  Co.  Mayo,  and 
had  issue,  one  dau.,  Mary-Letitia,  called  "  The  Princess  of  Conne- 
mara,"  b.  28th  Aug.  1815,  d.  7th  Nov.  1850;  she  was  m.  14th  Sept. 
1847,  to  Arthur.(;onne  Bell,  who  assumed  the  name  and  arms  of 
Martin  ;  d.s.p.  The  vast  estates  possessed  by  the  family,  having 
become  heavily  encumbered  in  previous  times,  were  .sold  after  the 
death  of  Mary-Letitia  Martin,  in  the  1<  ncumbered  Estates  Court 
and  wholly  lost  to  her  successors.  ' 

i.-Laetitia,  m.  to  Sir  Charles-John  Peshali,  Hart.,  and  had  issue. 

And  of  the  second  marriage, 

3.— l^ichard,  of  whom  below. 

2.— Harriet-L^ptitia,  b.  5th  July  i8oi,  d.  12th  Jan.  1891. 

3.— Georgina-Thomasine,  b.  23rd  Nov.  1806,  d.  nth  Feb.  1840. 

4.— Mary-Jane,  b.  i8th  Dec.  1810.  d.  July  1892. 

RicHAKO  Martin,  above  natmd,  third  son  of  Richard  ("Hu- 
manity"), b.  25th  March  1797,  d.  4th  \pnl  1878;  entered  the 
Army  as  Cornet  in  the  3rd  Diagoon  (iuards,  fr^m  which  he  retired 
ni  1820,  and  having  taken   Holy  Orders,  was  Rector  of   Dunboyne 

I    ' 



<   m 

1: 1 



(J  J 

Co.  Meath,  Iiut  having  withdrawn  from  the  priesthood,  came  to 
Canada  in  1833,  and  settled  at  Derrvclare,  Co.  Haldimand ;  was 
Sheriff  Co.  Haldimand,  and  Lieut.-Col.  Co.  Haldimand  Militia  ; 
m.  Emily-Sylvia,  d.  i8th  Nov.  1865,  aged  70,  dau.  of  John  Kirwan, 
of  Dublin,  g.C,  and  his  wife  Anne,  only  dau.  and  heiress  of 
Euseby  Stratford  [Arms:  Quarterlv ;  i  and  4,  arg.  a  chev.  betw. 
three  Cornish  choughs  sa.  for  Kirwan  ;  2,  enn.  a  chev.  sa.  for 
French  ;  3,  barry  of  ten  arg,  and  az.  a  lion  rampt.  gu.  for  Strat- 
ford], and  had  issue,  viz.: 

1. — Richard,  of  whom  below  (A). 

2.— John-Robert,  of  Cayuga,  Barrister-at-law,  b.  22nd  Feb. 
1825,  m-  istly,  27th  Sept.  1855,  Sophia,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Stinson 
of  Hamilton,  she  d.  1874  ;  2ndly,  31st  Aug.  1874,  Sarah,  d.  27th  April 
1894,  dau.  of  Joseph-Launcelot  Gubbins  of  Ballincolloo  House,  Co. 
Limerick,  Ire  .  son  of  George-Gough  Gubbins  of  Maidstone  Castle, 
Co.  Limerick. 

3.— Evan-Stratford,  of  whom  below  (B). 

4.— St.  George-Augustus,  b.  2nd  March  1831,  d.  29th  Jan.   1855. 

5-— f^rederick-Oliver,  of  whom  below  (C.) 

6. — Edward,  of  whom  below  (D). 

I.— Anne-Therese,  b.  gth  Sept.  1822,  d.  inf. 


Richard  Martin,  above  named,  of  Hamilton,  b.  nth  Aug  1823, 
d.  29th  Oct.  1886,  Barrister-at-law,  O.C.,  m.  gth  July  1858,  Eliza- 
beth, dau.  of  William  Cunningham,  of  Donegal,  Ire.,  and  his  wife 
Margaret  Greenlaw  ;  and  has  had  issue,  viz. : 

la. — Richard  Sarsfield,  b.  24th  Jan.  1863. 

2a.~Robert-John,  b.  17th  April  1868. 

3a. — William-Frederick-Cunningham,  b.  14th  Sept.  1872,  d. 
loth  March  1888. 

4a.— Charles- 1£ vans,  b.  27th  Sept.  1876. 

la. — Emily-Harriet. 

2a.— Louisa-Mary. 

3a.— Olivia-Anne,  b.  8th  Nov.  1864,  d.  29th  Jan.  18G6. 

4a. — Georgina-Margaret. 

5a.— Mary-Isabella,  b.  6th  Jan.  1871,  d.  loth  Jan.  1873. 

6a. — Elizabeth- Maude. 

7a.— Charlotte- Peretto,  b.  27th  Sept.  1876,  d.  loth  Aug.  1877. 



Evan-Stratford  Martin,  above  named,  of  Cayu-a,  b.   26tli  Oct 
>«26,  m.  gth    Nov.    1S59,  Anne,  dau.  of  Thomas  Blakeney,  of  Hazle- 
wood,  Co.  Haldimand  (son   of  Thomas  Bhikenev,  of  Holywell    Co 
Roscommon,   Ire.),  and  his  wife   Emma,   dau.  oV  Charles  Jones,  of 
Kilhncarnck,    Co.    Wicklow,    Ire.   (Arms:    Sa.   a  chev.    erm.    betw 
three  leopards'  faces  or.),  and  has  had  i.ssue,  viz. : 

la.— Kichard-Blakeney,  b.  i8th  Aug.   i860. 

2«.— Evan-Stratford-Jones,  b.  22nd  April   1866. 

3«.— Thomas-Barnevvall,  b.  28th  March  1871. 

la. — Emma-Sylvia. 

2a. -Harriet-Mary. 

3^.— Frances-Anne-Newcombe. 


tredenck-Ohver  Martin,  above  named,  of  Derryclare,  York,  Co 
Hald.manc    and  of  Toronto,  b.  5th   Sept.    1832;   m.  rst  Jan.  1862, 
Catherme-Mana,  dau.    of    Thomas    Blakeney    the    voungor.    above 
named,  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.—Frederick-Richard-Gunnin-    b.  15th  Sept.  icS6y. 
2a.— Henryja.sper,  b.  6th  Sept.  1871. 
3«  —Robert-Oliver   b.  loth  July  1873. 

4«.-Francis-St.  (;eor-e,  i).  4th  Sept.  1879,  d.  2n(l  April  1880. 
5.a— Fdward-Newcombe,  b.  6th  June  1S81. 
la. — Emily-Frances. 
2a. — Catherine-Harriet-Louisa. 

3a— Annette-Mary,  m.    16th   Sept.    1891,  to    (ieorge-Seymour 
Lyon,  and  has  issue,  Kathleen-Maxwell. 


Edward   Martin,   named   above,  of  Hamilton,    Barrister-at-law, 
O.C,    D.C.L.,   Bencher  of  the  Law  Society,  b.    :;rd  Oct.  1834    m' 
2ri.l    Dec.  1862,   Mariana-Mary,  dau.   of  Charles-Ozen   Counsel!    of 
Hamilton,  and  Mariana  his  wife,  dau.  of  George  Stringer,  of  London 
Eng.  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  :  ' 

la.— b:dward-Kirwan-Counsell,    Barrister-at-law,    b.    5th     1-eb. 
1864,  m.  7th   April    1891,   Mabel-Frances,  dau.  of  Kt.  Rev.' 
Charles    Hamilton,   Bishop    of    Niagara  (.see   Hamilton  of 
Hawkesbury).    and    has    issue,    Edward-Au.stin- Hamilton 
b.  23rd  Jan.  1892  ;  Vera-Kathleen  Craiirie.  ' 







2<j!  — Archer-Evans-Stringer,  Barrister-at-law,  h.  6th  May  1865, 

m.  3rd  July  1H89,  Rmily-Mary,  dau    of  John-Breakenrid^^c 

Read  (see  Read),  and  has  issue,    Archer-D'Arcy-Counsell. 

b.  4th  Dec.   1890;    HIdvvard-Ohver-Carew,   6th    Aug.  1892. 

-D'Arcy-Richani-C'harles,  b.  3rd  Dec.  1869. 

-.Alexis- I'Vancis- Ramsay,    b.    19th    Nov.    1S71,    I.ieut.    loth 

Royal  (irenadiers. 

-Frederick-John-Strange,  b.  23rd  Aug.    1875. 

-Ethel-Mary-Sylvia,  m.  to  Lawrence-Heyden  Baldwin  (see 


}a.  — Mary-Clendinning-O'Donnel. 




.'\kms  :  Az.,  a  cross  calvary  on  three  grieces  arg.,  the  dexter  arm 
terminating  in  a  sun  in  splendour  or,  the  sinister  in  a  decrescent  of 
the  second.  Crest:  an  estoilc  of  eight  points  or.  Mottoes:  Sic 
itur  ad  astra,  and  Auxilium  meum  a  Domine. 


SHAW,  Xa.  JE.  %„  OF  Oakhill,  Toronto. 

THE  Family  or  Clan  of  Shaw  of  Tordarroch  is  a  branch  of  the 
Clan    Shaw  of    Kothimurcus,  one   of  the  divisions   of   Clan 
Chattan.     The  founder  of  the  family  was  Shaw  Mor,  who  d. 
1405.     His  son 

James  Macintosh  (the  surname  of  Shaw  was  not  assumed  until 
later),  who  d.  141 1,  m.  a  dau.  of  Gregor  Grant,  and  had  two  sons, 
one  of  whom, 

Adam,  was  ancestor  of  the  Shaws  of  Tordarroch  ;    his  son 

Rohert,  who  had  two  sons, 

Angus  MacRobert,  living  in  1543,  who  d.s.p.,  and  Bean,  or 
Benjamin,  whose  son, 

Angus  MacBean,  was  living  in  1609;  his  son 

Robert  Shaw,  the  first  so  named,  d.  i6gi.  leaving  three  sons,  of 
whom  the  eldest  was 

Alexander,  d.  between  1717  and  1724,  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  Donald 
Macintosh  of  Killachie,  and  hnd  three  sons,  of  whom  the  two  elder 

I. — Robert,  a  Captain  in  the  Clan  Chattan  Regt.  under  the 
Chief  of  Macintosh  in  1715  ;  was  taken  prisoner  on  the  surrender  of 
that  Regt.  with  others,  at  Preston,  and  died  in  Newgate  Prison,  unm. 

2. — Angus,  also  an  officer  in  Clan  Chattan  Regt.  and  taken 
prisoner,  hut  was  pardoned  and  set  at  liberty  ;  m.  Anne,  dau.  of 
Dallas,  of  Cantray,  and  had  issue,  three  sons  and  twodaus.,  of  whom, 

1. — Alexander,  first  son,  served  in  the  60th  Royal  American 
Regt.  in  1754  ;  was  present  at  the  capture  of  Quebec  in  1759,  and 
was  severely  wounded  ;  after  the  American  Revolutionary  War  he 
returned  to  Scotland  ;  he  was  from  1790  to  1804  Lieut-Gov.  of  the 
Isle  of  Man  :  m.  and  had  issue,  one  of  whom  (Col.)  Claudius,  an 
officer  of  distinction,  b.  12th  h'eb.  1791,  d.  loth  Nov.  1875,  served 
on  the  Niagara  Frontier  in  1814. 

2. — (Major-General  Hon.)  /F^neas,  second  son,  d.  15th  Feb.  1815; 
entered  the  39th  Regt.  as  Ens.  1784;  Lieut.  1787;  served  in  the 
American  Rc/olutionary  War;  Captain  in  the  Cjueen's  Rangers 
1791  ;    Major  1794;    Lt.-Col    1798;    Major  of  Brigade  at  York  1803, 




i , 





■K  i 



at  Quebec  1808,  and  at  Nia<;ara  1810;  Major-General  1811;  and 
was  Adjutant  -  (ieneral  of  the  Canadian  Militia,  and  second  in 
command  in  Canada  in  the  war  of  181 2,  after  the  death  of  (ieneral 
Brock.  He  intended  to  settle  in  Long  Island,  New  York,  and 
ac(|uircd  large  estates  there,  which  were  confiscated  by  the  American 
Government  Ik  arrived  in  the  winter  of  1792  in  Canada,  which  he 
reached  with  a  portion  of  the  Rangers  under  his  command  by  a  march 
on  snow  shoes  from  \(!W  Brunswick  through  an  uninhabited  forest 
country  to  Montreal,  and  soon  afterwards  settled  on  lands  near  the 
town  of  York  (Toronto),  which  he  named  Oakhill  (a  translation  of  the 
Gaelic  name  Tordarroch),  where  his  primitive  dwelling — such  as  the 
early  settlers  erected  --remamed  standing,  a  little  north-west  of 
Trinity  College,  until  about  1875  ;  in  his  residence  in  York,  the  Duke 
()(  Kent,  father  of  Queen  Victoria,  was  entertained  when  he  visited 
Toronto,  the  house  being  given  up  for  his  accommodation,  while  the 
family  occupied  tents  in  the  grounds.  Was  a  member  of  the  Legis- 
lative Council  of  Upper  Caiiida.  M.  istly,  Ann,  b  21st  June  1776, 
d.  1st  Jan.  1806,  dau.  of  Richard  Gosline,  of  Newton,  N.Y.,  and 
2ndly,  Margaret-IIickinan,  dau.  of  Poole-Hickman  England,  Capt. 
47th  Regt.  (who  survived  him,  and  was  married  2ndly  to  William 
Leeming,  in  Holy  Orders,  Rector  of  Chippawa  ;  see  note,  p.  49).  and 
had  issue  of  the  first  marriage  only,  viz.  : 

I. — John,  Caj)t.  Glengarry  Fencibles  and  49th  Regt.,  d.  unm. 
2. — Alexander,  of  whom  below. 

3. — Charles,  b.  loth  July  1786,  Lieut.  52nd  Regt.,d.  about  1808 
killed  by  an  accident  while  driving),  unm. 

4 — /Eneas,  b.  25th  May  1789,  of  Chinguacousy,  Co.  Peel,  Capt. 
Glengarry  Fencibles,  m.  and  had  issue 

5. — Richard,  b.  i6th  July  1790,  d  1834,  of  Darlington,  Co. 
Durham,  Capt  Royal  York  Rangers,  m.  Dorothy  Shoultz  (who 
survived  him  and  was  married  2ndly  to  David-b^aiicis  Burk),  and 
had  issue,  viz.  : 

id — George-Shoultz,  of  Darlington,    now  ol    Toronto,  b.    i6th 

Sept.   1830,  m.   istly,  1852,  Jemima,  d.  Sej)t.  i860,  dau.  of 

Benjamin    Marr,   of  Markham  ;    2n(lly,   1862,  Margaret,  d. 

Nov.    1893,  dau.  of  John  McClung,  of   Bowmanville,   and 

has  issue,  viz. 

Of  the  first  marriage, 

ic. — William-Henry,  silver  miner  in  Utah  Territory,  U.S.A. 

2c. — Frank-Richard,    went   to    Illinois,    U.S.A.,   m.    Annie 
Walters,  and  has  issue,  two  sons. 

Um-ilIK!  w- 


If.— Harriet,     m.    to    William    Addison,    and    has    issue, 

Rff^inaid,  Douglas. 
2c. — Eliza. 

And  of  the  second  marria-re, 
y. — James- George,  Barrister-at-law. 
4r. — John-Arthur. 
y. — Jane-Stanton. 
4<r.— May-Kloise. 
2<J. -Richard,     of    Darlington,     m.      Mary,     dau.     of    Charles 
Hellwood,  and  has  issue,  viz.  : 
i<r.— Fred;  rick,  went  to  British  Columbia. 
\c. — Ida. 
2c. — Alice. 

K^.—Charlotte  Elizabeth,  m.  to  Amos  Mallory,  and  has  had 
issue:  i^Jicliard  ;  Louisa;  Annie,  .j'.,  m.  to  William  Colville, 
and  had  issue. 

2<5.--Isabella,  m.  to  James-Patrick  Lovekin,  and  has  had  issue  : 
William,  d.  inf.;  James;  George;  Frederick;  Charles; 
Alice  ;  and  three  other  daus   wiio  d.  inf. 

6. — George,  of  whom   below. 

7.— David,  b.    igth  July  iSoo,  d.  unm. 

I.— Isabella,  i).  jjrd  Aug,  17S7,  m.  tu  Join  Powell  (see  Powell). 

2.— Sophia,  b.  31st  May  1792,  d.  ist  Dec.  1872,  was  engaged  to 
be  married  to  General  Sir  Isaac  Brock,  and  on  his  being  killed  at 
Queenston  Heights  remained  unm. 

3. -Ann,  b.  3rd  July  1794,  d.  inf. 

4.— Anne,  b.  29th  June  1798,  m.  to  John-Spread  Baldwin  (see 

5.— Charlotte-Stuart,  b.  12th  May  1802,  d.  i6th  Nov.  1872,  m. 
to  Rev.  Ephraim  I^vans. 

6.— Mary,  b.  14th  Aug.  1804,  m.  to Roulston,  d.s.p. 

Alexander,  above  named,  d.  12th  Jan.  1834,  Capt.  35th  and  69th 
Regts.    Was  over  30 years  in  the  Army,  and  was  engaged'  [n  the  follow- 
ing services:    Naples  1805,  Maida  1806,    l.gypt   (Alexandria)  1807, 
Corunna  1809,    Holland   (capture    of   Flushing),  and    at    Waterloo 
1815.     M.  Mary-Anne  Williams,  who  survived  him,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
1(5.— George,  of  Kingston  and  of   Montreal,  b.  17th  June  1815, 
d.  31st  July  1887,  served  in   the  4th  Incorporated    Regt.  of 
Militia,    and    in     the  Queen's    Rangers  ;     served     in     the 




Kel)elli()n  of  1S37-3S;  m.  I^llon,   dau.  of  William  lluson,  of 
nublin,  Ireland,  and  had  issu<;,  vi/.  : 

If.— GeorKt'-Alexaiider,  h.  24th  June  1844,  Lt.-Col.  retired 
from     loth     Royal     l^e^n.    of    Toronto    (now     Royal 
Grenadiers),    Vice-Co, isul    for  Hawaii ;     m.     Marion- 
Christina,     dau,    of   (iilhert-Ticc  Bastedo,    Harrister- 
at  law,  of  Milton. 
!<:.— Ellen,  b.  loth  July  1841,  d.  i8th  )une  1847. 
2f.— Alice-Mary,  b.  28th  May  1847,  fl-^th  May   1872,  unm. 
2<5— -John,  d.  unm. 
^6. — David,  d.  linm.  in  California. 
4<5. — William,  d.  in  California. 
SS. — Charles  d.  unm. 

6^.— Alexander,  of  Oakhill,  Major  in  the  Militia;  went  to  re- 
side in  Japan  and  d.  there  about  1886;  m.  Mar^'aret 
Macqueen,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

ir.— Alexander-Croft,     in     Holy    Orders,     Archdeacon    of 
Tokyo,  Japan,  m.  and  has  issue. 
-Duncan,  of  l^randon,  Manitoba,  twice  married. 
-Charles-zEneas,  C.K.,  of  Deloraine,   Manitoba,  twice 

Norman,  of  Deloraine,  m. 
-Mary,  livin<,f  in  Japan. 
-Grace,  d.  youn«^. 
-Florence,  d.  youn^. 
7^- — Sandy-Richard,  d.  young. 

8^.— /Eneas,  d.  young  (drowned  at  Corfu  in  the  Mediterranean.) 

i/i.— Mary-Anne,    m.    to     Henry   Croft,    Professor    in   Toronto 

University,  and   had    issue :     William,    living   in    Texas ; 

Annie,  m.  to  Thomas-Stinson  Jarvis,  son  of  Stephen-Maule 

Jarvis  (see  Jarvis)  ;  and  Mary  unm. 

(Capt.)  George,  above  named,  b.  14th  Oct,  1795,  d.  20th  Oct. 
1829  (drowned  in  Lake  Ontario),  m.  Eliza  Drury  (who  survived  him 
and  was  m.  2ndly  to  Thomas-Johnston  (irover,  of  Mosa,  Co.  Middle- 
sex), and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

i/;.— (ieorge  Edward,  banker  in  Peterborough,  b.  i8th  Oct. 
1823,  d.  28th  Oct.  1880,  m.  24th  July  1849,  Mary-Emma, 
dau.  of  David  Thompson  or  ApThomas  of  Montreal,  who 
came  from  Wales,  and  was  a  noted  traveller  and  explorer 
in  the  North-west,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 






ir. —George-Smith,  h.  iHth  July  1850,  d.  131I1  J;in.    1851. 

2r.  — Willi;im-l*aliser,  b.  iQtIi  Mav  1856,  of  Winnipeg. 

Jf.—George-Alexander,  b,  5th  Feb.  1859,  d.  2ni'  Dec.  1S85, 
unm..  .served  in  the  Queen's  Own  KiHis  in  the  North- 
west 1885,  after  which   he  settled  at  Calj,'ary. 

4r.— Charles  Scott,  b.  5th  May  1861,  of  Chicago. 

If.— Georgina-P^mma,  d.  6th  May  1884.  in.  to  Charles 
Kempt,  of  Detroit,  and  has  issue,  one  son,   Percival. 

2c.  —Charlotte-Elizabeth. 

y.     Mar)- Louise. 

\c. — Isabel-Grover,  m.  to   Thomas- Bark(!r  Tate. 
-Anne,  d.,  m.  to  William   Morton,  of  Edinburgh,  Sco.,  and 

had  issue,  a  dau.,  m.  to   |ohn  Mulheron,  M.D.,  of  Detroit, 

-Fanny,  m.  to  William  Ward,  of  Detroit. 



Arms  —Quarterly,  i  and  4,— or,  a  lion  rampt.  gu.,  armed  and 
languedaz.;  2  and  3,— arg.,  a  fir  tree  growing  out  of  a  mount  in 
base,  all  ppr.  ;  on  a  chief  gu.  charged  with  an  a.-gmentatio-.  of  the 
Royal  Standard  of  Sc  otland  (or,  a  lion  rampt.  within  a  double  tres- 
sure  flory  and  counterflory  gu.),  a  canton  of  the  field,  thereon  a 
dexter  hand  fesswise  couped  ppr.,  holding  a  dagger,  point  down- 
wards, gu.  Crest :  A  dexter  hand  and  forearm  couped,  holding  a 
dagger  erect,  all  ppr.     Motto  :   Fide  et  fortitudine. 






Till'  Otters  are  a  family  numerous  in  the 
liast  Riding  of  York,  ami  in  Coies,  Nottin<;ham, 
Lincoln  and  I)erl)y  (I'-njj;.)-  I'li^^  name,  whicii 
is  Scandinavian,  is  anciently  Oiiter,  Othyr, 
Ottyr,  and  appears  in  Domesday  Book  as  Otre, 
and  also  in  Saxon  Chronicles  in  some  one  or 
other  of  these  forms.  Tlu;  Canadian  family 
derive  descent  from 

William  Otter,  of  Welham,  in  the  Parish  of 
Clarhorough,  Co.  Nottinjj;ham,  d.  in  or  about 
1572  ;  m.  A^mes  Wordsaythe,  who  d.  1579,  and 
had  issue,  three  sons  and  three  daus.  The 
eldest  son, 

Richard,  of  Welham,  d.  161  2;  m.  Elizabeth- 

,  and  had  issue,  four  sons,  of  whom  the  fourth, 

William,  h.  1596,  d.  June  1666,  was  of  Welham,  all  senior  heirs 

havinj^  (apparently)  failed  ;   m.  istly  Jemima,  widow  of Rtj^fge,  or 

Peck,  who  cl.    June    1638,  and  had   issue,  one   son  (ieor<j;e,  who  d. 

unm.,  and  three  daus.  ;  and  2ndly,  Katherine  ,  and  had  issue, 

William,  of  Welham,  b.  1644,  d.  1720,  m.  istly,  Mary  Robson, 
who  d.s.p.  May  1683  ;  and  2ndly,  Sarah  Stacey,  and  had  issue, 
three  sons,  of  whom  the  eldest : 

George,  of  Welham,  b.  16S6,  d.  (killed  while  fox-hunting)  Nov. 
1739  ;  m  Anne,  dau.  of  Robert  Fowe,  and  had  issue,  three  sons  and 
six  daus.,  of  whom  the  eldest  son, 

P2dw<ird,  of  Welham  (which  estate  he  sold),  b.  1724,  died  Sept. 
1785,  in  Holy  Orders ;  Vicar  of  Cuckney,  Co.  Nottingham,  and  of 
Bolsover,  Scarcliffe,  and  Upper  Langwith,  Co.  Derby;  m.  Dorothy, 
dau.  of  John  Wright,  of  North  Anstan,  Co.  York,  and  had  issue,  five 
sons  and  three  daus.,  of  whom  the  fourth  son  was 

(Rt.  Rev.)  William  Otter,  b.  23rd  Oct.  1768,  d.  20th  Aug  1840; 
in  Holy  Orders  ;  P^ellow  and  Tutor  of  Jesus  College,  Cambridge  ; 
B.A.  1790;  M.A.  1793,  D.D.  1836;  became  Bishop  of  Chichester 
in  1836.  M.  Nancy-Salier,  d.  i2th  March  i860,  dau.  of  William 
Bruere,  Chief  Secretary  of  State  and  Member  of  the  Supreme 
Council  of  India,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

1. — -William-Bruere,   in   Holy  Orders,  Archdeacon  of  Chiches- 


ter,   \'icar  of  (\)wfit'l(l,   Co.   Sussex  ;   m.    Rli/ahctli,  dau.  of 
Kohort  Melville,  II.IIM.  Consul  at  Amsterdam,  and  had  issue. 
2. —Alfred-William,  of  whom  below. 
3. — Reginald-W'illiam-Onfrley,  d.  unni. 
I.— Sophia-Marian-l'Vances,  m.    to    Henry    Malthus,  in    Holy 

2.— Caroline  Charlotte,  m.  to  Rt.   Hon.  John,   Baron   Romilly, 

and  had  issue  : 
3-— Jatiuiline-Klizaheth,  m.  to  Alexander  Trotter,  of  Dreghorn, 

Co.  Midlothian,  and  had  issue. 
4.~Maria,  m.  to    Rt.    Hon.  Sir  William-Milburn  James,  Lord 

Chief  Justice  of  the  Common  Pleas,  and  had  issue. 
5.-  Emily-Harriett,     m.    to    Rt.   Hon.   lulward    Strutt,  Baron 

Bflper,  and  hnd  issue. 
Alfkkd-VVii.liam  Ottkk,  above  named,  b.  181 2,  d.  25th  Aug. 
1866,  came  to  Canada  in  the  year  1841,  and  settled  at  Goderich,  Co. 
Huron,  and  ciul'sequently  removed  to  Toronto;  m.  Anne,  dau.  of 
James  De  la  Hooke,  in  Holy  Orders,  Rector  of  Gravenhurst,  Co. 
Bedford,  Kng.,  and  afterwards  of  Bayfield,  Co.  Huron,  who  m. 
Augusta  Dillon,  and  had  issue,  vi/,  : 

la. —  William- Dillon,  of  whom  below. 

2fl.~lM-ederick- Watson,  I'lnsi^n  Oueen's  Own  Rifles,  b.  6th 

March  1849,  d.    1869,  unm. 
3a.— Harold-Charles,  1).  27th    Dir.    1854,  m.  Alice,  dau.  of 

Daniel  Scott,  of  Toronto, 
la.— -Ja(iueline-Mary,  m.  16th  Sept.   1868,  to    Henry  Leach 
Henderson,  son   of   William    Henderson,   of  Toronto, 
whom  she  survives,  and  has  had  issue:  Alfred-William, 
b.  2Cnh  Nov.  1869,  (1.  31st  March  1875. 
2«.  — Emily-May,      m.     to     ;\lexancler-David     Stewart,     of 
Hamilton,   Mayor  of  that  City  in   1894,  and  has  had 
issue,  viz.:    Beril-Blantyre,  b.  9th  March  1884;  Alfred- 
William-Otter,  1).  6th    I'eb.    1887;   Crertrude-Graham  ; 
Muriel- Mildred. 
(Lt.-Col.)  William-Dillon    Otter,    b.    3rd    Dec.    1843;    entered 
the   gueen's  Own  RiHes  as   a   Volunteer   in    1861  ;    became   Lieut. 
Dec.  1864;  Captain,  March  1866;   Major,  June  1869;   Lt -Col.  June 
1874.     While  in  the  Queen's  Own  Rifles  he  served  in  every  rank,* 

•  This  Corps  ever  since  it  was  raised  has  been  composed  largely  of  gentlemen  The  officers 
have,  with  very  few  exceptions,  always  been  appointed  from  the  non-coms,  or  privates  of  the  Reet 
There  have  also  been  many  officers  of  other  corps,  and  also  in  the  Imperial  Service,  who  have  been 
privates  and  non-coms,  in  the  (Jueen's  Own. 


V    I 


1      i 


and  took  |);u"t  in  every  service  in  which  thai  Kc^t.  was  employed, 
inclu(hng  tlie  I'eiiiaii  Kaids  of  iHf)0,  and  the  action  at  Ridgeway, 
and  was  for  several  yt'Jirs  Adjutant  of  the  I'Jck^m  which  also  he 
commanded  from  May  1H75  to  Dec.  1M83,  when  he  was  appointed 
Commandant  of  the  Infantry  School  at  Toronto,  now  the  Royal 
School  of  InfantiN  and  a  part  of  the  Royal  Rcf^'t.  of  Canadian 
Infantry.  In  the  North-west  Rebellion  of  1KS5  he  was  appointed 
to  the  comm,.  id  of  tin-  Ea'deford  Column,  of  which  his  old 
Corps,  the  Oueen's  Own  Rifles,  was  the  chief  part,  despatched 
for  the  relief  of  Hattlcford,  which  place  was  reached  by  a  march 
of  200  miles,  accomplished  in  five  and  a  half  days.  While  stationed 
at  that  place  he  attacked  at  Cut  Knife,  with  a  small  part  of  his 
force,  a  larj^e  l)od\  of  Indians  undc-r  Chief  I'oundmaker,  who  were 
entleavourin*,'  to  effect  a  junction  with  the  rebels,  in  which  they 
were  thus  checked.  (Medal  and  clasp.)  Was  appointed  Deputy  Adjt. 
(ienl.  of  2nd  Military  District,  July  1S86.  M.  Oct.  1M65,  Marianne, 
dau.  of  Rev.  James  Porter  (d.  18th  -April  1S74,  aged  61,  son  of 
Rev.  bxKvard  Porter,  of  a  family  of  Co.  (iloucester,  Hng.  .\kms:  Gu. 
on  a  fesse  between  five  fa/cons'  ^oinjis  or,  three  hurts.  Crest :  A  demi 
goat  rampt.  pf^r.),  and  his  wife,  Agnes  Dryden,  and  has  had  issue, 
on(;  dau., 

.'\gnes-.Vnna-lulrol,  m.  jylh  June  1893,  to  lulvvard-Lyall 
Morton,  b.  26th  Oct.  1866,  Lieut.  (Juc^en's  Own  Rifles  Aug.  1890, 
transferred  to  22n(l  Oxford  Rifles  .Vpril  1893,  son  of  Benjamin 
Morton,  of  Norwoodlea,  East  'J'oronto.  w  ho  came  to  Canada  in  1854 
from  C'o.  Northumberland,  l^ng.,  and  his  wife,  Sarah-Jane,  dau.  of 
b'dward  Patterson  (of  Millbrook,  Co.  Sligo,  Ire.,  Capt.  31st  Regt., 
which  Regt.  he  entered  in  his  i6th  year;  he  servc-d  throughout  the 
Peninsular  War,  being  wounded  at  Corunna  and  at  San  Sebastian  ; 
Crest :  A  pelican  in  her  piety.  Motto :  Je  meurs  pour  ceu.x  c]ue 

Arms  :  Or,  on  a  bend  f^uttee.,  betxveen  two  crosses  pattee  gu.^ 
three  crescents  of  the  first.  Crest:  Two  crosses  pattee  surmounted  by  a 
crescent,  ^u.  Mottoes:  Above,  Crescit  eundo  ;  beneath,  Alta  petimus 
(with  a  badge — upon  a  r«)ck  an  otter  preparing  to  dive  into  water)  ; 
also,  Watch. 

The  arms  borne  in  Kishop  Otter's  time  were:  Or,  on   a  bend  gu  ,  three  crescents  of  the  first. 
Crest :  A  crescent  or. 









{    ; 


■  ~ 

;      ' 

I  ^'3 


JOHN  DENISON,  son  of  George  Denison.of  Headon,  Co.  York, 
\ln^.,  1).  2oth  Nov.  1755,  d.  2(Stli  Oct.    1824,  was  Capt.  in  the 
2nd  Regt.  West   Riding  of  Yorkshire  (I'^njj;.)  MiHtia;*  came  to 
Canada  in    1792,  and  settled   in  York   (now  Toronto)   in    1796.      M. 
Sophia,  dau.  of  Arthur  Taylor,  of  Dovercourt,   Harwich,  Co.   Essex, 
Enghind,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

I. — George-Taylor,  of  whom  below. 

2. — Thomas-John,  h.  ist.  Nov.  1786,  d.  23rd  Auj;.  1846. 
Served  m  the  War  of  1812-1815  ;  was  engaged  at  Detroit  and 
Queenston  Heights  ;  also  served  in  the  Rebellion  of  1837-8.  Was  a 
Captam  in  the  York  Militia.  M.  24th  March  1817,  Maria-Pilzon 
Lawrence  (b.  26th  Aug.  1794),  and  had  issue  : 

la. — John-Lawrence,   of  Chinguacousy,  Co,  Peel,  b.   18th  June 
1818  ;  m.  23rd  Nov.  1854,  Sarah  Clark  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
iS. — Thomas- John,  b.  25th  Aug.  1855. 
26. — William-Henr)-,  b.  13th  March  1857. 
3<^. — George-Alberl,  1).  1859,  d.  1875. 
.[o. — Edwin-Charles,  1).  29th  April  1863. 
5^. — l'>ederick-\Valter,  b.   26th  March  1869. 
id. — Sarah- Maria,  b.  1861,  d    1866. 
2d. — Louisa- Delahooke. 
j,d. — Mary  Elorence. 
2a. — Thomas- Elisha,  b.  9th  February  1824,  d.  unm.  15th  Aug. 

3d!. — Charles,    b.   22nd    Nov.    1826,    m.    20th  June   1861,  Mary 
Deacon,   and   has  had   issue:   Charles- Walter,   b.   6th  ]uly 
1871  ;   Mary- Louisa. 
4a. — William,  b.  26th  April  1830,  d.  19th  Dec.  1830. 
5a. — Peter-George,  b.  9th  July  1832,  d.  13th  .\ug.  1878. 

I'    i 

•  Two  brothers,  ot  whom  Capt  Henison  was  one,  held  commissions  in  this  UeKiment  together. 
Col.  Fred  C.  Denison  ha:,  in  his  pussession  an  Order  Hook,  which  was  the  property  of  one  nf  these 
officers,  containing  orders  issued  during  the  years  1771)  and  1780,  and  which  affords  an  irteresting 
picture  of  the  inner  life  of  an  ICnglish  Militia  Kegiment  of  that  period.  The  Regiment  su'.jse(iuently 
became  the  65th  of  the  line. 



6a. — Edwin-Perine,  b.  5th  Nov.  1835  ;  served  for  many  years 
in  the  (iovernor-General's  Body  Guard,  including  the 
Fenian  Raid  of  1866,  and  retired  with  rank  of  Captain  ;  m. 
istly.  1 6th  March  1870,  EHzabeth,  d.  Dec.  19th  1871,  dau. 
of  John  Hhzard,  of  Pi  terhorough  ;  2ndly,  Harriet,  d.  igth 
July  1S85,  dau.  of  John  Paul,  of  Weston,  Co.  York  ;  and 
jrdly,  Agnes-Smith,  dau.  of  Robert  McDougall  ;  and  had 
issue  of  the  first  marriage,  Idal  .etitia. 
la. — Elizabeth-Sophia,  b.  gth  Aug.  18 19,  m.  to  Alfred  Hawkins, 

of  Quebec. 
2a. — Maria-Louisa,  b.  i6th  Oct.  1821,  d.  ist  July  1887,  m.  1847, 
as  second  wife  to  James-Acland  I)e  la  Hooke,  M.D.,  b.  6th 
Nov.   1814,  son   of  James  De  la    Hooke,  in    Holy  Orders, 
Rector  of  (iravenhurst,  Co.  Bedford,  luig.,  who  m.  Augusta 
Dillon  ;  Surgeon  Gov  -Genl's  Body  Ciuard  for  many  years, 
including  Fenian  Raid  ;  and  had  issue  (besides  three  other 
sons    d.,  and    one  dau.);     James-Acland;      b^dwin-Dillon- 
Alexander  ;  Thomas-Denison-Auley. 
3. — Charles,  Captain  in  the   York   Militia,  served   in   1812,  was 
engaged  at  Detroit  and  Oueenston  Heights  and  throughout  the  war, 
d.s  p. 

I. — Elizabeth-Sophia,  m.  to  John-l'\nnings  Taylor,  Chi(;f  Clerk 
to  the  Leg.  Ass'y  of  Prov.  of  Can.,  and  afteiwards  to  the  Senate  of 
Canada,  and  had  issue,  %iz  : 

ia. — Arthur-John,  d.,  nami-d  below,  p.  106. 

2a. — George- Alexander-Denison,  of  the  CMvil  Service  at  Ottawa, 

m.  and  has  issue. 
3^!. — Albert,   unm. 
la. — Maria,  unm. 

(Lt.-Col.)  (ieorge-Taylor,  of  Bellevue,*  Toronto,  named  above, 
b.  2gth  Dec.  17S3,  d.  iSth  Dec.  1S53,  Lieut.  Col.  of  Militia, 
served  in  the  war  of  181 2,  with  the  rank  of  Capt.  Was  com- 
missioned to  raise  a  troop  of  IJght  Dragoons  in  1822,  which  served 
under  his  command  (rank  of  Major)  in  1837,  having  then  the  desig- 
nation of  the  "  Oueen's  Light  Dragoons."  This  corps  was  reduced 
in  1839,  but  was  immediately  re-organizec.  by  its  officers  as  a  volun- 

•  Still  occupied  by  the  f.imily  ;  then  in  the  middle  of  a.  hirgc  faini,  hut  now  in  tlie  heart  of 
a  densely  populated  district  The  house  is  remarkable  as  beinn  built  with  four  sides,  facing  due 
north,  south,  east  and  west,  the  only  house  in  Toronlo  so  built,  exiepl  perhaps  one  otlier,  the  old 
Hospital  on  the  corner  of  King  and  John  Sts  ,  not  now  in  existence  I  lenison  Avenue  and  Square 
and  Uellevue  Avenue  and  Place  bear  names  of  the  family  and  of  this  residence. 


'  ;v 


teer  corps,  and  has  since  then  continued,  although  differently  consti- 
tuted from  time  to  time,  and  has  been  continuously  commanded,  and 
to   a  great   extent  officered,  by  members  of  the  Denison    Family, 
bemg  at  times  popularly  known  as  "  Denison's  Horse."     In  1866  it 
had  conferred    upon  it  the    designation    "  The  Governor-General's 
Body   Guard  for    Upper    Canada,"  which    was   changed    after  the 
change  of  the  name  of  the  province  to  '   G.  G.  B.  G.  for  Ontario  " 
Was  Alderman  of  Toronto  in   the  first  year  of  its  incorporation  as  a 
city  (1834),  and  eveiy  year  thereafter  successively   until  1843.     M. 
istly,  1806,  Esther-Borden,*  dau  and  only  surviving  child  of  Richard 
Lippmcott  (b.  2nd  Jan.  1745,  d.   1826,  m.JE.%„  a  native  of  Shrews- 
bury,   New  Jersey,    and  Capt.  in  the  Army  in  the  American    Revo- 
lutionary   War,  after  which   he  settled   in    Vaughan,  Co.    York-   he 
m.  4th    March    1770,    Esther,  dau.  of  Jeremiah   Borden,  of  Borden- 
town.  New  Jersey,  and  Esther  his  wife),   2ndly,   Harriet   Taylor    of 
London,    Eng.;   3rdly,    Eliza    Todd,    widow,    nee    Caldwell;    4thlv 
Maria-Pnscilla  Coates   and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
Of  the  first  marriage, 

la— Richard-Lippincott,  of  Dovercourt,  of  whom  below. 
2a.— George-Taylor,  of  Rusholme,  of  whom    r)elow. 
3a.— Robert-Brittain,  of  BeHevue,  of  whom  below. 
And  of  the  third  marriajre, 

4«— Charles-Leslie,  of  Brockton,  Toronto,  b.  21st  Aug.  1841, 
Alderman  of  Toronto  for  several  years;  was  cornet  hi  ])eni- 
son's  Troop  1861,  and  Lieut,  in  the  sameyearand  until  1865  • 
m.  istly,  Margaret-Ann  Coates,  and  2ndly,  Sarah  Fisheri 
and  has  had  issue,  viz.  :  of  the  first  marriage,  Margaret- 
Eliza  i/.,  and  of  the  second  marriage,  John,  Lesliol^her 
and  Margaret- Helen.  ' 

-Sophia,    b.    30th    March    1809,  d.  Jan.    1862;     m.    to 
William  Coates,  and  had  issue,  viz  : 
i<J— John-Denison,  b.  3rd  April  1832,  d.  unm.  1857. 
2/5.— C;eorge-Thomas,  b.    ist  Nov.    1833,  living  in   U.S.A.; 
m.  1852,  Martha-Jane  Lymburner,^lnd  had  issued  viz ' 
W^ilham-Hadley,     b.    1855,    m.    Emmcline     Bennett- 
CyreniusMerritt,  b.   1857;  Charles-lulward,    b.  1861 ' 
George-Percival,  b.  1863;  Robert-Alison,  b.  1864;   Har- 
old-Oliver, b.   1866;   Mairus-Osgoode,  b.  l867-'john- 


I  i 


*  Esther  St  ,  Horclen  St   and  Lippincott  St   bear  her 



Nelson,    I).    i86g,    d.     1S71  ;    Walter-Edgar,   h.    1877; 

Sophia-Maria,  b.  1854,  d.  1864  ;   Mary -Jane,  h.  1859,  m. 

1878,   to  Charles-A.    Healy ;    Anne-Amelia;    Martha; 

2a — Mary,  b.  26th   Au}^.    1818,  d.  4th  April   1851;   in.  to   [ohn- 
Fenninj^s  Taylor,  nephew  of  Johii-l-'enninfrs  Taylor  above 
named,  and  had  issue  : 
i^.T— Georj^e-Denison,  b.  1849,  unm. 
id. — Harriett-Esther,   m.    i860,  to    Frederick  Kingstone,  of 

Montreal,     and   has     had    issue :    Frederick-b'ennings, 

1).  1863,  fl^.,-  Charles-Burrard,  b.   1S67;    Mary-Francis; 

2d. — Mary-Elizal)eth-Sophia,   m.    1870,    to   John-Mortimer 

Courtney,  of  Ottawa,  Dejit.  Minister  of  Finance,  and 

has  issue:   Reginald-Mortimer,  b.  12th  Aug.  1871 
3a. — Georgina-Taylor,  b.  1837,  ni.  to  Charles  Sims,  and  d  s.j). 



(Lt.-Col.)  Richard-Lippincott  Denison  of  Dovercourt,*  Toronto, 
eldest  son  of  (hrst)  George-Taylor  Denison,  b.  13th  June  1814,  d.  loth 
Marcli  1878.  Was  Lieut,  in  the  Queen's  Light  Dragoons,  1832  to 
1837,  and  Capt.  (commanding)  in  1838.  afterwards  Major,  and  sub- 
sequently Lieut. -Col.  of  4th  Hatt.  Toronto  Militia.  Was  Alderman 
of  Tort)nto  1876  and  1878.  M.  Susan-Maria  Hepburn,  of  Chi[)pawa 
(who  was  previously  married  to  John-Smith  Macklem,  and  had  of  that 
marriage  one  dau.,  Helen,  m.  to  Arthur-John  Taylor.  1/.,  son  of 
John-Fennings  'I'aylor  first  above  named),  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

id. — Richard-Lippincott,  of  Toronto,  b.  27th  Aug.  1838,  m. 
Helen-Jane,  dau.  of  John  Turtjuand,  M.D.,  of  Woodstock, 
Co.  Oxford,  and  has  issue:  hVank;  John-Turcjuand  ;  Mary- 
I*riscilla.  m.  to  William  Ho^d,  son  of  (ien.  Boyd,  of 
Cheltenham,  Eng.,  and  has  issue:  Ethel;  Louisa;  Harriet- 
2d. — William-George,  of  Winnipeg,  b.  21st  Aug.  1844,  fi.  M., 
2 1st  June  i860,  Esther-Mary  McCormick  (see  McCormick) 
and  had  issue  :  William-Claude,  b.  ist  fune  1871  ;  Ada- 
Maria,  </.  ,•  Mary;   Emma-Shanly;  Nora. 

•  This  name  is  borne  by   Dovercourt,  laid  out  through   it,   and    Dovercourt  Village,  the 
earlier  part  of  which  stands  on  the  lands  formerly  attached  to  the  residence. 







3<^.— J(ihn-George,  of  Winnipeg,  b.  30th  Dec.  1846,  m.  Mary, 
dau.  of  Thomas  Wright,  M.D  ,  of  Birmingham,  Eng.,  and 
has  issue:  Percival-George,  b.  nth  Aug.  1874;  Richard- 
Lionel,  b.  jotli  Jan.  iS7g;  Eveline-Mary;  Violet;  Kathleen- 
Maria;  Hilda-Victoria. 

4<^.— Alfred-Ernest,  of  Toronto,  b.  lotli  March  1850,  m.  Grace- 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Francis-William  Sandys,  in  Holy  Orders, 
D.D.,  Archdeacon  of  Huron*,  authoress  of  "A  Happy 
Holiday,"  and  of  numerous  contributions  to  periodical 
-Edwin-Oliver,  Hanker,  of,  Manitoba,  b.  z^vd 
Oct.  1852,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Alexander  Latimer,  of  Welland, 
and  has  issue:  Alexander-Latimer,  b.  17th  Aug.  1884; 
Kichard  ;  and  two  other  .sons;  Kathleen-Maria-Hepburn; 
Mary-1  )enison ;  Ellen-Shannon. 
-fierbert-Francis,  sometime  )f  Calgary,  Ali)erta,  now  of 
Vernon,  B  C,  b.  22nd  Jan.  1855,  m.  (irace- Burton  Wood, 
and  has  issue:  Herl)ert-Richard,  b.  1889;  Norman,  b.  1891; 

-Arthur-Richard,  .\rcliitect,  of  Toronto,  b.  20th  Jan.  1857, 
m.  15th  June  188 1,  Helen- Louisa,  dau.  of  George-Alex- 
ander Stewart,  C.E.  (see  McCormick),  and  has  had  issue  : 
Walter- Lippincott,  b.  1882,  d.  young;  Cecil-Hepburn; 
Gladys-Stewart,  d.  inf. 

-.Vlbert-Edward,  of  Toronto,  b.  nth  Aug.  1860,  unm. 
blsther- Lippincott,  m.  i.stly,  to  Hugh-Christopher  Thom- 
son, of  Toronto,  b,  1821,  d.  1877,  son  of  Edward- William 
Thomson  and  Maria  Terry,  his  wife  ;  and  2ndl\ ,  as  second 
wife,  to  Arthur  Armstrong,  of  Lloydtown,  Co.  York,  son  of 
Col.  Arthur  Armstrong  [Arms:  Quarterly:  i  and  4,  arg., 
issuing  from  the  sinister  side  a  dexter  arm  habited  gu.,  the 
hand  grasping  the  trunk  of  an  oak  tree  eradicated  and 
broken  at  the  top,  ppr.,  2  and  3.  arg.,  three  pallets,  az. 
Crest  :  An  arm  vambraced,  embo7ved,  the  hand  grasping 
the  broken  trunk  of  an  oak  tree  eradicated,  all  ppr.  Motto  : 
Invictus  maneo]  ;    and  has  issue  of  the  first  marriage  only, 



Archdeacon  Sandys,  b.  28th  1-eb.  1815,  d.  5th  March  1894,  was  the  son  of  a  Cant,  in  the  armv  • 
he   came    to   Canada  in   1848;   was   Incumbent  and    Rector  of   Chatham,   Co.    Kent     for    over   \k 
years:  Archdeacon  1865      M.   if,th  Nov    ,852,  KHzabeth-A -B    Moeran,  dau.  of  Edward  Moeran    of 
Cork,  Ire.,  and  had  issue;   Ir.'.nc.s  lulward,  of  New  York,  I!  S.A.  ;  Kdward-W  ,  of  New  York   U  s'a 
Benjamin    of  Alton.  Ilimois  :    C.r.-ice-Elizabeth,  above  named  ;    I-rances,  m.  to  Yates    of  Chicago 

\\-  i 


viz.:     Hugh-Christopher;     Florence-Esther;    Grace-Maria- 


(Col.)  George-Taylor  Denison,  of  Rusholme,*  Toronto,  second 
son  of  (first)  George-Taylor  Denison,  h.  17th  July  1816,  d.  30th  May 
1873.  Was  Lieut,  in  the  Queen's  Light  Dragoons  in  1838,  Capt. 
1846,  Major  1850,  Lt.-Col.  1853,  commanding  "  ist  Regt.  York 
Light  Dragoons,"  of  which  the  Denison  Troop  was  the  basis  ;  in 
1856  he  organized  a  held  batter)-,  now  the  Toronto  l*'ield  Battery, 
and  also  organized  the  Queen's  Own  RiHes  ;  was  gazetted  Col.  in 
i860,  and  was  appointed  commandant  of  the  5th  and  loth  Military 
Districts,  which  appointment  he  held  until  his  death.  Was  Alderman 
of  Toronto  in  1843,  and  each  year  thereafter  until  1849,  and  again 
in  1853.  M.  Mary-Anne,  dau.  of  Jeremiah- Wilkes  Dewson,  Lieut. 
35th  and  15th  Regts  ,t  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

\d. — (Lt.-Col.)  Cieorge-Taylor,  of  Heydon  V^illa,  Toronto,  b. 
31st  Aug.  1839,  Barrister  at-law  ;  Alderman  of  Toronto 
1865  to  1867  ;  Police  Magistrate  of  Toronto  since  1877  ; 
Lieut. -Col.  commanding  Gov.-Cjenl's  Body  (iuard,  which 
(then  "  Denison's.  Troop  ")  he  entered  as  Cornet  in  1855, 
and  commanded  as  Captain  in  1857.  In  1866  he  com- 
manded, as  Lieut.-Col,  the  troop  when  called  out  for  active 
service  on  the  occasion  of  the  Fenian  Raids,  and  for  some 
time  stationed  on  the  Niagara  frontier.  The  corps  being 
increased  to  a  squadron, ;[:  was  again  actively  employed  under 
his  command  (from  which  he  h;al  for  a  time  retired)  in 
the  North-west  Rebellion  in  18S5,  being  entrusted  with 
the  important  duty  of  holding  the-  main  line  of  communica- 
tion, some  200  miles  in  length,  between  General  Middleton's 
force  and  the  base  of  operations  ;  (medal).  In  1868  Lt.-Col. 
Denison  published  in  luigland  a  work  u})on  "  Modern 
Cavalry,"  which  attracted  much  attention,  and  was  trans- 
lated into  German,  Russian  and  Hungarian  ;  and  after- 
wards in  1877,  jiublished  a  "  History  of  Cavalry,"  which 
secured  the  hrst  prize  of  5,000  roubles  from  the  Russian 
Government  in  competition  with  works  upon  the  same  sub- 
ject  by  other  writers  ;    this   also  has  been    translated  into 

•  From  which  Rusholme   Koad  is  named. 

t  Dewson  Street  bears  her  name. 

}  To  which  two  more  troops  liave  since  been  added. 


Russian,  (ierman  and  Hunf^'arian.     M.  istly,  Caroline,  dau. 
of  OHver-Tiffany  Macklem,  of  Niagara  Falls,  Co.  Welland, 
she  d.  26th  Feb.  1885  ;  and  2ndly,  Helen-Amanda,  dau.  of 
James  Mair,  of  Perth,  Ontario  ;  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 
Of  the  first  marriaj^e  : 

If.— Geor^ff-Taylor,  b.  12th  Nov.  1869,  Lieut.  (iov.-Genl's 

Body  (iuard. 
2f.— Oliver-Macklem,  b.  7th  Auj;.  1S74,  Lieut.  7th  luisiliers 

(London,  Ontario). 
y. — Garnet-Wolseley,  b.  8th  Sei)t.  1876. 
If —Mary-Anne,    m.   loth  '  April  i8go,   to   William-Harris 

Dunsford  (see  Dunsford). 
-Jr.- Caroline-Adelaide,  m.    loth   April  1888,  to  Alexander- 

Mainwaring-Morris  Kirkpacrick  (see  Kirkpatrick). 
3f.— Julia-Ann,  m.    loth  April    1890,   to  William  Nattress, 

M.D.,    Surgeon     2nd    Queen's    Own     Rifles     (son     of 

Thomas   Nattress,  of  Clairville,  Co.    Peel,  of  a  family 

formerly  of  Chester-le-street,  Co.  Durham,  Eng.),  served 

in  the  North-west  1885,  (medal). 

And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

4^. — Elsie-Margaret,  b   23rd  Dec.  1888,  d.  29th  July  1890. 
5^. — Helen-Clare. 
2d.     (Lt.-Col.)  Frederick-Charles,  of  Rusholme,  C.M.G  ,  Fellow 
Royal    Historical   Society,    Harrister-at-law,    b     22nd   Nov. 
1846;  entered  "  Denison's  Horse  "  as  Cornet  in    1865,  and 
has  served  continuously  in  that  corps  to   the  present  time  ; 
Lieut   1868;  Capt.  1872;  Major  1876;   Lt -Col.  1884;  was 
Orderly  Officer  to  General  Wolseley  in  the  Red  River  expe- 
dition in  1870-;  commanded  the  Canadian  Vo}ageurs  in  the 
Soudan   (Egypt)  war    in  1884-5,   '^"d   was    present  at    the 
Battle  of  Kerbekan   under  General   Earle  (medal   and   two 
clasps) ;  was  Alderman  of  Toronto  1879,  and  four  years  sub- 
sequently ;  is  M.P.  for  West  Toronto      M   22nd  April  1874, 
Julia-Abigail,  dau  of  Oliver- Tiffany  Macklem,  above  named, 
and  has  had  issue^  viz.  : 

If.— P>ederick-Coningham,  b.  5th  July  1875. 
2f.— Harold- Edmund,  R.N  ,  b.  3rd  June  1878. 
3f.— Edgar-Street,  b.  13th  Aug.  1879. 
4f.— Victor-Edward,  b.  13th  Dec.  1882 
5f.— Gordon-Cyril,  b.  30th  March  1885. 



be.      Ef^erton- Buyer,  b.  6th  Feb.  18S7. 
If. — Jessie-Florence. 
2c.     Dora- Louise. 

3^.  — Henr\-Tyr\vhitt,    b.    igtii    Jan.    1S49,    m     7tli  Oct.    icSGg, 
Athalincia-\'ictoria  Spencer,  and  has  had   issue,  \  iz.  : 
ir.     Horace-PortLT-liiddle,  b    jOth  Auj,'.  1870. 
2c. — Louis- Lippincott. 
ic. — Athalinda- Victoria. 

4<5 — Clarence-.Mfred-Kinsey,  b.  9th  April  1S51,  Harrister-at- 
law,  Capt.  and  Brevet  Major,  (iovernor-Cieneral's  Body 
(iuard,  which  he  entered  as  Cornet  1872  ;  m.  Harriet 
\Vallbridf,'e,  and  has  issue,  \iz  :  Walter- W'allbrid^'e,  b.  27th 
Aufi;.  1879;   May. 

5^. — John,  b.  25th  May  u*"53,  Lieut.  K.N.,  ni.  i'^lorence  Led- 
fi;ard,  and  has  issue,  viz. :  John-Led}.;ard  ;  Bertram  ,  Audrey. 

6<J. — Septimus-Julius-Auf^ustus,  b.  3rd  Sept.  1859,  Major  South 
Staffordshire  Re«];t.  ;  was  .Mderman  of  Toronto  1884  and 
1885  ;  m.  Minnie  Lowe,  and  has  liad  issue  :  Maude  ; 

yd. — Ejj;erton-K(lmund-Au^ustus,  1).  25ih  Dec.  i860;  (!.8th  Jul\- 
1886,  unm  ;  was  Capt.  South  Staffordshire  Ke<ft. 

i/>. — Esther- Borden. 

2<i. — Elizabeth-Mary,  m.  April  1878,  to  Joseph-Martin  Delamere, 
Major  Queen's  Own  KiHes,  and  of  the  Ontario  Civil  Ser- 
vice, son  of  Dawson  Delamere,  who  came  to  Canada  from 
Ireland,  where  the  family  had  been  settled  for  three  gener- 
ations, being  a  branch  of  an  ancient  English  family  [Arms  : 
Or,  a  chevron  az.  Crest :  A  dexter  arm  emboTved  vambraced, 
wielding  a  sivord  ppr  Motto:  Virtute  et  valore],  and  has 
had  issue:  Dawson-George,  b.  June  1879,  d.  1886; 
Thomas-Gillmor,  b.  13th  V^h.  1883  ;   b>a-Mary. 


(Lt.-Col.)  Kobert-Brittam  Denison  of  Bellevue,  third  son  of 
(first)  George-Taylor  Denison,  b.  24th  April  1821.  Entered  "  Deni- 
son's  Troop  "  as  Cornet  1843,  and  was  Capt.  of  the  troop  from 
1853  to  1856,  when  he  was  transferred  to  command  of  a  F'oot 
Artillery  Company;  Major  1857;  commanded  Toronto  I'^ield  Bat- 
tery 1857  ;  transferred  to  Queen's  Own  KiHes  1861  ;  appointed 
Brigade  Major  loth  Mil.  Dist.  1862;  Lt -Col.  1866;  was  placed 
in    command    of  a    Provisional     Battalion    stationetl    at   Clifton    in 

I  I 

1866  (Fenian  Raid);  Dept'y  Adj't-Gen'l  1881  to  1886;  was  Alder- 
man  of  Toronto  in  1848  and  iH^i).  M.  istly,  i4tli  May  1845, 
Emily-Anne,  dau.  of  John-Horace  Winn,  of  London,  Eng.,  and 
2ndly,  5th  Sept.  1870,  lijiza,  dau.  of  Joseph-Steere  Browne,  and 
has   had  is.sue  of  the  first  marriage  only,  viz.  : 

i<J. -George-Shirley,  Merchant  in   Montreal,  b.    17th  May  1846, 

d.  25th  April  1876;  m.   7th  Sept.  1869,  Julia-Isabella,  dau. 

of  Abraham  Jordan,  in  H.O.,  and  adopted  dau.  of  Sir  Adam 

Wilson,  of  Toronto,  and  had  issue  : 

!<:.— John-Shirley,  Barrister-at-law,  b.  ^m\  Julv  1870. 

2c. — Wilson-Graeme,  b.  jnd  Sept.  1873. 

ic. — Emily-Fanny. 

2f.   -Beatrice- Helen. 
2<5.— Robert-Evelyn,     Banker,    b.    i6th   March    1858,    m.     28th 

Oct.     1885,    (ieorgina-Wise,    dau.    of    Samuel-W.    Horni- 

brook,  of   Dunnville,   Co.  Haldimand,  and  has  had  issue  : 

Madeleine-Grace  ;    Dorothy. 
J,/).   -Clement,  b.  i8th  Jan.  1S61,  d.  2nd   May  1888,   m.   ist  Oct. 

1883,    Augusta-Sheffield,    dau.    of   Martin     Dunsford     (see 

Dunsford),  and   had   issue:    Clement-Martin,  b.    1st   Sept. 

1844;   Elsie- Winn. 
4/^  — James-Beverley,  b.  25tli  Ju  >e  1862,  d.  27th  Aug.  1862. 
5/>.— Reginald,   Banker,   b.    19th  Oct.    1F63,  m.  24th  Feb.   1891, 

Sophia-Fiances, dau.  of  Robert-( Gladstone  Dalton,  and  has 

issue:   Reginald- Hugh. 
6d — Francis-Napier,    Electrical    Engineer,!).    19th  April   1866. 
i/;.   -Emily-jane,  b.  4th  .\pril  1848,  d.  26th  June   1849. 
2(^ —Ellen-Louisa,  b.  4th  May  1850,  d.  nth  Sept.   r888,  unm. 
3/^.  -Mary-Elizabeth,   b.    27th   Aug.    1852,   d.    22nd   Dec.  1881, 

4<5.-— Emily,  b.  loth  April  1854,  d.  7th  Dec.  1854. 
5<5. — Laura-Kate,  b.  21st  Nov.  1835,  d.  23rd  Aug.  1892,  m.  iith 

Nov.  1880,  to  James  Browne,  of  Torontw,  son  of  the  above 

named  Joseph-Steere  Browne,  d.s.p. 
6(6  — ^Edith-Minnie. 

Arms  :  Arg.  a  bend sa  between  an  unicorns  head  erased  gu.  in 
chief  and  a  cross  crosslet  filched  of  the  last  in  base.  Crest :  An  arm 
in  bend  cotiped,  habited  az.  cuff  arg.,  the  hand  ppr.  pointing  to  an 
estoile  or.     Motto  :   Perseverando. 

I  12 


TIII"^  Duiisford  family*  derive  descent  from  a  line  of  Saxon 
Thanes,  who,  accor(Hn<^  to  Domesday  Book,  held  larj^e  estates 
in  Co.  Devon,  near  Mxeter,  in  the  time  of  Kin<f  Mdward,  of 
which  they  were  disjiosse'sed  by  the  Con(]ueror,  with  the  exception 
of  a  small  portion,  which  Saulf,  son  of  I^lsi,  of  Dunesforde,  was 
allowed  to  retain,  probably  consisting  partly  of  what  is  now  the 
\'illa<^e  and  Parish  of  Dunsford  near  Exeter.  'J'he  family  have  con- 
tinued in  Co.  Devon  from  that  time  to  the  present  day,  but  details  of 
their  history  have  been  preserved  only  from  Robert  Dunsford,  of 
Bajjjmoore,  Hradninch,  b.  temp.  Henry  VII.,  d.  cjth  April  1566, 
leavinj^  a  son, 

Robert,  of  Ba}i;moorc,  who  d.  8th  April  1631,  leaving  a  son, 
Martin,  of  Bagmore,  who  d.  1st  Aug.  1662,  having  had  issue,  viz.  :* 
I. — Martin,  of  whom  below. 
2. — Thomas,  b.  8th  March   1634,  d.  June    1719,  who   had  issue, 

Thomas,  whod.s.p.,  and  two  daus. 
3. — Robert,  d.  Oct.   1679,  had  issue,  six  sons  and  two  daus. 
4 — Henry,  d.  Oct.  1706,   m.  Austice  Skynner,  of  Tiverton,  and 
had  issue,  four  sons  and  two  daus. 

Martin,  above  named,  of  Tiverton,  Co.  Devon,  of  which  town  this 
was  for  several  generations  a  principal  family,  several  of  them  having 
served  as  mayor,  and  in  other  public  offices;  they  carried  on  the  manu- 
facture of  serge  (being  the  principal  industry  in  that  town)  from  about 
1650  to  1770,  when  the  French  wars  ruined  the  business  ;  d.  17th  Ajiril 
1716;  m.  15th  May  1657,  Marie  Scjuyer,  of  Caverleigh,  and  had 
issue,  viz  : 

I. — John,   b.  15th  May  1658,  had  issue,  one  dau. 

2. — Martin,  in  Holy  Orders,  of  Kingsbridge,   b.  8th  June  1662, 

•Among  members  of  a  junior  branch  of  this  family  were  Clen'l  Sir  Henry-Frederick  Dunsford, 
who  served  through  the  Indian  Mutiny,  and  d  at  St.  Helen's,  Jersey,  31st  Jan.  1887,  and  his  son 
Capt,  William-George  Dunsford,  who  was  killed  by  Dacoits  at  Salen,  in  Hurmah,  12th  June  1886. 
Of  another  branch  was  William-Henry  Dunsford,  j.f'.,  of  Ashley  Court,  Tiverton,  who  d.  1891 
Also  Harris  Dunsford,  M.D  ,  of  Dondon,  d  17th  June  1847,  who  was  the  author  of  several  medical 
works,  one  of  which  he  dedicated  by  permission  to  H.  M.  (Jueen  Adelaide,  by  whom  he  was  con- 
sulted professionally  on  several  occasions ;  he  was  also  called  upon  to  attend  the  then  King  of  Prussia. 




(1.  1713.  li'id  ii^^iH'  (lu.-sidcs  a  son  and  two  daus.  who  d.s.p.), 
Thomas,  h.  1701,  d    1761,  who  liad  issue,  one  dau. 

3. — Thomas,  of  whom  below. 

I.— Marie,  I).  jHlii  May   1O60. 

2. — Anne.  ni.  to  Henry  Redwood. 

3-— LycUa,  ni.  to  l""rancis  Lake. 

Thomas,  named  above,  of  Tiverton,  Serge  Manufacturer,  h. 
22nd  March  1665,  d.  jist  Jan.  1735.  He  went  with  others  to 
Exeter  to  welcome  the  Prince  of  Orange  on  his  arrival  in  England. 
M.  30th  Sept.  1690,  Elizabeth,  b.  13th  March  1607,  d.  6th  Nov. 
1740,  dau.  of  Edward  Manly  of  Tiverton,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — Thomas,  of  whom  below. 

2. — James,  d.s.p. 

3.— Martin,  Serge  Manufacturer,  b.  «th  March  1710,  d.  30th 
Oct.  1763,  m.  2n(l  Se))t.  1730,  Ann,  b.  2nd  Nov.  1713,  dau. 
of  (ieorge  Stone  of  Taunton,  and  had  issue:  Martin,  b.  2nd 
Feb.  1744,  d.  13th  March  1807,  who  wrote  a  history  of 
Tiverton,  and  another  son  and  two  daus. 

I.— Elizabeth,  b.  26th  July  1700,  d.  2gth  Jan  1787,  m.  28th  Jan. 
1724,  to  W'illiam  I'Vench  of  Morehampstead. 

2. — Lv  dla,  d  s.p. 

3. -Jo  \,  1).  14th  Oct.  1708,  m.  to  Erancis  Kaddon  of  Prose, 
St(    K-'and,  C    >.  Dorset. 

Thomas,  .iLove  named.  Serge  Manufacturer,  b.  31st  Oct.  1702, 
d.  1754  ;m.  1724,  Rebecca  Jackson  (d.  1759)  of  Moretonhampstead, 
and  had  issue,  viz. : 

1.— Martin,  d.s.j). 

-• — Thomas,  of  Moreton,  m.  Susanna  Mardon,  and  had  issue: 
Thomas,  b.  i8th  May  1773,  d.  21st  June  1775,  and  Susanna, 
b.  20th  Nov.  [777,  m.  to  Thomas  White. 

3. — James,  of  whom  below. 

4.— Samuel,  d.  1802,  who  had  a  dau.,  Elizabeth,  m.  to  Chris- 
topher Flood. 

5.— Abraham.     6.— Clement.     7.— John.     8.— William. 
1. — Elizal)eth. 

James,  above  named.  Serge  Manufacturer,  b.  1727,  d.   1799;  m. 
1751,  Catharine  Adams,  nee  Newman,  of  Exeter,  and  had  issue,  viz. ; 
I. — James,  of  whom  below. 
2. — William-Newman,  d.  Sept.  1825. 

1  = 


3- — Martin,  of  Ashbuiton,  m.  1787,  Elizabeth  Symonc  of  Coffins- 
I. — Catharine.     2.— Elizabeth. 

James,  above  named,  of  Oxford,  b.  8th  Jan.   1757,  d.   23rd  Jan 
1827,  m.  7th  April   1783,  Catharine-Sophia,  d.  21st  Aug.  1847,  dau. 
of  John-E.  Jacquery  of  Exeler,  who  came  to  Eng.  from  Switzerland, 
and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I.— William-Besley,  of  Swindon,  Co.  Wilts,  b.  5th  Nov.    1784, 
d.  20th  July  1845,  m.  20th  May   1817,    Elizabeth,  dau.  of 
James  Lyde,  M.D.,  of  Hay,  Co.  Bre  on,  and  had  issue,  five 
sons  and  two  daus. 
2. — James-IIartlcy,  of  whom  below. 
3. — Emilius-Morton,  d.  ycung. 

I. — Marianne,  d.  22. id  Sept.  1843,  m.  17th  Nov.  1812,  to  Kichard- 
Wheeler    Crowdy,     Barrister-at-law,    of    Farringdon,    Co. 
Berks,  son  of  James  Crowdy  the  elder  of  Highworth,  C9. 
Wilts,  and  had  issue,  Arthur,  of  Belh  :ley  Hall,  Co.  War- 
wick, and  George,  of  Farringdon,  who  m.  a  dau.  of  James 
Crowdy  the  younger  of  Highworth,  Depy.  Lieut,  and  J.  P. 
2. — Catharine,  b.  6th  May  1794,  d.  26th  Jan.  1819,  unm. 
Jamhs-Haktlev,  above  named,  b.  2nd  I'^eb.  1786,  d.  June  1S52,  in 
Holy  Orders,  of  Slymbridge,  Co.  Gloucester;  was  Rector  of  Friethern 
and  \'icar  of  b^ampton,  Co.  Gloucester,  and  J. P. ;  came  to  Canada 
in  1839  at  the  suggestion  of  his  sons,  James-Wicks  and  Hartley,  who 
had  emigrated  in  the  previous  year,   and  settled  first  on  Sturgeon 
Lake,  and  subsequently  at  Peterborough,  Co.  Peterborough.     Hem. 
Mary,  d.  6th  March  1865,  dau.  of  James  Crowdy  the  elder  ♦  of  High- 
worth,  Co.  Wilts,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

I. — James-Wicks,  1).  7th  Jan.  1814,  d.  ist  Nov.  1882,  of  Lind- 
say, Co.  Victoria,  sometime  Captain  in  the  Militia,  M.P.P. 
for  Victoria  1864-5,  Police  ^L-lgistrate  of  Lindsay.  M.  ist, 
Nov.  i860,  Mary-Clarissa -Josephine,  b.  23rd  Aug.  1837, 
dau.  of  Claude-Buck  Toker,  Lieut.  R.N.,  of  Co.  Kent,  ling., 
and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la  — Henry-Toker,  b.  2 ist  Aug.  1872,  d.  24th  Nov.  1872. 
2a. —  Winnifred,    m.    3rd    June    i8gi,    to    James-George 

•  Admiral  Charles  Crowdy,  who  served  under   Lord   Nelson,  and  was  present   at  several  of  his 
battles,  was  a  brother  of  Mrs  James- Hurt  ley  Dunsford. 


2. — 

Edwards  of  Lindsay,  son  of  James  Edwards  of  Petor- 
borouf,Mi,  and  has  had  issue:  Nora-Winnifred  ;   PhyUis- 
3^.  — Florence;    4^!.  — Josephine  ;    5a. —  Catharine  ;    6a. ~ 

Eleanor  ;  7^.— Rose-Kathleen  ;  8a  —Mary. 
Hartley,  b.  2nd  May  1815,  d.  6th  January  1891  ;  Capt.  in 
the  Militia,  Registrar  of  Deeds  for  Co.  Victoria;  m.  26th 
Oct.  1842,  Catharine-Mary,  d.  23rd  April  1893,  dau.  of 
Charles  Rubidge,  Capt.  R.N.,  Registrar  of  Deeds,  Co. 
Peterborough,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.— Maurice,  b.  14th  July  1843,  J.P.,  of  Morden,  Manitoba; 
m.  5th  June  1872,  Amy-Jane,  dau.  of  Judge  Boucher, 
of  Cobourg,  and  has  issue,  Hartley-James-Boucher,  b. 
23rd  March  1873. 
2a.— Charles-Rubidge,  b.  27th  Nov.  1847,  Manager  Union 
Bank  of  Canada  at  Morden,  Manitoba;  m.  Gth  Sep. 
1870,  Jane,  dau.  of  Henry  MacDermott,  Barrister-at- 
Law,  of  Goderich,  Co.  Huron,  and  has  issue:  Hartley, 
b.  8th  June  1875  ;  Charles-I^ubidge  b.  24th  March  1881  ;' 
Catharine- Mary. 
3^?.- James-Hartley,  b.    26th    June    1852,   Post   Master  of 
Morden,  Man.,  m.  1875,  Sarah-Jane,  dau.  of  Matthew 
Musgrave  of  Howick,  Quebec,  and  has  issue :  p:rnest- 
Musgrave,    b.    gth    June  1879;    Charles-Mu-grave,  b. 
1 2th    Sept.    1892  ;    Mary  -  Mabel  -  Musgra\c  ;    Helen- 
Musgrave  ;   Phyllis-Adelaide. 
4a.— John-Langton,  b.  9th  Sept.   1857,  of  Columbus,  Ohio, 
m.    11th  Oct.  1882,  Emeline-Margaret  Clark,  and  has 
i.ssue:   John-Rubidge,    b.  20th  Aug.   1883;   Ensor-Ru- 
bidge,  b.  2ist  Aug.  1887;  Ernlis-Rubidge,  b.  22nd  Nov. 
1889  ;   Margaret-Clark. 

-Mary -Catharine,  m.  9th  Sept.  1869  to  John-Thomp- 
son-Henderson McEwen  of  Stirling,  Scot.,  son  of  John 

-Margaret-Rosamund,  m.  rstly  to  Theodore-Bold  de- 
menti, d.  25th  March  1882,  C.  E  ,  of  Peterborough,  son 
of  Vincent  Clementi,  in  H.O.;  2ncily,  9th  Sept.  1892, 
to  Thomas-Charles  Till  of  Gnosal,  Co  Stafford,  Eng. 
-Henrietta-Maud,  m.  21st  March  1882,  to  Bernard- 
Marmaduke  Lloyd,  son  of  Charles  Lloyd,  in   I !.().,  of 



is   ■« 


i  f,  I; 


Chalfont,  St.  Giles,  Hng.,  and  his  wife  Caroline-Alice, 
dau.  of  Charles  Sheffield,  in  H.O.,  son  of  Sir  Robert 
Sheffield,  Bart.,  and  has  issue  :  Leonard-Rubidge,  b. 
17th  April  i8go  ;  Violet-Alicia. 

4a. — Elizabeth-Caroline,  m.  nth  Aug.  1874,  to  John-Augus- 
tus Barron  of  Lindsay,  Barrister-at-Law,  O  C,  some- 
time M.P.,  son  of  I'Vederick-William  Ba'"ron,  Principal 
of  Upper  Canada  College,  Toronto,  and  has  had  issue  : 
Frederick-William-Gore,  b.  igth  Sej)!.  1878 ;  John- 
Augustus,  b.  29th  March  1894;  Eleanor-Rubidge ; 
Eleanor-Thompson,  d.  inf.  ;  Jane-Tkeodora ;  Mary- 

5fl!. — Alice-Augusta,  b.  nth  Dec.  1856,  d.  15th  Nov.  1892, 
m.  9th  March  1878,  to  Cyril-Hope  Lloyd,  son  of  above 
Charles  Lloyd,  and  has  issue  :  Digby-Sheffield,  b.  30th 
)uly  1883;  Geoff"rey,  b.  27th  June,  1887;  Hartley- 
Dunsford,  b.  7th  Dec.  1889;  Muriel-Hope;  Ruth; 

3. — Henry,  d.  unm. 

4. — George,  b.  4th  Aug.  1821,  of  Peterborough,  Barrister-at-Law, 
sometime  Lieut,  in  the  Militia,  m.  i8th  Oct.  1881,  C'ara- 
Howard  dau.  of  John  Gamble,  of  Peterborough. 

5. — Martin,  b.  14th  Dec.  1827,  d.  4th  May  1867,  of  Peter- 
borough and  Lindsay,  Barrister-at-Law,  formerly  an  Officer 
in  the  Militia;  m.  17th  Sept.  1856,  limma-Augusia,  dau.  of 
Thomas-David  McCormick  of  Niagara  (see  McCormick), 
and  had  issue,  viz. : 

la. — Henry-John-Vincent,  b.  22nd  June  1857,  ^-  13th  July 

2a. — William-Harris,  b.  ^oth  Jul\'  1863,  of  Toronto,  m.  loth 
April  1890,  Mary-Aniic,  dau.  of  Lt.-Col.  George-Tay- 
lor Denison  (see  Denison),  and  has  issue  :  Martin,  b. 
I2th  Jan.  1892;  Sydney -Jarvis,  b.  24th  Nov.  1893. 

la. — Augusta-Sheffield,  m.  istly,  1st  Oct.  1883,  to  Clement 
Denison  (see  Denison),  who  d.  20th  May  188S,  and  had 
issue:  Clement-Martin,  and  Elsie-Winn  ;  and  2ndly, 
nth  Aug.  1890,  to  Ernest-Eyres  Pepler  of  Birmingham, 
Eng.,  son  of  James  Pepler,  of  Toronto,  and  has  issue: 





2a.— Minnie-Arabella,  m.   7th  September  1886,    to  James- 
Tower  Boyd,  of  Toronto,  son  of  James-Tower  Boyd  of 
Ceylon,  who  was  son  of  George-Hay  Boyd  of  Aberdeen, 
Sco.,  [Arms,  as  Boyd  below]  and  has  issue:   Norman- 
Selby,   b.   i8th  July    1887;   Errol-James-Dunsford,    b. 
22nd  Nov.  1891;  Dorothy-Agnes. 
3fl!. — Marion,  d.  inf. 
4a. — Amy-Edith,  d.  inf. 
-Augusta-Agnes,  b.  17th  Aug.  1816,  d.   20th  Sept.    1855,   m- 
27th  Oct.   1845,  to  Henry-Thomas  Wickham,  son  of  John 
Wickham,    J. P.,   of  Batcombe,  Co.  Somerset,    Eng.,'and 
Catharine  Brickdale  his  wife  [Arms  :  Arg.  two  chevrons  sa 
beiw.   three   roses  gu.   seeded   or,   barbed   vert.      Crest :  a 
bull's  head  sa.  armed  or,  charged  on  the  neck  with  two  chev- 
rons   arg.     Motlo:  Manners  makyth   man.]     (See  Burke's 
Landed  Gentry, "  Wickham  of  Horsington."),  and  had  issue: 
la.— Henry-John,  b.  5th  June  1848,  sometime  Lieut.  K  N., 
now  Barrister-at-Law,  of  Toronto,  m.  14th  Dec.  1876, 
Isabella-Florence-Mary    Pillsworth,.  and     had    issue: 
Khoda- Blanche -Brickdale,    accidentally    drowned    in 
Lake  Rosseau,  Muskoka,  30th  July  1888. 
2a. — Philip- Duncan,  d.  young. 

la.— Agnes-Mary,  m.  i6th  Oct.  1866,  to  James-Mathews 
Dowding,  son  of  Charles-James  Dow^ding  of  Chippen- 
ham, Co.  Wilts,  Eng.,  [Crest,  a  deini  lion  rampant, 
holdini^  in  his  dexter  pazu  a  cross  cross/et  Jitc/ied.]  and  has 
had  issue:  Frederick-Henry,  b.  4th  Oct.  1867;  Charles- 
Edwyn,  b.  25th  Feb.  1870  ;  John-Percival,  b.  17th  Nov. 
1876;  James-Arthur-Wickhani,  b.  nth  May  1881  ; 
Katharine-Rebecca,  b.  loth  Nov.  18G8,  d.  yth  December 
1888,  unm. 

2a. — RhoJa- Lucia- Maria,  d.  unm. 

-Rosamund,  d.  unm. 

-Adelaide-Louisa,  d.  unm. 

-Lydia,  b.  2nd  April  18 ig,  d.  30th  Dec.  1887,  m.  8th  May 
1845,  to  John  Langton,  who  d.  ujth  March  1894,  son  of 
Thomas  Langton  of  Co.  Lancaster,  Eng.  [Arms:  Ar^.  three 
chevrons  ^n.  a  canton  vair.  Crest:  An  ea^le  displayed  with 
tzvo  heads  vert,  charged  on  the  breast  zvith  a  trefoil  or.  Motto  : 
Loyal  ail  mort]  ;  he  came  to  Canada  in    1833  and  settled 


in  Co.  Peterborough,  for  which  he  was  sometime  M.P.P. ; 
was  Auditor-General  of  Canada  from   1856  to   1878  ;  was 
Vice-Chancellor  of  the  University  of  Toronto,  1856  to  1861, 
and  laid  the  foundation  stone  of  the  University  Building ; 
was  Lieut. -Col.  in  the  Militia;  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
la. — Thomas,  b.  5th   May  1849,  Barrister-at-Law,  <     Tor- 
onto,   m.    nth  Jan.    1882,    Laura,   dau.  of  Sir  Oliver 
Mowat,  Prime  Minister  in  Ontario,  and  has  had  issue  : 
Banastre,  b.  Feb.  1894,  d.  Aug.  1894. 
za. — Henry-Stephen,  b.  15th  June  1851,  d.  13th  July  1887. 
3a. — William-Alexander,  b.  8th  June  1854.  | 
4a. — John,  b  29th  Aug.  1857.  -All  of  Toronto. 

5a. — Hugh-Hornby,  b.  29th  Aug.  1862.      j 
la. — Ellen. 
2a  — Mary-Agnes. 
-Caroline,  b.  1820,  d.  12th  Sept.  1857,  m.  to  Mossom  Boyd, 
who  d.  24th  July  1883,  of  Bobcaygeon,  Co.  Victoria,  Cap- 
tain in  the  Militia,  son  of  Gardiner  Boyd,  Capt.  H.E.LC.S. 
[Arms:  Az.  a  /ess  cheqity  or  and  gu.  Crest:  A  dexter  hand 
erect  hut  having  the  third  and  fourth  fingers  itemed  down, 
pf>rP\  ;  he  came  to  Canada  cir.  1840 ;  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
\a. — Gardiner,  b.    7th  Jan.   1845,  of  Toronto,  m.   Emma, 
dau,  of  Ward-Hamilton  Bowlby,  Barrister-at-Law,  of 
Berlin,   Co.    Waterloo,   and  has  had  issue:   Mossom- 
Gardiner  ;  Olive-Mary  ;  Gladys. 
2a. — Mossom-Martin,    b.    19th  Jan.    1855,  of  Bobcaygeon, 
m.  5th  Sept.  1883,  Ida- Lillian,  dau.  of  Alexander- Wil- 
liam-James DeGrassi,  M.D.,  of  Lindsay,  and  has  issue  : 
Mossom  -  Degrassi  ;  Gardiner  -  Cust  ;   Lawrence -Chad- 
wick  ;    Winnett  -  Warnaby  ;    Doris  -  Lilian  ;    Mildred  - 
\a. — Anne,  m.   23rd  July  1866,  to  James-Moore  Irwin,    of 
Peterboro,    son  of  James    Irwin    of   Dungannon,    Co. 
Tyrone,  Ire.,  and  has  issue  :  James-Moore,  b.  25th  Sept. 
1869;  William-Boyd,  b.  3rd  Oct.  1871  ;    Mossom-Gar- 
diner,  b.  22nd  Jan.   1877  ;  Caroline-Mary  ;  Elizabeth  ; 
2a. — Mary,  m.  27th  Aug.  1872,  to  Charles-Edgar   Bonnell, 
M.D.,    of  Bobcaygeon,  and  has  issue:    Mossom-Bur- 
well  ;  Eva-Cust ;  Wilhelmina-Gertrude  ;  Vera-Ellen. 



3^.— Caroline,  m.  istly,  14th  May  1873,  to  John  Macdonald, 
of  Albany,  U.S.A.,  d.  27th  March  1892,  son  of  John 
Macdonald,  Lieut. -General  in  the  Bengal  Army,  aftds. 
of  Peterboro  ;  2ndly,  to  William  Baumfelder,  of  Dres- 
den, Germany  ;  and  had  issue  of  the  first  marriage, 
John-Ranald,  b.  8th  March  1874;  Reginald-Angus,  b. 
25th  Sept.  1884  ;  Marion-Cust. 

4a.— Emma-Blackhall,  m.  27th  March  1883,  to  Herbert 
Symonds,  in  Holy  Orders,  M.A.,  sometime  Professor 
in  Trinity  University,  Toronto,  Rector  of  Ashburnham, 
Co.  Peterborough,  son  of  George  Symonds  of  Co.  Suffolk, 
Eng.,  and  has  had  issue,  viz. :  George-Boyd-Body,  b. 
3rd  Dec.  1890,  d.4th  Aug.  1891  ;  Herbert-Boyd,  b.  2nd 
Jan.  1892;  Bertha-Caroline;  Hannah-Greta- Lydia ; 
Hilda-Boyd;  Emma,  d.  inf.  loth  Jan.  1890;  Isabel- 

Arms:  Arg.  on  a  piece  of  ground  in  base  vert,  a  bee  hive  sa., 
bees  volant  and  countervolant  ppr.  Crest :  On  a  mount,  a  stag 
courant  reguardant,  ppr.  Mottoes:  above — Forward ;  <5^«mM— Stat 
Fortuna  Domus.  Motto  anciently  used :  Industria,  Temperantia,  et 
gratia  Dei. 



Charles  McCokmick   (who   d.    1876),  the  first 
member  of  this  family  in  Canada,  was   an   officer  in 
the  Army,  and  is  supposed  to  have  been  the  Lieut. 
McCormick  who  was  with   Major  Robert    Rogers  at 
the  time  of  his   expedition   from    Montreal    to   Fort 
Detroit  in  1760,  to  receive  the  possession  of  the  miii- 
!^y    tary  posts  in  the  west  from  the  French.      lie  m.  31st 
^      Oct.  1779,  Margaret  (who  d.  14th  Feb.  1854),  daugh- 
ter of  John-Peter  Arnoldi  (b.    loth   March  i734>,  of 
Montreal,    son    of    John-Daniel    Arnoldi,    Surgeon,   of    Engelbach, 
Germany,  and  had  issue  : 

I. — John-Johnson-Dcese,  b.  2nd  April  1782,  d.  young  (drowned). 

2. — Thomas,    of  Niagara,  for   48    years    Manager   of   Bank    of 

Upper    Canada,   b.    1784,   d.  iith    Sept.    1867;  m.   5th    May   1812, 

Augusta,    b.    nth    Oct.    1790,   d.    21st    March    1848,  dau.  of  Hon. 

\\'illiam  Jarvis  (see  Jarvis),  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la. — Thomas-David,  of  Niagara,  b.  14th  Feb.  1813,  d.  1855; 
m.  Mary,  b.  29th  April  1819,  d.  22nd  August  1883,  dau. 
of  John-Landon  Read,  f.P.,  of  Merrickville  (see  Read),  and 
had  issue,  \'\z.  : 

lb. — William-Jarvis,  of  New  Whatcom,  Washington  Terri- 
tory, U.S.A.,  b.    1 2th  Sept.    1839;   m.  26th  Dec.  1867, 
Margaret    McLellan,    of    California,    and    has    issue  : 
Paul -Jarvis,  b.  12th  April   1871  ;   Mary-Sterns. 
lb. — Janette-Augusta,  b.  June  1835,  d.  25th  Dec.  1835. 
3<5. — Emma-Augusta,  b.  6th  Jan.  1838,  m.  17th  Sept.  1856, 
to  Martin  Dunsford,  of  Peterborough  (see   Dunsford). 
jfb. — Esther-Mary,    b.    24th  Sept.    1841,  m.  21st  June  1870^ 

to  William-Cieorge  Denison  (see  Denison). 
5^ — Harriet-Frances-Louise,  b.  17th  b'eb.  1844,  m.,  as  2nd 
wife,  25th  June  1867,  to  Cicorge-Alexander  Stewart, 
CM.,  f.P.,  of  Banff,  Alberta,  formerly  of  Port  Hope, 
Co.  Durham.  (See  Stewart  of  Douro.) 
-Charles-William,  b.  30th  Dec.  1814,  supposed  to  have 
been  lost  at  sea. 

-William,  b.  24th  May  1823,  d.  25th  Nov.  1S35. 
4a. — Samuel-Peters,  of  New  York,  b.  15th  April  1828,  m.  Grace 
Carruthers,  and  had  issue:   Napier;  George. 




5a.— George-Diehl,  b.  4th  Oct.  1830,  of  Warrnambool,  Victoria, 
Australia,  Police  Ma^nstrate  and  Jud^H'  of  Revision  Courts, 
m.   Barbara   Waddell,  and    lias   issue :    Thomas,    b.   Au^^ 
i860;    Charles,   b.    F'eb.    1862;    William,    b.    Nov.    1863; 
Jasper,  b.  Sept.  1866;  and  a  dau. 
la.— Marj^aret-Auojusta,  b.  i6th   Nov.    1816,  d.    21st  Feb.  1872, 
m.  8th  June  1837,  to  James  Fraser,  son  of  Colonel  Fraser, 
of  Turkey  Point,  County  Norfolk,  and  had  issue:  William- 
B.,  1).    nth    June    1842;  Charles-T.,  b.   27th    Aug.    1843; 
Frederick,  b.  13th  Aug.   1852;  Augusta,  m.   Sept.    1868,  to 
Miles,  son  of  Judge  O'Reilly,  of  Hamilton  ;  Maria. 
2rt.— Hannah,   b.   28th   Nov.    1818,   m.   to    Archibald   Gilkison, 
(I,  of  Picton,   County  Judge  (son  of  Capt.   Gilkison,  who 
served  in    1812    and    was    present  at  Crysler's  Farm;    he 
m.  a  dau.  of   Hon.    Alexander  Grant,  Commodore    R.N., 
who  served  in  the  wars  in  which  Canada  was  taken  from 
the  French,  and  was  aftds.  a   Member  of  the  Legislative 
Council    for    twenty-one   years,  and   Administrator   of  the 
Government    in    1808);    and    had     issue:     (;rant,    b.    5th 

June     1837,    d.     1875;     Thomas-G B Grant,   b. 

14th  Aug.  184J  ;  Alexander-Grant,  of  Chicago,  b.  22nd 
July    1844;    Jasper-Grant,  of  Chicago,   b.   30th  Oct.  1846; 

Charles-R (irant,    b.    4th    June   1850;    George-Grant, 

b  22nd  May  1S54,  d.  1858;  Isabella-Grant,  b.  28th  April 
1839,  m-  4tJi  I^^eb.  1864,  to  James-Coffin  (ieddes  (see 

3a.— Mary- Elizabeth,  b.  igth  Oct.  182 1,  m.  1848  to  Col. 
Jasper-Tough  Ciilkison,  of  Brantford,  Indian  Superin- 
tendent, son  of  Capt.  (iilkison  above  mentioned,  who 
served  in  the  Militia  from  the  age  of  18  (1832)  for 
many  years ;  was  in  the  force  assembled  at  Toronto  to 
resist  the  expected  attack  of  the  Rebels  in  Dec.  1837, 
and  took  part  in  the  engagement  in  which  the  Rebels 
were  routed,  and  served  also  on  the  Niagara  Frontier, 
being  in  the  party  by  whom  the  Caroline  was  cut  out; 
was  Asst.-Adjt -Genl.  7th  Mil.  Dist.  for  several  years; 
and  has  had  issue:  Augusta-Cirant ;  Mary-Jessie,  m.  to 
Robert-C.  Smith  ;  Ellen-Phillis  ;  Agnes. 

4a.-  Frances,  b.   6th   Aug.    1825,   d.   1875,  m.  17th  Sept.  1855, 
to  William  (irifhn  of  Hamilton. 

■  \ 


JAKVIS,  'm,TE,%. 

THIS  family  is  a  l)ranch  of  a  numerous  family  of  New  Enfj;land, 
who  elaimed  deseent  from  an  Hnf;lish  family  of  Co.  Stafford, 
named  ancienth*  Gervaise  (or  (iervasius)  and  more  recently 
Jervis  or  Jarvis,  with  nui  lerous  variations  of  the  name.  The  Ameri- 
can Jarvises  were  supposed  to  be  of  the  same  family  as  the  famous 
Admiral  Jervis,  created  Earl  of  St.  Vincent,  a  relationship  asserted 
by  that  nobleman  himself;  but  the  arms  of  the  American  family  are 
quite  different  from  those  of  Lord  St.   Vincent. 

Amonj^  the  first  settlers  at  Huntin^'don,  Long  Island,  Con- 
necticut (formerly  called  the  Island  of  Nassau),  about  1658,  were 
five  of  the  name  ;  one  of  these  was  the  father  of 

William  Jarvis,  born  1666,  died  about  1740  ;  he  m.  Esther , 

and  had  issue,  3  sons  and  2  daus.,  of  whom  the  second  son, 

(Capt.)  Samuel,  b.  5th  Oct.  1698,  d.  27th  Sept.  1779,  settled  at 
Norwalk  in  Connecticut  ;  m.  Naomi  Brush,  of  Coldspring,  Long 
Island,  h.  19th  March  1701,  d.  3rd  May  1756,  and  had  issue,  7  sons 
and  4  daus.,  of  whom 

(a)  Samuel,  the  eldest,  was  ancestor  of  the  Jarvises  of  New 
Brunswick,  and  father  of  William,  who  settled  in  York,  now  Tor- 
onto, and  was  ancestor  of  one  of  the  Toronto  branches  (I.)  ;  and 

(b)  Stephen,  the  third  son,  was  father  of  Col.  Stephen,  who 
was  ancestor  of  two  of  the  Toronto  branches  (II.  and  IV.),  and  of  the 
Cornwall  family  (III.). 


S.\MUEL  Jarvis,  eldest  son  of  Capt.  Samuel  Jarvis,  was  b.  27th 
Dec.  1720,  d.  25th  Feb.  1783;  m.  i8th  Dec.  1741,  Martha  Seymour 
of  Norwalk  (b.  1726,  d.  ist  Dec.  1803),  and  had  issue,  6  sons  and  5 
daus.     Of  these 

Munson,  eldest  son  ("Ul.  JE.X.))  settled  at  St.  John,  New  Bruns- 
wick, in  1783 ;  was  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly ;  m. 
Mary  Arnold,  and  had  issue,  3  sons:  Raljih  -  Munson  ;  William, 
some  of  whose  descendants  now  reside  in  Ontario  [se.^  post  V.) ; 
Edward  ;    and  one  dau.,  Mary. 






John,  third  son  (xn.E.X.),  settled  ;it   Kingston,  New  Brunswick.  issue,  one  d;iu.,  Harriet,  who  d.  Nov.  1.S74. 

(Hon.)  William  (ia.£.%.),  hfth  son,  h.  nth  Sept.  1756,  d.  13th 
Auf,^  1817.  In  1782  he  entered  as  Cornet  the  1st  American  Kef,'t. 
or  Queen's  Ran^'ers,  then  commanded  by  Lt.-Col.  John-Ciraves 
Simcoe,  afterwards  Lieut. -(iov.  of  Upper  Canada;  was  Lieut,  of 
Militia  (Upper  Canada)  17S9,  and  Capt  1791.  After  the  American 
Revolutionary  War  he  came  to  Canada,  where  he  became  a  man  of 
note,  l)ein<;  Provincial  Secretary  under  the  administration  of  Lieut. - 
Governors  Simcoe,  Hunter  and  Core,  and  Rej^istrar  of  Deeds.  He 
was  the  first  Grand  Master  of  I'Veemasrtns  in  Upper  Canada.  He 
m.  12th  Dec.  1785,  Hannah-Owen,  dau.  of  Samuel  Peters,  in  Holy 
Orders,  D.  D.  [Arms  of  Peters :  Gu.  on  a  bend  or,  between  2  escallops  arg. 
a  Cornish  chough  ppr.  enclosed  by  2  cinquejoils  az.  Crest :  2  lion's  heads 
erased  addorsed  or  and  az.,  gorged  with  collars  counter  changed. 
Arms  of  Owen  :  Gu.  a  chev.  between  j  lions  rampt.  or.]  ;  she  was  born 
at  Hebron,  Connecticut,  and  d.  20th  Sept.  1845  ;  and  had  isue,  viz.  : 

1. — Samuel-Peters,  b.  24th  Jan.  1787,  d.  youn-;. 

2. — Samuel-Peters,  of  whom  below. 

3- — William-Munson,  of  Hamilton,  b.  12th  Auj,'.  1793,  d.  25th 
June  1867  ;  served  in  the  war  of  181 2,  and  was  present  at 
Queenston  and  Stoney  Creek  ;  was  Sheriff  of  the  (^ore  Dis- 
trict ;  m.  2nd  Nov.  1826,  Annie  Racey,  and  had  issue  : 

la.— Henry-William,  b.  2nd  Aug.  1829,  resided  near  Chat- 

2a  —Charles- Herbert,  b.  25th  Aug.  1831,  d.  7th  Sept.  1859, 
m.  Dec.  1856,  Emma,  dau.  of  Miles  O'Reilly,  of  Ham- 
ilton, County  Judge,  Co.  of  Wentworth,  and  had  issue, 
Miles  O'Reilly,  b.  Sept.  1857  ;  she  was  m.  2ndly  to  S. 
E.  Gregory,  of  Hamilton,  and  had  issue:  Helen-Emma, 
M.A.,  Mus.  Bac.  Trin.  Univ'y,  Tor.,  the  first  woman 
to  obtain  degrees  of  B.A.  and  M.A.  at  that  University. 

3a. — John-Racey,  b.  July  1834,  d.  inf. 

la. — Jane-Hannah,  b.  loth  Aug.  1827,  unm. 

I.— Maria-Lavinia,  m.  to  George   Hamilton   (see  Hamilton   of 
Queenston,  etc.). 

2.— Augusta,  m.  to  Thomas  McCormick  (see  McCormick). 


•He  has  been  always,  even  to  the  present  day,  known  as  "  Mr.  Secretary  Jarvis." 


V      Haniiah-Ovvcn,   tii.  to  Alexander   Hamilton   (sec   llaniilton 

of  Oueenston,  etc.). 
4 — Ann-Elizabeth  (or   I'lli/a-Ann),  h.   7th   Auj,'.    1801,   d.   20th 

Feb.     1865,    ni.    to     lion.     William-Henjaniin     Robinson. 

d.s  p.  (see  Robinson). 

(Col.)  Samuel-Peters,*  above  named,  of  Toronto,  was  b.  15th 
Nov.  1792,  d.  6th  Sept.  1857  ;  was  adopted  when  two  years  of  age 
as  a  member  of  their  tribe  by  the  Missisauga  Indians  and  named 
Nehkik  ;  Harrister-at-Law,  Clerk  of  the  Crown  in  Chancery,  and 
Chief  Superintendent  of  Indian  Affairs;  served  in  the  War  of  1812, 
and  was  present  at  Detroit  (medal  and  clasp),  Queenston,  Lundy's 
Lane,  and  Stoney  Creek  ;  raised  a  Regt.  known  as  the  Queen's 
Rangers  in  1837-8;  wa*.  present  at  the  cutting  out  of  the  Caroline  at 
Schlosser  in  the  State  of  New  York  ;  was  sometime  Commandant  of 
the  Garrison  at  Toronto.  He  m.  1st  Oct.  1818,  Mary-Hoyles,  b. 
1790,  d.  3rd  April  18.S4,  dau.  of  Hon.  W'illiam-Dummer  Powell, 
(see  Powell)  ;  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

\a. —  (Major-Genl.)  Samuel-Peters,  C.M.G.,  b.  23rd  Aug.  1820; 
entered  the  Army  as  Ensign  in  the  Royal  Canadians  Rifles, 
exchanged  into  82nd   Regt. ;  served  in  the  Indian  Mutin) 
1857-9,  and  was  present  in  several  actions  (medal  and  clasps) 
and  attained  the  rank  of  Major;  was  Adjutant  of  the  Staff 
College   at   Sandhurst;    Lieut. -Col.  and  Asst.  Ailjt.-Citp)., 
and    aftds.    Adjrtant-Cieneral   of  Militia  of  Canada  ;    com- 
manded the  Ontario  Rities  (Provisional   Hattn.)  in  the  Red 
River  Expedition  under  Col.  (now  (Jen.  Lord)  Wolseley,  in 
1870 ;    was  Commandant    of   the    garrison    at    Fort  (iarry 
(Winnipeg)  ;  gazetted  Col.  in  the  Army  4th  June  1875  ;  now 
retired    as    Major-Cieneral.       M.    i6th    l'\'b.    1850,    I'ffMiee 
2a. — William-Dummer-Powell  of  (iuelph,   Co.  Welli'' 
17th    Dec.    1821,   d.    15th   Jan.  1859,   Barri   (»•! 
Oct.    1850,   Diana,   dau.   of  Jacob-/Iim  '  v.-a' 

13th  Hussars,  aftds.   of  Bonshaw,   near       cvvmai       ,    <     ■ 
York,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

\l). — William-Irving,    b.    26th   Aug.    1853,    m.    iih   March 
1893,  Bertha  Fowler  of  San  I'Vancisco. 

*  [arvis  Street,  Toronto,  was  named  in  his  honour. 




2^.— Edvvard-/F.milius,  h.  25th  April  i860,  in.  i4tli  Oct. 
1HH6.  IClizahc-th- Margaret -Harriet -Augusta,  dau.  of 
/Kmilius  Irving,  O  C".,  of  Hamilton,  an(J  has  issue: 
William-Dummer-Povvcll.  h.  jist  March  i8()2  ;  .4<:mi- 
lius-Irving,  h.  i6th  I-eb.  1894;  Mary  Powell;  Hertha- 

1^.— Mary-/Emilia,  m.  27th  Dec  1877,  to  Arthur-IIarrv- 
Brymer  Piers,  son  of  William-Stapleton  Piers,  of  Tris- 
ternagh  Abbey,  Co.  Westnieath,  Ire.,  and  has  issue: 
Arthur-Slapleton,  b.  23rd  May  1885;  Nora-Diana; 

i<^— Augusta- Louisa,  ni.  to  Thoma.s-Ward  Wilson,  of 
Sherborne,  Co.  Dorset,  ling.,  b.  ist  April  1849,  son 
of  lulward  Wilson,  in  Holy  Orders,  Vicar  of  Nolton 
and  Prebendary  of  Lincoln,  and  has  issue:  Thomas- 
Irvnig-Ward,  b.  5th  Jan.  1883;  Hamilton-Bernard- 
Ward,  b.  31st  Aug.  1884,  d.  7th  Oct.  1886;  Diana- 
Kuth;  Patience-Marguerite;  Aileen-Augusta,  d.  May 

-George-Murray,  of  the  Civil  Service  at  Ottawa,  b.  13th 
April  1824,  m.  23rd  June  1846,  Elizabeth-Arnold,  b.  20th 
Oct.  1824,  dau.  of  Ralph-Munson  Jarvis,  .son  of  Munson 
Jarvis,  of  St.  John,  N.  B.  (See  ufi/c  p.  122),  and  has  issue, 
viz.  : 

1/5.— Herbert  Murray,    b.    i8th   May    1848,  m.    22nd    Dec. 

1875,   Alice    Yielding,    and    has  issue:    Elma-Muriel- 

Murray  ;   Mildred-Blennerhassett. 
2^.— Arthur-Leonard-Fitzgerald,  b.  17th  June   1852. 
3<5.-~George-WilIiam-Hope.   b.    17th    Sept.    1853,    d.    14th 

Nov.  1854. 

4<5.— Sidney-Berdoe,  b.  6th  Nov.  1854,  d.  2nd  Feb.  1868. 

5^.— Edmund-Owen- Meredith,  b.    25th   Nov.   1863,  d.  3rd 
Nov.  1864. 

66. — Frederick- Arnold,  b.  26th  July   1867. 

16. — Annie-Elizabeth-Stewart. 

2d. — Mary-Boyles. 

3/J.— Emily-Caroline,  d.  Oct.   1893. 

46. — Laura-Matilda. 
4a.— Charles-Edward,  b.  25th  Oct.  1828,  d.  28th  Sept.  1829. 
5a.— Charles-Frederick,  b.  nth  June  1834,  d.  17th  March  1871  ; 

m.  Mary-Ann  Graham,  and  had  issue  :  Charles-Leonard,' 

I  i 



b.    gth    Sept.    1867;    Samuel-Peters,    h.    gth    Feb.    1869; 

VVilliarn-Cieorge,  b.  27th  Jan.   1871  ;  Isabel-Grace;  Emily- 
la. — Ann-Ellen,  b.  30th  Oct.  1825,  d.   12th  Oct.  1862;  m.  25th 

Aug.  1846,  to   Luke-Fitzgerald   Bernard,   82n(l  Kegt.,  and 

had  issue,  viz.  : 

16. — Gera)d-Luke-Fitzgerald,  b.  26th  Sept.  1850,  M.D.,  of 
Silkworth,  Eng. 

2<^.— Edward-Henry,  b.  5th  Oct.  1862,  Capt.  Indian  Army. 

16. — Mary-Kathleen,  m.  Aug.  30th  1870,  to  Charles  E. 
McMurdo,  Capt.  late  7gt1.  Cameron  Highlanders,  and 
has  issue:  Aston-Edward,  b.  15th  June  1873;  Alureu- 
Keith,  b.  17th  Feb.  1878;  Percy-Fitzgerald,  b.  0th 
Feb.  1880;  Archibald-Douglas,  b.  26th  Feb.  1882; 
Hew-Bernard,  b.  17th  Feb.  1885 ;  Kathleen-Maude; 

2d. — Ellen-Maude,  m.  to  Scrupe  Doig,  late  Royal  Engin- 
eers, now  Indian  Army 

3^. — Agnes-Caroline-Grace,  m.  14th  Sept.  1884,  as  4th  wife 
to  John-Juchereau  Kingsmill,  Barrister-at-law,  late 
County  Judge  Co.  Bruce,  son  of  William  Kingsn-.'U  of 
Niagara,  Lt.-Col.,  Sheriff  Co.  Lincoln,  and  has  issue: 
Sydney-Geraldine-Jarvis ;  Esm6e-Grace-Bernard,  d. 
i6th  Aug.  1887  ;  Phyllis-Eileen. 

4d. — Ren^e- Harriet- Bun  bury. 
2a. — PLmily-Elizabeth,  b.  13th  April  1827,  m.  24th  June  1854,  to 

Sidney-B.   Farrell,    R.Ii.,    aftds.    Colonel    Commandant   at 

Barbadoes,  d.s.p. 

3a.— Charlotte-.Vugusta,  b.  ist  April  1830,  d.  2nd  May  1841. 
4a. — Mary-Caroline,  b.  27th  March  1832,  d.  5th  Nov.  i8go,  unm. 


Stuphen  Jarvis,  of  Danbury,  Connecticut,  third  son  of  Capt. 
Samuel,  b.  25th  Dec.  1729,  d.  20th  July  1820,  m.  Cth  bY'b.  185G, 
Rachel  Starr,  and  had  issue,  3  sons  and  5  daus.,  of  whom  the  eldest 

Stephen  CCl.E.X.),  •>  6tli  Nov.  1756,(1.  12th  April  1840;  entered 
the  army  as  a  volunteer,  and  served  in  the  Queen's  Rangers  under 
Lt.-Coi.  Simcoe  ;  he  was  in  the  battle  of  the  I-^randywine  River, 
and  at  New  Rochelle  had   his   horse  shot  under  him  ;  he  gained  the 



esteem  of  his  commanding  officer  and  went  under  tiie  soubriquet 
of  the  "Colonel's  Joseph  "  in  the  regin-,ent  ;  he  obtained  a  com- 
mission in  the  South  Carolina  Dragoons  as  a  reward  for  bravery, 
and  remained  in  that  corps  until  the  close  of  the  war,  when  he  re- 
tired as  Lieutenant ;  on  returning  to  his  father's  house  in  Danbury, 
he  found  the  prejudice  against  him  as  a  Loyalist  so  high  that  he 
was  obliged  to  leave,  escaping  through  many  perils  to  New  Bruns- 
wick, where  he  settled  at  Fredericton,  but  in  i8og  he  rerno\'ed  to 
York  (Toronto),  Upper  Canada;  was  Adjutant-General  of  Militia; 
Registrar  of  Deeds  for  the  Home  District  ;  Gentleman  Usher  of  the 
Black  Rod  to  the  Legislative  Assembly;  he  m.  Amelia  Glover,  of 
Danbury,  Connecticut  (b.  28th  Aug.  1756,  d.  2nd  Dec.  1819),  and 
had  issue,  viz. : 

I. — Frederick-Starr,  of  whom  below. 

2. — George-Stephen-lknjamin,  of  whom  below. 

3- — William-Botsford,  of  whom  below. 

I.— lilizabeth-Hannah,  b.  gth  May  1784,  d.  1874;  ni.  to 
Thomas  Phillips,  in  Holy  Orders,  D.D.,  Vicc-i^rincipal  of 
Upper  Can.  Coll.  ;  aftds.  Chaplain  to  the  Leg.  Ass'y  ;  Rector 
of  Weston,  Co.  York  ;  d.s.p. 

2. — Frances- Amelia,  i).   22n(l   March   1787,    d.   23rd   Tan.  iJ 

3rd  Jan.  1867 

m.  ibth  July  1809,  to  John  Maule,  Major  104th  Regt.,  and 
had  issue,  6  sons  and  8  daus.,  of  whom  the  7th  son,  Robert 
Maule,  b.  26th  Aug.  181 3,  d.  21st  Dec.  1894,  Capt, 
82nd  J^egt.  (served  in  Indian  Mutiny),  aftds  of  Toronto, 
Deputy-Sheriff,  m.  8th  Jan.  1863,  Henrietta-Louisa  Luke, 
and  had  issue,  viz.:  Percy-Sidney,  b.  7th  Aug.  1870; 
Frcderick-Jarvis-Fox,  b.  12th  Feb.  1873,  d.  28th  July  1873; 
Edith-Blagden,  m.  2nd  June  1892,  to  Charles  H()lcrv)ft ; 

3.— Rachel-Isabella,  b.  27th  Oct.  1794,  d.   .Vug.  1887, 



Frederick-Starr  Jarvis,   eldest   son   of  Col    Stephen,  b.  4th 
Aug.  1786,  d.  2nd  June  1852,  served  in  the  war  of  1812,  and  Rebel- 
lion of  1837-38  ;    was  Gentleman   Usher  of  the  Black  Rod  in  the 
Legislative  Assembly.     He  m.  Su.san  Merigold,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
la.  -I'Vederick-VVilliam,  of  Toronto,   b.   7tli  l'Y>b.  1818,  d.  April 
1887;  Sheriff  of  York   and  Peel;  m.   5tl.  Oct.  1857,  Caro- 
line, dau.  of  John  Skynner,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 



i6. — Frederick-Augustus,   h.   joth  Aug.  1858,  d.  8th  Sept. 

2b. — George- Hamilton,  b.  14th  March  1850,  m.  Helen- 
W'oodburn,  dau.  of  John-Woodburn  Langmuir,  of 
Toronto  (see  Langmuir),  and  has  had  issue  :  Frederick- 
Langmuir,  b.  27th  July  1884;  Victor-Kalston,  b.  loth 
May  1887. 

3<5. — Frederick-Clarence,  Barrister-at-law,  b.  loth  Aug  1862, 
m.  1 2th  Sept.  i8go.  Mary-Ethel,  dau.  of  Charles- 
Edward  Stewart,  of  Hamilton,  and  has  issue  :  Stewart- 
Kussel,  b.  17th  Aug.  1891. 

4(5. — Edmund-Meredith,  b.  27th  Jan.  1867,  m.  3rd  Oct. 
1889,  Clara-Louisa  Himsworth,  and  has  issue:  Ralph, 
b.  22nd  net.  1890;   Raymond,  b.  4th  Nov.1891. 

lb. — Florence-Caroline,  m.  7th  Oct.  1886,  to  Ralph-Lionel 

Brydges,  in  Holy  Jrders,  Rector  of  St.  Mark's  Church, 

Islip,   Long   Island,    U.S.A.,    son   of  Charles-Edward 


2a. — George-Thomas,  of   Chicago,   Illinois,  b.  30th  Nov.  1820, 

d.  i8go,  m.  4th  fan.  1852,   Eliza  Hovenden,  and  had  issue, 

viz.:     lb. — W'illiam-Maule,  b.  7th  June  1859;   2b. — Cjcorgc 

Robinson,  b.  7th  Oct.  1863;    i<5.  — Sarah-Isabel ;   2b. — Julia- 
Eliza  ;  ^b. — Charlotte-Mary. 
3a. — Stephen-Maule,  b.  22nd  Nov.  1822,  of  Toronto,  Barrister- 

at-Law,  m.,  loth  Sept.  1850,  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Stinson 

of  Hamilton,  and  has  issue,  viz. : 

lb. — Thomas-Stinson,  b.  31st  May  1854,  at  present  of  New 
York,  Barristcr-at-Law,  author  of  "  Letters  from  East 
Longitudes"  and  other  works;  m.  27th  May  1881, 
Annie,  dau.  of  Professor  Henry  Croft  (see  Shaw). 

2b. — Stephen-Jervis-White,  b.  3rd  May  1861,  m.  loth  Aug. 
1892,  Agnes,  dau.  of  Thomas  Scott  of  Jedburgh,  Scot. 

3(5. — Edward  Robinson,  b.  28th  Feb.  1873. 

lb. — Margaret-Isabella-Maule,  m  3rd  Dec  1873,  to  Benja- 
min-Read Clarkson,  Shipping  Merchant,  of  Toronto, 
son  of  1  ..  .nas  Clarkson  of  Susworth,  Co.  Lincoln 
Eng.,  and  afterwards  Merchant  in  Toronto.  [Arms: 
Veri,  a  stag  trippant  or.  Crest :  A  mailed  arm  cmboived 
zuielding  a  scimi/ar  fcsseways  the  point  in  sinister  all 
ppr.        Motto :     Per    ardua.]  ;     and    has   issue,    viz. : 


Cyril-Jarvis,  b.    20th  Aug.    1887  ;   Nina-Mary  ;  Hilda- 

2^.— Mary-Catherine,  b.  Feb.  1863,  d.  31st  July  1863. 
4«.— Peter- Robinson,  of  Stratford,  Co.  Perth,  b.  i6th  Aug.  1824, 
was  for  several  years  Mayor  of  Stratford ;  m.  12th  Feb.  1849, 
Marion    Mcilson,    who  d.    27th    Oct.    1891,    and    has    had 
issue,  viz.  : 

i^.— Frederick-Starr,  of  Stratford,  now  of  London,  Ont., 
b.  27th  Sept.  1850,  m.  20th  Sept.  1877,  Charlotte-Anne, 
dau.  of  John-Edmund  Brooke,  of  Chatham,  Co.  Kent ; 
she  d.  9th  March  1888;  and  has  had  issue,  viz.: 
Frederick-Starr,  b.  6th  Dec.  1878  ;  John-E. -Brooke, 
b.  2nd  Oct.  r88i  ;  Thomas-Robinson,  b.  Feb.  1888; 

2(5.— Thomas-Neilson,    b.     22nd     May     1854,    of    Buffalo 

3<5.— Edmund-Head,  b.  6th  March  i860,  d.  inf. 

4^.— Peter-Robinson,  b,  27th  Nov.  1864,  m.  5th  June  1893, 
Grace-Estelle  Moses,  of  Minneapolis,  U.S.A. 

Sb. — Charles-Brydges,  b.  ist  ¥eh.  1869. 

tb. — Edgar-Ralph,  b.  14th  Feb.  1872. 

i<J.— Margaret-Annabelhi,  m.  4th  June  1879,  to  (Hon.) 
Thomas-Mayne  Daly,»  formerly  of  Stratford,  now  of 
Brandon,  Manitoba,  and  of  Ottawa,  M.P.,  Minister 
of  the  Interior,  and  has  issue  :  Harold-Mayne,  b.  23rd 
April  1880;  Kenneth-Robinson,  b.  26th  Feb.  1882. 
-Marion-Zeta,  111.  to  John-James  Woods,  of  Chicago, 
Illinois,  and  has  issue:  Leonard-John,  b.  7th  Au'^ 

3<5.— Julia,  m.   22nd   Oct.    18S4,  to  Frederick  Torrance,  of 
Ikandon,  Manitoba,  son  of  James  Torrance,  of  Mon- 
treal, and    lias    issue :     Percival-Victor,  b.   4th    April 
1887  ;   Marion-Gertrude. 
4/^ — Mary-Beatrice. 
^d — Ada  Dagmar. 



5a. — Charles-Beverley,  b.   i6th  Nov.  1826,  died    1890,  went  to 

Australia  ;  m.   Eli2abeth    Mead,   and  had  issue,   one  dau. 

Fanny,  b.  19th  June  1854.  ci. 
6a. — Arthur-Murray,  of  Toronto,   h.    27th   Oct.   1830,  m.  istly, 

26th  Oct.  1852,  Martha-Matilda  Ratcliffe,  who  d.  15th  Nov. 

1S58,  and  2ndly,  8th  Feb.    i860,  Ann-Stein   Maclear ;  and 

has  had  issue,  viz.,  of  the  first  marriage: 

16. — Stephen-Murray,  b.  4th  March  1854. 

And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

26. — Harry-Augustus,  b.  21st   Dec.  i860,  m.  Laura  Geikie. 

3(5. — Arthur- Murray,  b.  6th  April  1862,  appointed  Inspector 
N.  W.  M.  Police,   1893. 

46. — Thomas-Henry,  b.  March  1864. 

^d.     I'Vederick-Starr,  b.  15th  June  1867. 

66 — William-Morley,  b.  29th  Aug.  1870. 

i<5.  — Isabella-Maule,  b.  22nd  Oct.  1865,  d.  1873. 

2d. — Constance- Kingsm  ill. 

3<5.-  Edith-Cecil  Syihiey. 
—Henr) -Augustus,   b.  9th    Dec.    1832,  drowned  when  trying 

to  save  an(jther,  7th  June  1856. 
-Edgar-John,  of   Toronto,  b.   28th  Jan.   1835,  m.  17th  Oct. 

1863,  Charlotte,  dau.  of  William-Rawlins  Beaumont,  M.D., 

of  Toronto  (b.  1803,  d.  1875,  of  a  family  which  came  from 

France  and  settled  in  England  about  the   beginning  of  the 

14th  century;    he  came  to  Canada   in  1841),  and  has  had 

issue  : 

id. — Edgar-Beaumont,  b.  7th  July  1864. 

26. — Paul,  b.  27th  Sept.  1865. 

id. — Earnest,  b.  12th  Oct.  1866. 

46. — Harold,  b.  4th  Oct.  1867,  m.  31st  Dec.  1891,  Kathleen- 
C.  Kerr,  ar     has  issue  :  Edgar-Harold,  b.  3rd  Oct.  1892. 

5<5. — Francis-Prouclfoot,  b.  27th  Oct.  1869. 

6/>. — Herbert-Cherriman,  b.  17th  Oct.  1871. 

yd. — Louis- Ka}-mon(l,  b    uyh  May  1874. 

Hd — Percy,  b.  i6th  Jan.  1877. 

gd. — Stanley-Temple,  b.    17th  Jan.  1879,  d.  8th  July  1879. 

lod. — Norman-Starr,  b.  nth  Nov.  1881. 

id. — Eva-Mary. 

2d  — Charlotte-Theodora. 

0. — Caroline- Alice. 





la.— Amelia,  b.  241)1  May  1819,  d,  m.  1836,  to  Alexander 
Proudfoot  [Arms  :  g-u.  a  /esse  or  frelty  of  the  first  clone  arg. 
Crest,  a  mailed  arvt  holding  an  arrozv.  Motto  :  Gradatim], 
and  had  issue  : 

lb. — William-Stephen,  b.  1837. 

2(5.— Frederick,  b.  1839,  Barrister-at-lavv,  formerly  of  South- 
ampton, Co.  Bruce,  now  of  Winnipe<r,   Manitoba,   m. 
Eva  Douglas,  of  Southampton,  who  d.s.p. 
3<5.— Alexander,  b.  1847,  "f  Montreal,  M.D.,  m.   13th  Nov. 
1872,  Robina,dau.ofPeterMcIntyre  of  Boston,  U.S.A., 
and  has  issue:    Dudley-Alexander,  b.   8th  Dec.  1876; 
George-Edgar,  1).  24th  Feb.   1880;  Gordon-Mclntyre, 
b.  gth  July  1882  ;  Amelia  Winifred  ;  Robina. 
4<5.— Thomas,  b.  1849,  d.  5th  Oct.  1867. 
5^.— Mary,  b.  1841,  d.  8th  Sept.  1862. 
6(5.— Elizabeth,  b.  1843,  d.  1874. 
7^.— Amelia,  b.  1845,  d.  March   1868. 
2a.— Mary,  b.  2nd  Dec.   1828,  d.  27th  P^eb.  1861,  m.   30th  Oct. 
1851,  to  Henry   Skynner  (d.    19th  Nov.  1890),  of  Toronto, 
many  years  Deputy-Sheriff  of  York  and   Peel,  son  of  John 
Skynner,  Capt.  R.N  ,  who  settled  in  Toronto  Township,  Co. 
Peel,  early  in  the  present  century  ;  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
i*^— FrancisT.ouis,  b.  28th  Sept.   1852. 
2<5.— Henry-John,  b.  21st  Feb.  1858. 

3(5  — William-Jarvis,    b.   21st  February  1861,  m.  Dec.  1890, 

Sarah-Hatch,  dau.   of  William-J.  Gilbert,  descendant 

of  Munson  Jarvis,    of  St.  John,  N.B.,    (see  post  V.); 

she  d.  29th  May  1893, 

1(5. — Eleanor-Isabella, 

2(5.— Emily-Mary,  m.    nth   Sept.    1879,  to  William-Henry 

Draper  (see  Ridout). 
3a  — Julia. 
40!.- Hester-Elizabeth,  b.  1838,  d.  nth  Jan.  1858. 


Georgi:  Stei'hkn-Benjamin  Jarvis,  of  Cornwall,  second  son  of 
Col.  Stei)lu'n  Jarvis,  was  b.  21st  April  1797,  d.  15th  April  1878. 
When  the  war  of  1812  broke  out  he  entered  his  father's  Regt. 
as  a  non-commissioned  officer,  and  was  subsequently  in  the  49th 
Regt.  as  a  volunteer,  or  gentleman  cadet,  and  was  present  at 
Queenston,  being  then   only    15  years  of  age;  was  assistant  Com- 



missary  1813,  and  for  a  time  on  the  staff  of  Gen'l  Sheafife  ;  was 
in  several  engagements  during  the  war ;  was  appointed  Ensign  in 
the  8th  King's  Regt.,  and  commanded  a  company  at  Lundy's  Lane, 
being  then  little  over  17  years  old,  in  which  battle  he  "  acted  through- 
out with  singular  intrepidity."  After  the  war  he  was  appointed  to 
the  104th  Regt.,  but  that  Regt.  being  disbanded  he  retired  and 
entered  the  legal  profession,  and  was  called  to  the  Bar  in  1823. 
Was  a  Bencher  of  the  Law  Society  m  1834;  County  Judge  of 
Prescott  and  Russell  in  1835,  of  Leeds  and  (jrenville  in  1837,  and 
of  Stormont,  Dundas  and  Glengarry  in  1842,  and  was  at  the  time 
of  his  death  the  oldest  Judge  on  the  Bench.  Was  member  of  the 
Legislative  Assembly  for  Cornwall  in  1836.  Was  gazetted  Lieut. - 
Col.  in  the  militia  1850.  M.  istly,  6th  Dec.  1821,  Julia,  dau.  of 
Adiel  Sherwood,  1H,JE.%.,  s^he  died  2nd  March  1842;  and  secondly, 
Anne-Maria,  dau.  of  Salter-Jehosaphat  Mountain,  in  Holy  Orders, 
Rector  of  Cornwall  [Arms  :  Brm.,  on  a  cliev.  az.  bettv.  three  lions 
rampant  guar dant  sa.  each  holding  an  escallop  gu.,  a  mitre  or  enclosed 
by  two  crosses  crosslet  filched  arg.  Crest :  a  demi  lion  rampant  gnard- 
ant per/ess  wavy  arg.  and  sa.,  holding  an  escallop  ^k.,  and  charged  on 
the  breast  zvith  a  cross  crosslet  filched  op  the  second.  Motto  :  In  cruce 
salus.]  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
Of  the  first  marriage: 
\a. — (ieorge-Shervvood.  b.  8th   Xo\-.    1834,   m.  lyth   Sep.  1865,. 

Annie  Mclntyre,  and  has  had  issue,  one  child  who  d.  inf. 
2a. — Adiel,  b,  12th  April  1839,  d.  7th  l~eb.  1847. 
\a.    -Julia-Eliza,  b.   4th  .Aug.  1823,  d.  27th  May  1893,  m,  istly, 
5th    .Aug.    1840,    to    (ieorge    Irlamilton    (see    Hamilton    of 
Hawkesbury),  and  2ndly,  3rd  Dec.  186 1,  to  Henry  Mackay, 
and  had  issue  of  the  first  marriage  only. 
la. — -Frances-Amelia,  i).  26th  Jan.  1826,  m.   5th   May    1842,   to 
Jolm-Robert  Taylor,  Surgeon  29th  Regt.  (served  in  Afghan 
War  1843,  Crimea,  and  Indian  Mutiny),  and  has  had  issue, 
viz.  :     Seaton-I-'rank,  b.  24th  July  1844  ;  Cyril,  b.  2nd  Sep. 
1846;  Mowbray,  b.  5th  Aug.  1862;  I'' ranees-Amelia. 
3a. —  Mary-Sophia,  b.  22nd  April  1828,  d.  7th  March  1829. 
4a. — Mary-Sophia,   b.    12th   Nov.    1829,  m.   19th  June  1856,  to 

J Briggs-Miller  Lewis,  Surgeon-Major  R.A.,  and  has 

had  issue,  John-George-Stephen,  b.  3rd  Oct.  1857. 
5a. — Isabel-Maria,  b.  4th  Aug.  1831,  d.  26th  Aug.  1837. 
6fl!. — Caroline. 
7a. — Ellen-Maria,  b.  loth  Nov.  1835,  d.  5th  Dec.  1835. 




8a.— Anne-Decima,  b.  i7tli  P'eb.  1842,  m.  to  Samuel-Gower 
Poole  in  Holy  Orders,  Rector  of  Cornwall,  son  of  Samuel- 
Gower  Poole  in  Holy  Orders,  of  P^orestgate,  Co.  Essex, 
Eng.,  [Arms:  As.^  a  lion  ravipant  arg.  bctzveen  eight  Jleurs 
de  Us,  or.  Crest :  out  of  a  corotiet  a  griffins  head.  Motto  : 
Vive  hodie  et  nosce  teipsum.]  and  has  issue  :  George- 
Aubrey-Gower,  h.  gth  Oct.  1882;  Lawrence-Owen,  b.  5tli 
April  1886;  Ethel-Caroline;  Beatrice-Julia. 
And  of  the  second  marriage: 

ja.— Salter-Mountain,  of  Toronto,  aftds.  of  Chatham,  Co.  Kent, 
b  5th  Dec.  1844,  d.  5th  July  1892;  Major  and  Brevet  Lieut. - 
Col.  2nd  Oueen's  Own  Rifles;   Barrister-at-law  ;  m.  Jennie, 
dau.  of  John-Edmund  Brooke,  of  Chatham,  and  had  issue  : 
George-Arthur-Brooke,  b.  (^ct.  1883  ;   Muriel-Bessie. 
-John-Lindsay,  b.  29th  Aug.  1846,  d.  10th  Aug.  1847. 
-Arthur,  b.  28th  May  1849,   in    Holy  Orders,  Rector  of  St. 
Mary  Magdalene,  Napanee,  m.  4th  fan.  1884,  Frances-Annie- 
Julia,    dau.   of  Henry  Roc,   in  Holy    Orders,    D.D.,  Arch- 
deacon of  Quebec,   and   Julia   his  wife,   dau.    of    Commis- 
sary-Gen'l  Smith,  and  has  issue,  namely: 
i<5.— Francis-Mountain,  b.  25th  Aug.  1884,  d.  inf. 
2^— Henry- Roe,  b.  31st  July  1888. 

i^.— Dorothea-Julia,  b.  2Gth  Oct.  1885,  d.  7th  Oct.  1886. 
lb. — Marjorie-Caroline-Hamilton. 
3^. — Francis-Leonora. 
\b. — Stephanie- Anne- Mountam. 


Wii.i.iAM-BoTsioKi)  Jakvis  of  Toronto,  third  son  of  Col.  Stephen 
Jarvis,  was  b.  4th  May  1799,  d.  26th  July  18O4.  He  commanded  a 
Regt.  of  Militia  in  1837-H;  was  Sheriff  of  the  Home  District  (York, 
etc.);  m.  Mary-Bayles,  dau.  of  William  Powell  (.sec  Powell),  and 
had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.—William-Dummer,  b.  41)1  Aug.  1834,  Lieut.  12th  Regt., 
aftds.  Lieut. -Col.  12th  York  Rangers.  Resided  some  time 
in  Toronto,  and  removed  to  Manitoba,  where  he  was  inspec- 
tor N.  W.  Mounted  Police  ;  m.  Margaret,  dau.  of  William- 
Parker  Ranney,  H.E.I.C.S.,  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 
i<J.— William-Reginald,  b.  14th  Aug.  1862,  went  to  Manitoba. 
2<J.--Colborne-Dennis,  b.  19th  lu'b.  1864,  went  to  Manitoba. 
3<J.— Henry-St.    John,    merchant  in   Toronto,  b.  14th  April 



i868,  m.  Louisa,  dan.  of  fluf^h  Macdonald  of  Whitby. 
lb. — Mary-Louisa,  1).  7th  April  1S61,  d.  23rd  Jan    1864. 
2(^.— Maria-Mabel,  b.  30th  Nov.  1867,  d.  15th  Aujj;.  iS6g. 
2a. — Kobert-lidward-Colborne,  b.  4th  March    1842,  filtered  the 
army  in  the  100th  Prince  of  Wales'  Koyal  Canadian   Re}j;i- 
ment  (now  Leinster  Rej^t.),  exchanged  into  67th,  in  which  he 
was  Captain  ;    was  attached  to  staff  College  at  Sandhurst. 
Served  with  the  Red  Cross  Ambulance  Corps  throughout 
the  Franco- Prussian  War,  and  was  awarded  by  the  French 
Government,  in  recognition  of  his  services  at  that  time,  c^ne 
of  the  only  two  gold  crosses  made.      He  was  also  in   Lord 
Roberts'  Staff' through  the  Afghan   War  and  in  the  cele- 
brated march  through  the  Khyber  Pass.     Is  now  Lt.-Col.  on 
the  Reserve  list. 
\a. — Anne-Frances,   b.    4th    May    1830,   m.   to   Edmund- Allan 
Meredith  of  Toronto,  b.    1817,  Barrister-at-law,  late  of  the 
Civil  Service,  in  which  he  held  several  important  ai)point- 
ments  [Arms  :  Arg.  a  lion  rampant  sa.  collared  and  chained 
or.       Crest :     A    demi    lion    ratnpt.    collared  and  chained. 
Motto  :   Sub  spe  virtutis  pramiium]  ;  and  has  had  issue  : 
lb. — Edmund-Arthur-jarvis,  b.  1864,  d.   15th  Jan.  1895,  of 
South  Edmonton,  N.W.T.,  m.  26th  Feb.  i88g,  Isobel, 
dau.  of  Edward  Osier  and  Marion  Wyld  his  wife,  and 
had  issue:  Allan-Pickton,  b.  31st  Oct.  i88g  ;   Paul,   b. 
15th  April  1892,  d.  inf.  ;  Frances-Marion. 
2b. — Clarence-v>aves,  b.  8th  Jan.  1867,  d.  1868. 
}^b. — Colborne-Powell,  b.  13th  Sep.  1874. 
\h. —  Mary- Elizabeth. 

lb. — Alice-Louisa,  m.  22nd  Sept.  i88c),   to  Archibald-Dun- 
can McLean,  son  of  Thomas  A.   McLean,    Registrar 
of  Calgary,  N.W.T.,  and  grandson  of  Hon.  Archibald 
McLean,  Chief  Justice  of  Upper  Canada. 
3<5. — Harriet-Maule,  b.  3rd  Sept.  i860,  d.  1862. 
i\b. — Ethel-Colborne,   m.  14th  Sept.   1892,  to  Ernest-Fred- 
erick   Jarvis,     son    of    Henry  -  b^itzgerald    Jarvis    (see 
post  V.) 
^b. — Morna-Ir\ine,  b.  13th  July  1871,  m.  31st  Oct.  1893,  to 
John  Reid  in  H.  O.,  Rector  of  Bathurst,  N.B. 
2a. — Louisa,   b.   i6th   Dec.    1831,  m.    to  Augustus  Nanton,    of 
Toronto,  and  had  issue  : 


i<5.— Harry-William,  b.  8th  March  1856. 

2<5.— John-George,  h.  6th  Jan.  1859,  d.  June  1859. 

3^.— Augustus-Meredith,  h.  7th  May  i860,  of  Winnipeg, 
m.  istly,  7th  December  1886,  Georgina-Hope,  dau.  of 
William  Hespeler,  German  Consul  at  Winnipeg, 
formerly  merchant  in  Waterloo,  Co.  Waterloo ;  she 
died  19th  Dec.  1887  ;  and  2ndly,  17th  Nov.  1894,  Ethel- 
Constance,  dau.  of  Thomas  Clark  ;  and  has  had  issue 
of  the  first  marriage,  Mary-Georgina. 

4(5.— Herbert-Colborne,  b.  21st  July  1863,  Royal  Engineers, 
served  as  a  cadet  of  the  Kingston  Military  College,  in 
the  Midland  Batt'n  (provisional),  under  Lt.-Col. 
Williams  in  the  North-West,  1885,  and  was  at  Batoche 
(medal  and  clasp),  and  thus  entered  the  army  with  a 
medal  already  won  ;  m.  Marguerite  Joly-de-Lotbiniere, 
of  Quebec. 

5(5.— Edward,  b.  30th  July  1867,  d.  31st  July  1867. 
lb. — Mary-Rosalie. 
2b. — Lilian-Caroline. 
3a.— Sarah,  b.  May  1836,  m.  to  Lewis- William  Ord,  of  Toronto, 
Capt.  late  71st  Highland  Light  Infantry,  and  aftds.  of  the 
Civil  Service  of  Ontario,  son  of  Robert  Ord,  Major  R.A.,  of 
Greenstead  Hall,  Co.  Essex,  Eng. ;  he  died  19th  Aug.  i8go; 
and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

i^.— Arthur  Blagrave,  b.  6th  April  1855,  m.  31st  Jan.  1885, 
Annie-Elizabeth  Childs,  of  Binghampton,  New  York, 
and  has  issue,  Dorothy. 

2<5.— Lewis-Redman,  b.  17th  Oct.  1856. 

3^.— Craven-Robert,  b.  23rd  June  1858,  m.  Grace  Surle, 
and  has  issue  :  Lewis-Craven,  b.  March  1881  ;  Garnet, 
b.  Aug.  1882  ;  Sidney,  b.  July  1886;   May. 

4<5. — William-Botsford-Jarvis,  b.  25th  May  1865. 

5<5. — Edmund-Theodore,  b.  30th  Aug.  1874. 

\b. — Violet-Isabel. 

2(5.— Florence-Augusta,  m.  7th  May  1893,  to  Frank  Light- 
bourne,  son  of  Alexander-Harvey  Lightbourne,  of 
Toronto,  formerly  of  Hamilton,  Bermuda. 

3^- — Louisa,  d.  inf. 



MuNsoN  Jarvis  (Xn.E.X.).  named  above  p.  122,  I),  i  ith  Oct.  1742, 
d.  7th  Oct.  1825,  of  St.  John,  New  Brunswick,  Member  of  the  Pro- 
vincial Assembl)' ;  m.  Mary  Arnold,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — Kalph-Munson,  who  m.  Caroline  Leonard,  and  had  issue, 
besides  others,  (ieorj^e-.Seymour,  in  Holy  Orders,  I).l)., 
Rector  of  vShediac,  N.B.,  who  m.  Martha  Shrieve,  and  had 
issue,  besides  otiiers,  Mary-Shrie\e,  m.  to  \\'illiam-J.  (iil- 
bert,  and  had  issue,  besides  two  sons,  Sarah-Match,  m.  to 
WiUiam-Jarvis  Skynner  (see  ante  I\'.). 

2. — William,  of  whom  i)elow. 

3. — Edward,  Chief  Justice  of  Prince  Edward  Island,  who  m. 
Anna-Maria  Boyd,  and  had  issue,  besides  others,  Ilenry- 
F^itzj^erald,  who  m.  (2ndly)  Lucy  1  lardin;^,  and  had  issue, 
besides  others,  Ernest-Erederick,  b.  16th  Sept.  1862.  who 
m.  Ethel-Colborne  Jarvis  (see  ante  II.  (.),  and  had  issue, 



to  Robert  Hazen,  Col.  fxnh  Rifles. 

William,  above  named,  b.  17S7,  d  30th  April  1856,  m.  Caroline 
Boyd,  and  had  issue,  an  onl\'  child, 

William-Munson,  b.  tjth  Oct.  1838,  of  St.  John,  N.B.;  Biirrister- 
atdaw;  Lieut. -Col.  of  Militia ;  m.  istly,  Jane-Hope  Beer,  and  2ndly, 
Mary-Lucretia  Scovil.  and  has  had  issue,  \iz. : 

Of  the  first  marriaj^e  : 

I. —Edward-William,  b.  nth  Sept.  1862,  of  Toronto. 

2. — Erank-Hope,  1).  8th  Eeb.  1868,  of  St   John. 

I. — Lucy -Caroline,  m.  to  James- Wiiinett  Di.Ljby,  M.D.,  of 
Brantford,  and  has  issue,  Reginald-Winnett,  b.  loth  (3ct. 
1889  ;  Edith-Mope. 

And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

2 — Mary-Elizabeth,  m.  30th  Jan.  1895,  to  Percy  Domville,  of 

3. — Helen-Mary,  of  St.  John. 

Arms:  Vert^  six  ostrich  feathers  three  txvo  and  one  arg.  Crest: 
An  eagle  s  head  and  neck  coupcd  zvith  wings  displayed.  Motto : 
Adversi,-  major  par  secundis. 

Crest,  as  borne  by  Col.  Stephen  Jarvis  and  his  descendants  :  A 
nags  head.      Motto  :   Sapere  aude. 


HAMILTON,  oi    H awkkshi-kv. 


Him;  II  Hamilton,  of  Lishane,  near 
Hanf^or,  Co.  Down,  Ire.,  son  of  Sir  James 
Hamilton  of  livandale,  who  was  ^^andson  of 
the  hrsc  I^arl  of  Arran,  settled  in  Ireland  in 
temp.  James  I.      He  had  issue,  of  whom 

Alexander,  of  Killyiea<^di,  d.  26th  Jan, 
1676,  had  issue,  of  whom 

Hu<;h,  of  Hailyhrenanh,  1).  1664,  d.  6th 
Nov.  1728,  m.  Mary  Rnss,  of  Kosstrevor,  and 
had  issue,  of  whom 

Alexander,  of  Knock,  Co.  Dublin  and 
Newtownhamilton,  Co.  Armaj^^h,  J.l>.^  d.  ly^y^ 
m.  Isabella,  dau.  of  Robert  Maxwell,  of  I'inne- 
broj^rue,  Co.  Down,  and  had  issue,  of  whom 

Charles,   of    Hamwood,    Co.    Meath,    d. 
1818,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Crewe  Chetwood, 
of  Woodbrook,  Queen's  Co.,  and  had  issue,  of  whom 

Geor^^e,  the  third  son  (d.  7th  Jan.  1839),  settled  in  Canada,  of 
Quebec  and  of  Hawkesbury,  Co.  Prescott,  Lt  -Col.  of  Militia  ;  m. 
Lucy-Susannah-Christiana  Craif:jie,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I.— Robert,  of  Hamwood,  Quebec,  b.  1822  ;  m.  Isabella  dau.  of 
John  Thompson,  and  had  issue  :  George,  b.  1850,  d.s.p., 
m.  Julia,  dau.  of  Alexander-Davidson  Parker  of  Montreal, 
who  was  m.  2ndly  to  Hon.  William  Drummond,  Senator, 
of  Montreal  ;  John,  b.  1852,  m.  Ida  Buchanan,  and  has  had 
issue  ;  Isabella,  m.  to  De  la  Cherois-T.  Irwin,  Lt.-Col. 
Royal  Can.  Artillery,  and  has  issue;  Susan,  m.  to  Walter- 
(iibson-Pringle  Cassels  (.see  Cassels) ;  Robina  ;  Frances,  d. 
unm.  ;  Jessie,  c/.,  m.  to  Percy  Dean,  and  had  issue. 
2. — George,  of  whom  below  (a). 

— John,  of  whom  below  (b). 

—  (Rt.  Rev.)  Charles,  of  whom  below  (c). 

— Francis,  b.  1838,  d.  unm. 

— Henrietta,  m.  to  Andrew  Thomson,  of  CJuebec. 

— Isabella. 


(iEoKdi:,  named  above,  h.  1824,  d.  -21st  May  1H5H,  m.,  5th  Auj;. 
1846,  Jr.lia-Mliza,  dau.  of  (ieorfje-Sttiphen-Hcnjamin  Jarvis,  who  sur- 
vived him  and  was  m.,  2ndly,  to  Menry  MacKay  (see  Jarvis),  and 
had  issue,  viz. : 

I. — George- Wellesley,  of  Montreal,  h.  22nd  June  1847,  m.,  1st 
Sept.  1869,  Menriette-Louise,  dau.  of  Hon.  Louis- Victor 
Sicotte,  fudge  of  the  Superior  Court,  Quebec,  sometime 
SjH'aker  of  the  Provincial  I'arlianient  of  Canada,  and  has 
had  issue,  viz.  : 

la. — George- Arthur- Sicotte,  b.  28th  July  1871. 
la. — Beatrice- Louise. 

2.— Robert-Craigie,  b.  ist  July  1848,  d.  18th  July  1848. 

3. — Charles-Chetwood,  b.  gth  Jul)'    1851,  in   Holy  Orders,   m. 
13th  January   1874,   Katharine-Isabella,  dau    of  Alexander- 
Davidson  Parker  of  Montreal,  and  has  issue,  viz.  : 
la.- — Francis-Alexander  Chetwode,  b.  2gth  March  1875. 
2a. — Edwartl-Jarvis,  b.  2gth  Jan.  1877. 
3a. — Hugh-Hvandale,  b.  27th  June  1878. 
4a. — Charles-Chetwode,  b.  27th  Oct.  1883. 
5a. — Crewe-Chetwode,  b.  23rd  May  1886. 
6a. — George-Rostrevor,  b.  nth  April  1888. 
ya. — Eric-Knightley-Chetwode,  b.  4th  Feb.  1890. 
I  a. — ^Katharine  (irace-Chetwode. 

4. — Robert-Craigie,  b.  6th  July  1852,  m.  28th  April  1875,  Char- 
lotte-Sherwood, dau.  of  the  Most  Rev.  John-Travers  Lewis, 
D.D.,  Archbishop  of  Ontario  (see  Lewis), and  has  issue,  viz. : 
la. — Robert-Craigie,  b.  4th  Feb.  1886. 
la. — Ethel-Maude. 
2a. — Eva-Mary. 
3a. — Violet-Travers. 
4a!. — Esme. 
5a. — Annie-May. 
.     I.— Julia,  b.  26th  Nov.  1849,  d.  1858. 


(Hon  )  John,  named  above,  b.  1827,  d.  3rd  April  1888,  of  Montreal 
and  Hawkesbury,  Senator,  m.  istly,  1852,  Rebecca,  dau.  of  John 
Lewis,  in  Holy  Orders  (see  Lewis)  ;  2ndly,  Ellen-Marion,  dau.  of 
William  Wood, and  3rdly,  Jean,  dau.  of  Charles  Cambie,  and  widow 
of  John  Major,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 


Of  the  first  marriafjje,  hesidrs  three  who  d.  inf. : 

Id!.— (;eor^'e-Chet\v()()(l,  h.  yth  Oct.  1H57,  d.  gth  Sept.  1891,  unm. 

2a. — John-Lewis,  d.  young. 

la. — Alice-Mary. 

2a.— Louisa-FIenrietta,  m.    1889  to  Francis  Hilton-Green  (who 

previously  m.  Mary  Lewis;  see  Lewis). 
And  of  the  second  niarriaf,'e : 
3a.— Edmund-CMiarlcs,  3rd  Hussars. 
4a.~Arthur-Cyril,  b.  1870,  d.  1888,  unm. 

3a.— Frances- I'Lllen- Wood,  m.    1891,  to  Charles-Algernon  Eliot. 
4a.— Marion-Aston-Key,  m.  1888,  to  Caledon-F.  Gilder. 
5«.— Adelaide-Augusta-Macdougall. 


(Rt.  Rev.)  Charles,  named  above,  b.  1834, 
O.I).,  D.C.L.,  Bishop  of  Niagara  since  ist  May 
1885;  m.  Frances- Louisa  Hume,  dau.  of  Tannatt- 
Ilouston  Thomson,  d.,  Dt-p'y  Commissary-Cieneral, 
and  has  had  issue,  viz. : 

itf.— Charles-Robert,   b.  15th  Aug.  1867,  Har- 

rister-at-Law,  of  Vancouver,  B.C. 
2a.— Hubert- Valentine,  b.  14th  Feb.  1873. 
3a. — Harold-F>ances,  b.  5th  Oct.  1876. 
4rt.-~Gc()rgc-'rhe()dore,  b.  5th  July  1881. 
la. — Lilian -Margaret. 
2a. — Mabel-Frances,  m.  to  Hdward-Kirwan-Counsell  Martin  (see 

3a. — Ethel-Mary. 

4a.— Winnifred-Katharine,  b.  22nd  Aug.  1875,  d.  8th  July  1880. 
5a. — Mary- Agnes. 

Arms  :  Quarterly  :  i  and  4,  gu.  three  cinquefoils  pierced  erm  a 
canton  arg.  charged  with  a  trefoil  vert ;  2  and  3,  arg.  a  lymphad  sa. 
Cres/ :  Out  of  a  coronet  or,  an  oak  tree  fructed  ppr.  pierced  trans- 
versely in  the  main  stem  by  a  frame  saw  also  ppr.  the  frame  or, 
pendent  from  the  tree  a  shield  arg.  charged  with  a  trefoil  vert. 
Mottoes  :  Through  ;  and,  Virtus  sola  nobilitas. 



THIS  family   is   descended  from    David  Lewis,   of    an  ancient 
family  of  Co.  Carmarthen,  Wales,  who  settled  at  Waterford, 
Ire.,  about  the  middle  of  tlie  17th  century,  and  d.    1718.      He 
was  Alderman  of  W^aterford,  and  was  ?.Iayor  six  times  ;  was  Sheriff 
in  1695.     M.  Sarah  — — ,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

I. — William,     in    Holy   Orders,  Archdeacon    of    Kilferona,    b. 
1692,    d.  4th  July    1767;  m.    Elizabeth,    dau.    of    Richard 
Buckner,  of  Waterford,  and  had  issue. 
2, — David,  m.   20th   Sept.     1740,   Mary  Shiel,  of    Dublin,  and 

had  issue. 
3. — Thomas,  of  whom  below. 
4. — James,  in  H.O.,  d.  unm. 

Thomas  above  named,  of  Oklcastle,  Co.  Cork,  d.  1740;  m.  21st 
Nov.  1728,  Joan,  dau.  of  Francis  Kadley,  of  Knockraur,  Co.  Cork, 
and  had  issue,  viz.: 

1. — Henry,  of  whom  l)eiow. 

2  — Thomas,  d.  1808,  m.  1762,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Richard-Edward 
Hull,  J. P.,  of  Lemcon  Manor,  Co.  Cork,  and  had  issue. 

3. — Frank,  m.  Gardner,  and  had  issue. 

I. — Catherine,     m.      loth    Feb.     1766,     to    Jt)lin     Hopkins,    of 

Macroom,  Co    Cork. 
Henry,  alx)ve  named,  b.  1732,  d.  :Sio;  m.  8th  April  1771,  Mar- 
garet,  dau.  of  Richard-Edward   Hull  nbove   namea,  and  had  issue, 
besides  a  dau.  Mary,  who  d.  1866  unm.,  a.i  only  son 

Richard,  d.  1S12,  m.  26th  Oct.  1797,  Catherine,  dau.  and  eventual 
sole  heiress  of  John  Tr.ivers  of  (iarrycloyne  Castle,  Co.  Cork,  and 
had  issue,  viz.  : 

1. — John,  of  whom  beU)W. 

2 — -Richard-Tonson,   b.   1824,  d.    1854,   m.   Cicely-Conolly  Ayl- 
ward,  and  had  issue. 
.    3. — Henry. 

4. — Robert-Travers,  M.D.,  b.  1805,  d.  185 1,  ni.  15th  Sept.  1831, 
Mary,  dau.  of  Henry  Lonf^^worth  of  Castletown,  Oueen's 
C(\,  .aid  had  issue. 
5. — \Villiam-Hu!l,  M.l).,  J. P.,  1).  1807,  d.  2nd  June  1875,  m. 
25th  May  1837,  Anne,  dau.  of  William  Roe,  and  had  issue. 
I. — Jane,  m.  loth  May  1827,  to  Thomas-Alleyne  Browne,  of 
Rockborough,  Muskerry,  Co.  Cork. 


imtcug>  / 






2.— Margaret,  m.  15th  Feb.  1844,  to  W.  Meade,  in   H.O.,  Vicar 

of  Kinsale. 
3.— Kate,  d.  gth  Aug.  1861,  unm. 

John,  above  named,  in  H.O.,  of  St.  Ann's,  Shandon,  Co.  Cork 
2gth  Oct.  1833  ;  m.  15th  Nov.  1823,  Rebecca,  dau.  of  John  Lawless, 
Kolcrone,  Cloyne,  Co.  Cork,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
I. — ^John-Travers,  of  whom  beh)w. 

2.— Richard-Paul,  b.  1827,  d  nth  July  1873,  M.D.  of  Ottawa; 
m.  Milhcent  Deane,  b.  1839,  d  22n(i  Aug.  1884,  dnu.  of 
Alexander  O'Dell,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la.— Rowland- Alexander,  b.   12th  Feb.    1867,    of  the   Civil 
Service  at  (/ttawa. 

2a.-— Zachary-Edmund-Richard,  b.  5th  Sept.  1872. 

m —Rebecca-Kathleen,    m.     istly,     ^oth    June     1881,     to 

J S Fairweather,  and  2ndly,  gth  April  1892,  to 

Henry  Blakeney,  Hanker  in  Ottawa,  and  has  issue. 
2«.— Mary-Olivia,  m.  19th   Nov.   1884,  to  Charles- Edward 
McKiel,  of  the  Civil  Service  at  Ottawa,  and  has  issue. 
3- — Rowland-Da\'is,  d.s.p. 
4. — Zachary,  d.s.p. 

1.— Mary-Pyne,  b.  1823,  m.  to   U. -Clark  Lee,  of  Stratford,  Co. 

Perth,  who  d.s.p. 
2.— Annie,    m.   to   John-Gilbert    Armstrong,   M.A.  (T.C.D.),  in 

Holy  Orders,  d.,  and   has  had  issue,  Rebecca-Olivia,  m.'  to 

David-H.  Keeley,  of  Ottawa,  SuperintendeiU  of  Dominion 


3.— Rebecca,  m.  1852  to  Hon.  John  Hamilton  (see  Hamilton  of 

(Most  Rev.)  John  Travers,  above  named, 
b.  20th  June  1825,  D.D.,  LL.D.,  was 
ordained  Deacon  i6th  July  1848,  Priest  Sept. 
1849;  came  to  Canada  in  1849,  and  was 
Missionary  at  Hawkesbury,  Co  Prescott, 
and  became  Rector  of  Brockville  in  1854; 
was  consecrated  first  Hishop  of  Ontario 
25th  March  1862;  elected  Metropolitan  of 
the  Ficclesiastical  Province  of  Canada  25th 
January  1893,  and  Archbishop  (styled  of 
Ontario)  September  1893,  being  the  first 
Colonial  Archbishop,  excepting  Archbishop 
Machray,  elected  at   the  same  time ;  was  the 


original    author    and   promoter  of    the    Lambeth    Conferences    of 
Bishops  of  the  Anglican  Communion.       He   m.    istly,    22nd    July 
1851,  Anne-Henrietta-Margaret,  dau.    of    Hon.     Henry   Sherwood, 
Attorney-General  of  Upper  Canada;  she    d.   28th  July   1886;  and 
2ndly,   20th   Feb.   1889,  Ada-Maria,  dau.   of  Evan  Leigh,,  of 
Manchester,  Eng.;  and  has  had  issue  of  the  first  marriage  only,  viz.: 
I  a. — John-Travers,  b.   29th  Oct.  1857,  Barrister-at-law,  1882,  of 
Ottawa  ;  m.  22nd  Oct.   1884,   Mary-Ethel,  dau.  of  CoUing- 
wootl   Schieber,    C.M.G.,  of  Ottawa,  and   has   issue,  viz.  : 
lb. — Allan-Collingwooil,   b.    12th    July    1885.       2/;.— John- 
Travers,  b.  20th  Jan.  1891.      vb — Nora.     2.b. — May. 
2a. — Clement,  b.  i86g,  unm. 
3a. — Henry-Sherwood,  b.  1864,  d.  1866. 
\a. — Hamilton,  b.  1866,  d.  (drowned  at  Ottawa)  1884. 
5a. — Ernest,  b.  1870,  d.  inf. 
\a. — Annie-Rebecca-Mary,  b.  1852,  d.  1855. 
la. — Charlotte-Sherwootl,  m.  1875,  to  Robert-Craigie   Hamilton 

(see  Hamilton  of  Hawkesbury). 
^a. — Mary,  b.  1859,  d.  1887,  m.  1885  to  Francis   Hilton-Creen, 
of  Montreal  (who  m.  2ndly,  Louisa-Henrietta,  dau.  of  Hon. 
John    Hamilton    above    named),    and   had   issue    one    son, 
Francis,  b.  1886. 
4a. — Rebecca-Olivia,  m.  i88g,  to  Lewellyn-Foster,  son  of  Lieut. - 
Col.  Lo\d  of  Lillesden,   Hawkhurst,  Co.  Kent,    Eng.,  and 
has  issue,  viz.,  Cecil-Lewel!3'n,  b.  i88g;  Erio,  b.  1891  ;  and 
a  son,  b.  1894. 
5«. — Eva,  a  Sister  in  the  Anglican   Sisterho<>d   of   An    Saints', 

Margaret  Street,  London,  Eng. 
6a.— Ethel-Maude,  b.   1868,  d.  1875. 

Arms:  Quarterly,  i  ^nd  4,  arg.,  a  chevron  between  three  fleur- 
de-lis  gu.,  for  Lewis  ;  2  and  3,  sa.,  a  chevron  between  two 
escallops  in  chief  and  a  boar's  head  couped  in  base  arg.,  for  Traversi. 
Crest :  a  Lion  rampant  ppr.     Motto  :  Amicus  omnibus. 



Of  Queenston,  Hamilton  and  Kingston. 

Hon.   Robert   Hamilton,  d.  8th    March    1811, 
Merchant,  son  of  Rev.  John   Hamilton  (b.    17 14,   d. 
1797),  Minister  of  Bolton,  Co.  Haddington,  Sco.,  and 
his  wife  Jane  Wright,  came  to  Canada  prior  to  the 
U.  E.  Loyalist  immigration,  and  settled  on  the  Nia- 
gara River,  where  he  founded  Oueenston  ;  was  Mem- 
ber of  the  Leg.  Council,  and  Lieut,  of  Co.  Lincoln  in 
1804  ;  m.,  istly,  Catharine  (A'^kin),  d.  1796,  widow  of 
John  Robertson,  and  ^ndly,  Mary  (Herkimer),  widow 
of  Neil   McLean,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
Of  the  first  marriage  : 
I.— Robert,  of  Queenston,  Merchant  and  Ship  Builder;  m.  Mary 
Biggar,  and  had  issue  :    irt.— Robert,  d.  unm.   2a.— James,  d. 
unm.   I  a. —Mary,    d.    unm.     2a.— Jane,    m.    to    Thoma.s- 
Chilton  Mewburn,  and  had  issue:   Charles,  rt'.  ;  Jessie,  m. 
to   James   Young,    of  the  Carrying  Place,  and    has   issue 
3a.— Julia,  m.    to  Thomas-William    Dee,*  of  Queenston  ; 
d  s.p. 
2- — George,  of  whom  below  (.\). 

3.— James,  b.  1792,  of  London,  Can.,  Sheriff,  m.  Catharine  War- 
ren, and  had  issue  ;  la-  Henry,  who  m.  Susan  Crooks,  and 
had  issue  :  Kate,  d.  ;  Mary,  m.  to  Cecil-S.  Horrocks,  of  the 

Civil    Service    at    Toronto;     Margaret;     Naomi.        la. 

Catharine,  m.  to Hall,  ALI).,  of  Toronto,  d.,  and  had 

issue  :   Hamilton  ;  Horace  ;   Mary  ;  living  in  Chicago. 
4. — Alexander,  of  whom  below  (b). 
5. —  Samuel,  d.  unm. 
And  of  the  second  marriage  : 
6.— Joseph,  b    1798,  d.  1847,  of  York  (Toronto),  M.D.,  who  had 

issue,  two  daughters,  living  in  England. 
7.— Peter-Hunter,  b.  1800,  of  Hamilton,  m.  Harriet  Durand,  and 
had  issue:   la.— Joseph,  m.  Emily   Pring,    and  had   issue: 

'  Brother  to  Robert  Uee,  MI).,  aiul  I'rank  Dee,  named  ante  pp   70,  71 



Peter-Hunter;  George;  Joseph;  Frederick;  Henrietta- 
Augusta,  m.  to  J.  B.  Kerr,  of  Montreal ;  Flora,  m.  to  Frank 
Hall.of  Guelph;  Natalie.  20;. --Charles,  rt'.,  m.  andhad  issue: 
Allen  ;  Fenwick- Williams  ;  Amy.  }a. — Frances,  m.  to  N. 
Hammond.  4a. — Henry,  of  Buffalo,  N.Y.,  m,  M.  G. 
Mason,  and  has  issue.  5^. — George,  living  in  Nova  Scotia, 
m.  and  has  issue.  6a. — Samuel,  d.  ya. — Douglas,  d. 
la. — Mary,  m.  to  Andrew  Stuart,  (see  Jones  of  Brockville) 
2a. — Augusta,  m.  to  Thomas-Allan  Blythe,  of  Hamilton, 
Surveyor,  and  has  issue :  Charles- Allan,  of  New  York. 
3a. — Elsie,  m.  to  Henry  Routh,  d.,  and  has  had  issue:  Havi- 
land,  d.  ;  Stanley  ;  Ernest ;  Henry  ;  Mary  ;  Elsie. 
8. — John,  b.  1802,  of  whom  below  (c). 


(Hon.)  George  Hamilton,  above  named,  removed  in  181 2  to 
Burlington  Bay,  where  he  became  the  founder  of  the  City  of 
Hamilton.  Was  Member  of  Prov.  Parlt.  and  Mem.  Leg.  Council. 
M.,  2nd  Aug.  181 1,  Maria-Lavini;i,  dau.  ot  Hon.  William  Jarvis 
(Secretary  ;  see  Jarvis),  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

1. — Robert-Jarvis,    b.    i8th    May    1812,   d.   10th   Sept.   1892,  m. 
istly,    19th   Nov.    1836,   Catherine    Robertson,  and   2ndly, 
Mary-Jane  W^right,  and  had  issue  : 
Of  the  first  marriage  : 

la.- — W^illiam,  of  the  Merchants  Bank  in  Belleville,  b.  28th 
May  1836,  m.  Sept.  1873,  Mary  Miles,  and  had  issue  : 
Lindsay  ;    Henry  ;    William  ;    Robert ;    Muriel  ;    Kath- 
leen ;  Marie  ;  Marjory  ;  Gwendoline. 
2a. — Robert- Henry,  d.  April  1867. 
la. — Cacherine-Lavinia,  m.  30th  April  1871,  to  Dr.  Charles 

Doneily,  living  in  Texas, 
2a. — Agnes-Hannah,  m.  31st  Dec,  1874,  to  Charles  Lemon,* 

•Descendant  of  Lawrence  Lemon,  IH.  E.  X.  (son  of  Lawrence  I, emon),  who  came  from 
Pennsylvania  anl  settled  first  in  Henie  and  siihsequently  in  Stamford,  Co  Welland  ;  m.  Mary,  d. 
1868,  aged  93,  dau  of  John  Wilson,  of  Bertie,  TUX, }£,,%,  from  New  Jersey  (originally  from  Ireland), 
and  had  issue  fifteen  children,  of  whom  the  eldest  son  )ohn,  b.  1802,  d.  1871,  sometime  ot  Caledon, 
Co.  Peel,  aftds  of  Stamford,  J. P.,  member  of  County  Council  and  served  in  other  municipal  oflices 
many  years,  ni  Martha  Ileaton,  and  had  issue,  viz.  :  i.  -Lawrence,  of  St  Catharine,;,  d  s  p.  ;  2. — 
.\ndrew,  d  1891,,  of  Guelph,  aftds.  of  Winnipeg,  m  Charlotte-Laura,  dau.  of 
Edward  Armstrong,  C'apt  in  the  Army  and  his  wife  Charlotte  Morson  (who  was  m.  2iidly  to  Hon 
Waller  Dickson  of  Niagara),  and  had  issue  :  George;  Edwa:d;  Wilfred;  Laura-fitrtrude  ;  Ethel. 
3, — lienjamin,  M  D.,  of  Buffalo  N.Y,,m.  Louise  Schvvaller,  and  has  issue.  4.  —  I'rancis,  d.s.p.  5. — 
Walter,  d.  inf  6,-  Charles,  named  above  7 — John,  living  in  Minnesota.  8  — l^rastus,  also  in 
Minnesota  1.  -Mary,  m,  to  Richard  Dunn,  d  s  p,  2  --Susan,  unni.  3, — Martha  (/.,  m.  to  David 
McKenzie,  C.E.  4 — Elizabeth,  m.  to  William  Lemon  of  Eorest,  Co.  Lambton.  3. — Jane,  m.  to 
Addison  A.  Briggs,  and  has  issue. 


Barrister-at-Law,    „f    Hamilton,    and    has   had  issue- 
enry  Hamiitcn,  1..  i6th  May  1877;  Jessie-Gordon,^.,- 
Melen  Gourhiy. 

3«.-Jessie  m.  to  james-Wilham  Aiway,  M.D.,  of  Grimsby 

Co.  Wentworth,  and  has  issue:  Robert-Dou-Ias  • 

Henry;  Martha-Jessie;  A-nes-Kachleen. 
And  of  the  second  marria^^e : 

3«.-George-Edward,    of  Toronto,    h.    13th  Julv    1853,   m. 
Anna  Hunter.  '         -^■^' 

4^^-John-Harvey,  h,   .6th  April    ,859,   ,p.  Annie   Farmer 

and  has  issue  :   Harvey. 
4«.-Maria-Isahe]   m.  to  Frederick-Sheppard  O'Connor,  of 

\Valkerton,    Sheriff  Co.    Bruce,    and    has   had    issue- 

l^redenek,./.,.  George;  Blythe;   Charles-Gerald;  Bea' 


5«.-Caroline-I\rabel,   b.   2nd  Dec.  1857,  d.  3rd  Jany.  i860. 

6a.-Jane-Chalmers,  m.  to  Charles  Ricketts,  of  Hamilton 
and   has   issue:     Gordon-Poyntz  ;     Neville-Hamilton- 
Gertrude.  ' 

7«. — Augusta-Mriry. 

8«.— Ma}-. 
2.— Samuel-Askin,  b.  17th  Aug.  1817,  d. 
3.— George,  b.  yth  b\!b.  1822,  d.  1841 

i.-Catharine-Hann.h,  b.   23rd   May  "1814.  d.  25th  Sept.  1815. 
2.-Maria-Lavinia,  b.  ,5th   Sept.  1818,  m.   21st   May   1840,  to 

William- Harvey   Fitzgerald,   of   the    73rd   Regt.'.  nnd  had 

issue :  ^ 

i^.^Duncan,  I>.  31st   May   1842,  m    istly,  Elizabeth  Free- 
man, and  had  issue     William,  Edward,  Mildred-    and 
2ndly,     Margaret     .McMahon,    and     has     had     i.ssue 
Desmond,  Maurice,  Geraldine,  Mona 
2^.~Harvey,  b    25th   March   1S44;   Inspector  of  Mounted 
Police  ,n  Australia,   m.  Clara  Gerton,  and  has  issue  : 
Desmo.Kl,  Eleanore,  xMay,  Myrtle,  Ivey 
3.~Augusta-Hau.a!K  b.  17th  July  1824,  d    28th  Sept.  1827 
4.-Catherine,  b    15th   March   1826.  m.,  1842,  to  Samuel-Black 
rreeirian,  of  Hamilton,  Barrister-at-Law,  and  had  issue - 
la.-^George-Ormand,  Barrister-at-Law.  of  Beamsville   Co 
Lincoln    b    19th  Sept.    .844,  m    istly,  gth   Nov.  I'ses,' 
Margaret-Douglas. Hamilton   McLean,  d.  and  has  had 
issue,  two  children,  ^. 



2a.— Clarence,  MerclKint,  in  St  Marys,  Co.  Tertli,  b.  ioth 
May  1S46,  m.  25111  Dec.  US71,  llarriet-Ellen  Carter, 
and  has  issue:    Georjre,  b.  Sept.  1872;    Lottie-Maude. 

3a. — Arthur-Hamilton,  b.  2Gth  Jan  i'S52,  of  Lethbridj^c, 

4a. — Charles-Edgar,  b.  31st  Dec.  1H56,  d.  (drowned  in 
Hamilton  Bay)  ;  m.  Grace  Rutherford,  ami  had  issue, 
Charles- Edj,'ar- Hunter. 

5a. — Frank,  b.  i6th  March  icSOo,  Architect  in  New  ^^)rk, 
m.  Catherine  Caldwell,  and  has  issue  :  Katharine, 

6d!. — Manfred,  Merchant  in  Lethbridj^e,  Alberta,  b.  15th 
July  1S64,  m.  Esther  Sherlock,  and  has  issue  :  Charles- 
Edward,  Randall-Lan<;ford,  Clarence-Ormond,  Kuth- 

\a. — Ida-Maria. 

la. —  Alice-Maud,  d.,  m.  to  Kenneth-Jewell  Dunstan,  and 
had  issue  :   Maud-Jewell. 

3a — Christabelle,  m.  to  Pobert  Sherlock,  Merchant  in  Leth- 
bridge,    and    has    issue.    kobert-Hamilton,    Clarence- 
5. — Augusta-Caroline,   m.    17th  June    1857,  to  Alfretl   Houltbee, 

formerly  of  Newmarket,  now  of  Toronto,  some  time  M.I'.P. 

and    afterwards    M  P.,     Barrister-at-Lavv,     son     of    Eelix 

Boultbee,  of  Ancaster,  Ct).  Wentworth,  and  had  issue: 

la.  — Reginald,  of  Toronto,  l)arrister-at-Eaw,  b.  Gtli  July 
1858,  m.  23rd  Oct.  i8yo  Margaret-Gordo,  dau.  of  1  )a\i(l 
Tisdale,  of  Simcoe,  Co.  Norfolk,  Barrister-at-law, 
Lieut.-Col.  of  Act.  Mil.,  M.P. 

2a. — Frank,  b.  30th  Dec.  1861,  of  New  York. 

3a. — Alfred-Ernest;  b,  26th  March  1S64. 

4a. — Horatio-Clarence,  b.  24th  June  1866,  Barrister-at-Law. 

5a. — Constance- Mary. 


Alexander   Hamilton,  above  named,  of  Queenston,  SherifT,  m. 
25th  Jan.    1806^    Hannah- Owen,   I).   25th   Sept     1797,  dau    of  Hon. 
William  Jarvis  above  named,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
I. — Jo.seph-Alexander,  b.  i8th  July  1839,  d. 
2. — William-Jarvis,  b.  25tii  April  1833,^/./  m.  istly,  Sarah  Clark, 
who  d.  28th  June  1865,  and  2ndly,  5th  Sept.  1869,  Margaret 
Houston,  and  has  had  issue,  viz. : 

Of  the  first  marriage  : 

la.-Cyrus-Jarvis,  b.  28th  June  iH(n,  of  Queenston. 

2a.— Ihomas-Clark,  h    23rcl  Au-.  j«6j,  ^, 

'«• — Caroline, 
And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

3a.— Grace,  h    14th  July  1S7,,  d    jyth  Aug.  1872. 
4a  — Grace. 

5^?.— Minnetta. 
3 -Augustus-Owen- Herbert,  of  Toronto,  b.   21st  Oct    iSui   ,) 
,        2ist   Jan.    1888     m.    Sept.    1877,    Kate-Caroline,'  dau     of 
Henry-Austm  McCallum,  of  Quebec,  and  had  issue:  Owen- 
Alexander- iMost,    b.    20th    May    1879;     Gerald.Musgrave- 
forrance,  b.  22nd  July  1888;   Eloise  ;   Kathleen. 
i.-Cathanne-Maria,  b.   23rd   March   1817,  ni.,  r2th  Jan.  ,847, 

to  1<  redenck   1  ench,  and  had  issue  :   Mary.  hVederica. 
2.— Hannah-Henderson,  b.  3rd  Nov.  1818,  unm 
3.-Jess.e-Augusta,  b.  i8th   March    1821,  m.  241!,  Nov    1842,  to 
Alexander  Duff,  d.    iith    May    1846,    Harrister-at-Law,  of 
Amherstburg,  Co.  Essex,  and  had  issue  : 
i«.-Wilham- Alexander.  Hamilton,     Barrister-at- Law     (,f 
Hamilton,    b.    17th    April     1846,    m.    Barbara-Almira 
Brown,  and  has  had  issue  :   William-Alexander,  b    'oth 
April  1877;   Walter;    Hunter;   Miles(  )'R,  illv ;  Almira- 
Helen;  Jessie-Owen;   Catharine-Hamilton  ;"  Ethel 
la. — Jessie. 

2a. — Augusta. 
4.-Mary-Jane,  b.  rst  Juue  1824,  d    15th  Aug.  1825. 
5.-Elizal,eth.   b.  6th    Aug.    1826,  of.  ,■    m    15th   March  1855,  to 

John-Thomas  fownsend,  and  had  issue  • 

la. -Samuel-Hamilton,    b.    yth    Sept.    185^,   Architect,    of 
1  oronto, 

2r?.— Charles-Jarvis,   of  Toronto,    b.    26th    Nov     1858    m 
3rst    Dec      i88g,    Annie-Josephine,    dau.    of   William' 
1  Olson.   Shipwright  and  Iron-founder  in  Toronto  and 
Owen  Sound,  and  has  issue:    Alan-farvis-Hamilton,  b 
loth  Aug,  1893  ;  Constance-Hamilton. 
3«— Gilbert,  b.  6th  March  1863,  of  Toronto. 
6.— Helen,  b.  12th  July  1828,  d.  unm. 

7.-Caroline-Emi!y    b.   4th  Jan.    ,835,    u.   8th    Jan.    1867,   to 
George  Durand,  of  Queenston,  and  has  had  issue  • 


\a.     C'arolinc-Auj^'usta-Owcn. 

2a.-    Hannah,  1).  17th  Sept.  i86g,  d.  lyth  l'\'l).  i>S79. 
},a.    Mar) -Catht-rine. 
4a. — Jessie. 
5rt.-    Eliza- Beatrice. 
8. — Rmma-IIanict. 

(lion.)  Joiiii  Hamilton,  above  nami'd,  1).  icSoj,  d.  loth  Oct.  1882, 
of  KinjTston,  Banker,  Member  ol  Le^.  Council,  m.  b" ranees- Pasia, 
dan.  of  r)a\  id  Macpher.son  (see  Macplurson),  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

i.  |ohii-Macpherson,  Barrister-at-Law,  District  Judf;e  of 
Rainy  River,  m.  Mar}-Eliza,  (hiu.  of  Hon.  William- 1  lenry 
Drajier,  C.B.,  Chief  Justice  of  the  Common  IMeas. 

2. — Clark,  Collector  of  Customs  at   Kinj^ston,   m.   Sarah-Dore- 
mus  Nixon,  of  New  York,  and  has  had   issue  : 
la. — Elizabeth- 1  laines. 
2a. — b' ranees- Macpherson,  t/. 
3rt. —  Sarah-l'lveline,  tif. 
4^.  -  blenrietta-O^'den,  d,  rn.  to  Kenneth-Neander  b'enwick, 

ALL).,  and  had  issue:   Anita-blamilton. 
5rt. — Helen-Macaulay,   m.  to  Robert-iSIaitland   llannaford, 
of  Montreal,  and  has  issu(> :  John-Haines. 

3 — Herchmer,  d.  unm.  4 — David,  M.D.,  of  l^atavia,  N.Y. 
5.  -  (ieorge,  d.  unm.  6. — Joseph,  d.  unm.  7. — Samuel, 
d.   unm 

I. — Naomi,  d.  unm. 

2.  —  Isabella-Grant,  m.  to  John  I'aton,  living  in  Scotland,  and 
has  issue  :  la. — Francis-John.  2a.  George-Macpherson. 
la. — Laura- Hamilton,  m.  to  William-H.  Ziegler,  of  Liver- 
pool, Eng.,  and  has  issue  :  (iuN-Hamilton  ;  Ralph;  Mary- 
Alice;  b>ances- Isabella.  2a. — Alice-Mary,  m.  to  James 
Rankine,  living  in  Scotland.  j,a. — Ellen-Isabella,  n:  to 
|ames-Seymour  Scott,  of  Halifax,  and  has  issue:  Con- 
stance Hamilton. 

3. — Mary-Hamilton,    m.    to    John-Dennison    Mackenzie,    M.D., 
f  Kinjiston,  and  has  issue:     Frances-Hamilton;    Hilda; 




. — Frances,  m.  to  Robert-Ebenezer  Foot,  of  Denver,  Colorado, 
and  has  issue,  viz.  :  Thomas  ;  John-Hamilton  ;  Robert  ; 
Frances-Pasia ;  May. 



Davii,  M  \(imii.ks(..\,  of  Inverness,  Scot.,  m. 

Naomi,  (laii.  ot  John  Grant,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

I.    -J"'"i.  <^-.  t^;tnic  to  Canada  and  settlc(i  in 

Montreal,    ni.     istly,    Hatt,  of  ChaniLlv,,  and  had  issue,  one  son  Samuel,  ,/ ,  and 
-'lully,  Jane  llerchmer  and  had  issu<',  )ohn  ; 
Naomi  ;    iM-ances. 

-'.  David-Lewis,  of  whom  hdow. 
I.  -Christina,  d.    unm.      _>.      ICliza,  .'/.,   m. 
to  James  Mackenzie,  of  Inverness.    3.— I<'rances- 
Pasia,  m.  to  I  Ion.  John  llannlton  (s"ee  Hamilton 
of  Oueenston,    etc.)       4.  -Helen,    m.    to   Hon. 
John    Maeaulay,   of  Kingston. 
(Hon.  SiK)    l)Avii.-L,.:w,s,    h,    ,'si,S,   came  to   Canada    in    18^5- 
MA    L      1SO4   to    1S67,    when    he    was   appointed    to    the    Senate^  of 
which  he  was  Speaker  iSSc  to   is8^  ;    Minister  of  the   Interior  i  SN .  • 
K.CM.(       ,8S4.      M.    Klizaheth-Sarah.    d.     .8^4,    dau.    of    William 
Molson   of  Montreal,    [.\kms  :    Per  ^a/e,  a.,  and  on.  ihrcc  crescents 
arg      Ciest:   A  cresceii/  aro-.   between  two  winos  exhaiided  pforA  and 
has  had  i.ssue,  vi:-c.  :  -  //     J 

i«.-\Villiam-Molson,    Shipping   .\.,.nt    in    Ouehec  ;    m     Mina 
\\  otherspoon,  of  Ouehee, 

2«.-David-HamiIt<.n,  Ins.  N.W.M.  Police;   m.  Florence  Nash 
ifl.— hlizaheth-I-rancis,   m.    to    Riehard-Kcid    Dohell,   Lumber 

Merchant  m  ( juehcc,  and  has  i.ssue. 
2a.--~Naomi,  m.  to  Thomas  Beckett  of  (.)uebec. 
3«.-Helen,  m.  to  .Meyrick    Hinkes,  d.^m  ofhcer  in   th<>  armv 

and  luus  had  issue. 
4«.--Chri.stina,  rn.  to  Percival-Frederic  Kidout  (see  Kidout) 
5«      dsahel-Louise,    m.    to    Lt.-Col.    Hon.    George-Airey    Knk- 
patnck,  Lieut. -Ciov.  of  Ontario  (see  Kirkpatrick.) 

Amis:  Subject  to  due  difference  to  be  assigned:  Perfessor  and  a^- 
a  lymphaei  of  the  first,  wtth   her  saz/s  furled,  oars  m  action,  and  mast 
and  tackhnc,,  all ppr.,  and  fla^s  flying  gu.,  in  the  dexter  chief  a  hand 
coupeci  grasping  a  dagger  point  upwards  gu.,  in  the  sinister  chief  a  cross 
crosslet  fitched  of  the  last.    Crest  :  A  cat  sejant  ^uardanf.  with  his  fore- 
Pcnvs  raised,  ppr.   Motto:  Touch  not  the  cat  hot  (....  ^.  ilhout)  a -dove 

















*"iM  IIM 

"  iU    j||||Z2 
I"    !;d£     111112.0 


1.25      1.4 



6"     — 








<^  #  %    - 












vj  west  main  street 
webster,  ny.  u580 

(716)  872-4503 








%^.  €>  V  ^r;\ 












TuMlITION  isserts  that  the  Barons  of  Closeburn  possessed 
t    H   in  -^,thsd.  e  (Co.  Dumfries,  Scot.)  in  the  year  800   but 
;'  '     t  .X  et^^i  is  recorded  ,s  Yvoue  de  K.kpatrtck,  whose 
the  nr.,t  N  E     hen>ia,  dau.  of  Robert  Bruce,  Lord  ol 

Annandale  and  ^'^^'^f "■*',",.  ^.,„j„,  n       His  son  Adam  had  a 
of  Closeburn  in  1232  f™"  '^-  Alexander  u.      n 

son  Stephen,  who  was  '»''-'  "[^  ,   ,  304  J  usticiary  of  Galloway 

(Sir)  Roser,  who  was^appou,  eJ  ,n         4^J  ^^  ^_^y^^^     ^^  ^^^_ 

!l!^  'tt/twr;;,;'^S,^)  Thomas,  who  had  two  daus.,  but 
d.s.i..m.,  and  ,     ,     ^,,^4,^,  ^f  Derwisdcn 

(S,r)  Roser,  w  o  '  ""^  f-  ;'  '=^^  „;,^,„,d  in   ,357-      He  had, 
and  Caerlaverock  111    Udd  -    '^^ 

'■^'""umfrerX  ^s  HTlCer stages  for  payment  of  the  ransom 

,„.  Jiti:;::: r  <:?:^erdf;  Stewart,  of  Oemeley,  and  had  issue, 

"'  "'Mcxander.  the  second  son,  was  Baron  of  Kirkmichael;  hts  great- 

""'"t^mam  d   oth  lune  ,686,  had  two  sons,  of  whom  the  elder 
Wdliam,  a.  yu  J         ,,,,,,,,■  i,„„e  of  whom  the  thin',  son. 
O     .,e   o    Knoc   ,  b.    0;^^..^sue,^^^^^^^  Co.    Dubhn.    Ire.. 

A  exander,   b    1714. '"   ^'  t4;  -  third  son 

was  founder  of  the  Irish  '-- ',  "';-J;™'^'-,  ,%  „'  y^g  "l  ,8,8. 
Alexander,  of  Coolmme.  C"-  ""I    "j  '^-         ^  749  ^^.^ 

Ti-  1    cUeriff  of  the  Citv  and  Co.  ot  UuDim,  i/yo. 

=-r*Bi;  irsz'tx..  ..;""*=.... .. 

Alexander,  b  'f\-'^'\^JJ.  co.  Dublin,  and  had  issue, 
Sefottr ;'«::  stns,:::':  o^  wl^m  came  to  Canada  as  below, 
and  of  whom  the  eldest  son  was  Maria-Louisa  (d.  1877), 

..u.^rRl:;>:^,:Ci:;,rtn    Ho;rOrders,a,-,d   andly,    Dora 

1  = 




Darley.  and  had  issue,  six  sons  and  two  daus.,  of  whom  Alexander  - 
Delapere,  b.  15th  Jan.  1857,  is  the  eldest. 


i8.H?'r"^'.rT^^'   ^^''^P''''^^^   f«"^tJ^  «on    of  Alexander   (1796- 
1878),    b     13th   Sept.  1835,  settled  in  Canada  ;    he  is  Director  of 

f88rd    '^^^;\V;--r   °'  ^"^-^"-^   "^-  ^«^3.   Mary-Frand^    d 
issue,  S";         ^'"'""^^    ''^""^'    ''  ^^'^^^I^-'-    Eng.,    and    has    had 

i^.-AIexander-Mainwarin- Morris,  b.  nth  July  1866,  m.  1888 
Carohne- Adelaide,  dau.  of  Lt.-Col.  George-Taylor  Denison 
(see  Denison)  and  has  issue  :       i^.-Alexander-Doudas   b 
IS   Jan.  1891;   i/^—Mary-Caroline.d.  1890;  2^-Marjory- 
Lilian.  •'    -^ 

2a -George-Robert-Foster,  b.  30th  Aug.  1868.  m.  1891,  May, 

only  child  of  Dr.  Rovvell  of  Toronto. 
3'^-William-Kutherfoord,  b.  7th  Oct.  1870. 
4«.— Goldwin-Smith,  b.  I2th  April  1872. 
5«— Arthur-James-Ernest,  b.  29th  April  1876 
la.— Mabel-Theodora. 

B.  Kirkpatrick,  fourth  so,,  of  .Alexander  (1749-1818)  above 
..25.    Dec    ,805,  d.  March  1870.  came  to  Canada  and  seitled  a 
820    HI    ^''"'''"-f-^f^-    9-t-.    M.P.    for    Co.    Frontenac;    ,n. 
ilt;  !^  of  Alexander  Fisher,    District  Ju.ige,  and   h.d 

I. -Alexander-Sutton,    Barrister-at-law,  m.    1858,  Louisa,  dau. 

of  Joseph  King,  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

i«.-Alexander-King,  b.  14th  April  1861,  C.E.,  of  Smith's 
I< alls,  Co.  Perth,  m.  May  1888,  Margaret-Alexandra 
dau.  of  Alexander  MacDougall,  Barrister-at  law,  ^  son 
Lieut.  Col.  MacDougall,  79th  Highlanders,  many  years 
Inspecting  Field  Officer  for  Upper  Canada,  and  has  had 
issue,  Alexander-Macdougall. 

2«.— Reginald-Noble. 

i^.— Minnie-Louisa,  m.  to  Dr.  Garrett  of  Kingston 

2a. — Helen-Isabel,  d.  1863.  '^ 

2.-Thomas-Frederick-Sampson,  of  the  Civil  Service  at  Ottawa, 
b.  1837.  ni.  Mary-Ann,  dau.  of  Walter-Richard  Jones. 





Francis,   h.    1839,   d.    1885,  in   Holy  Orders,  m.  1867,  Ger- 
trude, dau.  of  Henry  (iildersleeve,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

la — Thomas-Henry,  b.  1868,  d.  1869. 

2a. — Francis-Cirant,  b.  1869,  Harrister-at-law. 

3a. — Charles-Stafford,  b    1871. 

4a. — William,  b    1872,  d.  1873. 

5a. — Herbert-Rutherfoord,  b.  11^74. 

la. — Gertrude-Rose. 

2a. — Henrietta- Helen. 

3a. — Annie-Kathleen. 

4  — ^Lt.-Col.  Hon.)  Geor<^e-Airey,  b.  13th  Sept. 
1841  ;  Lt.-Col.  Inte  47th  Frontcnac  Bat. 
Act.  Mil. ;  Barrister-at-law  18^5,  Q.C. 
1880;  LL.D.  Trin.  Col.  Dublin;  M.P., 
Speaker  of  the  House  of  Commons  1883 
to  1887;  Member  of  the  Privy  Council  of 
Canada  May  1891 ;  Lieut. -Ciov.  of  Ontario, 
1st  June  1892.  M.  istly,  25th  Oct.  1865, 
b'rances-Jane,  dau  of  Hon.  John  Macaulay 

of  Kinj^stoi,  she  d.  20th.  Jan.   1877;  and  2ndly,  26th  Sept. 

1883,     Isal)el- Louise,    dau.     of    Hon.     Sir     David-Lewis 

Macpherson   (see    Macpherson),    and    has  had   issue,  vi/.  : 

Of  the  first  marriage: 

la. — George-Macaulay,  b.  23rd  Aug.  1866,  Lt    R.E. 

za. — Arthur-Thomas,  b.  26th  Feb.  1871,  Capt.  14th  Princess 
of  Wales'  Rifles,  Secretary  to  the  Lieut-Gov.,  Barrister- 

3a. — William  Macpherson,  b.  8th  Oct.  1874. 

4a. — Guy-Hamilton,  b,  5th  Nov.  1875. 

la. — Helen  Young. 

And  of  the  second  marriage  : 

^a. — Eric-Reginald-Macpherson,  b.  18th  Sept.  1884. 
-James-Stafford,   Barrister  at-Law,  of  Kingston,   b.  1848,  d. 

1885,  m.  1876,  Annie,  dau.   of  William   Macaulay,  in   Holy 

Orders,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la. — Charlotte-Grace. 

2a. — Jessie. 

Marianne-Elizabeth,  d.  unm. 
-Henrietta,  d.  young. 
-Emily- VVallis,  d.  young. 


4.~Helen-Lydia,  m.  1869  to  Alex.  Browne,  of  Longformacus, 
Co.  Berwick,  Scot. 

Stafford-Frederick  Kirkpatrick,  b.  12th  Dec.  1809,  d.  18^8 
seventh  son  of  Alexander  (1749-1818)  above  named;  came  'to 
Canada  and  settled  at  Peterborough,  Co.  Peterborough  ;  Barrister- 
at-Law;  m.  1835,  Henrietta,  dau.  of  Alexander  Fisher  above 
named,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

I. -William-Alexander- Wallis,  C.E.,  b.  1839,  d.  1883,  m.  1875, 

Harriet,  dau.  of  Joseph  King,  and  had  issue: 

I  a. — Stafford -Frederick,  b.  1878. 

2a. — Harold- William. 

3rt. — Edwin-King,  d.  young. 

la. — Louisa. 
2. — Frederick-Fisher,  b.  1848. 

I.— Annc-EIizabeth,   m.   to  Charles  Jenkins,   of  Petrolea    Co. 
Lambton.  ' 

2.— Marianne-Helen,  m.  to  John  D.  Noble,  of  Petrolea.  • 
3— Catharine-Adele,    m.    to   James    Dennistoun,    Barrister-at- 

Law,  O.C.,  of  Peterborough. 
4. — Mary-iMagdalene. 

Arms:  Subject  to  due  difference  to  be  assigned;  Arg.,  a  saltire 
and  a  chief  az.,  on  the  Ian  three  cushions  or.  Crest-  A  hand 
holding  a  dagger  in  pale  distilling  drops  of  blood,  ppr.  Motto  ■  I 
mak  sicker  (/.e.,  I  make  secure). 



William  Goodkkham,  second  son  of  James 
Gooderham,  of  Scole,  Co.  Norfolk,  Engf.,  was  b. 
29th  Aug-.    1790,  and  d.    20th    Aug-.    i8<Si.      In 
early  life  he  was  for  some  time  in  the  Army,  and 
served  in  the  West  Indies.      He  came  to  Canada 
in  1H32.      In  partnership  with  his  brother-in-hiw, 
James  Worts  (see  Worts),  he   entered    into   the 
business  of  milling,  and  later  took  up  that  of  distilling,  which  sub- 
sequently became  very  extensive,  and  at  the  time  of  his   death  he 
controlled   numerous  large  and  widespread    interests.       He    served 
for  about  forty  years  as  Churchwarden  of  Trinity  Church,  Toronto. 
Jointly  with  William   Cavvthra   and    James-Gooderham    Worts,  he 
built  a  wing  of  the  Toronto  General   Hospital.      M.    Harriet-Tovell 
Herring  (b.  Nov.  1S02,  d.  5th  March   1885),  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
I. — William,  b.  14th   April    1824,  d.    12th  Sept.    1889,  s.p.;  m. 
Margaret,  dau.  of  Thomas   Bright,  who  predeceased  him. 
Was  engaged   in  various  business  enterprises,  and  latterly 
was    Managing    Director    of   the    Toronto  and    Nipissing 
(Midland)  Railway,  from  which,  however,  he  withdrew,  and 
devoted  the  late  years  of  his  life  to  religious  and  philan- 
thropic objects,  and  at  his  death  he  left  the  whole  of  his 
estate,  which    was    very   considerable,    to    be    devoted    to 
charitable  purposes. 
2. — James,   b.   29th   Dec.    1825,  d.   nth  May  1879  (killed  in  a 
railway  accident)  s.p.;   m.  Sarah-Ketland,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Gibbs,  cf  Kingsbridge,  Co.    Devon,    Eng.,  and    his  wife 
Caroline    Tate    (and    sister    of    Hon.    Thomas-Nicholson 
Gibbs,  Senator,  of  Oshawa,  Co.  Ontario). 
3. — George,  of  whom  below. 

4. — Edward,  b.  17th  Feb.  1832,  d.  23rd  April,  1834. 
5. — Henry,  b.  4th  April  1834,  m.  Mar3'-Webster,  dau.  of  William 
Hamilton,  Iron  Founder  in  Toronto. 

*  This  name  is  said  to  be  a  modern  form  of  the  ancient  Scandinavian  Guthrum. 


6.— Alfred- Lee,  b.  28th  Aug.  1836,  m.  Harriet,  dau.  of  George 
Stegman.  son  of  John  Stegman  Surveyor,  who 
was  a  Lieut,  in  the  Hessian  Rejtrt.  of  Lossberj^r,  and  served 
throughout  the  American  Revohitionary  War  (he  was  one 
of  those  lost  in  the  ill-fated  •'  Speedy  "  in  1804,  see  an/e  p. 
13),  and  has  had  issue,  viz. : 

ifl.— Edward-George,  b.  3rd  Aug.  1859,  m.  Minnie,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Armstrong,  and  has  issue  :  id.— Ly man- 
Edward,  b.  17th  April  1887.  2d.  — Stuart- Wilmot,  b. 
23rd  Feb.  1889.  3'^-— Orant-Arrnstrong,  b.  8th  Jan. 
1892.  id.— Ethel-Muriel.  2d.— Kathleen-Beatrice. 
36. — Mary-Leslie. 
!«• — Louise-Alexandria,  unm. 

:ia.— Alice-Wilmot,  m.  to  Walter-Cecil  Lee  (son  of  Walter-' 
Sutherland  Lee  and  Emma  Leuty  his  wife)  late  Lieut. 
Queen's  Own  Rifles,  in  which -Regt.   he  served  in  the 
North-west  1885  (medal),  and  has  issue:  Violet. 
3rt.  —Ida-Josephine,  m.  to  William  Warden. 
4rt.— Maggie-May,  m.  to  John-Gordon  Macdonald,  son  of 
Hugh  Macdonald  and  his  wife  Catherine  Gordon. 
7.— Robert-Turner,    b.    nth  July   1841,    m.    loth   June,    1868, 
Margaret,  dau.  of  Rice  Lewis,    Merchant  in  Toronto,  and 
has  had  issue,  viz. : 

i«.    -Robert-George- Lewis,  b.  28th  Oct.  1870,  d.  i6th  Sept. 

-Victor- Lewis,  b.  5th  May  1881,  d.   12th  March   1888. 

-Maude- Adelaide,   m.   to  Robert- Albert  Greenshields, 

Barrister,  of  Montreal,  and  has  issue,  one  dau. 
2a.— Maggie,  b.  i.t  Jan.  1873,  d.  14th  Jan.  1873. 
3«.— Eva-Claribelle,  m.   to  James-Henry  Mitchell,  Major 

Comdg.  9th  Field  Battery,  Toronto. 
4a.— Ethel-Lewis,  b.  5th  Jan.  1878,  d.  9th  July  1878. 
5a. — Ada-Lewis,  unm. 
6a. — -Margaret- Lewis,  d. 
8.— Charles-Horace,  b.    18th   Feb.    1844,  d.    18  Oct.    1904,   m. 
30th  Sept.   1862   Eliza,  b.  7th  Sept.   1843,  dau.  of  Charles 
Folwell.  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

la.— Henry-Folwell,  b.  i6th  Aug.  1876,  Barrister-at-Law. 
2fl.— James- Horace,  b.  31st  Aug.  1879,  m.  30th  Aug.  1906, 

Margaret-McTaggart,  dau.  of  James  Currie. 






la. — Mari^aiet-Victoria,     ni.     firstly      to      Leslie-Matthew 
Svveetnani,  M.D.,  son  Matthew  Sweetnam,  Post  Office 
Inspector,and  secondly  to  Cameron-Robertson  Stewart, 
of  Surbiton,  Surrey,   Hn^. ,  and  had  issue  of  the  first 
marriage,  Aileen,  who  d.  a^»"ed  3  years. 
2«. — Mabel-May,   m    7th   May   1891   to  Robert-Hamilton 
Ramsay,  son  of  Robert- Hamilton   Ramsay,  Merchant, 
sometime  Capt.   Queen's  Own    Rifles,  and   has  issue, 
3«. — Dora-Beatrice,   m.    14th    Oct    i8g6  to  Albert-Lauten 
McCormick,  of  Baltimore,  Maryland,  and  has  issue  : 
Lauten-Gooderham,  Hollie- Harrison. 
4rt. — Madeline-Helena,    m.     17   April   1899   to  Stanley  J. 
Castleman,  of   Riverside,   California,    and   has    issue: 
Doui,''las- Vancourt,  M  uriel-Gooderham,  Leslie-Carroll. 
5«. — Grace-Adelia,  unm. 
I.— Louisa,  d.   9th   March    190S,  m.    istly  to  William  Walker, 
and    2ndly  to  Richard  Score,  and    had    issue    of  the  first 
marriage  viz. :     James-Reynell,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  John-G. 
Kennedy,  and  has  had  issue  one  son  who  d.  inf.;   Harriet- 
Rodwell,   m.    to  John-Elgin   Snider,   and    has    had    issue, 
Arthur-Elgin-Rodwell,     d.     aged     17,     William-Hartley- 
Griffin,    Harvey-Grafton  ;     Louisa,    m.      to    Archer-Green 
Watson,  and  has    issue,    Austin-Percy- Leys,    Irene-Clara- 
Belle  ;  Annie-Elizabeth. 
2. — Mildred,  d.  May  1898,  m.  istly  to  Anthony  Crampton,  and 
2ndly  to  John  Raymond,  who  d.  Sept.  1893,  and  had  issue: 

of  tlie  first  marriage,  William-James,  Harriet,  m.   to 

Geddes,  of  Edinburgh,  Sco.;  and  of  the   second  marriage, 
James-Gooderham;     Albert-Edward;    Louisa-Gooderham, 
m.   to  — —  Nichols;  Victoria. 
3. — ^Ann-Elizabeth,  b.  13th  Feb.  1839,  d.  31st  March  1841. 
4.  —  Harriet- Ann,  m.  to  John   Leys,  Merchant  in  Toronto,  who 

d.  29th  Jan.  1892,  s.p. 
5. — Victoria,  m.  istly,  1868,  to  Robert  Wilson,  2ndly,  ist  Nov. 
1879,  to  Donald- Mackenzie  Cameron,  late  of  Strathroy,  Co. 
Middlesex,  now  of  London,  Sheriff  of  Middlesex,  and  has 
had  issue,  viz. :  of  the  first  marriage  (besides  others  who  d. 
inf.),  William-Gooderham,  b.  5th  Sept.  1870;  Lily-Viola; 
Victoria;  and  of  the  second  marriage,  Kenneth-Mackenzie, 


b.  ist  Nov.  ,880;   Norman-Keith,  b.  7th  Jan.  ,882;   Evan- 
Guthno,  b.  r8th  May  1885. 
Geor^re    Gooclerham.    above   named,    b.    r4(h    March    ,830.  d. 

H   rH^'d'?;.     M^'"""  "''   ''"^'^^^-  ^'^•^^-  ^"  ^—  Militia,    n. 
^ue,l.t    '  "■"'''    '"'•  °'  J"-P'-'-^y   I^-n,    and   had 

i«. -William-George,  b.   5th  Jan.    ,853,  Distiller,  m.  .,st  Jan. 
'8,5    Ella,  dau.    of  WH'iam    Har^rraft,    of  Cobour^r,    Co. 
Northi.mberland,  and  has   had   issue,  vi/. :    ib.    -William- 
HarKn-aft,  b.    7th   Nov.   ,875.  m.  June    ,898.    [.illie,  dau.  of 
francs    Fhdhps,  and   has  issue:   Helen-Victoria,   b.    20th 
July,   ,900;   Louise,   b.    ,2th   March,    ,902.      ./A-GeorLre- 
Edgar,  b.  ,2th  Sept.  .879,  m.  Emily-F:ances,dau.  of  James- 
^  Paterson  and  his  wife   Isabella-Florence,  clau.  of 
p  Alton  McCarthy,  of  Barrie,  and  has  issue:   Nellie,  b.  4th 
J"ly  -933;  George-William,   b.    loth  March    1908.       -ib  — 
Harold-Dean,  b.  19th  June  1881.     4/^— Ed  ward- Douglas 
b.  17th  I^eb.  ,883,  m.  5th  Oct.  1904  Kathleen-Mary  Neelon 
and  has.ssue:  Lenore-Arnold,  b.  July  1905;  Edward-Dean,' 
b.  28th   March    .908,    d.    2nd   April    ,908.      5*— Gordon- 
Stewart,  b.  30th  Nov.  ,884,  m.  8th  Feb.  ,908,  Irene-Newton 
dau.  of  Alfred-A.   Alexander.     6<i. -Norman-Ross,  b.  6th 
Sept.    i886.      7^.— John -Leys,  b.    2nd    July    1888.       8<^ — 
Er.c-Stanley,  b.  8th  Aug.  1890.     9^.-Alexander-Leslie  b 
7th  Oct.  1898.      Kj.—Aileen.      2/J.  - -Eleanor-Marv 
2a. -Albert-Edward,   b.   2nd  June   1861,    Distiller,    Lieut. -Col. 
Comdg.  loth  Royal  Grenadiers,  m.  25th  Oct.   1883,  Mary- 
Reford,  dau.  of  Andrew  Duncanson,  of  Amherstburg   Co 
Essex,  and   has  issue,  viz.:     i/5.— Albert-Edward,  b.  'i6th 
Oct.  1885.      2<5.-Herbert-Ross,  b.  9th  March  1889,  d.  nth 
Feb.  1899.     3^-~Melville-Stuart,b.  8th  Aug.  ,891.      ,b  ~ 

Charlotte-Olive.        2<^.  — Marietta-Lsobel.        3^^. —Victoria- 

-George-Horace,  b.  i8th  April  1868,  m.  12th  Sept.  1888 
Maude,  only  dau.  and  heir  of  Henry-Stephen  Northrop' 
Merchant  in  Toronto,  and  Mary  Strong  his  wife,  and  has 
issue,  VIZ.:  r-^.— Dean- Northrop,  b.  23rd  April  1 891.  2b  ~ 
Henry-Stephen,  b.  Aug.  1894.  i/^.- Evelyn-Grace.  23.— 
Jessie- Maude. 

-Melville-Ross,   b.    loth  Jan.    1S77,   m.     15th   Sept.    1898, 







Charlotle-Wheeler,  dau.  of  William- Darling  Taylor,  and 
has  issue:  Kathleen-Isabel. 

la. —  Harriet-Victoria,  m.  28(h  Jan.  18H0,  to  Thonias-Gihbs 
Blackstock.  b.  i  iih  Nov.  1851,  d.  24th  July  1906,  Harrister- 
at-Law,  son  ot  Rev.  Williaiii-SchencU  Blackstock  [Arms: 
Af^.  three  slocks  of'  trees  couped  above  ami  below  so. 
Crest:  A  stock  of  a  tree  as  in  the  arms.  Motto:  I-'estina 
lente],  and  has  issue,  viz.:  \b. — William-Gooderham,  b. 
25th  Nov.  1880,  Barrister-at-Law,  ni.  loth  Jan.  1907, 
Marjorie-Fraser,  dau.  of  Charles-Jonas  Jones.  (See  Jones). 
2b. — Thomas-Gibbs,  b.  2Sth  July,  1883,  d.  inf.  3A. — 
Gibbs,  b.  19th  May,  1S88.  ^b. — George-Tate,  b.  29th 
Sept.  1892.  \b. — -lilizabeth-Dean.  2b. — Barbara  T^b. — 
Harriet.     4/^. — Dorothy-Mary. 

2fl. — Elizabeth-Louisa,  d.  i6th  Auj>'.  1H78,  ai^ed  21,  m.  to  John- 
Ross  Mitchell,  d.  i8th  Nov.  1884,  son  of  Robert  Mitchell, 
of  Quebec,  and  had  issue:  Georj,i^e-Gooderham,  b.  15th  Aug. 
1878,  m.  30th  April  1902  Zulu-Emeline,  dau.  of  James- 
Oliver  Buchanan,  and  has  issue:  John-Ross. 

3a. — Adelaide-Mary,  m.  14th  Dec.  i»82  to  James-Frederick- 
William  Ross,  M,D.      (See  Ross). 

\a, — Charlotte-Olive,  d.  young. 

5«. — Florence-Josephine,  d.  Feb.  26th,  1903,  m.  Jan.  1887,  to 
William-Henry  Brouse  (see  Jones  of  Brockville),  and  had 
issue:  \b. — William-Henry- Davenport,  b.  3rd  Nov.  1891. 
2b. — Eldridge-Dean-Gooderham,  b.  3rd  April  1895;  Paul- 
Courselles,  b.  3rd  Jan.  1898;  Marjorie-Josephine;  Harriet- 

6a. — Eleanor-Gertrude,  m.  8th  June  1892,  to  Edward-Campion 
Acheson,  b.  7th  Aug.  i860,  in  Holy  Orders,  at  present 
Rector  of  Holy  Trinity,  Middletown,  Connecticut,  son  of 
Alexander  Acheson,  of  Mountrath,  Queen's  Co.,  Ire.,  (de- 
scendant of  Sir  Archibald  Acheson,  Secretary  of  State  for 
Scotland,  temp.  Jas.  I.,  whose  son  Henry  settled  in  Ireland) 
and  his  wife  Mary  Campion  [Arms:  Arg.  a  two-headed 
eagle  displayed  sa.  beaked  and  membered  or,  on  a  chief 
vert  two  mullets  or.  Crest:  A  cock  gu.  standing  upon  a 
trumpet  or.  Motto:  Vigilantibus];  before  entering  the 
Church  he  served  in  the  Queen's  Own  Rifles  in  North- 
West    1885,  and  was  present  at   the  action  of  Cut  Knife 


(iiK'ilal  ami  ^lasp),  and  has  issue,  viz.:  i/i.— Dean-Gootl- 
erham,  b.  i.tli  April,  1S93.  2/;.-Marj,Mret-Campion,  b. 
5th  Oct.   1H95.      3(i.  — lulward-Campiop,  b.  15th  Sopt.  1902. 

7fl.— Lilliaii-May,  m.  29th  Sept.  1S96,  to  Charios-William 
Heatty,  (see  Beatty)  and  has  issue:  i/i.— Geoffrey- Bvnie, 
b.  24th  Jan.  1899.  2/;.~Clifford-Gooderham,  b.  6th'july 
1 90 1.      I /;.-- Beryl -Dean,  b.  26th  June  1897. 

8«. -Violet-Dean,  m.  ,31st  Au^r.  1905,  to  Reo-inald-William 
Bird,  o(  Boston,  Massuchusetts,  and  has  issue:  John- 
Reginald,  b.  2istjune  1906. 

{Reprinted  May  ii/ofi.) 

John  Gooderham,  of  Scole,   Co.    Norfolk,   Eng.,  d.    13th  April 

•7^7.  ''.irt-'tl   75'  'li-^  wife   Elizabeth  d.    7th  Oct.  1799,  aged 

8r;  they  had  issue,   besides  others: 
James   Gooderham,   d.    20th   April     1820,  aged    63;    his    wife 

Sarah  d.   i  ith  April  1802,  aged  36;  they  had  issue,  besides 

William  Gooderham,  of  Toronto. 
Elizabeth,  m.  to  James  Worts.      (See  Worts.) 




James  Worts,  who  d.  F"ebruary  1834,  came 
to  Canada  from  Bung-ay,  Co.  Suffolk,  Eng-., about 
the  year    1H31,   and    settled  in  Toronto,  where 
he    erected  a  windmill    near  the   mouth  of  the 
river  Don,  which  was  the  commencement  of  the 
enterprises  undertaken  by  the  families  of  Gooder- 
ham  and  Worts  which  have  had  such  widespread 
development.      He    m.    Elizabeth,    dau.   of  James    Gooderham,  of 
Scole,  Co.  Norfolk  (see  Gooderham),  and  had  issue,  viz  : 
I. — James-Gooderham,  named  below. 
2. — William,  d.  young  (drowned  in  Toronto  Bay). 
3. — George,  d.,   merchant  in   Hillsburgh,  Co.  Wellington  ;  m. 

Martha-Jane  Green,  and  had  issue. 
I. — Mildred,  b.  ist  May  1822,  m.  to  John  Leary  of  Cannington, 

Co.  Ontario,  and  has  issue. 
2. — Sarah,  d.  15th  Aug.  1893,  m.  to  Rev.  Charles  Silvester,  d. 
1893,  Methodist  Minister,  and  had  issue,  besides  a  dau., 
who  d.  young:  la. — James-Gooderham-Worts,  d.,  who  m. 
and  had  issue:  Charles-Herbert;  Edna.  2a. — William- 
Towler.     3^?. — Charles- Frederick, 

3. — Elizabeth,   d.    22nd  July  1871,   aged   52,  m.   to Evatt, 

M.D.,  of  Port  Hope,  Co.  Durham,  and  had  issue:  William- 
Worts,  Barrister  at-Law,  of  Toronto,  d.   unm.      Maria,  m. 
to  James  Wyley,  d.,  of  Hamilton. 
James-Gooderham,  above    named,   b.    4th  June    1818,  d.   20th 
June  1882  ;  jointly  with  William  Gooderham  and  ^Villiam  Cawthra, 
he  erected  a  wing  c>f  the  Toronto  General   Hospital  ;  m.    ist  Oct. 
1840.  Sarah,  d.  30th  June   1876,  aged  59,  dau.  of  Thomas   Bright, 
and  had  issue,  viz. : 

I  a. — James-Gordon,  b.  5th  Dec.  1843.  d.  19th  March  1846. 
[ames-Gooderham,  b.   21 






istly,  ist  Sept.  1875,  Julia,  dau.  of  Harvey-Prentice 
Dwight,  of  Toronto,  she  d.  29th  July  1877,  and  2nd!y,  21st 
Jan.  1879,  Mary- Louise,  dau,  of  Charles  Elliott,  of 
Cobourg,  Co.  Northumberland,  and  had  issue,  viz.:  Of  the 


first  marriage,  one  child,  which  d.  inf.,  and  of  the  second 

marriage  : 

i(^.— James-Gooderham,  b.  21st  Feb.  1883. 

'i^b. — Sarah-Louise. 

lb. — NelHe-Maude,  d.  young. 
3«.— Thomas-Frederick,  b.  5th  July  I857,  m     17th  Au^,.  1892, 

Elizabeth-Beatrice,  dau  of  Adam  Beatty.* 
la.— Elizabeth-Anne,  b.  7th  July  1841,  d.  5th  Oct.  1849. 
2a.— Charlotte-Louisa,  m.   26th  April   1865,   to  William-Henry 

Beatty*  (see  Beatty). 

3a.— Clara-Agnes,  m.  27th  April  1870,  to  Alfred-Morgan  Cosby. 
(See  Cosby). 

4a.— Emilie-Ardelia,  m,  4th  June  1874,  to  David  Smart,  d.  23rd 
June  1893,  Barrister-at-Law,  of  Port  Hope,  and  has  had 
issue,  viz. :  David-Worts ;  Mabel-Beatrice ;  Lilian-Con- 

5a.— Alice-Rebecca,  m.  6tb  June  1876,  to  Edward-Strachan  Cox, 
son  of  Robert-Gregory  Cox,  d.  nth  June  1863,  in  Holy 
Orders,  Rector  of  Brampton,  Co.  Peel,  and  Fanny  Dawson 
his  wife,  and  has  issue:  one  dau.,  Evelyn-Sara. 
-Margaret-Elizabeth,  m.  20th  Feb.  1879,  to  Robert  Myles, 
Lieut.  Toronto  Field  Battery,  son  of  James  Myles,  d.  20th 
Aug.  1889,  of  Quebec,  originally  of  Ballyshannon,  Ire.,  and 
Janet  Peebles  his  wife,  and  has  issue,  viz. :  Frede'rick- 
Percival,  b.  21st  March  1881  ;  Robert-Gordon,  b.  27th 
March.  1886;  Beatrice- Worts  ;  Florence-Adeline. 


*Not  related. 


Of  The  Oaks,  Queen's  Park,  Toronto. 

William  Beatty,  of  Moneymore,  Co.  London- 
derry, was  a  Captain  in  the  Garrison  of  Derry  in 
the  famous  siege  of  i68g,  in  which  he  "  ever  behaved 
himself  with  great  integrity  and  valour,"  taking  part 
in  all  important  engagements,  and  also  going  out 
almost  daily  with  small  parties  to  harass  the  besiegers, 
until  about  a  month  before  the  end  of  the  siege, 
having  been  attacked  with  a  severe  illness,  he  with- 
drew, under  protection,  to  his  home.  He  m.  subse- 
quently, and  had  twelve  sons,  among  them 

James,  a  merchant  in  Newry,  living  there  in 
1763,  who  had,  with  others  (one  of  whom  was  Archdeacon  of  May- 
down,  Co.  Longford)  a  son 

William,  of  Cookstown,  Co.  Tyrone,  who  m.  Anne  Creighton, 
and  had  issue,  of  whom  his  youngest  son* 

James,  b.  cir.  1792,  d.  3rd  May  1865,  came  to  Canada  and 
settled  in  Toronto  in  1830,  being  a  merchant  there;  was  Capt.  of 
Militia  1847;  m.,  1832,  Anne,  b.  cir.  1806,  d.  8th  May  1879,  dau.  of 
James  McKowen,  of  Dublin,  Ire.,  and  Elizabeth  Byrne  his  wife, 
and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — William-Henry,    Barristerat-Law,    m.     26th    April     1865, 
Charlotte-Louisa,  dau.   of  JamesCjooderham  Worts    (see 
Worts),  and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 
la. — Harry-Worts,  b.  29th  Aj^ril  1866. 
2a. — Charles- W^illiam,  b.  Aug.  1871. 
la. — Amy-Gertrude. 
2a. — Alice-Maude. 
3a. — Bertha,  d.  inf. 

•  The  small  number  of  generations  during  so  long  a  period  from  iCiHg  appears  to  l)e  explained 
by  the  fact  of  this  line  of  descent  being  traced  through  younger  sons,  born  late  in  the  life  of  their 



2. — James,  d.  young. 

3.— Joseph-Walker,  b.    29th   March    1846,   m.    ist  Oct.   1884, 

Charlotte-Eliza,    dau.    of     Anthony-Knox     Boomer     (see 

Boomer),  and   has  had  issue:    Allan- Byrne,  b,  26th   Tan 

1886,  d.  7th  Sept.  1886. 
I.— Ehzabeth,  m.  4th  May  1876,  to  John-Craven  Chadwick  (see 

2. — Jane-Louisa. 
3. — Annie. 

4.— Ellen-Byrne,  d.  1864,  m.  1863,  to  Edward-Marion  Chadwick 

(See  Chadwick). 
5 —Diana- Mary,  m.  8th  Nov.  1876,  to  Alexander,  son  of  James 

Campbell,  of  Toronto,  and  has  issue,  one  dau.,  Mildred- 


Arms  :    Az.,  a /esse  embattled  on  the  upper  side  arg.  masoned  sa. 
between  three  pheons  or.      Crest :  A  castle  triple  tozvered  arg.  charged 
on  the  middle  toiuer  with  a  pheon  az.     Motto  :  Qui  beat  beatus. 



COSBY,  in.E.X. 

Francis  Cosbie  settled  temp.  Q.  Mary,  in 
Ireland,  where  he  became  a  person  of  note  and 
great  influence;  was  General  of  the  Kern, 
M.P.,  and  Sheriff  of  Kildare,  was  killed  at  the 
battle  of  Glendalough,  aged  70  ;  m.,  istly, 
Mary,  dau.  of  the  Dnke  of  Somerset  and 
widow  of  Sir  Henry  Peyton,  and  2ndly, 
Elizabeth  Palmes,  and  had  issue,  of  the  first 
marriage,  three  sons,  and  of  the  second 
marriage,  one  dau.,  of  whom  the  eldest  son, 
Alexander,  of  Stradbally,  Queens  Co., 
where  the  family  still  reside,  was  killed  at 
Stradbally,  igih  May  1596,  when  resisting  an 
attack  by  the  O'Moores;  m.  Dorcas,  dau.  of 
William  Sidney,  of  Orford,  Co.  Kent,  Maid 
of  Honour  to  Queen  Rlizabeth,  and  had  issue  (besides  others),  viz.  : 

I. — Francis,  b.  ist  Jan.  1571,  Capt.  of  the  Kern,  killed  imme- 
diately after  his  father  in  the  action  mentioned,  m.  Hellen,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Harpole,  of  Shrule,  and  had  issue  one  son,  William,  who 
d.  young. 

2. — Richard.  Capt.  of  the  Kern,  m.  Flizabeth,  dau.  of  Sir 
Robert  Pigot,  and  had  issue  four  sons  and  one  dau.,  of  whom 

I. — Alexander,  the  eldest  son,  b.  8th  Feb.  1610,  m.  Anne 
Slingsby,  but  d  s  p. 

2. — Francis,  second  son,  b.  1612,  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  Sir  Thomas 
Loftus,  and  had  issue,  besides  others  : 

I. — Alexander,  eldest  son,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Henry 
L'Estrange,  and  had  issue,  n.imely  (besides  others)  : 

la. — Alexander,  fifth  son,  d.  26th  Dec.  1743,  Lieut. -Col.  in  the 
Army,  Lieut. -Gov.  of  Nova  Scotia ;  m.  Anne,  dau.  of 
Alexander  Winnard,  and  had  issue,  of  whom  the  youngest 
eventually  inherited  Stradbally  Hall. 

1 63 

2a.— William,  sixth  son,  d.  loth  March  1736,  Brigadier-General 
in  the  Army,  Governor  of  New  York  and  the  Jerseys, 
which  position  he  held  at  the  time  of  his  death  ;  m.  Graced 
d.  25th  Dec.  1767,  sister  of  George  Montague,  Earl  of 
Halifax,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

i<5.— William,  an  officer  in  the  Army  ;  Sheriff  of  New 
York  1735  to  1740,  described  in  the  record  of  his 
appointment  to  that  office  as  "Captain-General." 

2d.~Uenry,  Capt.  R.N.,  d.  1753. 

1(5.— Elizabeth,  m.  to  Lord  Augustus  Fitzroy,  son  of  the 
Duke  of  Grafton,  and  had  issue,  of  whom  the  eldest 
son  succeeded  to  the  Dukedom. 

2(5.— Grace,  m.  to  Joseph  Murray,  who  d.  1757,  aged  64;  he 
came  from  Ireland  and  settled  in  New  York,  was  a 
Lawyer  and  Member  of  H.  M.  Council;  devised  his 
estates  to  King's  College,  New  York. 

3(5.— Another  dau.  m.    to   Freeman,   of  the  Island  of 


The  first  in  Canada  was  George  Cosby,  who  settled  in  Pelham, 
Co.  W'^lland.  His  residence  was  burned  down  and  all  family  papers 
and  records  destroyed,  and  he  himself  dying  very  shortly  after  that 
occurrence,  the  particulars  of  the  family  history  during  the  latter 
part  of  the  i8th  century  were  lost.  It  has,  however,  always  been 
believed  by  the  family  that  George  Cosby  was  the  eldest  male  repre- 
sentative of  Gov.  William  Cosby,*  and  it  may  therefore  be  presumed 
that  he  was  the  son  of  Capt.  William  Cosby.  It  is  said  that  at 
the  close  of  the  Revolutionary  War  he  went  to  Ireland  with  his  father 
but  subsequently  came  to  Canada.  He  m.  Mary  McGregor,  of 
Stirling,  Scotland,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

John,  m.  Sarah  Morgan,  and  had  issue  (besides  a  son,  Murray, 
who  m.  but  d.s.p.m.,  and  daus.  who  d.  unm.),  viz. 

Alfred-Morgan,  b.  nth  Sept.  1840,  of  Toronto,  Major  48th 
Highlanders,  being  one  of  the  officers  bv  whom  that  Re-rt  was 
raisedt;  m.,  27th  April  1870,  Clara-Agm.'s  Worts  (see  Worth's),  and 
has  had  issue,  besides  two  who  d.  inf.,  viz.  : 

•  There  are  a  few  persons  of  the  name  now  living  in  New  York. 

1  ]  P"f  Corps,  raised  in   n^gr,  is  commonly  called  the  "Davidson"  Fiehlindpr.:  1,»;„„  ^ 


— Morgan-Wilton- V/orts,  b.  1872,  d.  1880. 

— Frederick-Lome,  b.  1874,  Lieut.  48th  Highlanders. 

— Norman- Weber,  b.  1876. 

— Craufurd-Stuart,  b.  1886. 

— Sarah-Temple,  d.  young. 

— Edith-Penryn. 

— Kiete-Mapleton. 

— Edna-Noel. 

Arms  :  Quarterly,  i  and  4,  arg.,  a  chevron  between  three  leopard's 
faces  sa.,  on  a  canton  or  a  saltire  vert  between  a  cross  crosslet  gu.  in 
chief,  a  lizard  erect  of  the  fourth  in  the  dexter,  a  salmon  also  of  the 
fourth  in  the  sinister,  and  a  dexter  hand  couped  of  the  fifth  in  base  ; 
2  and  3,  or,  a  pheon  az. ;  4.  az  ,  three  shackles  or,  on  a  canton  arg. 
a  saltire  gu.  between  a  sinister  hand  couped  of  the  last  in  chief,  and 
two  salmons  in  fesse  and  one  in  base  vert.  Crest :  A  griffin  segreant 
gu.  supporting  a  broken  spear  or  headed  arg.  Motto :  Audaces  juvat 



John  Ross,  a  native  of  Co.  Banff, 
Scotland,  b.  1730,  d.  1805,  served  in  the 
42nd  Highlanders,  or  Black  Watch,  and 
throughout  the  American  Revolutionary  War  ; 
was  Barrack  Master  at  York  (Toronto)  1800 
to  1805;  m.  Elizabeth  Brooks,  b.  1750,  d. 
1828,  and  had  issue,  namely : 

I.— James,  b.  25th  May  1786,  of  whom 

2.— William,    b.  loth  Oct.  1787,   d.   inf. 

3. — ^John,  b.  2ist  June  1791. 

4.  — Robert,  b.  26th  June  1797,  d.  1887. 

5.— George,  b.  24th  Aug.  1799. 

6. — Thomas,  b.  12th  Dec.  1803. 

I.— Mary,  b.  31st  Dec.  1784. 
James,  above  named,  b.  1786,  d.  1868,  served  in  the  Militia 
in  the  war  of  1812,  and  was  taken  prisoner  at  the  taking  of  York  bv 
the  Americans  ;  m.  Elizabeth  Wells,  b.  1788,  d.  i860,  dau.  of  William 
Wells,  b.  1760,  d.  1835,  son  of  Robert  Wells,  b.  1734;  and  had 
issue,  viz.  : 

la.— William,  b.  1809,  m.  Elizabeth  Mosley. 

2«.— John,  b.  181 1,  m.  Amy  Elson 

3«.— James,  b.  1813,  d.  1830. 

4a.— Jacob-Philip,  b.  1818,  d.  1889. 

S''!-— Thomas,  b.  1820.  d    1836. 

6a.— Joseph,  b.  1827,  m.  P^arrcll. 

7a.— Henry,  b.  1829.  killed    in  Australia  at    the    Ballarat  Dia. 

gmgs,    1854. 
8a. — ^James,  b.  1832,  of  whom  below, 
la.— Margaret,  b.  1815,  m.  to  James  Forsyth. 
2a.— Martha,  b  1821,  m.  to  William  McDougall,  d.  1889. 
3a.— Elizabeth,  b.  1823,  d.  1863,  m.  to  William  Bright. 

1 66 

James,  namcMl  above,  b.  1S32,  d.  1892,  M.D.,  m.  Annie-Jean, 
b.  1828,  d.  i8go,  dau.  of  John  Mcintosh,!).  1796,  d.  1863;  meml)er()f 
Leg.  Assembly  [son  of  John  Mcintosh,  b.  1754,  d.  1830,  a  native  of 
Co.  Perth,  Sco,,  who  came  to  Canada  in  1801,  and  Annie  Ferguson 
his  wife,  who  d.  1814J,  who  m.  Catherine,  b,  1813,  d.  1832,  dau. 
of  Rev.  Alexander  Stewart,  Baptist  Minister,  who  came  to  Canada 
in  1 81 8,  and  Janet  Douglas  his  wife  ;  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

lb. — James-Frederiek-William,  b.  i6th  Aug.  1857,  M.D.,  late 
Capt.  Queen's  Own  Rifles;  m.  14th  Dec.  1882,  Adelaide- 
Mary,  dau.  of  George  Gooderham  (see  Gooderham),  and 
has  had  issue,  viz.: 

ic. — Douglas-Gooderham,  b.  15th  Dec.  1883. 
2c. — Stewart-Dean,  b.  17th  Oct.  1887,  d.  i8th  Aug.  1891. 
y. — James- Wells,  b.  gth  Aug.  1890. 
ic. — Elsie-Stewart. 
2b. — John-Lincoln,  b.  1861,  m.   28th  June   1893,  Annie  Fraser, 

and  has  issue,  viz. :  (iordon-Fraser,  b.  17th  March  1895. 
lb. — Annie-Isabella,  b.  1855,  d.  1881,  m.  to  Jamcs-Buntin 
Boyd,  d.  1880,  son  of  George  Boyd,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
Ross-Buntin,  b.  1878;  Helen-Elizabeth. 
zb. —  Helen-Elizabeth,  b.  1859,  d.  1893,  m.  to  Robert-William 
Coklwell,  and  had  issue  :  Robert-William,  b.  1890,  d.  inf.  ; 

Arms  :  Subject  to  due  difference  to  be  assigned  ;  Gu.,  three  lions 
rampant  arg.  Crest :  A  hand  holding  a  garland  of  laurel  ppr. 
Motto:  Spem  Successus  Alit. 


JONES,  m.  E.X. 
OF  Brockville  and  Toronto. 

LEWIS  JONES,  b.  cir.  1600,  d.  nth  April  16S4,  came  from  Co. 
Berks,  Eng.,  cir.  1620,  and  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Water- 
town,  in  Massachusetts,  where   the   family   held  a  prominent 
position,  members  of  it  frequently  l)einjT  holders  of  various  public 
offices.     M.  Anna,  d.  ist  May  1680,  aged  78,  dau.  of  Simon  Stone, 
and  Joan  his  wife,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
I. — Josiah,  b.  1643,  of  whom  below. 
2. — Shubael,  b.  ist  July  1651. 

I.— Lydia,  m.  30th  Oct.  1656,  to  Jonathan  Whitney. 
2. — Ph(jebe,  b.  1645,  d.  1650. 

Josiah,  above  named,  b.  1643,  d.  Oct.  1714,  was  Captain  of 
Militia;  m.  20th  Oct.  1667,  Lydia,  d.  Sept.  1743,  aged  94,  dau.  of 
Nathaniel  Tread  way  and  his  wife  Sufferania,  dau.  of  Edward  Howe, 
and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I.— Josiah,  b.  20th  Oct.  1670,  of  whom  below. 
2. — Nathaniel,  b.  31st  Dec.  1674. 
3. — Samuel,  b.  gth  July  1677. 

4.— James,  b.  4th  Sept.  1679,  d.  14th  Sept.  1770,  Captain  of 
Militia  ;  m.  Sarah  Moore,  who  d.  28th  Sept.  1774,  aged  90, 
and  had  issue  (besides  probably  others),  a  dau.  Elizabeth, 
b.  25th  March  1715,  d.  7th  July  1757,  m.  to  Samuel 
Baldwin,  as  below. 
5.— John,  b.  igth  March  1686. 
6. — Isaac,  b.  25th  May  i6go. 

I.— Lydia,  b.  25th  Aug.  1668,  m.  in  1687  to  Nathaniel  Cooledge. 
2  —Mary,  b.  loth  Dec.  1672,  m.  in  1693  to  John  Brewer. 
3. — Sarah,  b.  6th  Feb.  1681,  m.  in  1704  to  John  Warren. 
4.— Anna,  b.  28th  June  1684,  m.  to  Joseph  Mixer. 
Josiah,  above  named,  b.  1670,  d.   21st  Dec.  1734  ;  was  Captain 
of  Militia;  m.  Abigail  Barnes,  whod.  4th   Nov.  1741,  and  had  issue, 
viz. : 



i  if 

■  r 

I. — David,  b.  2nd  Feb.  1692. 
2. — Josiah,  b.  24th  May  1701. 
3  — William,  b.  4th  Jan.  1706. 
4. — Elisha,  b.  2otli  Nov.  17x0,  of  whom  below. 
I. — Abigail,  b.  14th  Sept.  1694,  m.  to  Col.  Ephraim  Williams. 
Elisha,  above  named,  b.    17 10,  d.    13th   Feb.    1775,  of  Weston 
(he  succeeded  to  the  ownership  of  the  family  mansion  there)  ;  was  a 
staunch  Loyalist  ;  he  was  Col.  of  Militia,   Member  of  the  Legislative 
Assembly,  and  J.P. ;  m.    24th  Jan.  1733,  Mary,  d.  26th  April   1751, 
Hau.  of  Nathaniel  Allen,  of  Weston,  and   his  wife  Lydia  (Nathaniel 
Allen,  who  was  b.  8th   Dec.  1687,  was  son  of  Joseph  Allen,  d.  9th 
Sept.  1721,  who  was  son  of  Walter  Allen,  who  d.  8th  July  1681  ;  the 
said  Josiah  Allen  m.,  nth  Oct.  1667,  Anna  Brazier),  and  had  issue, 
viz. : 

I. — Nathan,  b.  29th  Sept.  1734,  of  Weston,  aftds.  of  Goldsbury, 
Maine,  a  Magistrate,  m.  Sarah  Severns,  and  had  issue. 

2. d.  irtf. 

3. — Elisha,  b.  9th  Jan.  1737,  of  Pittsfield,  aftds.  of  New  York, 
m.  Mehitable  Upham.  His  descendants  settled  at  Sissibo, 
(now  W^eymouth),  Nova  Scotia.  One  of  his  sons,  Alpheus, 
b.  1765,  settled  in  Upper  Canada  and  d.  13  April  1793,  unm. 
4. — Israel,  b.  21st  Sept.  1738,  m.  Alithea,  dau.  of  Rev.  Samuel 
Todd  (who  survived  him,  and  was  m.  2ndly  to  Rev.  William 
Smart),  and  had  issue,  viz  : 

la. — Marshall,  Merchant  in  Sheffield,  m.  1823,  Sophia 
Dewey,  and  had  issue  :  id. — Francis,  a  druggist  in 
Montreal,  d.  May  1827,  unm.      2d. — Robert,  d.  unm. 

2a. — Israel,  d.  inf. 

3a. — Israel,  b.  1777,  d.  1810  or  181 1,  Merchant,  settled  in 
Upper  Canada  ;  m.  Philena,  dau.  of  Obed  Foot,  and 
had  issue:  id. — Israel-Foote,  b.  1806,  d.  4th  April  1844. 
26. — (Rev.)  Charles,  of  Brockville,  aftds.  went  to  the 
U.S.A.,  was  m.  and  had  a  son  Jesse,  id. — Alithea,  m. 
as  2nd  wife  to  Alexander  Morris,  v.?ho  previously  m. 
Eliza,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Sophia  Jones,  named  below, 
whom  she  survived,  and  was  m.  2ndly  to  —  Lee,  a 
cousin  of  General  Lee,  of  the  Confederate  States  Army. 

4a. — Daniel,  b.  1780,  d.  Nov.  1807,  unm.;  a  Lav/3'er  in 
Albany,  N.Y. 



5a.— Charles,    I,,   cir.    1782,    d.    Oct.     1808,    merchant    in 
WUmmgton,  North  Carolina,  m.  Jane  Swan,  and  had 
issue  :  Mildred-Alithea. 
6a.-Henry,  b.  14th    Au^.    1787,    d.    i8th    Aug.    1823,   of 

Albany,  aftds.  of  Charleston,  South  Carolina, 
la.— Cynthia,  m.  istly  to  Capt.  Amasa  Jones,  son  of  Amasa 

Jones,  and  2ndly  to Adams. 

2a.— Elizabeth,    m.    to    Peter   Starr,   of    Middleborouch 
Vermont.  * 

3a.— Juliana,  b.  1806,  d.  Oct.  1823, 
-Da.iiel,  b.  25th  July  1740,  d.  1786,  a  Lawyer  a..d  Judge  in 
New  Hampshire.  M.  Martha  Smith,  and  had  issue,  one  of 
whom,  Sophia,  b.  1766,  d.  21st  April  1820,  was  m.  to  Col 
Joseph  Jones,  b.  1758,  d.  ist  March  1807,  of  Western  (or 
Warren),  near  Boston,  and  of  St.  Albans,  Vermont  * 
and  had  issue  :  ' 

la.— Henry,    b.    1790,    d.    21st   Jan.    i860,    of  Brockville, 
Upper  Canada,  of  whom  below  (a). 

2a._Joseph,  b.  1797,  d.  1859,  a  ship  owner  in  Camden 
Maine,  m.  25th  April  1823,  Mary-Ann,  dau.  of  Nathan 
Brown,  and  had  issue,  four  sons  and  five  daus.,  of  whom 
the  eldest  dau.  Elizabeth-Eldridge  was  m.  2nd  June  1852, 
to  John  Khynas,  of  Brockville,  sometime  of  Montreal' 
b.  22nd  June  1822,  d.  2ist  Nov.   1891,  son  of  George 
Rhynas,  of  Keith,  Co.  Banff,  Sco.,  whom  she  survives, 
and  has  had  issue;  John-Simpson,  b.  17th  Jan.  1864' 
Harriet-Stetson,  b.  28th  May  1853,  d.  29th  Jan.  1854  ' 
Jessie,  m.  27th  Dec.   1877  to  Clement- William  Coles',' 
son  of  John-Gilham  Coles,  and  has  issue  ;  Mary-Jones  ; 
Frances-Hazeltine,  b.   6th  March   1859,  d.  20th  June 
1863;    Amalia-Pudor,    m.    5th   June    1890,   to  John- 
Charles  Pinkey. 
3a.— Sidney,   b.   26th   May  1802,  d.    17th  March   1856,  of 

Brockville,  of  whom  below  (b). 
la— Eliza,   b.    1791,   d.    1832,   m.    istly,  to  Col.  Nathaniel 


Eldridj^c,  b.  17H6,  d.  17th  July  1820,  of  St.  Albans,  and 
2ndly  to  Alexander  Morris,  who  survived  her  and  in. 
2n(lly,  Alithea,  dau.  of  Israel  and  IMiilen.i  Jones,  above 
named  (see  Morris.) 
2a. — Frances,  b.  6th  Feb.  1796,  d.  ist  May  1836,  m.  to  her 
cousin,  Alpheus  Jones  of  Prescott  (son  of  Fphraim 
Jones  and  Charlotte  Coursol,  see  infra.) 

6. — Elias,  1).  igth  Aug.  1742,  d.  Jan.  1823,  m.  22nd  Dec.  1768, 
Elizabeth,  b.  18th  June  1745,  dau.  of  Capt.  Samuel  Bald- 
win of  Sudbury  (d.  22nd  July  1778,  aj^ed  61),  and  Elizabeth 
his  wife,  dau.  of  Capt.  James  Jones,  above  named,  and  had 
issue,  of  whom  below  (c.) 

7. — Josiah,  b.  gth  Nov.  1744,  a  lawyer  of  Sissibo,  Nova  vScotia, 
and  Judge  at  Annapolis  ;  m.  and  iiad  issue,  of  whom  Ste- 
phen, the  eldest  son,  settled  in  Upper  Canada. 

8. — Silas,  b.  7th  Nov.  1746,  d.  gth  Dec.   1754. 

g. —  Ephraim,  b.  17th  April  1750,  of  whom  below  (d.) 

10. — Simeon,  b.  5th  Dec.  1751,  d.  14th  Aug.  1S23,  an  officer  in 
the  Arm.y  ;  settled  at  Sissibo,  Nova  Scotia  ;  m  Sarah  Wil- 
liams and  had  issue,  2  sons  and  6  daus. 

II. — Stephen,  b.  5th  March  1754,  an  officer  in  the  Army,  also 
settled  at  Sissibo  ;  m.  Sarah  Goldsbury,  and  had  issue,  3 
sons  and  2  daus.  (see  Burke's  Colonial  Gentry,  Hon  Alfred- 
Gilpin  Jones).  ,, 

12. — Jonas,  b.  i6th  Aug.  1756,  an  officer  in  the  Army;  went  to 
live  in  London,  England,  m. Mason  and  d.s.p. 

13. — Philemon,  or  Phillemore. 

14. — Charles,  d.  unm. 

I. — Mary,  b.  nth  June  1748,  m.  to  Rev.  Asa  Dunbar  and  had 


Henry  Jones  (eldest  son  of  Joseph  and  Sophia),  b.  i7go,  d.  21st 
Jan.  i860,  a  Merchant,  settled  in  Brockville,  of  which  place  he  was 
Postmaster,  and  of  which  also  he  was  the  first  representative  in  Par- 
liament ;  m.  Jan.  1827,  Lucy-Catherine,  b.  Jan.  i7go,  d.  21st  Jan. 
i860,  dau.  of  William -Johnson  Macdonell  (see  Macdonell  of  Scotus), 
and  had  issue,  viz  : 

id. — William-Henry,  b.  27th  Oct.  1827,  d.  25ih   July  1828 
2d. — Henry-Alpheus,  b.   2gth   Nov.  1828,  d.   ist  Feb    1882,  Bar- 
rister-at-Law  until  1859,  when  he  entered  the  Army  as  Ensign 


in    looth    P.   of    Wales'    Royal    Can.    Ro^rt.,    from    which, 

however,   he  retired,  and  returned    to    Canada,  where  for 

many  years   he   held  a  responsible  position  at  the  Kinj^'ston 

I'enitentiary  ;   m.  lOth  Oct.  1HO8,   Margaret  McCouhery,  of 

famworth,  d.  6th  Sept.   1H84,  and  had  issue  : 

!<:.— Henry-Joseph-Michael,  h.  25th  July  1869. 

2f.— Arthur-Augustus,  b.  i8th  Jan.    1871. 

a'^-— Charles-George,  b.   ist  March   1873,  d.  7th  hVb.  1881. 

4<:.— William-John,  b.  13th  Oct.  1875. 

5^.— Herbert-Sidney,  b.  3rd  July  1879. 

i<r.— Marion-Sherwood,  b.  13th  Nov.  1881. 

3<i.— Augustus-Joseph,  b.  7th  April  1836,  d.  29th  June  1871, 
unm.,  was  for  several  years  at  sea,  and  afterwards  em- 
ployed in   shipping  at  Chicago  and  New  York. 

4<5.— Arthur.P:dward,  b.  17th  Nov.  1838,  in  H.  O.  (Roman 
Catholic)  Soc.  Jes.,  has  held  various  important  ecclesias- 
tical  and   scholastic  positions. 

5<5.— Alfred-Vincent,  b.  15th  Sept.  1840,  d.  30th  July  1842. 

i<5.— Adelaide-Mary,  b.  22nd  Oct.  1830,  d.  6th  Dec.  1837. 

2^.— Sophia-Lucy,  b.  30th  Sept.  1844,  d.  12th  July  1846. 


Sidney  Jones,  third  son  of  Joseph  and  Sophia,  b.  26th  May  1802 
d.  17th  March  1856,  a  Merchant,  settled  in  Brockville,  m.  12th  Aug' 
1829,  Susan-Isabella,  b.  24th  Feb.  1809,  d.  3rd  April  1881  dau  of 
David  Ford  of  Morristovvn,  N.Y.,  and  his  wife  Anastasia  'dau  of 
Samuel  Cook,  in  H.O.,  D.D.,  Rector  of  Fredericton,  N.B.,'and  had 
issue,  viz. : 

l<J —Sidney-Ford,  b.  31st  Aug.  1832,   Merchant   in  Brockville 
and  subsequently  of  Toronto,  m.  6th  Sept.  1858,  Sophia- 
Maria,   dau.   of  Robert   Harvey  of  Chicago,  and  'his   wife 
Maria,    dau.    of  Dunham    Jones    of    Maitland,    and   has 
had  issue,  viz. :   ir.-Sidney,  b.   1864;  2..-Clarence-Ford. 
b.  1869;    If— Maria,   m.   to  John-Kerr  Fisken  of  Toronto 
only  son  of  John  Fisken,  who  came  to  Canada  from  Glas- 
gow, Sco.  and  Eliza-Davidson  his  wife,  dau.  of  James  Kerr 
of  Glasgow,  Sco.,  and  has  h:id  issue,  viz.:    John-Beverley- 
Keith,  b.  20th  June  1888  ;    Arthur-Douglas,  b.   3rd  Sept 
1889;    Sidney-Ford,  b.  28th  May  1893  ;    Elinore- Margaret. 
2c. — Susan-Isabella. 


2^.  — Herbert-Chilion,  b.  6th  May  1836,  of  Toronto,  Barrister- 
at-Law,  author  of  "  Jones  on  Prescription,"  and  other 
works,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  George  Morton  of  Brockville,  and 
has  had  issue,  viz.:  ic. — Morton-Herbert,  b.  1869,  of  Del- 
oraine,  Manitoba;  2c. — Arthur-Sidney- Herbert,  b.  22nd 
Jan.  1875  ;   ir.  — Edith-Fausta. 

3^. — Beverley,  b.  nth  June  1839,  of  Toronto,  Barrister-at-Law. 

46. — Kearney-Leonard,  b.  7th  July  1842,  d.  4th  March  1891, 
in  Holy  Orders,  B.D.,  Rector  of  St.  Mark's,  Barriefield, 
near  Kingston,  ana  Professor  in  the  Royal  Military  Coll. 
at  Kingston ;  m.  8th  Aug.  1878,  Emily-McGill,  dau.  of 
Orlando-Sampson  Strange,  M  D.,  of  Kingston,  and  had 
issue:  ir. — Leonard,  b.  31st  Oct.  1879;  2c. — Cyril,  b.  12th 
Feb.  1881  ;  if —Mildred. 

5^. — Clarence,  b.  19th  April  1845,  d.  8th  March  1853. 

6d. — Reginald-Heber,  b.  3rd  October  1847,  went  to  Boston, 
U.S.A.,  m.  Alice  Earl  and  has  hid  issue:  ir. — Reginald- 
Francis,  b.  July  1876.  2c. — Beverley-Earl,  b.  Nov.  1878. 
y. — Clarence,  b.  Jan.  1885.      ic. — Alice. 


Elias  Jones,  sixth  son  of  Col.  Eiisha  Jones  above  named,  m. 
Elizabeth  Baldwin,  as  above,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

la. — Elias,  settled  in  Hamilton  (afterwards  Cobourg),  Co.  Nor- 
thumberland, Merchant  and  J.  P.;  was  m.  and  had  issue 
(besides  others  who  d.  unm.),  viz. : 

id. — George-Elias,  of  Cobourg,  m.  Mary-Louisa,  dau.  of 
Charles  Short,  Collector  of  Customs  at  Brighton,  and 
had  issue:  ic. — Charles-Elias,  d.  unm.  2c. — Henry- 
Ruttan,  of  Toronto,  b.  ist  Oct.  1853,  m.  Sarah- 
Norris  Barnum,  and  has  had  issue :  Henry-Edgar, 
d.  inf ;  Georf;3-Barnum  ;  Henry-Ruttan  ;  Mary-Norris. 
y. — George-i'rederick,  Merchant  in  Cobourg,  m.  Laura, 
dau.  of  Angus  Crawford,  and  has  issue,  ic. — Frances- 
Helena,  m.  to  John-Arthur  Padden,  of  Regina,  N.W.T., 
and  has  issue. 

26. — Henry-William,  of  Port  Hope,  Co.  Durham,  went  to 

Minneapolis,    Minnesota;  m.   Sowden,  and    had 


3^. — Robert,  of  Toronto,  m.  and  had  issue. 


4^-— Charles,  went  to  the  U.S.A. 

i^.-Betsey,  m.  to  —  Greirson,  of  Port  Hope,  and  had 

2^.-Mary,  m.  to  Henry  Kuttan,  Sheriff  Co.  Northumber- 
land, and  had  issue, 
2a,— Elisha,  also  settled  in  Hamilton  (Cobourg). 
3«.— Jonas,  also  settled  there. 
4«— Josiah,  settled  in  Yonge,  U.C,  m.  Sedate  Foote,  and  had 

issue,  one  dau.  Mary. 
5a. —Stephen, 
la.— Mary. 
2a. — Harriet. 
3a  —Electa,  m.  to  Walter  King,  a  lawyer  of  Utica,  N.Y. 


b    .,';if  a"™,-'™''"  "i"""  '°"  "^  ^°^-  ^'^^^'^  J""*^^.  ='1^°™  named, 
Presclf    n      'T'     ^  '^"^  •'""■   '*'^'  ^^"'^'i   '"  ^"K-'-^'  "- 
ChX'    H''''"r«r,''V    "^'^  J-P-  ">•    ■^"y.   ^4th   March  ,779, 
Charlotte,  dau.  of  M.chel  Coursol,.  or  Coursolles,  of  Vercheres.  nea 
Montreal;  she  was  b.  1755,  and  d.  28th  Sept.  1805  ;  and  2„,li;   7th 

f:L  'oU^J'^r"'-  '■- ;  •^"'^'  ="'=  '    «"■  J-     -SS.    2'had 
issue  ot  the  ist  marriage  only,  viz.  : 

la.-Daniel,  b.  i6th  Dec.  1779,  d.   19th  Sept.  1780. 
2a.-Charles,  b.  28th  Feb.    1781,  d.   21st  Aug.    1840,  of  whom 
below  (Da). 

3a.-Wil]iam,  b.  6th  May   1782,   d.    1832,   a  Lumberer,  after- 
wards  Collector  of    Customs    at   Brockville,    n  .    AmeUa 
dau.  of  Capt.  Miles  Macdonell  (see  Macdonell  of  Scotus)' 
and  had  issue,  one  dau.,  Catharine-Frobisher,  b.  Aug  1828 
d.  27th  July  1829. 

4«.-Elisha,  b.  6th  April  1790,  d.  8th  June  1790. 

5^— Jonas,  b.  19th  May  i79i,d.  July  1848,  of  whom  below  (d^) 

6a.-Alpheus,    b.   28th    Dec     I794,  d.  21st  Dec.  1863.  of  whom 
below,  (dc). 

.  la.-Charlotte,  b.  5th  Jan.  1784,  d.  6th  Aug.  1784. 

2a.-Sophia,  b.  2ist  Feb.    1785,   m.   to  John  Stuart,    Sheriff  of 

the  Johnstown  District,  and  had  issue  :  i^-Andrew,  who 

^is^^!'}^^,^eTc7u^^^^^  Z^7^^^  or  begHning  of  the  :«th  century. 

St.  Ours  (b.i674.d  March  .7^4);and  his  wi^MaSritSS  '/o^.  dau.  of  Ren6  MonteiUf 
of  whom  the  eldest  son  was  Michel  Coursol,  above  nShrr?^  Con  reci.ur,  and  had  issue, 
Dion,  and  had  issue,  besides  others.  Chariot  e.aboveTai  ^  ''^  ""•  '"•   '74°.  Marie-Josoph 


m.  Mary  Hamilton  (see  Hamilton  of  Queenston,  etc.)  and 
had  issue,  Andrew,  Peter,  Napier,  </.,  Philip,  John,  Okill, 
Coursol,  Sophia.  i^. — -Sophia,  m.  to  David  Archibald 
MacNab.  2b. — Mary,  m.  to  Sir  Allan-Napier  MacNab 
(see  NacNab.) 

3a. — Charlotte,  b.  i6th  March  1786,  d.  i6thjan.  1875,  m.  to  Hon. 
Livius-Peters  Sherwood,  Justice  of  the    King's  Bench, 

^a, — A  dau.  b.  5th  Sept.  1793,  d.  4th  Oct.  1793. 

5a. — Eliza,  b.  27th  July  1797,  d.  21st  May  1868,  m.  29th  April 
1818,  to  Hon.  Henry-John  Boulton  of  Toronto  (see 

6a. — Lucy,  b.  31st  Dec.  1787,  d.  1855,  "i-  ^^  Elnathan  Hubble, 
M.D.,  of  Brockville. 


(Hon.)  Charles  Jones,  son  of  Ephraim  and  Charlotte,  above 
named,  b.  28th  Feb.  1781,  d.  21st  Aug.  1840,  of  Brockville,  M.  Leg. 
Council,  m.  istly,  9th  June  1807,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Stuart,  in 
Holy  Orders,  D.D.,  she  d.  25th  Oct.  1812;  2ndly,  Florella  Smith, 
d.   ist  Jan.  1877  ;  and  had  issue  : 

i^.— Stuart,  b   nth  April  1808,  d. 
2b. — Okill,  b.  14th  Jan.  1810,  d.  15th  Jan.  1845,  unm. 
3(J. — Ormond,  b.  7th  Nov.  181 1,  d.  Feb.  1882,  m.  4th  Oct.  1834, 
Eliza  Jessup,  d.  23rd  May  1862,  and  had  issue  : 
\c. — George,  b.  14th  Sept.  1835. 

2c. — William,  b.  17th  Feb.   1837,  Barrister-at-Law,  Collec- 
tor of  Customs  at  Brockville,  unm. 
3^. — James-Stewart,  b.  22nd  April  1850. 
\c. — Ormond,  b.  27th  July  1855. 
\c. — Mary-Stuart,  b.  7th  June  1839,  d.  inf. 
2C. — Mary-Stuart. 

3^. — Susan,  m.  to  Thomas  Evans  of  Montreal. 
\c. — Emily-Eliza,  m.  to  George  Rechnond. 
5^. — Harriet-Florence,  d.  inf. 
6r.— Georgina,  b.  31st  July  1848,  d.  1892. 
']c. — Blanche-Elma,  unm. 
8r. — Clara-Gertrude. 
4^. — Charles-Edward,  b.  5th  April    1827,  d.  6th  Oct.   1862,  m. 

Manuel,  and  had  issue : 

i^.— Treowen,  b.  28th  Jan.  1853,  d.  20th  Feb.  1877. 
2c. — Llewellyn,  of  Brockville. 


3^.-Charles.Edward,  Barrister-at-Law  ;  b.  20th  July  i860, 

d.  2gth  June  1886. 
ic. — Plorella,  unm 

.A      P  ^^''''i^'  ""o- '°  ^''''"^  '^'"'■""'''  of  Brockville,  and  has  issue. 
5^.— Predenc,  d.  1893,  unm. 

6^.-Anson,  m.  Mary,  dau.   of  John  Cook  and  Annie  his  wife 

and  has  issue,  one  son,  Anson-Allan 
i^.-Henrietta,  m.  istly,  to  Pirie  Charles,  whom  she  survived, 

and  has  been  smce  twice  married. 

h    r^rJ""""''^  ^""T'  ^^''''^  "'''^""^  (son  of  Ephraim  .nd  Clw.rlotte) 

Lie'      fr'  T'  '    '''  ^"'^    '''''  '"'^'^  ^"  'he  War  of  18:2  as 
Lieut,  of  Cavalry;  was  present  at  the   capture  of  Ogdensburg;  was 

he^B-finT^'   "'"  "^^^  "'  "^'''^  ^•"^•^-  i822f*  wascall'edto 
the  Bar   n  1815  ;  some  time  Judge  of  the  District  Court ;  was  M  P  P 
182 1  and  several  years  thereafter  until  1837,  when  he  became  a  Tus- 
tice  of  the  Queen's  Bench  ;  m.  Mary-Elizabeth,   dau.  of  David  Ford 
of  Mornstown,   N.Y.  (named  above),  and  had  issue,  viz   • 

i^.-David-Ford,  of  Gananoque,  b.  22nd  Aug.  1818.  d.  20th 
teh.  1887,  was  Warden  of  Co.  Leeds,  M.L.A.  before  Con- 
ederation,  and  afterwards  M.P.  1874  and  1878,  for  South 
Leeds  ;  m.  Rebecca-Ogden,  dau.  of  William  Roebuck,  some- 
k'"?  ,"[  Coteau-du-Lac  (brother  of  John-Arthur  Roe- 
buck M  P.  for  Bath  and  for  Sheffield,  Eng  ),  and  had  issue'- 
i^.-Jonas,  b.  1853.  2..-Wiliiam,  b.  1861,  d.  inf  v- 
to'l  ll  'T\  4— Newbold,  b.  1876.  i..-Susan,m. 
to  Ludlow  Ogden,  and  has  had  issue,   Frank.     2. -6er- 

i8"7td.-r''''""'  "■  '°  """'^"^-  4^-^ipp.e,  b. 
2<5.-Edward-Coursolles,  b.  13th  Oct.  1823,  d.  1885,  of  Toronto 
Barnster-at-Law.  m.  Margaret- 1 nnis  Gordon,  niece  of  Hon' 
James  Gordon,  of  Toronto,  and  had  issue  :  i..-Tames^ 
Gordon,  d.  inf.  2..-Edward-CoursoI.  3— James-Gordon, 
Barnster-at-Law.       4^.~Albert- Edward,  b.   i860,    d     inf! 

r;7l     '7.;^'r"^'^',  '^'    ^'^'    ^^''■'^     ^^95,    m.  to    Gamble' 
Geddes  (See  Geddes). 

to  embark  for  England,  throug'h   what  « a     really  a  ho  Je  coun^'in  '°N-w  York,  where  he  was 
was  exposed  to  peril  of  his  life  at  the  hands  of  aLhcIT-%T,:1^,;J;',  ."'!lfh  Z  SdLlrEr: 



3^. — Frank,  Merchant  in  Gananoque,  b.  March  1828,  d.  nth 
March  1887  ;  m.  Sophia  Warren,  and  had  issue  :  u. — 
Mary-Elizabeth,  m.  to  McGill  Mowat.  2c. — Rebecca,  d. 
young.  3^. — Clara,  m.  to  William  Ince,  Merchant  in 
Toronto,  son  of  William  Ince,  also  a  Merchant  in  Toronto, 
and  Helen  (Young)  his  wife.  [Akms  :  Arg.  three  torteaux 
in  bend  betw.  two  cotises  sa.  Crest :  On  a  mount  vert  a  nag 
sejant  facing  an  oak  tree  ppr.\ 

\b. — Jonas-Ap,  b.  31st  Aug.  1830,  Barrister-at-Law,  of  Toronto, 
afterwards  of  London,  Eng.;  m.  Marion,  dau.  of  George 
Brown,  of  Goderich,  and  has  had  issue:  \c. — George,  b.  1867, 
m.  1891,  Louisa-Frances,  dau.  of  Huson-William-Monro 
Murray  (see  Murray),  and  has  issue:  Percival-Heward ; 
Herbert-Francis-Heward.  2c. — Melville,  b.  1880.  3^. — 
Percy,  b.  1883.     \c. — May.     2c. — Constance. 

5^. — Clarkson,  b.  28th  Aug.  1833, of  Toronto,  Barrister-at-Law; 
m.  June  1861,  Zippie-Simpson,  dau.  of  William.  Roebuck, 
above  named,  and  had  issue,  viz.  :  ic. — David-Ogden-Roe- 
buck,  b.  1862,  of  Toronto,  M.D.,  m.  Maria-Emily, 
dau.  of  Edward  Morris  (see  Morris),  and  has  issue 
one  dau.  2c. — William- Wallace,  b.  1863,  of  Toronto, 
Barrister-at-Law,  m.  3rd  July  1894,  Marjorie-Frederica- 
Sandwith,  dau.  of  Sir  Alexander  Campbell,  K.C.M.G., 
sometime  Lieut-Gov.  of  Ontario  (see  Campbell).  3^. — 
Thomas-Harrisson,  b.  1874.  \c. — Mary-Elizabeth.  2c. — 
Charlotte-Coursol,  b.  1867,  d.  inf.  ^c. — Josephine,  d.  inf. 
Y' — Marguerite,  b  1879,  d.  inf.  5^. — Marguerite,  be. — 
Gladys.     7^. — Milicent. 

t>b. — Chilion,  of  Gananoque  and  Brockville,  b.  loth  Oct.  1835, 
rn.,  i860,  Eliza,  dau.  of  Robert  Harvey,  of  Maitland,*  and 
had  issue  :  \c. — d.  inf.  2c. — I'ord,  b.  1867.  3^. — Frank, 
b.  1869.  \c. — Efa,  m.  to  Arthur  Heward,  of  Mon- 
treal.    2C. — Elsie.     3^. — Irene. 

7<5. — William,  b    13th  Oct.   1838,   in    Holy   Orders,   Dean  and 

Professor  in  Trinity  College,  Toronto. 
%b. — Charles,  Capt    R.A.,  b.   13th  May  1840,  m.  8th  April  1874, 

Mary,  dau.  of  Hon.  John  Ross  (see  Baldwin),  and  has  had 

•  Brother  of  Alexander  Harvey  of  Glasgow,  Sco.,    ulio  was  father  of  Robert  Harvey,  whose 
dau.  Sophia-Maria,  was  m.  to  Sydney-Ford  Jones,  as  above. 


issue:   i^.-Edward.     a^.-William-Beverley.     ir —Ethel 
2r.-Lillie.     3r.-Hilda.     4..-Pettika.     5^.-Margaret. 
i/J.-Margaret-Anne,   b.    loth  Nov.    1819,  d.  29th  Jan.  1894,  m. 

to  John  Strachan  (see  Straclian). 
2^.-Emily,b.  9th  April   1821,   m.   to  John   McCaul.  D.D  ,    in 
Holy   Orders,    President   of    University  College,    Toronto 
[Arms  :  Tzvo  stars  in  chief  and  a  pheon  in  base.      Crest  •    a 
lion  rampant.       Motto:  Justus  est  audax  ut  leo],  whom  she 
survives  and  has  issue,  viz. :   u.-h  son,  d.  inf.    2..-George- 
Lefroy,  Burrister-at-Law,  of  Walkerton,  Co.  Bruce,  m.  1878 
Katharine-May,  dau.  of  James  Webster  of  Guelph.  Registrar 
of  Deeds,  and   Margaret  his  wife,  dau.  of  George  Wilson, 
and  has  had  issue  :  John-Denzil,  b.  27th  Sept.  1881;  Alan- 
Clarkson,  b.  6th  Sept.    1891;    Margaret-Douglass;    Emily- 
Theresa;    Kate-Lefroy,    d     25th    Feb.    1894.       a^.-John- 
Alexander,  Barrister-at-Law,    of    Prince  Albert,    N.W  T 
4^.-Charles-Coursolles,  Barrister-at-Law,  Q.C.,  of  Calgary, 
Alberta,  m.  1887,  Frances  Greenwood,  and  has  had  issue: 
John-Godfrey,  d.  inf  ;    Helen  ;    Emily,  d.  inf.      i^.— Mary- 
Edith,   d.    1870,   m.    1866,    to    Thomas-Moore    Benson   of 
Port  Hope,  Barrister-at-Law,  afterwards  County  Judge  (see 
I'uller),  and  had  issue:    Ethel-Mary,  m.  to  Edward  Blake 
son  of  Hon.  Edward  Blake,  M.P.  (Canada  and  Eng.)  and 
has  issue  one  son  and  one  dau. ;    Emily-Constance  ;   Helen 
d.  inf.    2..— Emily-Augusta,  m.  1872,  to  Alan  MacDougall' 
C.E.,sonof  John  MacDougall,  Lt.-Col.  H.E.I.C.S.    [Arms: 
Quarterly;    i  and 4,  az  ,  a  lion  rampt.  arg.,  2  and j,  or   a 
lymphad,  sails  furled  sa.,  and  flames  issuing  from  the  topmast 
ppr.    Ci est :  An  arm  in  armour  embowed,  ppr. ,  holdin<r  a  cross 
crossletfltchedgu.  Motto  :   Vincere  vel  mori.],  and  h^rs  is-ue  • 
Alan-Somerled,  b.  9th  July  1873.  d.  15th  Aug.  1873;   Alan- 
Donald-Kenneth,   b.  23rd  Dec.   1876;   Alan-Coursolles    b 
30th  March  1879  ;    Edith-Muriel.    3^.-Margaret-Annie,'m. 
1885,  to  Maurice  Hutton,  Professor  in  Toronto  University 
and  has  issue  :    Guy-Maurice,  b.  2nd  Aug.  1887  ;   Margerv- 
Ruth;  Mary-Joyce.     4^.— Helen. 
^<5.-Marv-Elizabeth,  b.  13th  Feb.  1825,  d.  14th   May  1887    m 
to  Charles-Wright  Younghusband,  C.B.,  Lieut.-Genl.  in  the 
Army,  and  had  issue  :    Charles  d.  unm. ;    Frank;    Marv- 
Ehzabeth,  m.  to  Capt.  O'Malley. 

ft  I 





Alpheus  Jones,  above  named,  b.  28th  Dec.  1794,  d.  21st  Dec. 
1863,  son  of  Ephraim  and  Charlotte,  above  named,  m.  istly,  26th 
June  1820,  Frances,  b.  6th  Feb.  1796,  d.  ist  May  1836,  dau.  of 
Joseph  Jones  and  Sophia  (see  ante),  and  2ndly,  23rd  Aug.  1837, 
Mary-Little  (b.  gth  June  1817,  d.  i6th  Dec.  1882),  dau.  of  Barnabas 
Dickinson,*  and  had  issue,  viz. : 
Of  the  first  marriage  : 

id — Jonas,  b.  nth  April  1812,  d.  12th  Sep.  1822. 
26. — Henry-Alpheus,  b.  6th  May  1822,  d.  14th  Sep.  1827. 
3<:5.— Ralph,  of  Port  Hope,  Co.  Durham,  m.  Christina  Louden, 
of  Port  Hope,  d.  1892,  and  had  issue:  ic. — Alpheus,  d.  i88g, 
m.  Georgina  Sisson,  d.,  and  had  issue,  one  dau.,  Violet ; 
2c. — Charles-Jerome,  of  the  Civil  Service,  at  Ottawa,  unm.; 
y. — Louis-Kossuth,  m.  Clara  (Burroughes),  dau.  of  John 
Dewe,  Post  Office    Inspector ;     4^. — Frank,    of    the    Civil 

Service  at  Toronto  ;    5^. — ^Ralph,  m.  Govvan,  and  has 

issue,  one  dau. ;  6c. — Walter-Shanly,  of  Maple  Creek, 
North-West  Territories;  ic.  —  Marie-Louise,  m.  to  Thomas- 
Charles  Patteson,  b.  1836,  of  Toronto,  and  of  Eastwood,  Co. 
Oxford,  Barrister-at-Law,  sometime  Editor  of  the  Ma// 
newspaper,  was  Asst.  Provincial  Secretary  of  Ontario,  and 
is  now  Post-master  of  Toronto,  son  of  Thomas  Patteson, f  in 
Holy  Orders,  Vicar  of  Hambledon,  Co.  Hants,  Eng.  (Arms  : 
/4r^.  on  a  /esse  sa.  three  flcur  de  lis  of  the  first ;  Crest,  a 
pelican  in  her  piety  ppr.  Motto  :  Fidum  pectus  amori,  and 
has  issue :  Godfrey-Harkworth,  b.  27th  Oct.  1867, ij;  Rose- 
Louise;  Christine-Millicent.  2c. — Margaret-Strachan,  m. 
to  Armory -J  uch  Palmer,  of  Ottawa,  and  has  issue,  a  son 
and  a  dau. 
4^. — Edwin,  of  Prescott,  b.  15th  Feb.  1826,  m.  Frances,  dau.  of 
John  Crane  of  Prescott,  d.s.p. 

*  Harnabas  Dickinson,  b.  5th  May  1703,  d.  26th  Aug.  1832,  m.  24th  Jan.  181 1,  Lydia  Daven- 
port, b.  6th  June  1793,  d.  3o(h  Dec.  18O5  ;  was  son  of  Lemuel  Dickinson,  of  Hatfield,  Massachusetts, 
aftds.  of  Montreal,  b.  1752,  d.  14th  May  1835,  and  Molly  his  wife,  h.  1752,  d.  i8th  May  1830,  dau.  of 
Rev.  William  Little,  of  Boston,  U.S.A.  Dickinson's  Landing  bears  the  name  of  the  said  Harnabas 

t  Rev.  Thomas  Patteson  was  a  brother  of  Rt.  Hon.  Sir  John  I'atteson,  father  of  John-Cole- 
ridge Patteson,  the  Martyr  Bishop  of  Melanesia.  Miss  Ellen  I'atteson,  Principal  of  St.  Hilda's  Col- 
lege, Toronto,  is  a  dau.  of  George-Lee  I'atteson,  a  first  cousin  of  the  above-named  Thomas-Charles 
Patteson  and  of  Hishop  I'atteson. 

J  This  birth  was  the  first  announced  by  Atlantic  Cable. 


5^.-James,  b.  29th  Nov.  1832,  d.  29th  March  1886,  unm. 

i^.-Emma,  b.  Jan.  1828,  d.  25ih  Feb.  1828 

2^.-Sopl„a  Elizabeth,  b.  24th  March  1824,  d.  28th  July  1825 

in7o  T'  1"'  '•  '''''  J"'^'  ^'^°'  ^-  ^7th  April  Z834. 

And  of  tlie  second  marriage : 

6<(.-AIhert    b.   ,st  Aug.   ,840,  ni.   1st  Sept.   ,87,   Fliz-ibeth 
A,ken-A™elia,  d.  March    ,8^3,  dau.  of'charles'vV  bber 

lT^88  ■  ''  '    11'^  "^'^  — Charies-Garnet,    b.       t 

i:dre;s,'be„i:-"'""="^-^'"-^"'  "■  -™  ■-^^■'  -- 

''■~ltsrcto;''hte''';'r"^'""'=""'  '■  ="'  *"«•  '«^7,  Post  Office 
inspector,  late  at  Knigston,  now  at  Barrie. 

8^.-Charles^onas   b.  and  May  ,850,  m.  27th  Oct.  1881,  Alice, 

jW-Fraser':™        ''''"'''  °'  "^'"'"°"'  »"^  "^  ---  M- 
9^.-Winia,.-Alpheus,  ofthe  Civil  Service  at  Ottawa,  b  8th  Dec. 

Hn,  ;       Av    ^    ''  'T'  M™.ie-Maude,  dau.  of  Charles 
Hunter  of  Wmdsor,  and  has  issue  two  daus. :  Beryl-Hunter 

and  Crichton.  ^      ^uumi, 

4/'.-Fanny.Ameha,  m.  Jan.    .857,   to    (Hon.)    William-Henry 
Brouse,  M.D  ,  0.  Prescott,  Senator  of  Canada,  son  of  Jacob 
Brouse  of  ^.E.X.  descent,  who  served  as  iol.  in     837 
he  was  b.  15th  June  1833,  d.  .tst  Aug.  ,88,,  and  had  issue,' 

viz.,  ' 

i.—William-IIenry,  b.  26th  May  1859,  of  Toronto,  Bar- 
nster-at-Law,  m.  Jan.  1887,  I-'lorenceJosephine,  dau.  of 
C.eor^re      ^ooderham    (see    Ciooderham),    and  has  had 
issue:    W^-Davenport,  b.  4th  Sep.   1891- 
another  son,  b.  3rd  April  ,895  ;    Marjorie-Josephine.      ' 
2c. — Alpheus-Jones,  d.  inf. 
ic. — Fanny-Josephine. 
5/^— Sophia-Dickinson,  d.  9th  Oct.  1888,  unm 

''■""tfcr'of"l.'r  1  •!","  '  n^'  '"  '^^"^"^  ^"^"^^'^^  Sims,  Archi- 
ect,  of  Philadelphia,   I'ennsylvania,  b.  Dec.   1832,  d.  loth 

J"'y    i«75,   of  an   ancient   English    family   [Arms  :    As    a 

chevron  or,  beUveen  two  vmllets  of  six pornts  pterced  ar.    in 

chief,  and  a  halbert  of  the  second  in  base.       Crest  •    A  demi 

^^on  rampant  arg.,  holding  nt  his  dexter  paw  a  halbert  or 

Motto  :  Ferio  tegoj,  and  has  had  issue  :    ir. -John-Clarke' 


b,  1865,  d.  inf.  ;  2c. — John-Clarke,  b.  ytli  May  1866, 
d.  March  1874  ;  3^. — Henry-Hueth,  b.  igth  Nov.  1871  ; 
4^. — Henry-Augustus,  b.  gth  Feb.  1875. 

']b. — Charlotte-Coursolles,  m.  i6tli  Aug,  1871,  to  Albert  Whitney 
of  Prescott,  and  has  issue  :  ic. — Richard-Albert,  b.  29th 
July  1875;  If.  -  Marion-Charlotte  ;  2c.  —  Mary-Louisa; 
3f . — Emily-Wiser  ;  ^c. — Gladys-Jones. 

8<$. — Lucy-Mabel,  m.  1877,  to  Charles-Henry  Keefer,  C.E.  (see 

9<5. — Eliza-Frances,  m.  6th  June  1883,  to  Hon,  James-Allan 
Smart,  of  Winnipeg,  Minister  of  Public  Works,  Manitoba, 
son  of  James  Smart  of  Brockville,  Sherifif  Co.  Leeds, 
and  has  issue  ;  Allan-Crawford-Davenport,  b.  24th  March 
1884;  James,  b.  29th  Feb.  1888;  Edmund-George-Alpheus, 
b.  15th  June  1890  ;  Gerald-Selkirk,  b.  9th  Oct.  1891 ;  Annie- 

\ob. — Louisa-Davenport. 

Arms:  Subject  to  due  difference  to  be  assigned.  Az.  across 
between  four  pheoiis,  or.      Crest :    A  stag's  head  couped ppr. 

The  Nova  Scotia  branch  of  the  family  bear  the  arms  differently 
tinctured,  viz. :  Quarterly^  gic.  and  az  ,  a  cross  between  four  pheons  arg., 
but  the  arms  as  above  are  from  a  silver  tankard  which  belonged  to 
Col.  Elisha  Jones,  and  is  now  in  possession  of  Mrs.  Daniel  A,  Jones, 
of  Chicago. 



William  Mukray,  of  Barbados,  West 
ja  Indies,  a  descendant  of  Murrays  of  Athol,  m. 
Jan.  1798,  Keturah-Shephenl,  b.  1763,  d.  31st 
March,  1852,  only  dau.  and  heiress  of  Alexand-r 
Bruce,  M.D.,  of  Edinburfrh,  Sco.  (who  m.  12th 
Jan.  1763,  Dorothy,  dau.  of  James  Shepherd, 
Chief  Baron  of  the  Ct.  of  Exchequer  in  Barba- 

dos),    and    who    was   previously    m.    to    

Devenish,  Lieut.  R.N.,  and  had  issue,  one  son, 
James-Alexander  Devenish,  Lieut.  53rd  Regt., 
killed  before  Salamanca,  Spain,  19th  June 
1812,  and  one  dau.,  Keturah-Shepherd  Deven- 
ish, m.  to  Alexander-Gray  Davidson  ;  and  had 
issue,  viz.  : 

I.— William,  Lieut.-Col.  of  Militia,  Member  of  H.  M.  Council 
in  Barbados,   who  m.    istly,   Jane,  dau.  of  Thomas  Craig 
and  2ndly,   Annie,   dau.   of  John-Frere  Pilgrim,    in    Holy 
Orders,  Rector  of  St.  Philip's,   Barbados,  and  had  issue. 
2.— Davidson-Monro,  of  whom  below. 
3. — Alexander-Bruce,  d.s.p. 

I.— Dorothy-Bruce,  m.  to  Samuel  Ilarman  (see  Harman) 
2.— Ehzabeth-Pilgrim,    m.    to     Sackville-Hamilton     Berkeley 

Lieut.-Col,  aftds.  Lieut.-Genl.,  and  had  issue. 
3. — William,  unm. 

Davidson-Munro  Murray,  above  named,  b.  14th  July  1811    d 
1st  Aug.  1851  ;  removed  to  Canada  in  1835,  and  settled  in  Toronto- 
m.  Mary-Anne*  (d.  Nov.  1886),  dau.  and  eventual  co-heir  of  George 
Huson,  of  Barbados,  some  time  of  Burnchurch,  Co.  Kilkenny,  Ire 
(see  Harman),  [and  who  was  previously  m.  to  Basil  Gray  of  Kilkenny' 
Ire.,  who  d.s.p.]  and  had  issue,  besides  others  who  d.  inf    viz  • 


the  O^S  K-^^£  r?^sS^l^-  -S-y  H-Si  -  -S-  °«-  °^ 



I. — Huson-William-Munro,    1).    7th    Oct.     1835,     H;irrister-:it- 

Lavv,   y.C,   HcMiclu'r  of   the   Law   Society,   several   times 

member   of   tlu;    Diocesan    Synod  ;    m.,    15th    Aug.    i860, 

Mli/.a-Mary-Anne,    dau.    of     I'^rancis-I  larris     Ileward,     of 

Toronto  (see  Kobins(jn)  and  his  wife  Eliza  Paul,  and  has 

had  issue,  viz. : 

la. — Charles-Bruce-Munro,  b.  iith  July  1861  ;  m.,  15th 
June  1887,  Charlotte-Mary,  dau.  of  Joseph  (irand  and 
Susan-Jane,  his  wife,  and  has  issue:  Huson-Cirand,  b. 
1st  March  1892  ;    Lorna-Hruce. 

2a. — Arthur-Iiuson,  b.  cjth  I'^eb.  1870;  rn.  7th  June  1893, 
Sybil-Ada,  dau.  of  Henry-Stephen  Walker,  of  Toronto 
and  of  Cobourg,  Co.  Northumberland,  late  Lieut.  13th 
Hussars  (son  of  Sir  James  Walker,  Bart.,  of  Sand- 
hutton,  Co.  York,  Hng.),  and  his  wife  Emma- Ada,  dau. 
of  Henry  Mason  of  Cobourg,  and  has  issue,  Duthga- 
M  Uriel. 

3fl!. — Athol-Frederick  Bruce,  b.  31st  March  1838. 

la.— Mary-Ethel,  d.  13th  May  1882. 

2a. — Louisa-Frances,  m.  15th  Sept.  i8gi,  to  George- 
Herbert  Jones  (see  Jones  of  Brockville). 

3a. — Emma-Mabel,  m.  17th  April  1894,  to  Stephen-Yar- 
wood  Baldwin  (see  Baldwin). 

40!. — Lilian-Grace. 
2. — William  Davidson-Munro,  b.  i6th  Sept.  1838,  m.  12th  April 

1859,    Amey-Fenner,    dau.    of    Edward-Jones    Mallett,    of 

Baltimore  and  New  York,   U.S.A.,  Genl.  in  the  American 

Army,  and  some  time  American  Minister  at  Florence,  Italy, 

and  has  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la. — Davidson-Munro,  b.  13th  Sept.  1863. 

2a. — Julian-Harry,  b.  i6th  Oct.  1867,  d.  24th  Oct.  1870. 

la. — Mary-Amey. 

2a. — Edith-Bruce. 

3a. — Sarah- Fenner.  ^ 

4a. — Amey-Fenner. 
3. — Davidson-Tullamore-Wells,    b,    28th    Sept.    1841,    d.    i8th 

Sept.  1884,  unm. 
4. — Bruce-Harman-Deedes-Fitzgerald,  d.  inf.,  1850. 
I. — Marion-Bruce,  d.  29th  Jan.  1855.  unm. 
2. — Keturah-Shepherd-Bruce,   m.  30th  July   1861,  to  Samuel- 



Chirk    Duncan-CI.-irk,     son     of    Rev.    Ge()rf,'c-John-CraiLr 

Duncan,   M.A.,   Presbyterian   Minister,  and  has  had  issue 

(besides  others  who  d.  inf.),  viz.  : 

la.—Davidson-Murray,  b.  1867,  d.  6th  May  1S77. 

2a.— Samuel-John,  !>.  2Gth  Jan.  1875. 

3a.— Henry-Bruce,  b.  18th  Sept.  1878. 

4«.— Campbell-Huson,  b.  13th  Oct.  1883 

la.— Mary-FJizabetli,  d.  6th  May  1877. 

2a— Isabelle-Bruce,  d.  4th  May  1877. 
-Hannah-Jane-Emily-Maud,  d.  9th  May  1877%  unm. 
-Gertrude-Louisa-Anne,  d.  7th  May  1877*,  unm. 

Ahms  :   Az.  tiiree  mullets  arj;.  ^vithin  a  double  tressure  Hory  and 
cx^unterflory  or.       Quartering-Bruce  :    Or,  a  saltier  and  chief  pu.  ; 
^uson:  quarterly  gu.  and  erm.,  an  eagle  displayed  and  tn  dexter  chief 
a  sun  tn  splendour  or.  ;   and  Ames:   arg..  on  a  bend  cotised sa.  three 
roses  of  the  first.      Crest:   A  demi  savage  ppr.  wreathed  about  the 
head  and  waist  vert,  holding  in  the  dexter  hand  a  dagger  also  ppr 
pommelled  and  hiked  or  ,  and  in  the  sinister  hand  a  key  of  the  last 
Motto :  Furth  fortune  and  fill  the  fetters. 

•  Of  diphtheria,  contracted  in  nursing  their  sister's  children,  three  of  whom  d.  as  above 

1 84 

I A  KM  AN. 



'.m  {■ 

TnK  HaniKin  family  wore  fornu-rly  t)f 
Kendlcshain,  Co.  Suffolk,  En^.,  where;  they 
were  seated  from  an  early  period.  Of  this 
family  was 

Sir  John  Harman,  k-nij^ht,  Admiral  in 
the  R.N.  temp.  Chas.  II.,  a  naval  officer  of 
distinction,  who  rendered  important  services, 
especially  in  the  West  Indies.  His  descend- 
ants settled  in  Barbados,  from  whence  they 
removed  about  1680  to  Antifj;ua. 

William  Harman,  of  Antigua,  Capt.  R. 
N.,  d.  17th  May  1708,  having  had  issue  by 
Mary  his  wife,  an  only  son, 

(Hon.)  Samuel,  of  Harmans,  Antigua,  b. 
i6g6,  d.  27th  Nov.  1759;  Colonel,  Mem- 
ber of  H.M.  Council,  and  Judge  of  the  Ct.  of  Common  Pleas  ;  m. 
Dorothy,  d.  29th  May  1754,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Charles  Lloyd,  of 
Lloyd's,  Antigua,  a  descendant  of  Thomas  Lloyd,  who  came  to 
Pennsylvania  with  William  Penn,  and  who  was  son  of  Charles  Lloyd, 
of  Dolobran,  Co.  Montgomery,  Wales  [Arms:  Quarierly  ;  1  and  4^ 
sa.  a  he  goat passt.  arg. ;  2  and  j,  az.  three  cocks  arg.  armed ^  &c.,  or], 
and  had  issue,  besides  others, 

(Hon.)  Samuel,  b.  i6th  Nov.  1730,  d.  i6th  Nov.  1767;  Member 
of  H.  M.  Council;  m.  30th  Aug.  1762,  Mary,  b.  1744,  d.  nth  Dec. 
1769,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Patrick  Cusack,  of  the  family  of  that  name 
of  Gerrardstown  and  Clonard,  Ire.,  who  settled  in  Antigua;  and  had 
issue,  besides  two  daus., 

(Hon.)  Samuel,  of  Harmans  and  of  Barbados,  b.  8th  Oct. 
1764,  d.  i6th  March  1816;  Member  of  H.M.  Council  ;  Chief  Com- 
missioner of  army  accounts  in  the  W.  Indies  ;  m.,  25th  May  1786, 
Mary,  d.  4th  March  1820,  dau.  of  James  Athill,  who  came  to 
Antigua  from  Co.  Norfolk,  Eng.  [Arms  :  Arg:  on  a  chev.  sa.  three 
crescents  or],  and  had  issue,  besides  three  daus.  Anne,  Mary  and 
Eliza,  who  all  d.  unm., 


(Hon)  Samuel,  b.  5th  Aug.  1789,  d.  Htli  March  1841  ;  some 
time  Deputy  Comptroller  of  Customs  at  St.  Pierre,  Martini(iuc,  aftds. 
Member  of  Colonial  Assembly  in  Antigua,  Member  of  Council, 
Master  in  Chancery,  Registrar  of  the  Court  of  Admiralty,  Chief 
Baron  of  the  Ct.  of  Excluuiuer,  Quarter-Master  General  of  Militia, 
and  held  other  important  positions  at  different  times;  m.  28th  Nov. 
1810,  Dorothy- Hruce,  d.  7th  May  i8j2,  dau.  of  William  Murray 
(sec  Murray)  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I. — Samuel-Bickerton,  of  whom  below. 

2.— (Hon.)   Frederick-Berkeley,  b.   31st  May   1825,  d.  4th  Oct. 

1881,  Member  of  Council;    m.,   7th   Dec.    1852,  Octavia- 

Louisa,  dau.  of  Thomas  Anderson,  M.D.,  of  Trinidad,  and 

had  issue,  one  son  and  one  dau.. 
3.— Athill,  b.  gth  Sept.  1827,  d.   13th  June  1867  ;    m.  31st  Oct. 

i860,  Mary-l<:iiza-Anna,  dau.  of  Francis  Watson,  and  had 

issue,  one  dau. 

4. — Bruce,  d.  inf. 

I  —Mary-Murray,  d.  unm. 

2. — ^Annie  Ross,  d.  unm. 

SAMUiiL-liicKKKToN  Hakman,  abovc  named,  of  Toronto,  b.  20th 
Dec.  1819,  d.  26th  March  1892,  settled  in  Canada  in  1849;  l^arrister- 
at-Law,  D.C.L.,  Bencher  of  the  Law  Society,  Alderman  of  Toronto 
1866-1872,  and  Mayor  in  1869-1870,  was  aftds  City  Treasurer,  1874. 
1888;  was  a  member  of  the  Council  of  Trinity  College;  many 
years  member  of  the  Diocesan  Synod,  dio  Toronto,  and  Regis- 
trar, and  subseciuently  Chancellor,  of  the  Diocese;  also  some  time 
a  member  of  the  Provincial  Synod  of  Canada;  m.  26th  July 
1842,  Georgina,  dau.  and  eventual  co-heir  of  (ieorge  Tluson  of 
Barbados,  and  some  time  of  Burnchurch,  Co.  Kilkenny,  Ire.,  shed, 
gth  Oct.  1892,  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

I.— Samuel-Bruce,  b.  13th  May  1843;  Capt.  retired  from 
Queen's  Own  RiHes;  served  in  l^ed  River  Expedition  under 
Col.  (now  Genl.  Lord)  Wolseley,  1870;  m.,  28th  June  1877, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Robertson,  M.D.,  of  St. 
Andrews,  Prov.  Quebec,  of  the  family  of  Robertson,  of 
Lude  and  Strowan,  Co.  Perth,  Sco.  [Arms  :  Gti.  a  dexter 
hand  fessxvays  couped  ppr.  holding  a  cross  crosslet  filched  in 
pale  or,  between  three  wolf's  heads  erased  arg^,  and  has 
issue,  viz.  : 




la. — Edith-Mary- 1 1  uson. 

2a. — Frances-Athill, 
-George- TYederick,   b.    28th   Sept.    1844,    Barrister-at-Law  ; 

m.,  17th  Feb    1880,  Margaret -Willina,  dau.  of  Hon.  James 

Morris  (see  Morris),  and  has  issue,  viz.  : 

I  a. — (ieorge  Hamilton,  b    igth  April  1881. 

2a. — Samuel-Morris,  b.  24th  Oct.  1882. 

3a. — Huson-Murney,  b.  17th  Dec.  1889. 

la. — Lilian-Wray,  b.  15th  June  1884,  d.  30Lh  May  1887. 

2a.- — Emily-Adele. 
-William-Murray,  b.  25th  Jan.  1847,  d.  7th  July  1881,  unm. 
-Davidson-Millington,  b.  gth   Nov.   1848,  of  the  Merchants' 

-Lloyd-Cusack-Athill-Murray,  b.  6th  Aug.  1850,  d.  ist  Feb. 

1875,  unm. 
-Huson-Walton-Ames,  b.  25ih  Aug.   1S53,  of  the  Dominion 

-Keturah-Shepherd-Bruce,  b.   20th  May   1852,  d.   28th  Feb. 

1874,  unm. 
-Georgina-Mary,  b.  Gth  Jan.  1856,  d.  7th  Sept.  1856. 

Arms:  Az.,  a  chev.  betw.  six  rams  accosted  countertrippant,  two. 
two  and  two,  arg  attired  or.  Quartering,  Cahusac  or  Cusack  ;  per 
pate  or  and  az.  a  fess  counterchanged  ;  a/so  Huson;  quarterly  gu. 
and  erm.,  an  eagle  displayed  and  in  dexter  chief  a  sun  in  splendour  or  ; 
and  Ames:  arg.,  on  a  bend  cotised  sa.  three  roses  of  the  first.  Crest : 
A  demi  man  ppr.,  crowned  with  an  eastern  cdionet  or,  chained  round 
the  waist,  and  holding  the  end  of  the  chain  in  the  sinister  hand,  of 
the  last,  the  --'e.'  ter  hand  holding  a  withered  tree  torn  up  by  the  roots 
ppr.     Motto  :  1*  ideliter. 





THIS   family,  which  is  of  Welsh  origin,  settled  in  Kilmarnock, 
Co.  A\r,  Sco.,  early  in  the  seventeenth  century.     The  first  of 
the  name  known,   as  yet,  in   Kilmarnock,  is  William    Morris, 
sometime  Treasurer  of  the  Burgh,  b.  1636,  d.  1708. 

Alexander  Morris,  b.    13th   Dec.   1752,  d.   21st   March    i8og, 
second  son   of  Alexander   Morris,*  of  Kilmarnock,  was  the  first  of 
the  family  to  settle  in  Canada,  where,  after  having  resided  for  a  time 
at  Paisley,  Co.   Renfrew,  Sco.,  he  came  in  1801,  and  settled  first  at 
Ehzabethtown,    Brockville,  and   then   in  Montreal,  where  he  was  a 
merchant,  until  1805,  when  he  returned  to  Hlizabethtown.   M.  Janet 
dau   of  Alexander  Lang,  of  Paisley,  Sco.,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 
I.— Alexander,  b.  13th  Sept.  1782,  of  whom  below  (a). 
2.— William,  b.  31st  Oct.  1786,  of  whom  below  (h). 
3.— James,  b.  ist  Nov.  1798,  of  whom  below  (c). 
I.— Margaret,  m.    1824,  to  Daniel  Jones,  of   Maitland  ;   she  d. 


Alexander  Morris,  above  named,   b.    13th   Sept.  1782,  d.  gth 
June    1851,  merchant   in    Ehzabethtown  (Brockville),  and   in' Perth 
Co.  Renfrew  ;   m.  istly,  12th  July  1827,  Elizabeth,  or  Eliza,  b.  1791,' 
d.  1832,  dau.  of  Joseph  Jones  (see  Jones  of  Brockville)  ;  -ndly,  1833 
Ahthea,  dau.   of    Israel  Jones  (see  Jones  of    Brockville);  and   had 
issue  of  the  first  marriage  only,  viz. : 

I.— Wi!liam-Lang,  b.  29th  Dec.  1829,  d.  14th  Nov.  1884; 
banker  in  Brockville  and  Montreal ;  in.  1855,  Julia-Erances,' 
dau.  of  John-A.  Converse,  of  Montreal,  previously  of  Troy,' 
New  York,  of  a  flimily  whose  ancestor  came  to  Canada 
with  Governor  Winthrop,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

M„™;^=2LfITSiT,:^^;';:'s  -s  -s  z^^^u  --j  — .cf -s? 

1 88 

la. — Alexander- Webb,  merchant  and  manufacturer  in  Mon- 
treal, M.L.A.  (Quebec),  m.  Florence- Nightinj^ale,  dau. 
of  John  Rennie,  of  Montreal,  and  has  had  issue: 
id. — Alexander-Bruce,  rf'.  2d. — Harry-Eardley-Arthy. 
3<J. — Lawrence-Markland.  4(^.— IIugh-Beverley.  ^d. — 

2a. — Frank-Converse,  b.   1859,  d.  1875. 

3a. — Charles-Beverley,  of  Montreal. 

Sophia-Elizabeth,  d.  1871,  m.  as  first  wife  to  James-Nichol 

Holmes,  Major   Royal   Canadian    Rifles,  son  of  Benjamin 

Holmes,  M.P.P.,  and  had  issue. 


(Col.  Hon  )  William  Morris,  above  named,  of  Brockville,  aftds. 
of  Perth,  Co.  Lanark,  b.  31st  Oct.  1786,  d.  2gth  June  1858.  Entered 
the  militia  as  ensign  in  18 12,  and  was  present  at  the  taking  of  Ogdens- 
burgh  ;  commanded  (Col.)  the  Militia  of  Co.  Lanark  in  1837-8  ; 
M.L.A.  182 1  to  1836,  when  he  was  called  to  the  Leg.  Council  ; 
member  of  Executive  Council  and  Receiver-General  1844-46; 
President  of  the  Ex.  Council,  1846-48  ;  was  Warden  of  the  District 
of  Johnstown,  1841  ;  was  one  of  the  founders,  and  chairman  of  the 
Board  of  Trustees,  of  Queen's  University,  Kingston.  M.  15th  Aug. 
1823,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  his  kinsman,  John  Cochran,  of  Kirkcud- 
bright, Sco.  (b.  1784,  d.  1857),  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

I.— (Hon.)  Alexander,  b.  17th  March  1826,  d.  28th  Oct.  i88g, 
M.A.,  D.C.L.  (McGill,  Montreal),  Barrister-at-Law  both  in 
Upper  and  Lower  Can.,  and  Q.C. ;  M.L.A.  for  South 
Lanark  from  1861,  and  after  Confederation  M.P.  for  same 
constituency  until  .871  ;  Minister  of  Inland  Revenue 
1869-71  ;  was  appointed  Chief  Justice  of  the  Queen's  Bench 
in  Manitoba  1872,  and  in  the  same  year  became  Lieut. - 
Governor  of  Manitoba  and  the  North-West  Territories ; 
was  Chief  Commissioner  for  making  Indian  treaties  :  after 
retirement  from  these  offices  he  became  a  resident  in 
Toronto,  and  was  for  a  time  M.L.A.  for  East  Toronto  M. 
6th  Nov.  185 1,  Margaret,  dau.  of  William  Cline,  of 
Cornwall,  and  his  wife  Christiana  dau.  of  Michael  Van- 
koughnet  (see  Vankoughnet),  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 
la. — William,  of  Toronto,  B.y\.,  Barrister-at-Law. 
2a. — Alexander- Cline,  B.A. 
3fli. — Arthur-Henry,  d.  inf. 

1 89 

4a.— Alfred-Vankoughnet,  d.  younf^. 
5^.— Robert-Cochran,   Lieut.'  Royal  Artillery. 
6a  —Edmund-Montagu,  art  student  in  Paris,  France. 
i«.— Christine- Vankoughnet. 
2rt!.-— Elizabeth-Cochran. 

3«— Margaret-Cline,  m.  to  Andrew-Hill  Malloch  of  Toronto 
(b.  1857,  d.   1880),  son  of  John  Malloch,  Barrister-at- 
Law,  of  Ottawa. 
4r^.-Ann-Eva,  m.  to  James-Arthur  Cochrane,  son  of  Hon 

Matthew-Henry  Cochrane,  of  Hillhurst,  Quebec. 
5a. — Emily- Murney,  d  young. 
2.-William-John    b.  17th  Oct.   1832,   Merchant,  m.  19th  Sept. 
18G0,  Sarah-Louisa,  dau.  of  Thomas-Mabon  Radenhurst 
Barnster-at-La^v,  O.C,  of  Perth,  and  his  wife  Lucy-Edith' 
dau.  of  Hon    Thomas  Ridout  (see  Ridout),  and  has  issue, 
VIZ.  :     ia.~\\  ifred-Radenhurst.      2«.-Winiam-Charles,  d. 
3a.~Harry-Campbell.      la.-Sarah,  d.      2a.-Edith-Coch- 
ran,rf^.    3«.-Agnes-Louisa,  ^.    4«.-Frances-Sarah.     5a  ~ 
Elizabeth-Margaret.     6a.— Annie-Ridout 
3— John-Lang,  b.  24th  March   1835,  of  Montreal,  Barrister-at- 

McCulloch,  M.D.  of  Montreal. 
I. -Margaret-Jones,  m.  to  William-Busby  Lambe  of  Montreal 

Advocate,   Collector  of  Provincial   Revenue,  son  of  Tames- 

Henry    Lambe,    of    Montreal,  previouslv    from    Co     (ilou- 

cester,  Eng.,  and  has  issue. 
2  —Elizabeth,  d.  inf. 

3.— Elizabeth-Cochran,  d.  youn* 
4. — Janet,  d.  young. 


TSfic^^'■"^'"'■  ^^°"  \^T''"f  ^^"'^''^''   ''•   '^'  ^'^^^'-  ^79S,  d.  29th  Sept. 
1865   above  named.  Merchant  and  Banker  in  Brockville,  M  L  A    for 

Co.  Leeds  1837;  Commissioner  for  improvement  of  River  St 
Lawrence  X838;  M.P.P  .841;  M.L.C.  .844;  was  of  the  Ex 
Council,  Postmaster  Genl.,  1851-53  ;  niember  of  Board  of  Railway 
Commrs.  1851-53  and  Govt.  Director  of  Grand  Trunk  Railway 
Speaker  of  Leg  Council  1853-4,  and  again  in  1858;  Receiver-Genl.' 
V      T    vt    :,        '^;''''''  "•  "^'^  '^^^>'^^'^7.  Emily-Rosamund, 

idf .°''     ,  ;    H  •  ''"  "'  ^'""^'  ''""^^^>'  "^  ^^'"«^^-^  (--  I^-aken- 
ridge),  and  had  issue,  viz. : 

I  go 

I. — James-Henry,  b.    ]6th    Feb.    1831,   d.    loth   Dec.    i3go,  of 

Toronto,    Harrister-at-Law,    Q.C.,    Bencher   of   the    Law 

Society  ;  d.  unm. 
2. — Edmund,  b.  ist  June  1833,  of  the  Ontario  Bank  in  Guelph 

and  Toronto,  m,   iGth   April    1863,  Catiierine-Ann,  dau.  of 

James-Lancaster  Schofield,  of  Brockville,  County  Treasurer, 

son  ot  James  Schofield  (^TIl.E.X.),  ^nd  has  had  issue,  viz.: 

la. — Murney,  of  the  Imperial  Bank  at  Calgary,  Alberta. 

2a. — James,  of  the   Ontario  Bank  in  Ottawa,  m.    Letitia- 
Kate,  dau.  of  Col.  William  Cottingham. 

3a. — Robert-Simpson,  of  Hamilton,  m.  fcssie-Corrine,  dau. 
of  John-E.  Piirkt-r,  of  Hamilton,  and  has  issue  one  dau. 

40!. — Edmund-Merritt,  Lieut.  Devonshire  Regt. 

5«. — b'rederick-Percy,  d.  16th  I'Y-b,  1894. 

6a. — ^Victor-Alexander,  d.  inf. 

ya. — Harold. 

la. — Maria-Emily,    m.    to    David-Ogdcn-Roebuck    Jones, 
M.l).  (see  Jones  of  IHrockvillc). 

2a. — Kate-Campbell,  d.  inf. 
3. — Alexander-Robert,  Barrister-at-Law,   b.    i6th  Feb    1835,  d. 

2ist  Jan.  1864,  unm. 
4. — William,  served  in  tiie  militia  in  the   Red  River  Expedition 

under  Wolseley  in  1870;  drowned  in  a  yachting  accident  off 

the  Isle  of  Wight,  Qth  Sept.  1882  ;   unm 
I. — Janet-Lang,  m.  to  William-Hamilton  Merritt  (see  Merritt). 
2. — Emily,  d.  inf. 
3. — Harriet-Elizabeth,  m.  20th   June   1876,  to  Edward- William 

Spragge,  M.D.  (see  Spragge). 
4. — Margaret- WMllina,    m.    to    George-Frederick   Harman    (see 


Arms  ;  Sa.  a  lion  passant   or.     beliv.    three   scalingladders    arg. 
Crest :  A  demi  lion  rampant  or.     Motto  :   Dum  spiro  spero. 




TUh  name  of  Merritt  is  derived  frcm  the  manor  of  Meriet  in  Co. 
Somerset   Eng.     The  first  known  was  J<adnoth,  a  land  holder 

an       DeMenets,  are  traced  chnvn  to  1418.  the  name   in    15th  and 

Me    r    tT'  ^""^  ''"'"'^^'    '^^^^'^'^^^^    ^^^•■^^'^'    ^^^-'^^-t.    ^^^-rriett, 
Mer^ott^      I  he  hrst  mention  of  the  name  in  America  is  in  16.6,  when 

Henry  Merritt  was  hving  in  Scituate,  Massachusetts  ;  he  left  numer- 
ous descendants.  1  he  family  is  said  to  have  "  drifted  down  "  Lon. 
Island  Sound  and  m  1664  William  Merritt  was  a  citizen  of  Nevv 
Wk,  o  which  he  was  Mayor  1695;  he  c  1708,  leaving  a  son 
John     Alderman    of    New    York,    whose    name    is    borne    by    John 

hH    'r      :\'V    '"   "'"   "''''    ''  ^^-^^  ^-^«"'    Connect  cu 
He  m.  Janet  Lockhart.  and  d.    173.,   leaving  one  dau.       The  early 

history  of    the   Canadian    family-    was    destroyed    in    the    Ameri^  n 

evolutionary  War.     Their  descent  is  traced  from  Thomas  Mem 

of    hat  place  from    1672   to    1730;    he   had  issue,   Thomas,  Joseph 
Ephraim  and  Samuel,  all  of  whom  except  Ephraim  left  desce mlai Us." 
1  he  eldest  son    Ihomas,  d     1719,   „.    istly  — .  and  2ndlv,  1696 

and  had  issue  of  the  first  marr  age,  Thomas   EdwnrH    In].n    u  ' 

and  Mary,  of  whom  '  ^'''^^"^'J'  J"'^"'  1^^"""' 

Thomas,  the  eldest  son,  d.  before  1767;  m.  Elizabeth and 

had  issue,  whose  names  are  not   now  known,  but  of  them  it  is' said 

hat    here  were  three  brothers  at  the  breaking  out  of  the  American 

Revolutionary  War,  of  whom  the  eldest  was  American 

Thomas,  b   24th  April   1736,  d.    1821,    Captain  of  Militia,  who 
barely  escaped  death  at  the  hands   of   the  Revolutionists,  and  aftr 
the  war   in  1782,  removed  to  New  Brunswick  and  settled  at  St.  John 
He  m.  Amy  Purdy,  and  had  issue,  viz.  :  •' 

I. — Thomas,  of  whom  below. 


Shuhacl,  1).  4th  Jan.  1763,  m.  Lc-titia  Simmons,  but  d.s.p.  ; 
was  barbarously  murdered  by  a  band  of  revolutionists  after 
the  war. 

—David-Daniel,  b.  21st  Nov,  1764,  d.  14th  June  1829,  served 

in  the   Loyalist   Army  and   afterwards  wei^i  with  his  father 

to  New  Ikunswick ;   m.   Mary,   dau.  of  John   Wheeler,   of 

Elizabeth,  New  Jersey,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

la — Thomas,  b.  27th  April  1792,  Merchant  in  St.  John, 
and  City  Chamberlain  for  twenty-five  years,  m  1825, 
Catherine-Eliza,  dau.  of  Robert  Norris,  in  Holy  Orders, 
Rector  of  Cornvvallis,  Nova  Scotia,  1806  to  1830,  and 
had  issue,  viz. : 

1^. — Robert-Norris,  b.  17th  Aufj;.  1826,  in  Holy  Orders 
(1849),  Rector  of  St.  Peter's,  Morristown,  New  Jersey, 
for  over  thirty  years,  m.  1S52,  Ellen,  d.  23rd  Aug. 
i8gi,  dau.  of  Christopher  Milner,  in  H.O.,  Rector  of 
Westfield,  N.H.,  1836  to  1859,  and  has  had  issue: 
jc. — Thomas.  2c. — Robert-Norris.  y. — ^Henry-Keble, 
of  Toronto,  m.  Florence-Matilda,  dau.  of  Hon.  Sir 
William-Pearce  Howland,  K.C.M.Cl.,  sometime  Lieut. - 
(iovernor  of  Ontario.  if. — Elizabeth.  2c. — Annie- 

26. — Thomas-(iray,  b.  17th  Dec.  1834,  Barrister-at-Law, 
of  St.  John,  m.  istly,  bLmma,  dau.  c^f  Christoj)hcr 
Milner,  in  H.O.,  and  2ndly,  and  has  had  issue  of  the 
second  marriaj^e. 

^^, — David-Prescott,  b.  15th  Feb.  1842,  in  Holy  Orders, 
M.D.,  of  Elmira,  New  York,  m.  Sarah-Sophia,  dau.  of 
Adam-Johnston  Eastman,  of  North  (iower,  Ontario, 
and  has  had  issue:  Adam-Prescott,  b.  17th  June  18G9, 
d.  inf. ;  Thomas-Gray,  b.  13th  June  1870;  Catherine- 
Eliza;  Emma-Edith;  Sophia-Mabel;  Ediiha-Annie- 

4<J.— Albert,  b.  loth  Sept.  1848,  d.  4th  Aiv^.  1874,  unm. 

id. — Mary-fulia,  m.  to  John  Magee. 

2/a  — Catherine-Lydia,  m.  to  Charles-Edward  Milner,  son  of 
Christopher  Milner,  above  named. 

3^. — Susan-Maria,  m.  to  Georf.,'e  Hare. 

46. — Ann-Clara,  m.  to  Andrew-C.  Nesbitt,  in  Holy  Orders, 
Rector  of  Smith's  P^dls,  Co.   Lanark. 


2a.— David-Jahez,  m.  1828,  I-^iniiy-Cornvvell,  d.  gtli  June 
1837,  dau.  of  William- Mowc  vSmith  and  his  wife  Sarah 
Miles,  and  had  issue:  David,  b.  14th  Sept.  1829, 
M  I).,  of  Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania,  m.  and  has  issue,' 
Edward- Miles,  inerehant  in  St.  John,  m,  and  has 
issue:  l<>ank-Miles,  Kdward-Cirindon,  Fanny-Corn- 
well ;  Julia- Harrison. 

la. — Amy,  m.  to  Georj^e  Miles. 

20!.— Mary,  m.  to  John-J.  Roberts. 

3^.— Julia,  m.  to  William  Harrison,  in  H.O.,  Rector  of  St. 
Luke's,  Portland,  N  B.,  and  Canon  of  Fredericton. 

4a.— Carsline,  m.  to  Rev.  Enoch  Wood,  Methodist  minister. 
4.— John,  b.  4th  May  1766,  d.    1795,  settled  at  St.  John,  N.B. 

He  had  issue,  Nehemiah  and  Thomas. 
5.-Nehemiah,  b    ist  Dec.  1770.  d.  25th   May   1842,  Merchant 

and  Ship  Owner  in  St.    John's,   N.B.,   m.  4th  July  1806, 

Isabella  Milby,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la. -George,  b.  ist  May  1808,  (^.,  m.  Jane,  dau.  of  Christo- 
pher Milner,  in  H.O.,  above  named,  and  had  issue, 
Nehemiah;    Isabella,  m.  to Hawley;    Elizabeth! 

2rt.— Charles,  b.  2nd  July  1813,  m.  Susan,  dau.  of  Charles- 
Fortescue  Ingersoll,  named  below. 

3a.— Nehemiah,  b.  25th  May  1820,  of  Toronto,  m.  Sarah- 
Caroline,  dau.  of  Charles-Fortescue  Ingersoll,  named 
below,  and  has  had  issue,  William  Ingersoll,  b.  8th 
Dec.  1846,  at  present  of  London,  Eng.,  formerly  Lieut. 
30th  Regt.,  now  Major  in  Militia  (Eng.) 

6.-William,  b.  1772,  d.  17th  March   1849,  m.  Annie  Mead,  but 

I.— Phcebe,  b.  22nd  July    1768,  d.   1846,   m.  to Lyons,  of 

Port  Chester,  Westchester  Co.,  N.Y. 

Thomas,  above  named,  b  1759,  d.  12th  May  1842,  was  an 
officer  in  the  Mounted  Corps  of  the  Queen's  Rangers.*  He  left 
New  Brunswick  and  settled  in  Upper  Canada,  taking  up  land  at  the 
mouth  of  Twelve-Mile  Creek.  Served  in  the  war  of  181 2  as  Com- 
mander of  Cavalry.  He  was  Sherifif  of  Co.  Lincoln  from  1803  until 
1820,  and  Commissioner  of  Woods    and   Forests.       M.  25th  Feb. 

i,oi„»,»!  ^y?  **'^  S*""  '"  .command  of  the  party  who  drove  the  American  General  Putnam  over  the 
heights  at  Long  Pomt,  an  mcident  of  .lote  ir  American  history.  ^umam  over  tne 


I779»  Mary   Ilaiiiilton.,  b.   1761,   d.    21st   March    1843,   of   a  South 
C'arohnian  family,  aiul  had  issue  (besides  two  who  d.  inf.),  viz. : 
i.^ — ^William-Hamilton,  of  whom  below. 
I.  -Amy,  b.  23rd  April  1782,  d.  inf. 
2. — Phebe,  b   25th  Dec.  1784,  d.  inf. 

3. — Caroline-Matilda,  m.  to  James  Ciordon,  d.  1H4G;  she  was 
drowned  with  her  dau.,  aged  13,  by  the  upsetting  of  a  boat, 
8th  l''eb.  1824,  leaving  a  son,  James,  who  d.  1836. 

4. — Anna-Maria,    m.    5th    Sept.     1816.    to    Charles-Fortescue 

Ingersoll,   one  of   the   early    settlers    in    Co.   Oxford,   and 

had  issue,  viz.  : 

\a.     Thomas,  b.  Sept.  i8ig,  d.  Aug,  1832. 

2rt.— James- Hamilton,  b.  Nov.  1821,  d.  Feb.  1875,  m  May 
1852,  Frances-Eliza  Jacobs. 

3rt. — Charles-Henry,  b.  April  1832,  d.  July  1863. 

la. — Mary-Ann,  b.  June  18 17,  d.  March  1877,  m.  May 
1836,  to  Hon.  James-Rae  Benson.  Senator. 

2a.— Sarah-(?aroline,  b.  Ve\).  1824,  d.  Feb.  1891,  m.  Sept. 
1845,  to  Nehemiah  Merritt,  named  above. 

3a. — Susannah,  b.  I'^eb.  1826,  d.  29th  April  1895,  m.  Sept. 
1845,  to  Charles  Merritt,  named  above. 

4a  — Catherine-Isabella,  b.  yVpril  1828. 

5a. — Charlotte-Matilda,  b,  Sept.  1830,  d.  1831. 
5. — Susan,  b.  7th  Oct.    1801,  d.    i6th   Oct.    1866,   m.    1823  to 

Elias-Smith  Adams,  Col.  3rd  Hatt.  Lincoln  Militia;  b   15th 

July  1799,  d.  24tii  Dec.  1863,  and  had  issue,  viz.  : 

la. — Thomas-Merritt,  b.  nth  Nov.  1838,  d.  1840. 

la. — Catherine-Jane,  m.  loth  July  1845  to  Theophilus 
Mack,  M.D.,  b.  22nd  April  1820,  d.  25th  Oct.  1881. 

2a. — Sarah-Merritt,  b.  3rd  Aug.  1846,  d.  1847. 

3a. — Mary,  m.  7th  June  1848  to  Thomas-Lees  Helliwell, 
Major  19th  Lincoln  Batt.  Act.  Mil.,  b.  9th  July  1825, 
d.  27th  June  1884  [Akms  :  Or,  on  a  bend  gu.  three 
goats  trippant  arg.  attired  of  the  field.  Crest :  a  goat  as 
hi  the  arms],  and  has  issue  :  Frederick-John,  Robert- 
Anderson.  Steward- Maughen,  Alfred-Adams,  Walter- 

4a. — Phebe,  m.  7th  June  1848,  to  Augustus  Jukes,  b.  30th 
Oct.  1821,  M.D..  Chief  Surgeon  N.W.  Mounted  Police, 
and  has  issue,  William-Adams,  born  April  3rd  1849, 


Lieut.  R.N.,  who  was  drowned  at  sea  8th  March  1872, 
off  1 1.  M.S.  "Ariadne,"  in  a  gallant  attempt  to  .save 
the  life  of  a  Jiipmate  who  had  fallen  overboard  ; 
IIamilton-Auf,'ustus  ;  Elias-Arthur  ;  Andrew,  Manager 
Imperial  Bank  at  Brandon.  Manitoba;  Susan-Annie; 
Caroline- Augusta  ;  Catherine  Jane. 
5a!.— Caroline,  b.  17th  Sept.  1836,  d.  19th  May  1872,  m. 
loth  Nov.  1864  to  I'^ank  Mack,  M.D.,  and  has  issue: 
Elizabeth,  d. ;   Kathleen- )ane  and  Mary-Caroline. 

Hon.  William-Hamilton  Merritt,  b.  3ril  July  1793,  at  Bedford, 
N.Y.,  d.  5th  July  1862.  Was  appointed  Kns.  in  the  Lincoln  Militia 
1808,  and  Lieut.  1812,  being  then  19  years  of  age,  and  one  of  the 
many  mere  boys  who  held  commissions  and  served  well,  in  that  war. 
Was  in  the  expedition  by  which  Detroit  was  taken  (medal  and  clasp). 
Was  commissioned  to  raise  a  Troop  of  Dragoons,  which  rendered 
important  services,  being  constantly  engaged  in  arduous  outpost 
duties,  and  distinguished  itself  by  many  adventures  and  daring  ex- 
ploits.* Was  taken  prisoner  at  Lundy's  Lane  while  endeavoring  to 
carry  information  from  one  p;irt  of  the  field  to  another,  and  was 
detained  until  the  close  of  the  war.  He  was  promoter  of  several  im- 
portant enterprises-  imt  more  especially  the  Welland  Canal,  of  which 
he  was  tlie  original.  He  w  is  also  the  founder  of  the  City  of  St. 
Catharines,  long  familiarly  known  as  "  The  Twelve,"  being  situate 
on  that  Creek.  Was  member  of  the  Leg.  Assy,  for  Haldimand  from 
1832  until  1841,  when  he  was  elected  for  Lincoln;  continued  to 
serve  until  i860,  when  he  became  M.  L.  C.  Was  President  of  the 
Executive  Council  1848,  and  Commr.  of  Public  Works,  1850.  Was 
said  to  have  been  adopted  into  the  Six  Nations  as  a  Chief  of  the 
Cayugas  (Turtle  Clan)  by  the  name  of  Roronounhgowaneh,  or 
Big  Feathers.  He  m.  13th  March  1815,  Catherine-Rodman,  b. 
1793,  d.  loth  Jan.  1862,  dau.  of  Jedediah  Prendergast,  M.D.,  of 
Mayville,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.Y.  (d.  1848),  and  his  wife  Penelope  Chase, 
and  had  issue,  viz. : 

The  nature  of  this  service  may  he  illustrated  by  an  incident  which  occurred  after  the  battle 
of  Stoney  Creek,  when  Capt.  Merritt,  while  on  scouting  duty,  found  himself  in  the  enemy's  lines 
and  was  challenged  by  a  sentry  guarding  ■  Old  Gage's"  house,  to  whom  he  replied  by  asking  •■  Who 
placed  you  here  ?  "  and  rode  up  to  him  ;  the  sentry  answered  '  My  Captain,  who  has  just  gone  into 
the  house  with  a  party  of  men";  Merritt  then  asked  other  questions,  which  not  only  gave  him 
mformation  as  to  the  enemy,  but  also  led  the  sentry  to  suppose  him  to  be  an  officer  of  his  own 
arniy,  a  ruse  which  his  blue  dragoon  uniform  made  possible.  He  then,  having  dis.armed  the  sentry 
made  him  and  another  man  prisoners,  and  carried  them  off,  notwithstanding  the  party  of  the  enemy' 
in  the  house.  r      j  j 


I. — Thomas,  ?oalded  to  death,  1818. 

2. — Jedciliah-PreiKlcri^ast,  of  whom  below. 

3^ — \\'ilHam-I  lamiltoii,  of  whom  bc^Knv. 

4. — Thomas-KochiKin,  h.  ]7th  Oct.  1S24,  Capt.  l.incohi  Mihtia, 

formerly    a    Shippiiifj;    M(>rchain   in    St.    Catharines,   M.P. 

1868  and  1872  ;   m.  1853,  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Benson  of 

I. —  Dau.,  d.  int.  1818. 
2. — Catharine,  d.  19th  Sept.  1830. 


Jedediah-Prondert^ast  Merritt,  above  named,  b.  ist  June  1820. 
Served  in  1837-38;  and  was  at  Navy  Islam!  ;  was  present  also  19th 
June  1838  with  Maj^rath's  Laneers  wnen  thev  attacked  and  broke  up 
a  larf>e  partv  of  American  "  svmjiathisers "  who  luul  crossed  the 
Niaf;ara  River  secretlv,  and,  with  some  rebels,  had  taken  a  stronjj; 
position  in  the  "  Short  Mills,"  under  one  Moreau,  who  w;i.-.  taken 
and  subseciuentlv  hani^ed  ;  m.  Mmily-Alexandrina,  b.  .\uj;.  1834,  dau. 
of  George  Prescott  (d.  1840)  of  St.  Catharines,  and  has  had 
issue,  viz.  : 

I. — William-Hamilton,  M.D.,  of  St.  Catharines,  Surij;eon  19th 
Lincoln  Patt.  Act.  Mil.,  b.  13th  June  i8()5,  m.  Maud-Cloud- 
man,  dau.  of  llaynes  Hudson  (d.  1873),  Judge  in  Memphis, 
Tennessee,  and  has  issue,  MirionT'lmilw 

2. — Jedediah-Prescott,  b.  8th  April  1868. 

3. — Thomas-Shubael,  b.  joth  |an.  1870. 

4. —  Louis-Alexander,  b.  J7th  Pec.  1871. 

5. — Charles- Prendergast,  b.  J4th  March  1875. 

6. — John-Octavius,  b.  14th  June  1877,  Lieut.  19th  Lincoln  Hatt. 
Act.  Mil. 

I. — Catharine-W'elland 

2. — Helen-l^mily. 


William-Hamilton   Merritt,   above   named,   b.  3th    July  i8_'_\  d 

j()th  May  i8()o;   C'apt.  Li  u-oln  Militia;    Harrister-at-law  ;   m.  Jani't- 

Lang.  dau.  of  Hon.  James  Morris  of  Hrockville,  and  had  issue,  viz.: 

1.  - WilHam-Hamilion,  of  Toronto,  b.  8th    Juae  .835;    Mining 

h'ngineer  ;   Associate  of  the  Koval  School  of  Mines,   Lon., 

I\ng. ;  Capt.  Cov.  (ien  's  Body  'iuaril.with  which  (Lieut.) 

he  served   in  the   North  West  Campaign  1885,  in  which  he 


comniiUKlcd  the  detachment  which  tracked  and  captured 
the  Sioux  Chief  "White  Cap"  and  his  Hand  (medal). 
Has  been  adopted  into  the  Six  Nations  as  a  Chief  of  the 
C:a.vuf;as,  Turtle  (Anowara)  Clan,  by  the  same  name  which 
was  said  to  have  been  borne  by  his  grandfather,  Koro- 
nounh-owaneh  ("  Big  Feathers,"  signifying  a  leader  of 
the  tribe),  in  recognition  of  liis  being  in  iSSG  the  tirit  l^ir- 
liamentary  candidate  for  whom  the  In, Hans  voted  after  the 
franchise  had  been  extended  to  them,  and  who  had  a  large 
majority  of  Indian  votes  (being,  however,  unsuccessful  m 
other  parts  of  the  constituency,  Ilaldimand);  m.  Maggie, 
dau.  of  Robert  Simpson,  ^Merchant  in  Toronto,  and  AlTry- 
Ann  Rotsford,  his  wifi\ 


Aims:    Harry  of  six  Arcr.  and  o,,.   a   bcud  erniims.      Crest 
lalbot's  licadppy.  collared gu.     Motto  :  Praesto  et  pc>rsto. 



The  crest,  a  talbot,  should  be  collared  and  ringed, 
gerit  crucem. 

Motto  :  F.-<-titcr 


Charles- William  Beatty  was  called  to  the  bar  7th  June  1895. 


Robert  Kerr,  M  D.,  served  as  surgeon  in  Sir  John  Johnson's  Regt.,  and 
aftds.  on  Militia  Stafif;  was  J. P.;  d.  March  1824,  aged  60.  His  two  daus.  were 
Mary-Margaret,  m.  to  Col.  Hon.  Thomas  Clark,  d.s.p.,  and  Anna-Agnes,  m.  to 
RobertGillespie,  of  Montreal,  whose  eldest  son  is  Sir  Robert  Gillespie, 
Knight,  Depy. -Lieut.  Co.  Lanark,  Sco. 

Catherine,  dau.  of  Joseph  Brant,  m.  to  John-W  Hill,  was  b.  Jan.  1814. 

Kate  Dee  (p.  71)  is  m.  to  Elisha  \'anBoskirk. 

The  reference  to  second  footnote  on  p.  71  should  follow  each  name 
Lydia  Hdl. 

Mrs.  William-John-Simcoe  Kerr  is  dau.  of  John-Wilson  Hunter,  M.D., 
who  m.  Olivia,  dau.  of  John  Hinds,  Lieut.  68th  Regt. 

For  "  Don  "  Kerby  read  Edwin-Donaldson  Kerby  (wh.),  son  of  Andrew- 
Todd  Kerby,  of  West  Flainborough,  who  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  James  Racey,  of 
Mount  Pleasant,  J.P.,'U.E.X. 

Note. — The  heraldic  insignia  of  the  eight  clans  of  the  Six  Nations,  as 
anciently  used  by  them,  are  displayed  on  sixteen  banners  now  being  made  for 
the  decoration  of  the  Council  House  umler  the  direction  of  the  writer,  after 
careful  enquiry  of  the  tribesmen,  which  may  be  described  thus:  For  war,  eight 
banners  per  pale  sa.  and  gu. ;  and  for  peace,  eight  bani,3rs,  or,  a  pale  gu.  (couleur 
de  rose)  ;  charged  respectively  with  the  several  totems  of  each  clan,  namely, 
Anowara,  a  turtle;  Okwaho,  a  wolf;  Ohkwari,  a  bear;  Oskenonton,  a  deer  ; 
Tsianito,  a  beaver  ;  Karhakonha,  a  hawk;  Thekahon,  a  heron  ;  Tawistawis,  a 
snipe.  As  the  attitudes  of  totems  are  not  determined,  but  are  in  fact  optional, 
those  on  the  war  banners  are  shown  in  attitudes  denoting  vigorous  action,  as 
rampant,  volant,  etc.,  and  those  on  the  peace  banners  -is  passant,  close  and  the 
like.  Each  one  of  the  Six  Nations  is  regarded  as  consisting  of  the  same  eight 
clans,  the  members  of  which,  although  of  different  tribes,  are  accounted  as 
blood  relations  and  cannot  intermarry  ;  thus,  for  example,  an  Okwaho  Mohawk 
may  not  marry  an  Okwaho  Cayuga,  but  may  marry  a  Mohawk  of  any  other 

1 99 


The  name  of  the  eldest   son  of  Archdeacon   Bedford-Jones  is  Albati  (not 
Allan).  *^ 

Gwyn-Macaulay  Bedford-Jones,  d.  27th  Dec.  1894. 


Larratt-Godfrey  Cassels  (p.  27),  m.  itjth  June   1895,  Elizabeth-May,  dau 
of  Charles-K.  Christie,  J.  ^ 


Charles-Leslie  Denison  (p.    105),   m.   1863,  Margaret-Ann  Coates,  who  d 
Jan.  1880. 

Mary-Priscilla    Denison    (p.    106)    is    ni.    to   Henry-Ormsby    Boyd,    nut 
William  Boyd. 

For  the  name  "  Mary-Denison,"  dau.  of  Edwin-Oliver  Denison  (p  107) 
read  "  Mary-Dewson." 


James    Dunsford,    of    Oxford,   m.    Catharine-Sophia,   dau.  of    Jean-Elie 

Jaq.ieri,  of  Moudon,  Switzerland,  b    1732,  who  settled  in    Engla-.d  sometime 

prior  to   1755.      Arms:    Az.,   two  mullets  in  chief,  and  a  rose  stemmed  and 

leaved  arg.  in  base.    Crest:  Three  ostrich  plumes.   Motto:  Ubi  amor  ibi  fides. 


Francis- Marriott  Greey,  d.  29th  Dec.  1894. 

Robert-Charles  Home,  was  m.  previously  to  his  marriage  mentioned  in  the 
text,  and  had  a  dau.,  Georgina. 

George-Shivers  Birchall,  m.  29th  Dec.  1894,  Edyth-Atkinson,  dau.  of 
G.-M.  Bhgh,  d.,  of  St.  Catharines. 


For  "Susan-Davidson,  &c.,"  page  81,  read  "  Susan,  nee  Racey,  widow  of 
Harry  Davidson." 

May,  wife  of  Capt.  John-Gamble  Geddes,  d.  7th  March  1895. 
Mrs.  Eliza-Lilias  Grier,  d.  ist  May  1895. 

Page  155.     Strike  out  25th  line  "  3fi.--Robert-Turner,  etc." 
The   4th   son   of  ThomasGibbs   Blackstock   should   be   named   George- 
Gooderham,  not  George-Tate. 
Hamilton  of  Hawk:;shurv. 

George-Arthur-Sicotie  Hamilton  is  Capt.  3rd  X'ictoria  Rifles,  and  was  m 
m  1894. 


Hon.  Robert    Hamilton    had    besides    the    sons  named,    a    dau.    Mary 
v.ho  d.  nnm.  ' 


Major  Arthur-Bagshaw  Harrison,  d.  7th  Feb.  1895. 


Arthur  Leonard-Fitzgerald  Jarvis  (p.  125)  is  Major  in  Gov.-Gen.'s  Foot- 


Ernest,  son  of  Edf^ar-John  Jarvis,  d.  3rd  April   1895,  unm. 
Francis-Louis   Skynner  (p.    131)    was   shot    by   an  Indian  at  Gieichen, 
Alberta,  3rd  April  1895. 

P.  133,  for  "  MaryBayles,"  read  "  Mary-Boyles." 

Johnston  of  Saui-t  Ste.  Marie. 

The    "  taking   of    Mackinac,    under    Col.    MacDonell,"  should   be    the 
"  defence  of  Mackinac  under  Col.  McDowall,"  Aug.   1814. 
For  "  General  "  Holmes  read  "  Major  "  Holmes. 


Herbert-Sidney  Jones  (p.  171)  was  b.  1878,  not  1879. 

Henry  and  Lucy-Catharine  Jones  had,  besides  those  named,  a  dau., 
Amelia-Lucy,  b.  20th  Jan.  1834,  d.   i8th  Jan.  1836. 


Page  142,  for  Schieber  read  Schreiber. 

Macau  LAY. 

Frank-John  Joseph,  d.   unm.,  killed  in  a  railway  accident,  8th  Feb.  1895. 

Dr.  Peter  Diehl  was  son  of  John-Justice  Diehl,  merchant  in  Montreal, 
who  came  from  Darmstadt  in  Germany  ;  he  m.  a  sister  of  Daniel  Arnoldi,  M.D., 
of  Montreal. 

The  arms  of  Macaulay,  as  shown  on  an  old  seal,  so  much  worn  as  to  be 
difficult  to  decipher,  are  apparently  :  Gu,  two  arrows  in  saltire  arg,  surmounted 
of  a  fess  chequy  of  the  second  and  first  between  three  buckles  or.  Crest  :  A 
boot  spurred.     Molto  :   Dulce  periculum. 

Macdoneli,  oe  Aherchai.der. 

Capt.  Alexander  Macdonell  m.  the  widow  of  Capt.  Macdonald  of  Keppoch, 
who  was  noted  for  her  beauty.  Lt.-Col.  John  Macdonell,  d.  cir.  1842,  m. 
Helen,  dau.  of  Henry  Yates,  Governor  of  New  York,  and  had  issue  (an  only 
child),  Alexander,  called  "  Yates,"  Major,  who  was  prominently  engaged  in 
the  construction  of  the  Welland  Canal,  and  who  m.  Helen,  dau.  of  Richard 
Wilkinson,  Capt.  Glengarry  I'^encibles,  and  had  issue,  viz.  :  i. — John,  d.  young. 
I. — Jileanor,  d.  young.  2. — Helen,  d.  young.  3. — Anna-Maria,  d.  7th  Aug. 
1887,  unm.     4.—  Ann,  of  Ottawa  and  Charlottenburgh. 

Macdonell  of  Collachie. 

A  doubt  has  arisen  as  to  the  statement  that  Helen,  wife  of  Allan  Mac- 
donell, was  a  daughter  of  The  Macnab.  The  family  possess  no  evidence  to 
support  the  statement,  but  they  ha\e  always  believed  it  to  be  the  fact,  and 
there  are  members  still  living  who  knew  the  last  Macnab,  and  recollect  his 
claiming  to  be  a  near  kinsman. 

Page  13,  read  2«.  (not  h.),  Caroline,  m.  to  Collingwood  Schreiber,  C.E., 

Angus- Duncan  Macdonell,  b.  1815,  d.  8th  Aug.  1894. 

William-Manley  German  is  M.L.A.  ;  he  has  issue  :  George-Angus  ;  John- 
Manley  ;  Allan-Victor;   Philip-Barry;   Helen- ^Lirjorie. 

Louis-Martin  Hayes  was  gazetted  Capt.  57th  Peterborough  Rangers,  ist 
June  1895.     He  has  issue,  Stuart-Barry. 


James-George  Macdonell,  m.  Anne-Jane,  dau  of  Ralph  Walsh,  of  Co. 
Lancaster,  Eng.     His  eldest  son,  Alexander-Allan,  d.  April  1895. 

Macdonell  of  Greenfikld. 

Further  particulars  of  this  family  are  also  given  in  Burke's  Col.  Gen., 
II  ,  709,  recently  published.  John  Macdonell,  son  of  Reginald,  of  Scothouse, 
m.  istly  a  dau.  of  Hugh  Macdonald,  son  of  Sir  James  Mardonald,  Bart., 
of  Slate,  and  2ndly  Margery,  dau.  of  Cameron,  of  Dungallon,  and  had  issue 
of  the  second  marriage:  i.— Donald,  of  Lochgarry,  who  was  Lieut. -Col.  in 
Glengarry  Regt.  at  Culloden,  and  escaped  with  Prince  Charles,  and  aftds.  a 
Col.  in  the  French  service.  2.— Angus,  Major  in  Glengarry  Regt.  at  Culloden, 
m.  istly,  a  dau.  of  Grant,  of  Thonghly,  and  2ndly,  a  dau.  of  Mackenzie,  of 
Fairburn,  and  was  father  of  Lieut. -Col.  Alexander,  the  settler  in  Canada. 

Macdonell  of  Scotus. 

More  extended  particulars  of  this  family  are  given  in  Burke's  Colonial 
Gentry,  Vol.  II  ,  p.   658. 

Reginald  Macdonell,  of  Scothouse,  m.  Flora,  dau.  of  Alexander  Macleod, 
of  Drynoch,  and  had  issue  (besides  a  fourth  son,  Archibald,  of  Barrisdale),  viz.  : 

I.— Alastair    '  Dhu,"  d.  1724,  who   became  thirteenth  Chief  of  (ilengarry 
on  failure  of  the  main  line;  his  line  also  became  extinct  in   1H6H. 

2. — Angus,  of  whom  below. 

3. — John,  see  below,  Greenfield. 

4. — Archibald,  of  Barrisdale. 

Angus,  of  Scothouse,  above  named,  had  issue,  of  whom  the  eldest  son 
Donald  was  ancestor  of  /Eneas- Ranald  Westrop,  b.  1847,  now  Chief  of 
Glengarry  ;  and  the  second  son,  John,  of  Crowlin,  had  issue  :  (Col.)  John, 
called  "  Spanish  John,"  the  settler  in  Canada,  whose  eldest  son,  (Capt.)  Miles^ 
m.  three  times,  viz.  (as  stated  in  Burke's  Col.  Gen.,  which  differs  from  the 
particulars  in  this  work):  istly,  Isabella,  dau.  of  Macdonell,  of  Morar,  Co. 
Inverness;  2ndly,  Catharine,  dau.  of  Capt.  Allan  Macdonell,  and  3rdly,  Ann 
Macdonell,  and  had  issue  of  the  second  marriage,  viz.:  !«.— Alexander  Coll, 
104th  Regt.,  d.  1814,  drowned.  2(;.— Donald-zEneas.  i«.— Amelia,  m.,  etc., 
as  in  the  text.  2^;.— Catherine.  The  said  Donald-.iineas,  who  d.  nth 
March  1879,  m.  4th  March  1819,  Mary,  d.  28th  July  1882,  dau.  of  Capt. 
Archibald  Macdonell,  of  Leek,  and  had  issue:  i/).— John-Alexander,  b.  23rd 
May  1844,  M  I).,  of  Port  Arthur,  Ontario.  26.— Alexander-Coll,  d.  20th  May 
1B84,  unm.  16. -Amelia.  2i.  — Mary,  m  to  Captain  William-Ramsden 
VVorsley,  who  d.  nth  March  1871.  3/;. -Julia,  m.  istly  to  Allan  Eraser,  M.D., 
2ndly  to  James-Duncan  Macdonell,  of  Brockville,  Co.  Leeds.  46— Ada,  ({., 
m.  to  Alexander-Macdonell,  d.  5i.— Ann-Amelia,  d.  unm.  66.— Catherine- 

William-Johnson  Macdonell,  b.  17th  March  1775,  d.  3rd  Jan.  i8.^8,  m. 
Lucy,  dau.  of  Col.  Josiah  Waters,  b.  28th  Sept.  1747,  d.  i8th  Dec.  1805,  and 
his  wife,  Mary  Whitwell,  b.  27th  Feb.  1750,  d.  14th  Oct.  1831. 


Mrs.  Eliza-Ann  Mai  nab,  widow  of  Rev.  Alexander  Macnab,  d.  7th 
March  1895. 


Rev,  Alexander-Wellesley  Maciiab  is  now  of  Toronto,  Canon  of  St. 
Alban's  Cathedral. 

The  arms  as  shewn  in  lliis  work  are  those  ref,'istered  in  1765,  and  generally 
known,  lint  these  arms  are  of  comparatively  late  date.  The  writer  has  been 
shewn  a  seal  which  was  broufjiht  to  Canada  in  1758,  and  has  been  handed 
down  from  a  Mr.  Macnab,  a  near  relative  of  a  former  Laird  of  Macnab  and 
member  of  his  household,  shewinj^  arms :  Three  boar's  heads  erased,  and  in 
chief  as  many  crescents.  Crest :  a  mailed  (?)  arm  couped  below  the  elbow 
holding  a  dagger,  or  sword,  erect.      Motto:    Be  valiant. 


Mr.  Archer  Martin,  who  compiled  an  exhaustive  pedigree  of  this  family 
for  registration,  informs  the  writer  that  the  crest  is  an  estoile  of  six  points,  not 
eight,  as  stated  in  the  text  on  the  authority  of  Hurke's  General  Armory. 


James-Saurin  McMurray,  d.  29th  Jan.  1895. 

The  order  of  names  should  be:  la. — Leonard-L.  2a. — Arthur-W.-J. 
3rt. — Louis-S.     4rt. — James-S.     5^. — Douglas. 


Page  32,  read  "  C.  (not  L.)  J.  P.  Clarkson." 
For  "  lileeker  "  read  "  Bleecker." 


John  Ridout,  Registrar  of  Deeds  (see  p.  39),  d.  ist  Sept.   1894. 

Page  41,  read   "  Isabella  (not  Belle)  Nelson." 

Norman-Stuart,  second  son  of  Donald-Campbell  Ridout,  was  accidentally 
killed  while  on  duty  as  a  Military  School  Cadet,  2otli  July  181^5,  aged  21. 

yVndrew-William  Ridout  (p.  43),  m.  26th  Sept.  1894,  Isia,  dau.  of  Arthur 
Swabey,  (f.,  of  Prince  lidward  Island. 


From  Simcoe's  Journal  it  would  appear  that  Major-Gen.  Shaw  served 
as  an  officer  in  the  Queen's  Rangers  for  some  time  prior  to  the  date  of  his 
first  commission  stated  in  the  text,  no  doubt  under  a  local  commission.  Many 
officers  who  served  in  the  American  Rev.  War,  and  in  iSi 2,  held  local  com- 
missions only,  and  no  doubt  also  many  were  appointed  as  officers  of  the  regular 
army  by  the  officer  having  the  local  conunand,  whose  appointments  were  not 
confirmed  until  long  after,  and  sometimes  not  at  all,  where  the  necessity  of 
confirmation  had  ceased  to  exist,  or  where  the  corps  to  which  such  officers 
were  attached,  were  reduced. 

The  Queen's  Rangers,  in  which  George  Shaw  held  his  commission, 
was  not  the  famous  Regt.  of  that  name,  but  a  corps  raised  after  the  reduction 
of  that  Regt. 

Charlotte-Stuart  Shaw  was  m.  27th  June  1832,  to  Rev.  Ephraim  Evans, 
b.  30th  June  i<'^o3,  a  Wesleyan  minister,  who  settled  in  Upper  Canada  in  1824, 
son  of  James  Evans,  Capt.  of  ships  employed  in  army  transport  service. 

Smith  of   Etodicoke. 

Mrs.  Harriet-Louisa  Lee,  d.  Oct.  (not  Nov.)  1893. 

Miss  Jane  Lee,  d.  July  1895. 

Reginald-Lindsay  Ball,  d.  7th  May  1895,  aged  34,  unm. 



Michael  VanKoiighnet,  m.  Eve,  dau.  of  John-Bolton  Empey,  and  had,  in 
1820,  issue,  besides  those  named  in  the  text,  a  son  John,  and  three  daus.,  Mary, 
ni.  to  George  Anderson,  Margaret,  m.  to  Noah  Dickinson.  M.D.  (IH.E.X.), 
who  d.  28th  Feb.  1840,  aged  63,  and  Eve,  m.  to  Richard  Everitt ;  also  a  grand 
dau.,  Anne  Eve,  dau.  of  Richard  McBean. 

The  arms  were  taken  from  a  drawing  made  from  an  old  book  plate,  much 
worn  ;  they  are  described  thus  in  Burke's  Colonial  Gentry  :  Enii.  tivo  deini 
lions  combatant  and  conped  vert,  holding  a  sword  in  pale  point  upwards  ppr. 
transfixing  three  chessrooks  or.  Crest :  Out  of  a  foreign  coronet  or  a  demi  lion 
rampant  gu  holding  a  szaord  transfixing  three  chessrooks  as  in  the  arms.